Back-to-work tsar to reveal campaign plan

Emma Harrison, the Government's new 'Welfare to Work' tsar, will meet Department of Education officials this week to finalise details of her campaign to get 100,000 unemployed families working over the next five years.

Harrison, founder of employment agency A4e (Action for Employment), was appointed to launch her initiative Working Families Everywhere last month when the Prime Minister pledged £7.5 million for organisations helping families.

Emma Harrison

Positive thinking: New 'Welfare to Work' tsar Emma Harrison, the founder of A4e

She said: 'If you think of a scale from -20 to +20, with -20 the most underprivileged, someone on -18 costs the taxpayer £5.4 million over their lifetime  -  and they have a lousy life.

'The Government needs to spend to move them up the scale. If they get to -14 that would save £1.2 million and the person would have a better life.'

Later this week Harrison will speak to nine foreign leaders at David Cameron's Nordic Summit in London to tell them how her campaign could work elsewhere.

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