KidZania London – Review


Hola chicos, last Sunday we were extremely excited as we ventured into the magic world of KidZania London. We live in London and not too far from the Westfield London shopping centre where its located so it was a must for us to go and explore this new place. It was a spontaneous day out that resulted in a fantastic family moment!
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June Favourites


Hola chicos, I’m trying something new for this post. I’ve seen people doing this all over the internet and I thought it could be fun for me to do it too, so I will give it a go and will try to publish one post every month. This post is about my June Favourites. [Read More…]

Sienna’s 10 months update

Feature Image -  Sienna's 10 months Update

Hola chicos, from now on I will be posting monthly updates of my baby Sienna. We are missing her first 9 months of life which is sad but you have to start somewhere right?

Sienna is now 10 months old and she has reached many great milestones! I feel that she has grown up so fast in the past month. I’m starting to see how she is changing physically. It is a shock to see how fast she has lived her first year and I find it sometimes hard to know that she will be my last baby, so when I remind myself of that, I realise I should appreciate even more all the positive things.
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I’m the Mum Who…

A Mum Who - Feature Image

Hola chicos, I wanted to say thank you to the lovely Lizzie from Firstooth for nominating me to write “I’m the Mum who”.

This has been incredibly hard for me. I don’t know why, but I felt that I was not inspired at all for the past week. It took me more than a week to finally write this!!

I’m dedicating this to my two gorgeous little girls Bella and Sienna.  So here we are:

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