Jonathan Ross tootles off home in his Morgan Roadster after a hard day's yakking

With his dress sense always on the loud side, Jonathan Ross is pretty much guaranteed to clash with the red leather interior of his favourite motor.

But that doesn't concern the BBC presenter, who continues to get maximum mileage out of his smart Morgan Roadster.

Fresh controversy: It has emerged that Jonathan Ross, pictured leaving the BBC studios in his vintage car yesterday, has packed his BBC 1 talk-show with guests

Jonathan Ross, pictured leaving the BBC studios in his £40,000 classic Morgan Roadster yesterday

Big wheel: Friday night with Jonathan Ross is made by Ross's own production company Hot Sauce

Big wheel: Ross paid for extra features on the motor, including £2,300 for the flashy stainless steel wire wheels and £2,400 for the red leather interior

Jonathan Ross

And another: The presenter, seen here last July in his slippers

Bedecked in pink tie and suit, Ross was seen speeding away from the corporation studios in West London in the £40,000 car yesterday.

Since taking ownership of the 2008 model, Wossy is happy to risk the London traffic to get to work to film Friday Night With and Film 2009 and his weekend radio shows.

And he took advantage of the Indian summer by taking the roof down.

Ross dipped into his £18m, three-year contract to add a few extras to the Roadster, including an additional £2,300 for the flashy stainless steel wire wheels and £2,400 for the red leather interior.

The Morgan Roadster is the latest model produced by the Morgan Motor Company.

It was introduced in 2004 and replaces the Morgan Plus 8. The car is identical to its predecessor except for new modern Ford V6 mechanicals.

Ross has been seen with plenty of other cars in his haul over the years, showing he is clearly a fan of living life in the fast lane.

In 2004 he bought a red Chrysler Crossfire sports car.

This week will see U.S. singing legend Barbra Streisand make an appearance on his BBC chatshow.

Unfair: One comedy producer said some stars' 'disproportionate' appearance on Ross's Friday night show give the an unfair advantage

Ross seen on his BBC show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

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