Married couple take day trip to France... but FORGET mother-in-law and leave her in Dover car park

The day trip to Calais was supposed to be the perfect treat for a deserving mother-in-law.

And for the first leg of the trip - the 300 miles from Merseyside to Dover - it was.

But that is about as far as she got - because her son-in-law and daughter somehow managed to sail for France without her.


Embarrassing mistake: A couple left the mother-in-law in their car at a multi-storey at Dover Port - and took the ferry to France for the day (file picture)

It was only while being ferried across the Channel as foot passengers that they realised their mistake.

Frantic, they called Dover police who found the 'confused' lady still sitting in the back seat of their parked car.

Officers said the unnamed woman, who was in her 70s and from Bootle, had been in the vehicle for six hours.

A police source said yesterday: 'The couple simply forgot about her when they put the ticket on the car. The trip was meant to be a treat, but it turned into a nightmare.

'She didn't cause a fuss - she just stayed where she was and waited for them to return - and then she gave them hell.

'We all know about mothers-in-law and what a nightmare they can be, but this guy took it to the limit.

'He will never live this one down and will be getting it in the ear from now until the end of time.'

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