Treatment of the week: Visit this Christmas beauty grotto for a facial with a difference

’Tis the season of Santa and children’s laughter. And also the season of dry skin, partly due to the cold and partly due to the British festive diet of cocktail sausages and gin. Or is it just me who looks down at my December thighs and thinks — lizard?

But I’m saved! Peter Jones, the department store in London’s Sloane Square, has devised a solution to our festive woes: a Christmas beauty grotto.

So, in I go, up the gleaming escalators, heading for the beauty hall, where I am met by Lauren from Elemis, who is going to give me a facial with a real difference. 

Festive beauty parlour: Tanya Gold has a manicure while being serenaded with Christmas songs

Festive beauty parlour: Tanya Gold has a manicure while being serenaded with Christmas songs

A woman with a viola walks in. She is wearing a Santa hat. A slender blonde called Cressida, she is here to serenade me as I have my facial. Yes.

‘I can do Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, anything you want,’ she smiles. That’s good, I say, because I want you to play Little Donkey. It’s my favourite carol. She does play it, and Lauren and I sing along.

Next is a manicure and pedicure. I skip through to the nail salon, which is called Footopia, pursued by Cressida and her viola.

Gita, who does my hands, and Kelly, the unfortunate child who does my feet, say that at Christmas everyone wants glittery nails.

Then I have a body scrub. Poor Cressida — I’m not yet bored of Little Donkey — has to follow me into the Clarins treatment room, where I meet Cheryl, who is going to rub the dead skin off my body.

When she is done, I look in the mirror, as Cressida plays a final flourish. I look wonderful and I smile at myself.

Season’s greetings, readers, and a hydrated Christmas to you all.

Elemis facial, from £45; Footopia manicure and pedicure, from £70; Clarins body scrub, from £35,

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