Animal rights groups stage protests in Bucharest against plans to cull thousands of stray dogs

Animal protection groups will stage protests today against the Romanian government's plans to kill thousands of stray dogs after 11,000 people were bitten in the capital last year.

Bucharest prefect Mihai Atanasoaei wants stray dogs taken off the streets and put down if they are not adopted within 14 days.

But Marcela Lungu, of the Cutu, Cutu association, said the dogs should be sterilised instead.

stray dog

Cull: The Romanian government is planning to kill thousands of stray dogs in Bucharest after 11,00 were bitten last year

Miss Lungu said a previous law failed to reduce the number of stray dogs, although some 150,000 dogs were culled.

The Romanian parliament has delayed voting on legislation regarding stray dogs, cats and horses for two years.

There are between 40,000 and 100,000 stray dogs in Bucharest.

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