Death threats to drug busts: Top ten dethroned beauty queens

1 Carrie Prejean

After stirring up a storm with her views on gay marriage, the winner of Miss California 2009 was stripped of her crown in June after allegedly missing public appearances.

2 Keishla Villafane Rivera

The pint-sized Miss Puerto Rico Petite was sacked earlier this year after being accused of making death threats to pageant staff.

Miss California Carrie Prejean
Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees

Miss-demeanor: Miss California Carrie Prejean and Miss Nevada Katie Rees

3 Katie Rees

Miss Nevada had her sash snatched away in 2006 after saucy pictures of her were released.

4 Christina Silva

Hours after winning the title of Miss California in 2008, Silva lost her crown thanks to an 'accounting error' that revealed she wasn't the winner after all.

Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova
Vanessa Williams

Fallen angels: Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova and Vanessa Williams

Majorie Wallace

Celebrity dates: After losing her Miss World crown in 1973 Majorie Wallace went on to become a TV presenter

5 Lindsey Evans

Just 11 days before the end of her reign, Miss Teen Louisiana had to hand back her crown last year after she was arrested for leaving a restaurant without paying and carrying marijuana.

6 Oxana Fedorova

The first Miss Russia to win the title of Miss Universe, Fedorova soon lost it again after being dethroned in 2002 amid rumours that she had put on weight.

7 Leona Gage

Scandals aren't a modern day phenomenon. The winner of the Miss USA Pageant lost her title in 1957 after she was found to have lied about her age.

8 Vanessa Williams

The Ugly Betty star may be squeaky clean now, but back in 1984 she was forced to resign as Miss America after risque photos of her were printed in Penthouse.

9 Ashley Harder

Crowned Miss New Jersey in 2007, Harder had to hand back her crown when she became pregnant. Her daughter, Ava Marie, was born on her 21st birthday.

10 Marjorie Wallace

The winner of Miss World 1973 was stripped of her title after dating celebrities including Tom Jones and George Best. She had the last laugh though, going on to become a top TV presenter.

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