Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho labelled 'rude and uneducated' by Franz Beckenbauer

Legendary Franz Beckenbauer has launched an attack on Jose Mourinho, calling him ‘rude and uneducated’.

The German World-Cup winning player and coach is one of the few men in football with a track record to beat Mourinho’s.

Real Madrid's coach Jose Mourinho

Under attack: Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho was called 'rude and uneducated'

Beckenbauer said: ‘He is rude and behaves as though he has no education. The fact that he wears cashmere sweaters doesn’t mean he belongs with gentlemen.’

The man known as ‘Der Kaiser’ believes that Mourinho’s two Champions League triumphs, with Porto and Inter Milan, were devalued by his lack of culture.

He said: ‘(Mourinho) suffered the worst humiliation last autumn, losing 5-0 at Barcelona after a festival of passing and fantasy football from Pep Guardiola’s team. There the attacking mentality prevailed.’


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