A rare treat indeed: Steak and chips is still our favourite fare

Food fads may come and go but steak and chips reigns supreme.

It was named Britain's favourite dish of all time in a study released yesterday.

The remainder of the top four were somewhat predictable, with spaghetti bolognese second, chicken tikka masala third and pizza fourth.

But there were surprises further down the list, with prawn cocktail coming in fifth and tomato soup sixth.

National dish: Steak and chips was named Britain's favourite dish of all time

National dish: Steak and chips was named Britain's favourite dish of all time

Braised lamb shank came in seventh, garlic bread eighth, chilli con carne ninth and lasagne tenth.

More than 1,000 people were polled by Kenwood to discover what are our favourite foods of the past six decades.

The research discovered that the 1980s produced many of our favourite foods while the 1950s were named the worst culinary decade.

Celebrity chef Marcus Wareing said: 'The Eighties may not be remembered as the most stylish decade – but it seems the food of the era was a highlight.

'While Chicken Kiev and spare ribs may not be the most glamorous of dishes today, they were considered adventurous dishes in their time.'

The survey coincides with 60 years of the Kenwood Chef mixer, which was launched in 1950 at the Ideal Home Show.

Mark Swift, Kenwood's marketing manager, said: 'The rise and fall in the popularity of certain dishes says a lot about what was going on in Britain at the time'

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