Are you 00 or Oh no? MI6 puts test for would-be spies online


Daniel Craig as James Bond

Tough job: But James Bond probably didn't have to take an online spy test

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the quiz below – without peeking at the answers.

If you pass, you might be suited to a job at MI6.

The multiple choice test is part of a recruitment drive launched this week by the Secret Intelligence Service.

Though the humorous quiz on the SIS website won’t help you land a job (as the results have no bearing on applications) it is designed to attract would-be spooks and make the service seem more accessible.

The SIS has been anxious to shed its public school and Oxbridge image, opting for a more inclusive approach to finding the nation’s most talented people to join its ranks.

The site offers a range of what SIS hopes will be tempting career options, from language specialists to administrative assistants and technology experts, the real-life equivalents of James Bond’s ‘Q’.

On the form to become an MI6 ‘Operational Officer’ there is even a lengthy Equal Opportunities section inviting applicants to give details of their ethnicity, sexuality and any disabilities which should be taken into account.

For an agency which no British Government would admit existed until 1992, the SIS has clearly come a long way.

But old habits of secrecy die hard, and an advertisement for a Deputy Manager at MI6’s warehouse (salary from £26,138) pointedly avoids revealing where the job is based.

Also, would-be spies are warned not to talk about their application to anyone but parents or a ‘close partner or spouse’ – so don’t let anyone catch you reading this.

MI6 spy test

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