Wimbledon live! Serena Williams claims sixth Wimbledon title as Jamie Murray loses out on men's doubles glory at SW19

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Well that's a wrap for this evening folks...

But make sure you check back tomorrow for the last day of Wimbledon 2015 - and the big one!

It's Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer in the men's final and you would be crazy to miss that, so make sure you follow all the action here.

I'll see you then, but I'll leave you with audio on how Tecau and Rojer won the men's doubles final. Cheerio.

Tecau and Rojer lift up the winners' trophies to claim their first titles

Presented with the rather attractive winners' trophies (well worth the polish that will be placed on them over the years) by the Duke of Kent, Tecau and Rojer proudly lift them to be crowned as men's doubles champion.

Worthy winners I must say.

Murray and Peers collect their runners-up trophies to big applause

Good to see a smile on both players' faces. Today will be a low while living in the moment but on reflection it will be a high.

Both have played some incredible stuff this past fortnight, and they will be proud of their efforts.

Jean-Julien Rojer of Holland and Horia Tecau of Romania celebrate after winning the men's doubles final
Jamie Murray falls at the final hurdle following a battling display

It's been a bad couple of days for the Murray family and Britain in tennis terms. Andy lost the men's semi-final yesterday and Jamie falls at the final hurdle today.

Murray can at least take solace knowing his serve was never broken, bur Rojer and Tecau were simply magnificent on serve today - especially from the second set onwards.

The fourth seeds are deserving winners as the Centre Court crowd applaud both teams as they walk off together.

The doubles trophy presentation takes place in the Royal Box, so they will be back soon.

Mur/Pee 4-6 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6 - Rojer and Tecau win Men's doubles title

Muguruza performed miracles earlier on to halt the Serena Williams serve at an opportunistic time, but there are no more miracles today. 

Rojer and Tecau stay on form to gain three championship points, and a serve down the T is too powerful to return as the fourth seeds claim their first Grand Slam titles.

Andy Murray reacts as he watches his brother Jamie go on to lose the men's doubles final
Mur/Pee 4-5 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6 - Rojer and Tecau break

Huge point coming up as a Peers double fault now gives Rojer and Tecau break point.

Peers' second serve is returned and Tecau takes control to force an error at the net and perform a break at a crucial time. Rojer will now serve for the men's doubles crown.

Mur/Pee 4-4 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

You can forget break points now too. Murray and Peers need to find a way of winning points alone when returning, as Tecau holds to love. I can't remember the last time the Romanian looked in any serious danger while serving - he looks so comfortable out there.

Mur/Pee 4-3 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

Mind you, Rojer and Tecau may be asking the same question regarding the Murray serve, which again is as strong as an ox as he holds.

Mur/Pee 3-3 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

Well...erm...no. It's a successive hold to love for Rojer, leaving Murray and Peers asking yet more questions on how to force a break point, let alone an actual break.

Britain's Jamie Murray (rop right) and his partner Australia's John Peers touch hands after a point against Holland's Jean-Julien Rojer (bottom right) and Romania's Horia Tecau
Mur/Pee 3-2 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

Good to see the Peers serve is looking strong again, as the Australian and Murray are putting up a bit more of a battle in this third set.

It's been a long time since Rojer and Tecau were put under pressure on serve though. Can Murray and Peers find their first break point since the middle of the first set?

Mur/Pee 2-2 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

A brief glimmer of hope for Murray and Peers as Rojer smashes a volley into the net, but the Tecau serve remains a weapon of choice for the fourth seeds as they hold.

Mur/Pee 2-1 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

At the very least, Murray is also looking very strong on serve. The Brit hasn't been taken to deuce yet but it's breaking the fourth seeds which remain priority for Murray and Peers.

Here is how Rojer and Tecau took the second set:

Mur/Pee 1-1 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

Even the Rojer serve is looking impressive now, as the Dutchman holds to love. With Tecau also looking like a beast on serve, I'm scratching my head wondering how Murray and Peers can get a win here. They are going to have to break at some point to win this final.

Mur/Pee 1-0 Roj/Tec 6-7 4-6

Murray and Peers have had to come through five sets twice in the last couple of weeks and they will need to do it again to win the men's doubles final.

Peers serves to start the third set, but Rojer and Tecau are soon on it as the Dutchman fires a winner down the line.

Tecau is also quick to get involved to fire a smash volley for 15-30, but Murray's back hand drop volley levels up the scores.

Tecau finds the net for 40-30 and Murray soon volleys another back hand winner for the hold. Younger brother Andy would have loved that watching on from inside Centre Court

Andy Murray applauds as he watches the men's doubles final from inside Centre Court
Judy Murray was also in attendance to see her son Jamie in the men's doubles final
Mur/Pee 4-6 Roj/Tec 6-7 - Rojer and Tecau take the second set

Tecau has been in three previous doubles finals (losing them all) so he's been here before. Any mental scars from those losses don't appear to be showing though as he soon build a 40-0 lead.

A serve out wide with three set points is blasted back down the line by Peers, while Murray soon returns the favour with a crosscourt winner.

Peers just about keeps a Tecau serve in, but the Romanian leaps on it with a smash volley to take the second set.

Mur/Pee 4-5 Roj/Tec 6-7

Peers serves to keep him and Murray in this set, but two errors from the Australian - one unforced - give the fourth seeds a 0-30 advantage.

Murray and Peers hit back though to level at 30-30, before Rojer's attempted cross court winner just falls short, as the Brit and Australian then go on to hold.

The unbreakable Tecau now serves for the second set.

Mur/Pee 3-5 Roj/Tec 6-7

It's the Rojer serve now, which is still Murray and Peers' best hope of breaking.

Big cheers from Centre Court as Murray finds a winner through the legs of Rojer for 15-30, but the fourth seeds soon level, before Tecau volleys a net winner for 40-30.

Rojer smash volleys to enable another hold.

Here is how Rojer and Tecau took the opening set:

Mur/Pee 3-4 Roj/Tec 6-7

The last time Peers' served, Rojer and Tecau broke. But despite a well struck winner down the line from the fourth seeds, Peers holds with ease to 15 after Rojer's last return fails to land over the net.

It's good to see Centre Court is now full, as Murray travels down a few rows to get blockbuster seats.

John Peers (left) of Australia and Jamie Murray of Great Britain return against Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau
Mur/Pee 2-4 Roj/Tec 6-7

Now for the troubling Tecau serve. No avenues into the opening point for Murray and Peers as Rojer fires an easy volley winner.

The Romanian serves a 124mph serve that isn't coming back anytime soon, before Peers lobs over the baseline.

Tecau's powerful serve out wide is too good to return as the Romanian holds to love.

Mur/Pee 2-3 Roj/Tec 6-7

'Come on Jamie' shouts a watching Andy Murray from inside Centre Court, who is sat beside his wife Kim.

Jamie doesn't disappoint, holding to 15. Murray's serving has been close to faultless this afternoon.

Andy Murray watched his brother Jamie from inside Centre Court alongside wife, Kim
Mur/Pee 1-3 Roj/Tec 6-7

With Tecau looking so strong on serve, now is the time to break back for Murray and Peers, and they look in good shape at 15-30 before the fourth seeds soon hit back to lead 40-30.

Peers overhits a forehand wide and it consolidates the break.

Mur/Pee 1-2 Roj/Tec 6-7 - Rojer and Tecau break serve

And after starting well, Peers' serve is now looking vulnerable. It's two break points for Rojer and Tecau and take the first after Peers volleys into the net.

Jamie Murray looks on at the net during the men's double final
Mur/Pee 1-1 Roj/Tec 6-7

Tecau's serve has arguably been the pick of the bunch so far as he holds to love to keep the fourth seeds well on top. Nothing much Murray and Peers could have done there to try and force a break.

Mur/Pee 1-0 Roj/Tec 6-7

Jamie Murray has lost just two points on serve so far, and he looks in no mood to lose more after holing rather convincingly to love.

The Brit and Peers will be rather miffed at losing that first set having by far looked more likely to break.

Mur/Pee 6-7 Roj/Tec - Rojer and Tecau take the first set tie-break

At the changeover it's Rojer and Tecau leading at 4-2, as Murray serves to try and regain control. Rojer rather poorly deliver a forehand well wide for 4-3 but soon serves for a 5-3 lead after Murray and Peers hit narrowly over the baseline.

Three set points soon follow for the fourth seeds, Murray and Peers save two on serve but can't prevent a smash volley from Rojer and Tecau from taking the first set.

Great tennis but Murray and Peers fall behind.

Holland's Jean-Julien Rojer (right) and partner Romania's Horia Tecau took the first set in a tie-break
Mur/Pee 6-6 Roj/Tec

Oh, superb from Rojer, whose crosscourt lob bounces in the corner to open up at 0-15.

Later the Dutchman can't return a Murray serve out wide for 30-15 though, and the Brit follows up with another couple of corkers to force a tie-break.

There were only three break points in that set, all fell to Murray and Peers - will they regret not taking them?

Mur/Pee 5-6 Roj/Tec

Just for a moment there looked to be a fightback on the cards as Murray lifted a delightful lobbed winner for 30-15, but Tecau's serving well, very well in fact, as he holds to 30.

Jamie Murray will now serve to force a tie-break

From Sportsmail's Mike Dickson at Wimbledon

'The coach of John Peers is Chris Eaton, aka the ‘Eaton Rifle’ after enjoying fifteen minutes of fame at Wimbledon 2009.

'From nowhere the big serving Surrey player and British journeyman came through qualifying at Roehampton and then won his first round against Slovenian Blaz Kavcic, thus enjoying the kind of treatment Liam Broady had this year.'

Australia's John Peers (left) and Britain's Jamie Murray talk tactics during their men's doubles final
From Sportsmail's Stuart Fraser at Wimbledon

'Jamie Murray had only ever once made it past the third round in men's doubles at a Grand Slam - at the 2013 US Open - but now he contests a final for the first time with Australian partner John Peers.

'Before Murray hooked up with Peers in February 2013, he was languishing at No 92 in the world rankings and was considering his future in the game. Now they are on course to qualify for the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena in November.

'Murray and Peers have made the better start here, but have not managed to convert one of the three break points they have had so far.'

Mur/Pee 5-5 Roj/Tec

So Peers serves to try and keep him and Murray in the first set, and it gets off to a bad start as Rojer hits a winner.

Peers and Murray are soon dragged into a battle as Rojer hits another stunning winner down the line to gain a set point, but the Dutchman then fails to return to bring up deuce.

It takes a couple of deuce games, but now it's Peers and Murray just about holding out to keep this set on serve.

Mur/Pee 4-5 Roj/Tec

A quite superb Tecau backhand at the net stops an otherwise certain Murray winner at 15-0, and it proves a pivotal moment in the game as it leads to Rojer holding his serve to love.

Mur/Pee 4-4 Roj/Tec

Back on the Murray serve, and break points look as far away as ever with the Brit's serve strong enough to hold to love.

Andy's brother hasn't dropped a point on serve yet.

Mur/Pee 3-4 Roj/Tec

Not too many break points in this match so far, with the very few on offer for Murray and Peers having quickly been snuffed out by Rojer and Tecau.

The status quo remains on Tecau's serve who holds to 30 as we approach the business end of the first set.

Mur/Pee 3-3 Roj/Tec

Over to you John Peers, who rifles down a 120mph serve for 30-0, before Rojer hits back with a forehand winner down the line.

Peers recovers well, with another two powerful serves too much for Rojer and Tecau to deal with.

Mur/Pee 2-3 Roj/Tec

Back on the Rojer serve, and although Murray and Peers go 15-30 up, the Dutchman, like Tecau, earlier soon finds his range to edge 40-30 in front.

Deuce is brought up though, and Murray's powerful back hand return gains break point. Peers can only return long though as the fourth seeds just about hold before the change over.

Mur/Pee 2-2 Roj/Tec

So it's Jamie Murray who is the last to get his opening serve out of the way in this final. 

Is he feeling the pressure? Not a chance! Murray and Peers quickly skate into a 40-0 lead, before Murray hits across court for a superb winner to hold to love

More of that please Jamie, whose Mother Judy is watching from inside Centre Court.

Great Britain's Jamie Murray (second left) lines up with partner Australia's John Peers (left) and opponents Holland's Jean Julien Rojer (second right) and Romania's Horia Tecau before the final
Mur/Pee 1-2 Roj/Tec

Two break points for Murray and Peers but Horia Tecau's serves are too much to return as the Romanian saves both to force deuce.

In deuce, Murray and Peers have even smaller chance to make a breakthrough as Tecau's high level on serve is maintained to enable a hold.

Mur/Pee 1-1 Roj/Tee

It's the Australian John Peers who opens up serve for Murray's team, and there is some early drama as Murray comes out on top following a net rally as he and Peers serve out to 15.

Mur/Pee 0-1 Roj/Tec

Cracking start from Murray and Peers on the Rojer serve as they move into a 0-30 lead.

But the fourth seeds haven't reached this far without reason though, taking the next three points before serving out to hold

Jamie Murray and John Peers have completed the warm-ups on Centre Court

Cheers greet the duo, although there are a fair few empty seats inside Centre Court, as Jean-Julien Rojer serves to open up the men's doubles final. 

Don't go away though, folks - because we have another final coming up!

And not only does it have a Brit in it, it has a Murray in it!

Andy's brother Jamie is in action as along with partner John Peers the duo take on Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau in the men's doubles final.

We'll have all the action here!

Williams is so used to that shield now, she can balance it on her head...
So can anyone in women's tennis stop Serena Williams?

That's a sixth Wimbledon title and another Serena Slam in the bag.

Williams still has targets though, she will now travel to the US Open hoping to win all the Grand Slams in one year. The great Steffi Graf was the last to do that back in 1988.

Make no mistake, everyone will want to be the player to beat her now. Serena has become a massive scalp to take in a Grand Slam match, now more than ever.

Serena Williams poses with the Wimbledon trophy having defeated Garbine Muguruza
Here is how Williams took the Wimbledon crown...

...as well as the post-match interview with the players

Williams declares that Muguruza will win Wimbledon in the future

'Garbine played so well, she was fighting to the end,' Williams told the BBC.

[Looks at Muguruza] 'Don't be sad you will be holding this trophy very, very soon. Believe me!'

Serena Williams bounces with joy as she collects her sixth Wimbledon crown

The Wimbledon crowd are always a great bunch, and they give Williams a big reception too as she lifts the Wimbledon title for a sixth time.

Muguruza is in tears as she collects her runners-up trophy

There's a smile from Muguruza as she steps up to collect her runners-up trophy from the Duke of Kent - perhaps knowing she at least gave it her all today and can have no regrets.

But they soon turn to tears after a huge reception from the crowd, even Serena Williams is applauding following a heroic performance in that final set.

From InfostradaSports
GAMES, SET AND MATCH: Serena Williams wins her sixth Wimbledon title

You have to remember, Muguruza was 1-6 down in this set. But the fight back has simply been too much.

Williams somehow gets her head back together following her dramatic collapse in serve to gain three match points, this time only needing one to claim her sixth Wimbledon title.

The Serena Slam is complete!

Serena Williams broke Garbine Muguruza to win her sixth Wimbledon title
Williams 5-4 Muguruza 6-4

This is beyond words. Serena Williams is suddenly struggling on serve! An eighth double fault is followed by a Muguruza winner, and then another as the Spaniard has yet another three break points.

Williams finally wins a point with an ace, before taking the next point and then hitting another ace down the T. What a turnaround.

A twelfth ace gives Williams match point in deuce, but Muguruza spoils the party again as she attacks the net to hit a brilliant passing winner.

A Williams error gives Muguruza break point but, the Spaniard overhits the baseline to put this game back on deuce. What a pivotal one it is to!

And it goes on! A stunning rally, which had the crowd cheering halfway through, ends with Williams hitting the net and giving Muguruza a FIFTH break point - shades of Murray and Federer yesterday.

Muguruza takes it too and she is back in this match in quite a sensational fashion having performed the double break and saved match point along the way.

Williams 5-3 Muguruza 6-4

And the fightback continues as Muguruza moves 30-0 up on serve. Williams finally responds but only briefly as Mugruza comes out on top following a baseline rally for 40-15.

Williams is looking frustrated now, she channels that into positive energy though as she dispatches a Muguruza serve with a thumping unstoppable winner down the line before forcing deuce.

The crowd are fully behind Muguruza now though and there are loud cheers all round as a Williams error allows the Spaniard to hold.

Now it gets interesting as Serena Williams serves for her sixth Wimbledon title for the second time.

Williams 5-2 Muguruza 6-4

Incredible. Where has this come from?! Having been bullied for the majority of this second set, Muguruza suddenly gains three break points and only needs one as she at the very least delays Serena's coronation.

The crowd love it - more tennis for them on Centre Court!

Garbine Muguruza broke Serena Williams who was serving for the Wimbledon title
Williams 5-1 Muguruza 6-4

It's a total collapse from Muguruza. A once strong serve is being picked apart as she loses her 11th point in a row to hand Williams three break points.

Serena only needs one, making the Spaniard run from one side of the baseline to the other before the 21-year-old can only return low into the net.

Serena now serves for her sixth Wimbledon title.

Williams 4-1 Muguruza 6-4

Yikes, Williams is on her A-game now. The big unstoppable serves have returned and as the American holds to love Muguruza can only smile in apparent resignation as she hits way out wide to put Serena in total control.

Williams 3-1 Muguruza 6-4

Is the game match up for Muguruza? Williams seems to have worked out the Spaniard's serve and breaks with relative ease, including a stunning return winner down the line following a serve out wide.

Williams 2-1 Muguruza 6-4

Joys of a seventh ace for Williams are soon followed by the sorrow of consecutive double faults, allowing Muguruza a route into breaking without the Spaniard having to lift a tennis racket.

Williams soon recovers for 40-30 but another long return brings up deuce.

A huge 123mph ace from Williams gives Muguruza no chance of a return, before another big serev is also too much for the Spaniard as Williams holds.

Serena Williams punches the air having taken the first set against Garbine Muguruza
Williams 1-1 Muguruza 6-4

Much better from Muguruza, who holds to love. And even fans inside Centre Court have worked out a chant for her now - with 'Come on Gabby' being the preferred name of choice.

Williams 1-0 Muguruza 6-4

Of course the double whammy of being broken to lose the first set, is that Williams now has the chance to open the second set on the front foot.

It's a simple hold for the American, with Muguruza firing over the baseline to concede the opening game.

The Spaniard looks a little lost right now as Williams starts to get in her stride.

Here is how Williams took the first set

Williams 6-4 Muguruza - Serena Williams breaks to win the first set

Now we really see what Muguruza is made of. Williams closes to within two points of the first set as the Spaniard fires wide, but Williams is then forced into an error for 30-30.

Muguruza screams with delight as she ploughs an ace down the T, but deuce is forced after she overhits the baseline.

But after the ace comes the double fault, and it hands Williams a set point.

In a true champion's style, she takes the opportunity gladly with a forehand winner into the corner.

There is a fist pump of joy from Williams, who realises she got out of jail in that first set.

Serena Williams broke twice after falling behind to take the opening set
Williams 5-4 Muguruza

Wow, a fourth double fault of the match for Williams, who is left talking to herself saying 'it's ok, it's ok' as the score hits 15-15.

She's not wrong. A quick recovery sees Williams move 40-15 up with a smash volley, and despite Muguruza taking the next point, the American serves wide before volleying a winner at the net. Serena lesas for the first time as Muguruza now serves to stay in the set.

What a turnaround in the last few minutes.

With a reach out wide for a forehand, Serena Williams returns to Garbine Muguruza
Williams 4-4 Muguruza

But there are avenues for Williams. A whipping crosscourt forehand is too powerful for Muguruza to return, before the Spaniard hits out twice to allow Williams two more break points.

Under pressure again, Muguruza saves the first with a timely ace out wide, but after Williams just about returns inside the baseline, the Spaniard fires wide to put this set back on serve.

Williams 3-4 Muguruza

Williams is getting fired up. There is a big 'come on!' shout as she moves 30-0 up, then another at 40-0.

As Muguruza fails to return serve again, there is a third shout as the American holds to love.

The trouble for Serena is she can't seem to get the break on Muguruza.

Serena Williams looks on as she takes a break during the changeover
Williams 2-4 Muguruza

For the first time in this match, the pressure is on Muguruza as she concedes two break points.

Some huge forehands help the Spaniard save the first, before a powerful ace down the T just proves a little too much for Williams with the 21-year-old soon forcing an error for deuce.

The Muguruza assault continues in deuce with another couple of big serves helping her hold. Sensational.

Williams 2-3 Muguruza

A more routine hold from Serena, who has started to settle a bit after that dreadful start on serve.

Muguruza is planning on joining an elite club this afternoon...

Williams 1-3 Muguruza

These are the sorts of shots I expect from Williams! Muguruza thunders a winner down the line and follows up with an ace, but Williams hits back with a winner at the net for 30-30.

Another huge serve puts Muguruza back in control, but Williams hits a volley winner to bring deuce.

From there the Spaniard holds to keep control of the first set.

Garbine Muguruza showed nerves of steel to take the women's final to Serena Williams
From Sportsmail's Mike Dickson at Wimbledon

'Just talked to Nicolas Pereira, former Venezuelan player who made the world’s top 50 in the 90s.

'He says that Muguruza was so torn about the nationality issue that it contributed some of her losses last year.

'Muguruza – who was born in Venezuela to a Venezuelan mother and lived there until she was six – will, he says, still get plenty of support from her native land.

'He says that while people were sorry she opted for Spain most understand that because of the economic and general situation in the South American country it was probably the sensible choice.'

Williams 1-2 Muguruza

Williams' serving, so often a strong point, has been abysmal so far. Heading into the third game the first serve is at around 20 per cent and that's before she falls 0-30 behind.

The American recovers though to take the next four points and get off the mark.

Serena Williams looks on as she is broken in the opening service game of the match
Williams 0-2 Muguruza

And what a brilliant start to this match! An epic in the opening game and I suggest it has set the tone for this encounter.

Muguruza manages to consolidate the break, serving out to 30. Already there are chants for 'Come on Serena!'

Wimbledon may love an underdog but they also love a champion.

Williams 0-1 Muguruza

Already there are a few whispers from the crowd as Garbine Muguruza takes the opening point from the Serena Williams serve.

Williams hits back, firing her first ace, but an unusual double fault brings up deuce.

Sensationally, Muguruza then gains a break point, that one passes, but the second soon follows after a stunning return of serve down the line catches Williams cold.

Williams' serve goes up a level though as Muguruza returns out, before a Williams error brings up a fourth break point.

Again Muguruza returns out, but a FOURTH break point is soon gained as the opening game creeps into the eighth minute, with Williams this time overhitting the baseline to lose her serve.

What a brilliant start from Muguruza in her first grand slam final!

Garbine Muguruza (left) and Serena Williams pose at the net before the start of the women's final
Leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon (left) and her husband Peter Murrell take their seats in the Royal Box
Out come the players to welcome applause at Centre Court

Not that Serena Williams would have heard them - she arrived on Centre Court with her headphones on.

Muguruza meanwhile is happy to soak it all up. I expect the crowd to back the Spaniard this afternoon purely because she is the underdog. Britain loves an underdog.

Got a spare couple of minutes?

Of course you have! Here is a 60-second look on Serena Williams and also Garbine Muguruza.

Center Court is filling up nicely as the crowd applaud the ball/boy/girl arrivals

Play will get underway soon after the players come out at 2pm.


Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou reveals the attributes that have made his charge so dominant for so many years including mindset, shot-making, movement and power.

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Muguruza has actually beaten Serena Williams in the past

And at a Grand Slam tournament too, winning easily in straight sets at last year's French Open.

The other two meetings have seen Williams win at the Australian Open, so this is their first meeting on grass. Unknown territory.


RIATH AL-SAMARRAI: Garbine Muguruza hopes that disappointing her parents will help her devastate Serena Williams on Saturday afternoon, with the superstitious Spaniard banning her mother and father from attending the biggest match of her life.

The 21-year-old admitted on Thursday that her parents, Jose Antonio and Scarlet, had called to say they wanted to be at the ladies' final.

But Muguruza has told them to stay at home in Barcelona, insisting she does not want to change a routine that also sees her clean her teeth at the same time each day, as well as putting a particular leg out of bed first in the morning.

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Garbine Muguruza of Spain serves during a practice session
We can expect a packed Centre Court judging by the queues for the women's final
Williams warms up ahead of her clash with Garbine Muguruza
Serena Williams strikes with a forehand during practice ahead of the women's final
Fans flocked to the practice court to watch the American in action
Serena Williams practises as coach Patrick Mouratoglou looks on
The duo exchange words during practice
So who's backing Serena Williams to lose this afternoon?
It's not just a grand slam final we have this afternoon

It is of course the mother of all slams on the line, the 'Serena Slam', and Serena Williams is just one victory away from recording the second of her career, having held the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon titles once before in 2003.

Standing in her way is the relative unknown quantity in Garbine Muguruza. Can the 21-year-old Spaniard cause an upset at SW19? Much stranger things have happened.

Good afternoon, all. Welcome to Sportsmail's live coverage of the penultimate day at Wimbledon.

Serena Williams practises ahead of her Wimbledon final against Garbine Muguruza

Follow Sportsmail's coverage of the Wimbledon women's final as Serena Williams take on Garbine Muguruza on Centre Court at SW19.

Williams is huge favourite to win a sixth Wimbledon crown as the American hopes to land the 'Serena Slam' and hold all four grand slam trophies.

Standing in Williams' way is Muguruza who by contrast is appearing in her first grand slam final at the age of 21. 

Following on from the women's final is the men's doubles final as Jamie Murray, brother of Andy, and John Peers take on Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau on Centre Court. 

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