Interiors: Let it glow!

Soft lighting and the smallest decorative touches make the biggest impact at Christmas, says YOU’s lifestyle editor Clare Nolan

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Nightlights often burn out too quickly, so it’s worth paying a bit more for long-lasting ones. Price’s, £2.55 for six, have an eight-hour burn time. 


Fairy lights and candles are your new best friends – they’re a quick and cheap way to get that ambient glow that shouts Christmas. It’s all about adding extra sparkle and shine. Drape fairy lights where access to plug sockets allows – mirrors should be your first targets (their reflection doubles the twinkle factor). Then add as many nightlights as you can bear to light. You’ll love the warm feeling so much that, come January, you won’t want to pack them away. A word of caution: choose your location for candles carefully, especially when placing near lengths of cards strung from the walls or ribbons hanging from garlands – don’t take any risks.


Pretty china cups, thick glass tumblers and short glass vases make fantastic votives for nightlights. Choose designs with cut or faceted patterns to create beautiful reflections on table tops and walls 


Single out cherished Christmas decorations and special cards and treat them with the importance they deserve – display them as you would an artwork in a case or a decorative frame.


For a unique look decorate your home with items that hold special meaning. A carefully chosen bauble or a piece of nursery art created by the children in your life will trigger memories and mark the passing of time.


Beautifully wrapped presents ensure even a pair of socks will be graciously received – and will show you’ve put some thought into it. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed.


Keep your eye out for pretty trimmings during the festive months when ribbons, tags and paper are cheaper. Keep a stash of beautiful wrapping paper for impromptu gift-giving.


John Lewis and Liberty department stores both have haberdashery departments that, along with specialists VV Rouleaux and Barnett Lawson (for bulk-buying only), will give you that girl-in-a-sweetie-shop feeling. For the online equivalent, log on to (tel: 0845 450 1212), which stocks ribbons, sequins and more – everything you could possibly want to make your presents look the part. 


CHRISTMAS CARDS, £8.95 for a box of ten, Rob Ryan, from Liberty

CHRISTMAS CARDS, £8.95 for a box of ten, Rob Ryan, from Liberty

ROCKING HORSES, £22 for two, Fortnum & Mason

ROCKING HORSES, £22 for two, Fortnum & Mason

LACE TAPE (approx 45m), £6.50, Rockett St George

LACE TAPE (approx 45m), £6.50, Rockett St George

STAMPS, £13 for three, Lollipop Designs

STAMPS, £13 for three, Lollipop Designs


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