Zanzzi Bar: Our vodka vixen moves in potato crop circles


Confused about the idea of potato vodka? Your correspondent certainly was: I had bought the line that the grain-based spirit is always the best, because that is what so many makers of fine premium vodka keep on telling us. And yet the farmer and potato entrepreneur (and founder of Tyrrells crisps) William Chase has been awarded a double gold medal for his English potato vodka: the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the liquor industry’s most respected tasting, recently crowned it the best in the world 2010.


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Chase vodka is made from Hereford potatoes including Maris Piper, Lady Rosetta and Lady Claire varieties and is distilled on the farm by James Baxter, who uses a custom-made copper still and five distillations.

William Chase says, ‘The best way to try Chase Vodka is straight-up, straight from the freezer  or over ice.’ The experience is a fine and luscious creamy vodka, clean and rounded, with a little spice and pepperiness. Sublime!

Mr Chase also asks, ‘Have you tried my new Limited Edition Chase Marmalade Vodka?’ We await the inevitable English Breakfast Martini, while noting that the idea of a marmalade cocktail goes way back to the Savoy’s famous bar manual of the 1930s, which lists a drink made with gin, lemon juice and actual jam. For more info about the new Chase marmalade vodka and other Chase liqueurs visit

Chase English Potato Vodka can be bought the distillery’s  website, or from;; and smart retailers including Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.  Prices from around £33-£38, depending on the stockist.


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