Get £600 a week for sleeping on the job


It's the perfect job for a lazybones - £600 a week to sleep.

Woman Sleeping

Cosy: Halfords will pay someone to sleep in its bags

Camping retailer Halfords is advertising for a sleeping bag tester, specifying 'someone interested in sleep'.

The role will involve testing a range of bags both in terms of warmth and strength.

The successful applicant will be trying out the bags in preparation for the forthcoming season of music festivals and camping holidays.

The tester will have to sleep under canvas for five days and then report on the various bags.

The reactions will form the basis of advice given by Halfords staff to those purchasing the bags.

The pay is £10 an hour with a minimum of £600 for the week's snoozing.

The advert, which appeared in a Midlands newspaper yesterday, might have had readers rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

But the firm's outdoor leisure expert Oliver Pinders said the company really did need someone for the role.

He said: 'This is a real job. This is the age of peer-to-peer recommendation and the best person to talk about the merits of a sleeping bag is someone who has spent the night sleeping in it.'

Mr Pinders added: 'Previous camping experience would be a bonus but we're not ruling out a novice.'

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