'It scared the living daylights out of me': Susan Boyle on the moment she discovered an intruder in her home

Susan Boyle

Terrified: Susan Boyle, pictured here outside her home in Blackburn, West Lothian, last week, has spoken about her home invasion for the first time

It was a terrifying moment in a life-changing year for Susan Boyle.

Now the singer has spoken for the first time of the incident  when she found an intruder in her home – and admitted it ‘scared the living daylights’ out of her.

The terrifying event took place three months ago when Miss Boyle returned to her home modest home in Blackburn, West Lothian.

Breaking her silence on the incident, Miss Boyle said: ‘When I was coming home from my friends I opened the front door and the guy just came down the stairs and brushed past me.

‘That scared the living daylights out of me and I don’t know how the hell he got in yet.’

‘But there was no question about it, my security was ok. It was just that particular night, it was a bad night.’

Since the incident, there have been questions asked over the security arrangements for the 49-year-old  – but she insists her management have done everything possible to protect her.

She said: ‘Things have been put in place by my management team and they have been really good.

‘I’ve got no complaints about them whatsoever. They do protect me. They do look after me – despite the bad publicity.'

She went on: ‘I’m getting all the care I need, all the protection I need and I am very happy with them.

‘And the boy that broke into my house has since been caught by the police.’

Miss Boyle became a worldwide phenomenon a year ago when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

Since then she has become one of the world’s most successful stars.

Her debut album I Dreamed A Dream was only released in November but still became the biggest selling record in the world in 2009.

Astonishingly, it has now sold more than 10 million copies.

In a wide-ranging interview to celebrate her year in the spotlight, Miss Boyle also responded to claims she caused a scene in the VIP area at Heathrow airport earlier this year when she sang into a mop. 

Police car outside the home of Susan Boyle in Blackburn, West Lothian. The singer returned home to find an intruder inside her house after she returned from London where she had been helping to record the Helping Haiti single

Security concern: Miss Boyle's modest council house was targeted by intruders

She insisted: ‘Heathrow airport? That was just a bit of a carry on. I meant no harm. It was just a joke. My wacky sense of humour.

‘I didn’t mean any harm and if I offended anyone it was just a piece of fun. I was messing about dancing and singing.’

The following month the Daily Mail then revealed she had fainted at the airport in another incidents. There have since been renewed concerns over Miss Boyle’s health.

But she insists she is ‘fine.’

She said: ‘I’m fine, absolutely fine – it was just a wee bit warm which is why I fainted.’

Last month, Miss Boyle received the first tranche of her earnings from the past year – a cheque for £4 million.

She has since bought a five-bedroomed house for £300,000 in her hometown but is keeping her previous home for sentimental reasons. Despite previous suggestions, she will not – though – be moving to London. 


Upgrade: She is set to move into this £300,000 five-bedroom house in her
home town

Aside from that, she has no idea what to spend her millions on.  

She said: ‘I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve bought a house and I’m keeping hold of my old one purely for sentimental reasons because that was moy mother’s house.

‘Apart from that, I don’t know what to do with it. Invest it wisely, I think.’

Miss Boyle – who has just returned from a trip to Japan – also revealed the Far East has given her the best experience of the last 12 months.

She said: ‘There have been so many good moments, too many to mention, but probably the most recent one – the concert I did in Japan in front of an 80-piece orchestra – was pretty awesome.

‘There were 10,000 people in the audience and they sang: ‘Happy Birthday’ and I found that quite touching.

‘Japan is one of my favourite places. Every city has it’s own personality. Los Angeles has it’s own special glamour but Japan has a very delicate personality.’

Miss Boyle though admitted the most astonishing event of the past year was her own rise to fame. ‘A wee lady from Blackburn walks on with a terrible frock on, tights that were probably ripped, hair that was a mess – I mean it was really surprising,’ she said.

The star also confirmed that she and her beloved cat Pebbles no longer live together.

The 11-year-old pedigree Turkish swimming cat is now living with  friend Pamela Eaton-Browne in Wanstead, East London, after Miss Boyle’s constant travelling made it too difficult to look after the pet.

Talking of Pebbles, Miss Boyle explained: ‘She is well and being looked after by a very kind lady.

‘My schedule has been so busy and, rather than put her in a cattery, I decided she should stay with a good friend so as not to upset her. She’s an old girl now.’

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