Well he was here a minute ago... Prince Philip wanders off at Bermuda state banquet

Bermuda is thinking about booting out the Royal Family.

And the Windsors - or one of them, at least - don't seem too interested in hanging around, either.

Prince Philip wandered off while the Queen and Wanda Brown, the wife of the prime minister, awaited guests at a state dinner in Bermuda yesterday.

Prince Philip and the Queen at a banquet in Bermuda

'I'm a prince get me out of here': The Duke of Edinburgh goes for a wander while waiting for guests at the 400th anniversary state banquet in Bermuda

Maybe he'd heard something outside.

Or was he trying to find an exit while silently screaming: 'I'm a prince, get me out of here'?

Whatever the reason, the Duke of Edinburgh went on a walkabout away from the premier and his wife to gaze out of the window before the dinner.

The government in the island territory, Britain's oldest colony, is currently pushing for independence. Polls have consistently shown that the majority of Bermudians, however, wish to remain a British Overseas Territory.

Earlier in the visit the Prince had looked somewhat startled when he was presented with his own pair of Bermuda shorts.

David Hamshere, who offered the gift at a Naval dockyard, was sporting a pair of the shorts in red which caused the Duke of Edinburgh some amusement.

But despite the Prince's quirks, an estimated 20,000 people - a third of Bermuda's population - lined the streets to greet the Queen and her husband as she arrived to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the settlement of the territory

The crowds were seen as a protest by many against Premier Ewart Brown's push for independence.

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