Snooker legend Steve Davis admits morale in sport is 'desperate' as top players consider taking other jobs!

Steve Davis has claimed morale in snooker is 'so low' and suggests some established players are contemplating working elsewhere due to a lack of finance.

World Snooker host just six major tournaments a year - and Davis believes the lack of prize money on offer means some cuemen are pondering a change of career.

The six-times world champion said: 'The morale amongst players has been so low recently, it's so desperate.

Steve Davis

Davis: Worried about snooker's future

'Players ranked in the 20s and 30s are thinking about getting jobs because they are not getting the prize money out of only six events a year. They have really lost confidence ... we're all very, very worried.'

World Snooker intend to have at least 15 ranking events on the calendar, plus invitational tournaments, in a venture which is being carried out in conjunction with events management company IMG.

However, Davis is wary about the ability of World Snooker - whose annual general meeting takes place next week - to lift the fortunes of the sport.

The 52-year-old told BBC Radio: 'The problem is, when something comes up that sounds great, the players are in such a weak situation that they may jump at any chance.

'It sounds credible but you need someone who's got nous in the business world to negotiate on your behalf and I'm not sure we've got the right people in.

Barry Hearn

Barry Hearn: Has resurrected darts and Davis wants him to do the same for snooker

'This announcement is on the back of the fact that there's an AGM and a lot of players are very frustrated there are only six ranking tournaments to play in a year.

'Suddenly the board are looking at ways to try to get votes because it's a real possibility there will be a "no confidence" vote on the board.'

Davis believes Barry Hearn, who helped him break into the sport he made a huge impact on - particularly in the 1980s - could be the man to raise the profile of the sport.

He continued: 'Interestingly, Barry Hearn has said he'd be happy to resurrect snooker like he's done to darts, if enough players want him to.

'But we're in a situation where there's a lot of political manoeuvring going on.

'This tour is not the board's idea - it's an outside operation who have decided that perhaps it could work.

'It's worth exploring but the bottom line to players would be "who do you want doing the negotiating for you?"

'Do you want the (World Snooker) board - which has got down to six ranking tournaments for the season, or Barry Hearn - who has turned darts into a multi-million pound sport?

'There has been a lot of disquiet by a lot of current players about the board, nothing personal, just whether they are competent enough.'

The proposed expansion would include more overseas tournaments in countries where the sport is well received but has until now had a low profile.

But Davis warned: 'The idea isn't of the board's making. It's possibly something that could be on the horizon but the trouble is if the board are trying to make it sound like their own idea then they're wrong.

'It needs to be explored because if there was the possibility of 15-20 events around the world of different standing the players would obviously jump at it.'

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