Amanda Byram: 'London's weather has cramped my boho style'

Boho chic: Amanda Byram wearing her Baum und Pferdgarten dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos

Boho chic: Amanda Byram wearing her Baum und Pferdgarten dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos

Former model Amanda Byram, 37, is fronting the BBC’s popular gameshow Total Wipeout with Richard Hammond.

She made her name presenting the Big Breakfast and Entertainment Tonight.

She lives in London with her former rugby player fiancé Craig McMullen, who proposed when she returned from a charity trek to Peru’s Machu Picchu with Fearne Cotton and Denise Van Outen last autumn.

I like to think I’m quite boho in my style — it’s from my time living and working in California — and I believe London has cramped my style as I can’t wear the clothes I want to because of the weather.

I love dresses; I’m the maxi dress queen. People always ask where I get them from and it will ­invariably be something I picked up in LA.

In warmer climes, I wear a lot of blues, aquas and greys, as well as pastels. I like to go to the designer shops to get an idea of trends, but I see f­ashion as a bit of pick and mix.

Fashion for me is turning what you think is fashionable into your style.

I also like ­boutique shops that have labels by new designers. There are a few near my house in Fulham. I film Total ­Wipeout in Buenos Aires, where it’s ­amazing for clothes shopping. Rapsodia, in particular, I love.

I believe if you have a ­cluttered closet then your life is also ­cluttered. So I’ll only hang on to things that I think I might wear them.

If I haven’t worn ­something in six months, then it’s going in my next clear-out. Thankfully there are four charity shops at the top of my road.

I also keep some outfits in Buenos Aires, as we’re going back there to film series five in January. Thankfully, it’ll be hot!


Maxi dress queen: Amanda has about 40 long dresses and 80 short dresses in her wardrobe

Maxi dress queen: Amanda has about 40 long dresses and 80 short dresses in her wardrobe

TOPS: I probably have 100. And I’ve just done a massive clearout for my new wardrobe, so that’s after a cull!

DRESSES: I have about 80 short dresses and 40 long dresses, but I have a bunch in LA, Buenos Aires and Dublin, too.

JEANS: I own about 25 pairs. I used to love J Brand and other designer jeans but I’m loving my Zara skinny jeans at the moment. I have three pairs in different colours and they’re the best fitting jeans round my bottom I’ve ever had. I love Siwy cargo pants, too.

BAGS: I have maybe 25-30 handbags, which isn’t that many for a woman.

SHOES: About 60 pairs, not including flip-flops and sandals, which I have boxes of in the cellar. I want to be able to wear them so badly!

JEWELLERY: I have about 30 necklaces and a bunch of bracelets. I love costume jewellery, like Kate Halfpenny and Alex Monroe necklaces. A lot of my jewellery is quite fine and I wear it with everything.



This dress by Baum und ­Pferdgarten (pictured above) is one of my ­favourites. It’s a purple and cream silky floral dress that has a little strip of purple glitter just under the bust.

To me, it screams boho. I wore it on Something For The Weekend a few months ago when I was covering for ­Louise Redknapp and I got so many emails asking me where I got it from. I bought it from Katie & Jo in Fulham.


My Prada coat (right) cost almost £1,000 and I’ve not bought anything else that ­expensive. It’s my pride and joy.

I bought it at the Prada shop on Bond Street about ten years ago. I’d just started the Big ­Breakfast and had received my first large pay cheque.

It’s camel duffle material but the elbows have four patches of cross-stitched brown leather on them. People always ­compliment them. It’s a true ­staple of my wardrobe.

Prada coat
Black jump suit

Essentials: Amanda's camel duffle is a true staple, and her black jumpsuit is one of her most versatile pieces


I bought an all-in-one black ­jumpsuit six months ago from Urban Outfitters. It’s very ­Seventies. I never thought I’d be into all-in-ones, but I’m rocking it with boots, belts and high heels. It’s really versatile.


I wore this dress on the Strictly Come ­Dancing tour last year and it’s gorgeous. It’s a chainmail one-shouldered black and silver dress. I love one-shoulder stuff.

Because it’s made out of beads and chainmail, it’s very heavy. I remember coming down the stairs ­thinking I was going to keel over because it is so heavy.


These are my favourite shoes. I bought them for the TV Choice Awards this year, which we won for Total ­Wipeout. They’re gold, strappy high bad boys. I thought: ‘If I’m going to get on stage in front of my peers, then I’m going to buy a pair of Jimmy Choos!’ They were £450, but I love them.

Jimmy Choo shoes
Maria Lombardi bag

Accessorize all areas: Amanda's Jimmy Choo shoes were bought for the TV Choice awards, and her Maria Lombardi clutch was a gift from the Total Wipeout crew


I’ve had this long black fitted dress for about 15 years and it’s absolutely timeless. I bought it in Dublin and it cost about £500 and was a massive investment because I couldn’t really afford it.

It is truly beautiful and I’ve worn it everywhere; to a wedding and on TV several times, including Paradise Hotel, which was one of the first TV shows I ever did in the U.S.

Funnily enough, it’s quite ­see-through and I only realised because of the way the set was lit, when it was a ­little bit too late.

I refuse to throw it away — it’s ­something you’d still be able to wear in 20 years.


I was given this Maria Lombardi clutch purse by the Total Wipeout crew in ­Buenos Aires at the end of the last series. They knew I loved it so they bought it for me. It’s a cream snake-printed leather — Argentina has amazing leather bags.

Amanda returns to BBC1 with Total Wipeout on Saturday, January 8, at 6pm.

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