Slimmer loses 17st to fit into New Year's Eve party dress

A slimmer lost 17st after breaking up with her boyfriend to fit into a sexy New Year’s Eve party dress for the first time in ten years.

Tamera Smith, 30, weighed a staggering 28 stone and could barely make it up a flight of stairs after she indulged in a diet of sweets, crisps and takeaways from the age of 18.

But when the 5ft 7in brunette began a health kick of regular gym sessions and healthy meals after breaking up with her boyfriend she saw her weight ‘fall off’ to a slim 11st.

Tamera Smith
Tamera Smith

Happy 2010! Tamera Smith pictured when she weighed 28st (l) and wearing a sexy party dress and 1970s wig after she lost 17st

The trim research scientist, who had squeezed herself into huge size 30 outfits, can’t wait to slip into a sexy new size 12 party dress to celebrate New Year in Amsterdam with her new boyfriend, Gary, 22.

Tamera said: ‘I'm really looking forward to going to Amsterdam with my friends and Gary.

‘I'll be feeling the best I have in years in a party outfit!’  

Tamera first got into bad habits when she lived in America as a teenager and began gorging on doughnuts, pizzas, burgers.

She said: 'When I came back from America, my mum was like "your head looks like a pea on a mountain".

‘I used to convince myself that I was happy but deep down inside I wasn't. I couldn't buy clothes - people would make fun of me in the street.

‘When I was out with friends there's always a group of drunk guys across the street and they would shout mean things. I used to get really angry about it.

Tamara’s weight further ballooned to a large 30 stone when she went to Edinburgh Napier University to study biomedical sciences.

But after splitting up with her boyfriend about three years ago, Tamera took stock of her life and decided to ditch her junk-food diet in favour of healthy meals like grilled chicken, fruit and veg.

As soon as she began the health kick, which also includes swimming, five gym sessions a week and walking her new rottweiler puppy Loki six miles a day, the pounds started dropping off without Tamera even noticing.

Tamera said: ‘When that relationship ended that I decided this was enough.

I used to convince myself that I was happy but deep down inside I wasn't. I couldn't buy clothes - people would make fun of me in the street

‘As soon as I was single I instantly felt happier about myself - I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I just looked at myself and thought I'm not doing this anymore.

‘And literally all I did was just started eating normally and because I was so big at the time the weight started to fall off me.

‘I started eating cereal for breakfast, and a sandwich for lunch and then for tea just like some chicken and vegetables. I stopped snacking.

‘I didn't really exercise at first, but then I started off going swimming and then going to Aquafit.

‘At first I was embarrassed, but then as I started to lose more weight I went to the gym.

‘I haven't denied myself like sweets or anything, if I want a sweetie I will go and eat some - I would never say I'm not going to eat any sweets ever again but I would never go back to that weight.

‘I never really noticed my weight loss, it was just when other people started noticing.

‘Sometimes when I look at pictures of me when I was bigger I think is that really me? Lots of people didn't recognise me.

‘I go to the gym five times a week - I just go on my own. I'm really motivated, I can do my workout in 30 minutes because it is just my weights. I get my cardiovascular walking the dog.

‘I've toned up even more in the last few weeks, just through exercise, but I still want to tone my calves up a bit more!

‘Now every set of stairs I see I run up them, every hill I see I try and run up it. It's not much effort to make a massive difference. I've never felt better.’

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