Is he a 'lay' preacher? Pastor offers saucy tips to help couples spice up their love lives

For couples with a flagging love life, some turn to Viagra, others to marriage counsellors.

And now there is a third way. The way of the Lord.

A church pastor in East Yorkshire is offering saucy tips to those who want to spice up their relationship.

Ghanaian-born Dr Alex Appiah says he wants to get away from the 'staid'  attitude the church has towards sex.

Pastor Dr Alex Appiah: 'Sex is a God-given beautiful thing'

Pastor Dr Alex Appiah: 'Sex is a God-given beautiful thing'

And his advice has proved so popular and successful that ten happy couples have credited him with restoring fun in the bedroom.

Dr Appiah, who preaches at the Living Springs Ministry in Market Weighton, says couples find they have nowhere to turn when they find the crucial spark is missing.

He said: 'Sex is a God-given, beautiful thing. The lord wants us to  enjoy it. We are not afraid to talk about sex.

'There is often nobody people can turn to for advice about sex and  relationships. We are seeing divorce rates going up all around us.

'You have to make sure you understand the foundation of relationships is to  satisfy each other's basic needs. People need to make time for intimacy.

'The importance of sex in a relationship should not be underestimated. We are  all very different and there are issues in a couple's love life that can lead  to frustration.'

The pastor's sessions are open to married couples or long-term partners living  together, and focus on many aspects of sex and relationship.

He addresses the crucial issue of spicing up your love life, making love last,  plus raising children and responsibilities as a spouse.

The twice-weekly chats also offer pre-marital counselling, sessions on solving  relationship problems and managing money.

He founded the church with wife Ama two years ago. It sets out to be community and family-based, designed for those who have given up on traditional services.


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