Passenger jets miss colliding by 300 feet over Belgrade in Serbia

Two passenger jets nearly collided over Belgrade this week, Serbian air traffic authorities said today.

The Directorate for Civil Aviation said an Air France Airbus A318 and an Israeli El-Al Boeing 777 missed each other Monday after the French airliner stopped its descent under orders from Serbian air controllers.

The statement said an investigation has shown that the French jet was on an unauthorized flight course. 

Air France

An Air France airbus nearly collided with an Israeli Al-El Boeing over Belgrade earlier this week

It said the French jet was instructed to fly at 35,000 feet (10,650 metres) but was 300 feet (91 metres) further down toward the Israeli jet, which was flying at 34,000 feet (10,346 metres).

Air France was not immediately available for comment Wednesday, despite numerous phone calls.

In Israel, El-Al spokesman Ran Rahav confirmed that flight 007 from Tel Aviv to New York carrying 120 passengers, lowered its altitude over Belgrade on Monday to avoid an Air France aircraft, which, he said, had been given mistaken instructions by an air traffic controller.

'At no time was there a danger to the passengers, the crew or the plane,' Rahav said in a statement.

The Airbus was on its way from Paris to Sofia, Bulgaria.


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