Real-life story of dog who survived for four months on a desert island set to become a Hollywood hit


An amazing real-life story of how a pet dog swam to a desert island and survived there alone for four months is to become a Hollywood animated movie.

Sophie Tucker, an Australian blue heeler cattle dog, swam six miles through shark-infested waters to St Bees Island off Queensland, northern Australia, after falling off her owner's boat during stormy weather in November 2008.

There, Sophie learnt to survive by eating crabs, dead turtles and hunting baby goats.
She is thought to have slept in caves among the island's volcanic rocks.

hero dog

Sophie Tucker: the heroic dog swam six miles through shark-infested waters

Sophie is also believed to have swum 300 metres to neighboring Keswick Island, again somehow managing to avoid sharks, to forage for food.

A handful of people who live on St Bees reported seeing a wild dog and in April 2009, she was captured by rangers.

When her owners David and Jan Griffith from Mackay, Queensland, heard about what happened they contacted the rangers to say it could be their pet.

Sophie and the couple were then reunited on the mainland.

Talking about the moment they saw their dog, Jan has said: "She whimpered and bashed the cage with her tail.

"When the guys released her she raced over and bowled us over.

"It was just the most wonderful moment. Everybody was crying." Lauren Miller, the Griffith's spokesman, has now revealed: "They have signed a film deal with an animated studio."

Sophie is named after the American vaudeville comedian.
Blue heelers have a reputation for being good swimmers, loyal and intelligent. 

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