Schoolgirl, 15, plunges to her death 'after being bullied'

Robyn Nixon

Claims of bullying: Robyn Nixon, 15, fell to her death from a multi-storey car park on Sunday

A 15-year-old schoolgirl, feared to be the victim of bullying, jumped 60ft from a multi-storey car park moments after making a final phone call from the top of the building.

Robyn Nixon was spotted talking on her mobile phone close to the edge of the car park on Sunday afternoon.

Shocked witnesses called the police after seeing the teenager in the precarious position but she fell before the emergency services could arrive.

Passers-by and paramedics battled to save Robyn at the scene but she suffered horrific multiple injuries and died later in hospital.

The tragic incident, which is not being treated as suspicious by police, happened at around 4.20pm in Weymouth, Dorset.

It is not yet known why Robyn jumped but devastated friends speculated on a Facebook tribute site that she had been the victim of bullying.

One friend said: 'Rest in peace Robyn. A beautiful girl that shouldn't have been taken so early.'

Another wrote: 'I hope anyone that caused problems for you will finally realise what it can do to people.'

Tellingly, a third friend posted: 'So many people get bullied. I don't understand why though, we're all different and meant to be. Just really upset that Robyn thought taking her life was the only way out.'

Witness Steve Kink, 49, was in a nearby bar when he saw the girl on top of the car park. He said: 'She was lying back about 10 feet from the edge and talking on a phone, it was like she was sunbathing or something.

car park

Tragic: The car park in Weymouth, Dorset, where Robyn plunged to her death

'I said to my friend, "What's that girl doing up there?" and before we knew it she had come off over the edge.

'I didn't see her fall but it couldn't have been an accident - she was lying away from the edge when I saw her and would have had to climb over a barrier about 3ft high.

'I heard screams and rushed out to help.

'There were two off-duty nurses there already, trying to save her, and I held her as they worked.

'The ambulance and police arrived about two minutes later and fought to save her. They really did everything they could but her injuries were too awful.

'She was in a very bad way. It's absolutely tragic. Any death is terrible but for a girl that young it's heartbreaking."

Keryn Walden-Reece, 27, who runs a local bar, said she was alerted to the fact a girl was sitting near the edge on the top floor of the car park.

She said: 'Mum said it looked like the girl was talking to a young lad on the phone who was on the street below her and then she saw her go off.'

An inquest into Robyn's death is expected to be opened and adjourned later this week.

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