Heir of irrelevance

Prince William

Change: The law reform would mean a female firstborn could succeed the throne

So the Prime Minister wants to change the law to allow the firstborn child of the monarch to succeed to the throne  -  even if she is a girl  -  and to permit the king or queen to marry a Catholic.

The Mail has nothing against these plans.

Our queens have historically been notably better than our kings, so a few more might be a good idea.

And although the monarch's role as the head of the Church of England does make marrying a Catholic more complicated, under Archbishop Rowan Williams our national church is set on destroying itself without any help from the politicians.

We have only one question.

At a time when our economy is juddering on the edge of bankruptcy, our education system is in crisis, and our hospitals are filthy, why on earth is the Labour Party wasting its time on such irrelevancies?

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