'He keeps saying I'm beautiful but he's an actor, so does he mean it?' What happened when we played Cilla...

Two singletons, three dates over three weeks, one aim - to see if they're a match made in heaven. Meet this week's potential soul mates...

Name: Christian Storm

Age: 46

Lives: Blackpool

Occupation: Actor and photographer

Relationship history:  Single for six years, with a few flings since.

Ideal woman: Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek's Captain Janeway)

Name: Deborah Morgan

Age: 46

Lives: Blackpool

Occupation: Customer services manager

Relationship history: Broke up with boyfriend; now single for three years. 

Ideal man: George Clooney

DATE ONE: Lunch at The Cartford Inn

Christian: I arrived at the pub before Deborah, and I tried to be really cool, positioning myself at the bar so that I could see everyone who came in. I guessed it was her as soon as she came through the door, so I turned round and said hello to her. I think she was a bit surprised.

Deborah and Christian

Breaking the ice: The conversation flowed, and Deborah and Christian ended up being the last to leave the restaurant

We had a fantastic time together. Deborah has gorgeous blonde hair, a lovely smile and the rest of her isn't bad, either. Most women of her age let themselves go, but she clearly looks after herself. She is just my type.

Deborah: I recognised Christian instantly, as I'd seen him on TV recently on the dating show, Take Me Out. That broke the ice straight away, which was good as I'd been so nervous before our date that I hadn't slept for three nights.

The conversation flowed, so my nerves disappeared immediately and we ended up being the last to leave the restaurant.

Christian isn't the type of man I'd normally go for. I like them very tall and dark, which he certainly isn't. But perhaps I can make an exception.

DATE TWO: Cocktails at a casino

Christian: I had a great night. I've never been to a casino before and I ended up just throwing my chips down on everything. Fortunately we weren't playing with real money, or I'd be broke.

I stayed till 1.30am, though Deborah had to leave at 11.30pm. I tried to persuade her to stay, but she had to work the next day.

A gamble on love: Christian says Deborah is exactly his sort of woman, but she is concerned that they are too different

A gamble on love: Christian says Deborah is exactly his sort of woman, but she is concerned that they are too different

Deborah is exactly my sort of woman. She has a great sense of humour and is brutally honest, which some people might not like, but I love it.

On this date she jokingly threatened that if I didn't say anything nice about her in the article, she'd find out where I lived. Well, she knows now, as she's picking me up for our next date.

Deborah: Christian is a great guy. He's friendly and funny, but as far as I'm concerned there couldn't be any romance between us because we are so different in every single way.

Christian loves to be the centre of attention, whereas I am happier in the background. He's great fun and I am constantly laughing with him, which is great, but I don't think I could live like that all the time.

He's hugely complimentary and always telling me how beautiful I am. But he's an actor, so I don't know if he really means it.

DATE THREE:  Dinner at The Punchbowl

Christian: I've been out for three lovely meals with a gorgeous woman. What more could a man ask for? I think she likes me, too, because after every date she's given me a hug and a kiss, and at the end of our last date it was on the lips.

I could definitely see myself having a relationship with Deborah. I think she fancies me too, because she's agreed to see me again. 

Zero boyfriend potential: Deborah reveals that Christian has invited her out again and she's agreed to go, but just as a friend

Zero boyfriend potential: Deborah reveals that Christian has invited her out again and she's agreed to go, but just as a friend

Deborah: Christian is so sweet; on our last date he brought me a chocolate HobNob bar, because on our first date I made him promise not to describe me as a plain digestive, which happened to one of the previous daters.

He has zero boyfriend potential though, as he's so much more outgoing than me and makes me feel like a shy, retiring flower, which I'm not.

Christian has invited me out again and I've agreed to go, but just as a friend. He must feel the same way  -  if not, surely he would have told me?

Christian and Deborah went to:

  • The Cartford Inn, Little Eccleston, tel: 01995 670166, thecartfordinn.co. uk
  • G Casino, Blackpool, tel: 01253 341222, gcasino.co.uk/blackpool
  • The Punchbowl, Garstang, tel: 01995 604723, punchbowl-churchtown.co.uk

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Next week: Will a London cabbie drive his date wild  -  or round the bend? 

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