Extra! Extra! Daily newspaper circulations around the world

If countries were judged by the number of daily newspapers distributed  -  instead of land mass  -  this is how the world would look (and suddenly Britain becomes a very big island indeed)

Daily newspaper circulation


Created by a team of scientists from the Universities of Sheffield and Michigan, these mind-boggling maps show the world as it would look if each country were sized according to criteria other than physical area.

The main map here is based on the number of daily newspapers in circulation; the other three reflect the number of book titles published each year, the value of car imports and the value of machinery exports.

You can see the world takes on very different proportions; machinery exports are dominated by Japan and Western Europe, particularly Switzerland, Germany and Italy - though the UK doesn't fare too badly, at ninth place in terms of export value per person.

Meanwhile, we can be proud of our publishing industry - the UK publishes the largest number of book titles a year.

Finally, whereas Western Europe as a whole is a net exporter of cars, some countries, including the UK, are big importers.

'The Atlas Of The Real World: Mapping The Way We Live' by Daniel Dorling, Mark Newman and Anna Barford, Thames & Hudson, £24.95

Books published


Car imports


Machinery exports



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