'Sorry, darling. I don't think we're going to survive this': Miracle couple walk away with minor injuries after sports car plunges 300ft down a ravine

A couple miraculously cheated death after their convertible BMW plunged 300ft down a ravine.

Bill and Dotty Bradley held hands as the vehicle went into freefall, hitting trees on the way down before crashing into the river below.

Incredibly, the 58-year-old driver and his wife, 57, walked away from the scene with minor injuries.

Wreck: Bill and Dotty's BMW convertible in a river after falling 300ft

Wreck: Bill and Dotty's BMW convertible in a river after falling 300ft down a ravine. They only suffered minor injuries

Enlarge   Rescue: The couple was airlifted to hospital suffering just minor injuries after their car plummeted 300ft

The car left the road just behind the trees in the top left of the picture before skidding 300ft down the ravine and ending up in a river

Bill Bradley told The Sun he held his wife's hand as the car went down the ravine and said: 'Sorry, darling. I don't think we're going to survive this.

'But she was already unconscious. I thought that might be a blessing because it was so awful.'

The couple, from Ludlow, Shropshire, had been to the coast in their BMW Z3 when it clipped another car at 50mph, smashed through a barrier and careered down the steep, tree-covered slope.

The car ended up on all four wheels in a plunge pool below a waterfall.

'I could not believe I was still alive,' said Mr Bradley.

Mountain Rescue teams said they expected fatalities when they arrived at the Dylife beauty spot, on the road between Machynlleth and Llanidloes in Powys, Wales.

Mrs Bradley said: ‘We must be the luckiest people in the world. I was unconscious, I was out.

‘All I remember is spinning across the road and the sound of metal.’

She said she heard the sounds of the car hitting trees but was unaware that they were in freefall as she drifted out of consciousness.

Enlarge   Paramedics and fire service staff get ready to winch Bill Bradley up to a helicopter

Paramedics and fire service staff get ready to winch Bill Bradley up to a helicopter. He was taken to hospital and found to be suffering a broken collarbone

The next thing Mrs Bradley said she remembers is waking up in the arms of one of a medic at the scene.

She had been dragged to safety by her bodybuilder husband.

Mr Bradley was treated for a broken collarbone after the couple were airlifted to hospital. Mrs Bradley suffered minor injuries.

Mark Jones, of Brecon Mountain Rescue team, said: ‘The car landed on all four wheels in just the right place - six feet either side and they would not have survived.

‘If you saw that in a film you would think it was far-fetched. I have never seen anything like it.

‘If you looked at the distance that they have fallen, you would not think there was any chance they would survive.

‘They mounted the crash barrier and through a series of clipping trees and exactly the right bit of ground, they have landed in a little pool in a stream at the bottom of the cliff.

‘It was absolutely mind-boggling how they pulled it off. As I understand it, the expectation was to go down there and just find a couple of bodies.

‘In 25 years in mountain rescue, I have never seen anything like this and find it incredible that anyone survived this crash, let alone that they were relatively unhurt.’

A spokesman for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Miraculously the vehicle landed upright in deep water and the occupants, who received only minor injuries, were able to get out of the vehicle and sit on a nearby rock to await rescue.’

The car was winched from its resting place by with a crane.

Mark Crowther, a member of the recovery team, said: ‘In this job I've seen some crashes, but how they survived I'll never know.

‘I'm gobsmacked. They must be like a cat and have an extra life.’


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