Labour's plutocrats

Peter Mandelson

Plutocratic tendencies: Lord Mandelson behaves as if the Government exists to satisfy his whims

Lord Mandelson increasingly behaves as if the British Government merely exists to satisfy his whims.

One moment he's touting himself around as a candidate for EU High Representative, the next he's pushing legislation through Parliament to allow him to return to the Commons, should he deign to do so.

Yet his decision to attend a shoot organised by the oligarchs' friend Nat Rothschild, and Colonel Gaddafi's son, displays his naked contempt for both the electorate and the founding fathers of his party.

But then Keir Hardie would be turning in his grave over the plutocratic tendencies and greed of both Mandelson and Tony Blair.

The First Secretary of State, as he likes to call himself, has twice flown too close to the sun before.

Let's hope he's not about to get his wings burnt again. 

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