'Thou shalt shoplift' vicar hit by bucket of spaghetti


Tim Jones

Father Tim Jones from York had a bucket of spaghetti and ravioli thrown over him by a parishioner last Sunday

The vicar who urged the poor to shoplift from large stores has had a bucket of ravioli tipped over him by an angry parishioner.

The Reverend Tim Jones, 42, caused a public outcry when he advised the poor to steal, during his Christmas sermon on December 20.

And after a service last Sunday he was left stunned when Martin Stot, 48, threw a bucket filled with 30 cans of spaghetti and ravioli over him. 

Enraged Mr Stot, of Mr Jones's parish of St Lawrence and St Hilda, in York, says he carried out the protest because he was annoyed by the vicar advocating shoplifting.

Mr Stot said: 'One theft would be on someone's record for ten years, and it would then be difficult for them to get a job.

'I was offended by what he said. I got this thing in my head where I thought I would make my own little protest.'

He revealed that he bought the tinned food from a nearby Asda and hid the bucket in a phone box outside the church while he waited for Mr Jones to emerge.

When he did, Mr Stot hurled half the contents of the bucket over the shocked clergyman's robes but stopped short of emptying all of it.

Mr Jones was not injured and said he would not be reporting the incident to police.

He added: 'It was a frightening and humbling experience, as was his intention.

'In conversation with him afterwards, it emerged that his had been a very hard life indeed.'

Mr Jones went on to say he had been 'surprised' by the huge reaction to his initial sermon, which advised people to steal rather than turn to mugging, burglary or prostitution.

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