Can a haircut make YOU look younger?

The secret of looking ten years younger isn't surgery or hours in the gym, but a hair 'youth-over'.

Chrissie Palmer , 60, a nurse and care manager from West Sussex, wanted a low-maintenance hairstyle that would also feel a bit more glamorous.

James Pryce, senior stylist at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa (richardward., said: 'Chrissie's hair was too long and lacking in shape, so I cut the length and added layers to give body and shine. The heavier fringe frames her face and brings out her pretty eyes and cheekbones.' 

Chrissie Palmer
Chrissie Palmer

Versatile look: Chrissie has had layers added to give her hair body and shine, right

Colourist Sarah Barrett then added chunky blonde highlights to add volume, along with some caramel shades to give warmth.

And what does Chrissie think of her new look?

'It's great it is so versatile. It's a low-maintenance style for everyday and I can use a large brush to blowdry it for a more sophisticated look.'


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