Roque rocks! Manchester City bench-warmer Santa Cruz sets his sights on pop stardom

Move over Hoddle & Waddle, rapping Ryan Babel or Andy Cole's R'n'B revolution - Roque Santa Cruz is the latest footballer trying to get behind the mic.

With plenty of time on his hands as a Manchester City outcast, the Paraguay striker has recorded pop tune Let Your Love Shine with Dutch singer Beate Alexandra to raise cash for his charity foundation.

It might not trouble the X Factor hopefuls, but the Paraguay striker hopes enough people will download the song and pledge funds to help underprivileged children in Asuncion.

'When I grew up in Paraguay, I experienced a lot of poverty around me,' says the 29-year-old. 'Now my status as a professional soccer player allows me to help others.'

If Paul Gascoigne can be a hit with Fog on the Tyne, why not?

Stick to the day job, boys...

A veritable delight of other singing footballers, starting with Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle's unforgettable Diamond Lights:

Liverpool's Ryan Babel gives new meaning to the Anfield rap:

Former Manchester United striker Andy Cole finds his soul:

And Paul Gascoigne belts out
Fog on the Tyne with Lindisfarne:


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