Another day on planet Helena! Bonham  Carter clan have family day out on holiday in Capri

Helena Bonham Carter and film director hudband Tim Burton are natural storytellers.

And Helena and Tim so love their children Billy Raymond and Nell that, when they tell them stories, they like to dress up as the characters in the story.

On holiday the island of Capri, Helena and Tim appear to be working their way through chapter six of Worzel Gummidge Takes A Holiday before 'Aunt Sally' has to take a quick break for a nice reviving cuppa.

Helena Bonham
Helena Bonham

Reviving cuppa: Helena Bonham Carter, pictured last month, is clearly not a morning person, even when on holiday in Capri, Italy

Helena Bonham

Doting mother: The actress has her hands full with daughter Nell

The pair - who have worked together on a string of films - are not your usual Tinseltown couple.

They met in 2001 on the set of Planet Of The Apes, which he was directing, and his opening words to her were, 'I can really see you in an ape mask'.

Since then, Helena, 43, has starred in five more films directed by her 51-year-old partner, including Big Fish and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. Alice In Wonderland, in which she plays the Red Queen, is their latest collaboration.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

Story time: Perhaps Tim Burton is hoping for some inspiration from Nell

The pair have two children - Billy, six, and Nell, two.

Helena says: 'Physically, they look exactly like Tim and me at the same time,'

'I don't know how that happened, because we don't look like each other.'

Helena Bonham

Family affair: The couple look the picture of happiness with Nell and Billy Raymond

Helena has often been described as kooky, but there is nothing weird about the way she is bringing up her children.

She said: 'I'm not a full-time mother right now, because I've been working, and I've been feeling perpetually guilty about it.

'But, equally, I know it's important for my kids to have a relationship with people other than me, and I want them to be independent. It's all balance. I don't try to be perfect - I just try to be good enough.'

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