Vindicated 'Gone Girl' accuser and her boyfriend appear holding hands to hit out at cops who dismissed them as liars, as it's ruled she WAS kidnapped 'by a Harvard academic using a water pistol'

'Gone girl' abductee Denise Huskins and boyfriend Aaron Quinn hold press conference

The FBI has made an arrest in a bizarre kidnapping that took place earlier this year in California. Denise Huskins (pictured right) was taken from her home in Vallejo on March 23 after claiming a group of individuals entered the house and tied up her boyfriend. She was then set free just a few hours later in the town she grew up in, leading many to speculate that the entire incident had been staged much like the popular novel and film Gone Girl (inset). That all changed however on June 8 when the FBI arrested Matthew Muller (left), and have now charged him with kidnapping Huskins. Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn are still dating despite the ordeal and put on a united front to criticize the police for dismissing them at a press conference on Monday night (pictured center).

Prison boss is fired as humiliated Mexico scrambles to find El Chapo: DEA reveals they warned of escape plot SIXTEEN MONTHS ago as kingpin's son posts taunting photos of his father 'enjoying freedom'

Mexico prison boss sacked as DEA search for Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman

Photographs (pictured top and bottom right) have emerged of billionaire drug-lord 'El Chapo' appearing to taunt authorities with his new-found freedom by drinking beer in public and flying inside an airplane. Sent to a blog which monitors the on-going drug war in Mexico by one of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's sons, the pictures were allegedly taken after his audacious escape just two days ago. If verified, the pictures would be the first of the notorious cartel leader to surface since he made his jail prison on Saturday morning from Altiplano jail and follow Twitter threats to presidential candidate Donald Trump warning him to stop his anti-Mexico rhetoric. Authorities today released a new mugshot of El Chapo, however it wasn't clear if the kingpin has since grown back his hair and mustache.

A beauty queen wife, a $2.5m escape plot and a LOT of tunneling experience: The secrets of Mexican drugs kingpin El Chapo... and why he may never be found

Last escape:  Guzman was listed as 'public enemy number one' after he fled from a prison in 2001. This poster lists his height as 5ft 8in, although he is believed to be 5ft 6in, hence his nickname 'The Shorty'

It is the second time in 14 years that the drug kingpin - the head of the most powerful and ruthless drug trafficking organisations in the world - has embarrassed authorities through his expert escape.

Who is 'El Pastor'? Family who live next to El Chapo's escape tunnel tell of mysterious neighbor who moved in six months ago... and did a LOT of building work

Lorenzo Esquivel and Maria Esther Salgado, who live a mile from the Altiplano jail from where Joaquin Guzman fled, told how the man moved into the grey building at the start of this year.

'I'm going to make you eat your words': Mexico's billion-dollar drugs lord THREATENS Donald Trump on Twitter account 'run by his son'

FILE - In this Feb. 22, 2014, file photo, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, head of Mexico¿s Sinaloa Cartel, is escorted to a helicopter in Mexico City, following his capture overnight in the beach resort town of Mazatlan. Mexico¿s security commission said in a statement late Saturday, July 11, 2015, the top drug lord Joaquin ¿El Chapo¿ Guzman has escaped from a maximum security prison, the second time he has fled after being captured. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo, File)

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman, who has escaped from prison in Mexico, has reportedly taken to Twitter, where he has taunted the Mexican authorities and sent death threats to his enemies.

Drug king's tunnel of love: How the Viagra-guzzling most dangerous crook in the world burrowed out of jail to be reunited with his beauty queen bride

How Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman burrowed out of jail to reunite with his bride

Drug lord Joaquin Guzman (left) has staged a prison escape so humiliating to the authorities that it may yet bring the Mexican government to its knees, writes TOM LEONARD. For Guzman was the prisoner Mexico had vowed would never get away. He had already managed to get out of another of the country's maximum security prisons in 2001, and it took them 13 years to recapture him. Under his cunning and brutal leadership, the Sinaloa established itself as the first cartel to have a truly global reach, boasting distribution networks that U.S. officials say extend to the UK, France and the Netherlands. El Chapo is the world's most dangerous criminal and his disappearance - via a covert tunnel (inset) - possibly history's most damaging prison escape. Mexico's 'most secure' prison managed to keep hold of its worst criminal for just a year and a half. He could now be reunited with his beauty-queen bride Emma Coronel (right).

Eric Garner's family reaches $5.9m settlement with New York City following his chokehold death in 2014 arrest 

Eric Garner's death in New York City, sparked protests around the country
by people outraged over police treatment of African-Americans.

Boy Scouts executive committee approves ending long-standing ban on gay leaders

FILE - In this May 23, 2014, file photo, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates addresses the Boy Scouts of America's annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., after being selected as the organization's new president. The executive committee of the Boy Scouts of America has unanimously approved a resolution that would end the organization's blanket ban on gay adult leaders and let individual scout units set their own policy on the long-divisive issue. The committee action follows an emphatic speech in May by the BSA's president, the former defense secretary declaring that the longstanding ban on participation by openly gay adults was no longer sustainable. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski, File)

The Boy Scouts of America said in a statement on Monday that the resolution was approved by the 17-member executive committee on Friday.

She's alive! Teen emerges from Washington forest after 'walking for two days' following plane crash with her grandparents

Autumn Veatch emerges from Bellingham woods after plane crash with her grandparents

Autumn Veatch, 16, of Bellingham, Washington, pictured left, emerged from woods Okanogan County, Washington, following a plane crash also involving her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, of Marion, Montana. Crews had been searching for the the small, private plane carrying three passengers after it failed to reach its destination in Lynden, Washington, on Saturday.

US taxpayers fork out more than $3.5m to find out why 75% of lesbians are obese

Two overweight women Eating ice cream Coney Island  Decisive moment

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has now spent over $3.5 million of taxpayer dollars to try and determine why the majority of lesbians in the U.S. are obese.

No tie, no apologies, no pulling punches: Scott Walker is 20TH to run for the White House and comes out swinging on Hillary, Obama, Iran, Russia and ISIS

Walker joins the fray with 14 other Republicans and five Democrats. He pitched Kohl's Department Stores as a volume-pricing example of how the US tax code should reach more workers with lower rates.

From Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen gown to Jenna Bush's Oscar de la Renta number, the most iconic wedding dresses of all time revealed

Most iconic wedding dresses including Kate Middleton's gown and Jenna Bush's dress

A new info-graphic compiled by Vashi Diamonds reveals the top 100 most iconic wedding dress designs, and features a variety of different styles, colors and designs. From mini dresses to one-shoulder statement pieces, there is no shortage of innovation and originality among the dresses featured, however the classic-style gown favored by the likes of Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly, still reigns supreme.

Jail's clerical error allowed Dylann Roof to buy the gun he used in Charleston church massacre

Sheriff Jay Koon says the jail discovered mistakes two days after Roof's drug arrest, but the change wasn't corrected in the state police database.

'My health and spirit are doing fine': Chilling Dylann Roof jailhouse letter revealed (and it's already up for sale in 'murderabilia' auction)

A letter written by Charleston church massacre suspect Dylann Roof has been put up for auction on a site dedicated to selling memorabilia related to serial killers and other murderers.

B.B. King was NOT poisoned before his death reveals autopsy as tests show blues legend died from natural causes stemming from Alzheimer's disease

Medical examiners found no evidence to prove the allegation that blues legend B.B. King was poisoned before he died of natural causes in May, according to autopsy findings.

Is fasting for five days a month the best way to slim? It's the latest twist to the diet everyone's talking about. So why are some doctors still sceptical? 


Feast for five days, fast for two. Eat whatever you want and lose weight. Stay healthier, live longer. These are the kinds of claims being made for intermittent fasting.

'Allahu Akbar!!! I got the pressure cooker': Son of Boston police captain charged in marathon-inspired ISIS terror plot bragged to undercover FBI agent about his plan to bomb a university

Boston police captain's son Alexander Ciccolo charged in ISIS terror bomb plot

Prosecutors have arrested the son of a Boston police captain in a plot to commit terrorist acts on behalf of the Islamic State group. Alexander Ciccolo (left) is accused in a criminal complaint unsealed Monday of receiving four guns July 4 from a person cooperating with the Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force. Ciccolo's father is Boston police Captain Robert Ciccolo (pictured in inset left), a veteran commander who was one of the first responders to the 2013 Marathon bombing . 

ISIS blow up a booby-trapped BABY while teaching militants how to use explosives, says head of Iraqi security committee 

Using a remote control detonator, the baby was destroyed by the explosives to show the trainee terrorists how to assemble improvised explosive devices in Salahuddin province, Iraq.

Executed at dawn: Veiled woman terrorist who killed American mother in Abu Dhabi shopping mall toilet as her twin boys waited outside

ISIS supporter Alaa Bader al-Hashemi waited for an hour in the restroom for a suitable victim to come in. She then killed Ibolya Ryan, 47, as the U.S. teacher's young twin sons waited for her outside.

ISIS 'to send members of feared all-female police to Europe disguised as tourists to attack holy sites and spark religious war against Christians'

Rare images of the Al-Khansaa Brigade (file photo) show the depraved women dressed head-to-toe in black but they will enter Europe dressed as tourists so they do not stand out, a source has told MailOnline.

Fancy meeting you here! William starts his job as helicopter pilot... alongside a glamorous flying doctor who looks JUST like Kate

Prince William starts job as helicopter pilot with glamorous flying doctor

Cheshire-born brunette Dr Gemma Mullen (right), who bears a striking resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge, will fly rescue missions with Prince William. Both 33, they will make a formidable team. The Duke (pictured on his first day back on the job yesterday) was formerly an RAF search and rescue pilot, while Dr Mullen is an experienced medic who previously flew on the London Air Ambulance. Starting work at 7am sharp at Cambridge Airport yesterday, William confessed: 'It's my first day and I'm feeling the nerves.' But he added that he was 'fantastically excited' and looking forward to working with a 'very professional bunch of guys and girls'. The prince, who is known as Captain William Wales in his role as an air ambulance pilot, is paid a salary for the job, all of which is donated to charity.

#ThisIsACoup: Greeks react with fury at new $95bn EU bailout deal, accusing Germany of using WW2-style tactics to condemn their country to years of harsh austerity

Following marathon overnight talks between 19 eurozone leaders, Greece caved in and accepted a range of reforms to secure a deal worth up to €86 billion - the country's third bailout in five years.

Greek civil service workers announce 24-hour strike after government gives in to insider reveals leaders' furious rows and says Tsipras was 'crucified' 

The union, Adedy, wants workers to protest the terms of the agreement Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras negotiated with Greece's creditors when their country's parliament votes on the measures.

Living in America's $1MILLION city: Meet the average San Francisco residents forced to live in cars, garages and tents following the tech boom

Wenxin Zhang's Goodnight Stories photographs show San Francisco residents in alternative

California-based photographer Wenxin Zhang moved to San Francisco in 2011 and fell in with a group of people forced to find alternative means of accommodation due to the skryocketing cost of living in the city. She decided to document the experiences of these people and their living conditions and called the project Goodnight Stories. 'Some of them suffer from bankruptcy, poverty, health problems or depression,' she told Feature Shoot. 'Sometimes being different from the majority can be very hard.' Some people live in sailboats (top left) or in a second-hand van (main) or are homeless (bottom left).

George is a 'little monkey' while Charlotte is a 'joy of heaven': Proud father Prince William tells of family life

The Duke of Cambridge discussed life at Anmer Hall this morning as he arrived to begin his first shift with the East Anglian Air Ambulance. He said he 'loves' the 'challenge' of having two children.

The exoplanets that hint at life billions of years older than Earth: Five new planets raises possibility of super-advanced civilisations

Five Earth-sized planets so ancient they were born not long after the dawn of time have raised the possibility we could find life on planets far older than we expected.

Scientists discover underwater volcano cluster more than 50 MILLION years old off Sydney coast.

With Australia in the grips of a Antarctic cold snap, the discovery of four extinct volcanoes might be just the trick to warn the city back up.

Drug-trafficking mom of Broncos star - jailed since he was just 11 years old - is among 46 convicts freed by Obama in biggest clemency grant for decades

Drug-trafficking mother of Broncos star Demaryius Thomas among 46 convicts freed by

UPDATED President Barack Obama cut the prison sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders on Monday. Among them was Katrina Smith, the mother of Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Obama also wrote individual letters to each of the individuals. Their sentences all now expire on November 10, 2015.

The megapad is coming: Apple's iPad Pro with 12.9inch pressure sensitive screen set to launch in November

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering speaks during an event introducing new iPads at Apple's headquarters on October 16, 2014 in Cupertino, California.  

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The iPad Pro is expected to launch in November, according to new claims from Digitimes - although it says Apple has placed a 'relatively low' order for the device with suppliers.

Woman injured in beach explosion is out of the hospital and nursing broken ribs as police say they may NEVER know what caused the blast


Kathleen Danise, 60, of Waterbury, Connecticut, was released from the hospital on Sunday after the mysterious beach explosion at Salty Brine Beach in Narraganset on Saturday.

Pennsylvania man, 68, arrested after 'traveling to Arizona to have sex with a horse'

Michael Crawford traveled to Phoenix where he was under the impression he would be meeting a horse owner who he had met online after posting an advert soliciting a willing owner, authorities said.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Marilyn pinned Bobby against the wall...she was a brazen girl.' How RFK was consumed by two passions - his affair with Marilyn Monroe and his vendetta against teamster Jimmy Hoffa who he vowed to destroy

How RFK was seduced by Marilyn Monroe - and  hated Jimmy Hoffa

A new biography reveals how Marilyn Monroe and Bobby Kennedy 'carried on' for months before her death - and Ethel was furious. But RFK was equally obsessed with putting Jimmy Hoffa in jail.. As Attorney General during his brother's presidency, RFK created a 'Get Hoffa' squad at the Department of Justice. A union associate recalled Hoffa fuming about assault charges Hoffa was facing: 'That son of a bitch Bobby Kennedy - he has to go!.' Hoffa asked where to procure plastic explosives, 'as powerful and able to explode without leaving without a trace.'. Three years after Bobby was assassinated, Hoffa was pardoned by President Nixon but disappeared without a trace four years later.

Blazing a trail, the lamps lighting route of first explorers to conquer the Matterhorn on 150th anniversary of their climb... and how red bulb marks where descent went disastrously wrong 

NEW Lamps have been positioned along the historic route taken by Edward Whymper and his team when they scaled the mountain, which sits in Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland, in 1865.

Giant Llamas and flames found among 24 new images at Peru's Nazca Lines

The research team of the Yamagata University Institute of Nasca discovered 24 new geoglyphs in the Nasca Region of the Peruvian South Coast during the survey conducted between December 2014 and February 2015.

The geoglyphs are almost invisible on the surface and the team needed to analyze them using a three-dimensional scanner to highlight the images on the ground. As a result, the Yamagata University team was able to identify 24 geoglyphs of animals, some of which probably depict Andean native camelid, llamas. Last year, the team had discovered 17 geoglyphs of similar style in the adjacent area and thus it became clear the total of 41 animal geoglyphs are concentrated in a specific area. These geoglyphs are estimated to date back to 400 BC to 200 BC.

Prof. Masato Sakai, the head of the research team, emphasized that the geoglyphs are in danger of being destroyed by the recent expansion of urban areas and it is important to share this information with local people and government to

Japanese archaeologists have discovered 24 new geoglyphs on the Nazca Plateau in Peru that were created two centuries earlier that the giant images that the region is famous for.

Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover 'master switch' that causes the disease to spread, paving the way for new life-saving treatments

Scientists at the Thomas Jefferson University have for the first time identified a crucial protein, instrumental in causing prostate cancer tumours to spread to other parts of the body.

'Walt Disney and Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy - it means you're reorganizing': 50 Cent is defiant after declaring bankruptcy following loss of $5M sex tape case

50 Cent declares bankruptcy days after losing $5M sex tape judgement

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson filed for chapter 22 bankruptcy protection on Monday just three days after he was ordered to pay $5 million to the mother of Rick Ross's child. In 2009, the rapper intentionally released a sex tape featuring Lastonia Leviston in an attempt to embarrass his rap rival, Ross.

Mother accused of using her cell phone as her three children drowned in pool

Patricia Allen, 30, was arrested by Irving police for injury to a child after three of her children who could not swim died in a Texas pool accident last month.

How Snowden has sabotaged spies keeping track on terror: Fanatics using sophisticated data encryption to avoid detection after learning about techniques in leaked files

Intelligence chiefs are increasingly concerned that they are struggling to track extremists, including those from Islamic State, after the fugitive leaked files stolen from GCHQ, a report found.

Marco Rubio's White House bid raises $44 million - putting Florida senator in third place in Republican field (although Trump has yet to go on fundraising drive)

The 44-year-old Republican presidential candidate reported $12m was raised for his campaign and $32m for so-called super PACs backing him, which have no fundraising limits.

George and Jeb Bush host Kennedy-style fundraising party with cocktails and lobster rolls for 300 guests at family estate

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush entertained some of his wealthiest supporters with cocktails and lobster rolls at the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, Maine, as he tries to fill the coffers for his campaign.

Down to earth Brad and Angelina take the kids to Subway: Famous family hit chain restaurant for Knox and Vivienne's seventh birthday party

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stop at Subway on Knox and Vivienne's seventh birthday

NEW Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt grabbed sandwiches to-go for the family before a low-key birthday party to help twins Knox and Vivienne celebrate turning seven. The couple hit a Subway sandwich shop on Friday in Glendale, California as they went toy shopping along with their 13-year-old son Maddox and nine-year-old daughter Shiloh. According to photographs obtained by TMZ, the couple were seen stopping at the fast food franchise where they picked up sandwiches and sodas for their brood to enjoy. 

Mystery as star high school athlete is found shot dead alongside her injured brother and another man in the early hours

Evette Quezada, 18, a recent high school graduate from Ferris, Texas, was found shot to death on Sunday at about 2.30am. Two men were also found shot and taken to a nearby hospital.

Hopes for a breakthrough in Iranian nuclear talks falter as Tehran resist US request to allow the UN to search for evidence of nuclear weapons 

With only hours to go before discussions wrap up at midnight, disputes over attempts to probe Tehran's alleged work on nuclear weapons unexpectedly persisted.

Search intensifies for missing Kentucky mother of five who was last seen alive by her live-in boyfriend

Crystal Rogers, 35, was last seen on July 3 by boyfriend Brooks Houck, who said she was gone when he woke up the next morning. Rogers' sister said Houck hasn't helped the family search at all.

North Korea has confirmed executing its defence chief after Seoul's spies revealed he was blasted by anti-aircraft guns for falling asleep in a meeting with Kim Jong-un 

File-This July 18, 2012, file photo shows Vice Marshal Hyon Yong Chol applauding during a meeting announcing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's new title of marshal, in Pyongyang, North Korea.  North Korea has officially confirmed the purging of its defense chief two months after Seoul's spy service said he had been executed for disloyalty to leader Kim Jong Un, a South Korean official said Monday, July 12, 2015. South Korea's National Intelligence Service told lawmakers in May that People's Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol was killed by anti-aircraft gunfire for talking back to Kim, complaining about his policies and sleeping during a meeting. (AP Photo/Jon Chol Jin, File)

Seoul's National Intelligence Service told lawmakers that People's Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol was killed by an anti-aircraft gun in May on charges of disloyalty to Kim Jong Un.

Fears former NFL player has drowned after he fell out of a rented boat in front of his devastated wife and young daughters

NFL's JaJuan Dawson missing after falling out of boat in Lavon Lake

Former Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans receiver JaJuan Dawson (pictured), 37, fell overboard into Lavon Lake (inset) outside of Dallas on Sunday while on a rented boat with his two daughters, wife, and one other adult and child. Collin County Sheriff's Office said Dawson wasn't wearing a lifejacket at the time and that alcohol isn't considered a factor. Dawson spent the 2000 and 2001 seasons with the Cleveland Browns and 2002 with the Houston Texans.

FTC is 'looking into' Apple's treatment of rival music streaming services as regulators mull official investigation


U.S. government antitrust regulators are looking into claims about whether Apple's treatment of rival streaming music apps is illegal under antitrust law, according to three industry sources.

The Pentagon is set to lift ban on transgender people in the military - and they may even cover medical transitioning costs

FILE - In this July 7, 2015 photo, Defense Secretary Ash Carter testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.  The Associated Press has learned that Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. Senior U.S. officials say an announcement is expected this week. They say the military would have six months to determine the impact and work out details, with the presumption that they would end one of the last gender- or sexuality-based barriers to military service.    (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals in the military. An announcement is expected this week.

Ohio grandmother, 71, mauled to death by pit bull

Annie L. Williams was attacked by the dog for 10 minutes in front of a Shaker Heights home on Sunday. The pit bull was shot and injured by a neighbor trying to save Williams.

Yoga instructor, 33, who 'performed a sex act on 15-year-old boy at bar mitzvah' pleads not guilty to downgraded charges

Lindsey Ann Radomski, 33, of Arizona, has pleaded not guilty to 18 misdemeanor counts linked to a March incident in which she allegedly exposed herself to kids and engaged in oral sex.

What does your ex REALLY think of you now? One brave model dared to quiz SIX former boyfriends...and winced when the responses came back

Stina Sanders quizzed SIX ex boyfriends and asked them what they thought of her

It isn't always easy to be kind about ex partners so when London-based lifestyle blogger, 24-year-old Stina Sanders, decided to track down her former flames on email and ask them what they really thought of her, she was prepared for a mixed bag of responses...and that's exactly what she got. (Pictured from left: Stina Sanders with two of her ex boyfriends and right, relaxing on holiday)

Revealed, the foods that help ease the agony of arthritis... from a turmeric latte and a cup of bone broth to a helping of avocado

Osteopath Antonia Boulton reveals how various foods can help ease the painful symptoms of arthritis, which causes swollen joints and affects around 10 million people in the UK.

Fugitive father of missing six-month-old baby Ember Graham is 'shot dead by police in California after trying to flee in stolen car'

A father wanted in connection to the disappearance of his own daughter, has reportedly been shot and killed after he stole a car in Shasta county, California.

Pluto's craggy face reveals more secrets: New Horizons lays bare cliffs and craters of the distant world as it prepares for flyby

The Nasa spacecraft is sending back its last batch of data before its close encounter with Pluto. During the fly past the probe will fall silent for 22 hours, leaving scientists with a tense wait.

Baby-faced teens charged with 'murdering beloved Albuquerque father on his driveway as they roamed his neighborhood breaking in to homes'

Steve Gerecke was found dead in his driveway by police on June 26. The six suspects range in age from 14 to 17 have also been charged with aggravated burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

Beware, lions crossing (and mauling)! Breathtaking moment beasts catch antelope as stunned tourists watch just inches away from open car windows

Lions catch antelope inches from stunned tourists in Kruger National Park, South Africa

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Briton Carolyn Dunford, 23, captured the bloody drama in Kruger National Park, South Africa, along with wide-eyed nature-lovers - some of who risked their lives watching the spectacle through open car windows. 'The kudu burst from the bushes and the lions chased it into the cars,' she said. 'The first lion grabbed onto its back and the second came in and grabbed its throat (pictured main). They both tackled it.' Her photographs also show the beasts tear apart their catch as tourists look on (inset).

Jordan Spieth arrives at St Andrews in pursuit of his third major of the year at The Open

The pavement in front of Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas was briefly green when a downpour made ink bleed from a replica flag marking former pupil Jordan Spieth's Masters win.

How to save your own life: Whether you're choking, bleeding to death or having a heart attack. The survival tips everyone MUST read 

first aid kit in life belt

What do you do if you find yourself alone and you start to feel a crushing pain in your chest? Obviously, you alert someone nearby or call an ambulance, but then what?

Most people only say 'I love you' to three people in their lives

22 Jan 2015, Cologne, Germany --- Portrait of young man and mature woman head to head --- Image by © Philipp Dimitri/Westend61/Corbis

A YouGov survey of nearly 1,000 U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and over 65 last month asked just how many partners they've said 'I love you' to and found that most don't say it more than three times.


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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Tom Cruise's 'Scientology CNN' TV news network - set to be launched from a new Hollywood $50 million studio bigger than Paramount

Inside Tom Cruise’s ‘Scientology CNN’ TV news network

Scientology and Tom Cruise plan to take on the major movie studios and TV networks with the creation of Scientology Media Productions. The five-acre studio lot has two sound stages and 150,000 square feet of production facilities and is costing millions. But Sea Org workers are earning just a few dollars a day to help renovate the Sunset Blvd site. A new set of audition tapes for the woman who will replace Katie Holmes will be held at the facility. Scientology boasts its new network will 'reach everyone on Earth.'

The sweet smell of freedom: Amanda Knox celebrates her 28th birthday with morning coffee

Eyes closed and grinning from ear, Amanda Knox inhales the taste of freedom, as she celebrates her first birthday since she was sensationally cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher.

In for a penny, in for a pound...or 60! College student pays parking fine in 11,000 PENNIES!  

Stephen Coyle, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student, paid a $110 parking fine in 11,000 pennies to protest the fact that only 20 percent of the funds remain on campus.

Is THIS how we'll live in the future? Architect plans first 100% eco city complete with 'tree-scrapers' covered in foliage... and there's not a car in sight

In Raimond de Hullu's city of the future, people live in off-grid tree-scrapers that are clustered together in a green utopia set in a city woodland - with no roads and no sign of overhead power lines.

Ouch! Red Sox fan recovering after getting struck in the face by foul ball at Boston's Fenway Park

Stephanie Wapenski, a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan from Connecticut, was sitting on the third-base side of Fenway Park with her fiance, Matt Fraenza, during Friday night?s game against the New York Yankees when she was seriously injured by a foul ball. Wapenski, now recovering at home with more than 35 stitches, told the Herald?s Owen Boss she is relieved her injuries weren?t more severe and thankful for the fans and EMTs who rushed to her aid.

?I saw the ball. I could kind of see it ? it was just over the batter?s head and I could see it through the fans on the other side and I was trying to process whether the ball was coming toward me or going away from me but I didn?t have time to complete the thought before it connected, ?bam-bam? and then it was just a whole lot of shock. I was saying, ?Wow, that ball somehow found me in the crowd? ? it all happened very, very fast. ?

Did the recent incident involving a woman hit in the face by a broken bat go through your mind as you took your

Stephanie Wapenski, 36, was left bloodied and in need of more than 35 stitches after a foul ball struck her between the eyes during a Yankees-Red Sox game in Boston Friday.

How going from rags to riches can wreak havoc on your health: Poor teenagers who better themselves 'age faster and may die younger than their peers'

The will-power needed to leave poverty behind may put the body under severe stress, and racial discrimination can add to the pressure, researchers from from Northwestern University found.

How MINECRAFT is teaching robots to do the laundry: Complex 'thought' processes needed for game help machines learn skills

The algorithm was developed at Brown University. It is designed to help robots better plan their actions in complex environments online and use these skills in the real world.

Apple's 'spaceship' readies for take off: Aerial footage reveals how the circular Campus 2 headquarters is taking shape

A Californian helicopter firm flew over the site of Apple's Campus 2 (pictured) last month and shot aerial views of the building and its 175-acre site as it prepares to open next year.

Mom escaped car inferno - and was then forced to watch helplessly as her husband and two young children were burned alive

Lucnie Bouaz-Ostane tried desperately to get her husband and kids out of their Toyota which had careered off the on the Southern State Parkway in New York , before it burst into flames.

She drinks WHAT? Miranda Kerr's mother Therese is the butt of online jokes after sharing her bizarre diet - which includes homemade kefir, 'reverse osmosis' water, and rooibos tea

Therese Kerr has shared her day on a plate and sent Twitter in to a tummy-grumbling melt-down. Her daily diet includes reverse osmosis water, homemade kefir and rooibus tea, but are there health benefits?

Amanda Peterson's family shares touching video tribute to troubled Can't Buy Me Love star after her sudden death at age 43

Amanda Peterson's family shares tribute to Can't Buy Me Love star after her passing

A family member has shared a touching and poignant video tribute to can't Buy Me Love star Amanda Peterson who died last week at the age of 43. The actress' brother Jim Peterson, the pastor of a Baptist church in Michigan, posted the five-minute long photo and video montage on Facebook saying it was the tribute played at her memorial on Saturday. The video opened with her name, the dates of her birth and death, and the message: 'Precious child of God, now home & free!'

Teed off? Tiger Woods plays British Open practice round with Jason Dufner - just weeks after reports he was having affair with the his old friend's ex-wife

Tiger Woods prepared for this week's British Open at St. Andrews with a rather unlikely partner - Jason Dufner, whose ex-wife Woods reportedly had an affair with and is still dating.

Woman Marine colonel fired 'for telling her all-female battalion that drinking puts them at risk of sexual assault'

Lt. Col. Kate Germano fired last month for telling her all female recruit battalion they were inviting sexual assault by 'getting drunk,' was just trying to strive for gender equality say supporters.

Superhero with a super heart: Channing Tatum leaps to the aid of Stan Lee at Comic Con as elderly Marvel head tries to get off stage 

Channing Tatum may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but it seems that the Magic Mike heartthrob is not so famous that he can't lend a helping hand - especially to Stan Lee.

The deadly skin cancer you can get in your EYE: They're one of the most virulent cancers of all. And malignant melanomas DON'T just develop on sunburnt skin 

KELLY LUFF - 35 During a routine eye test an optician noticed an unusual freckle in Kelly'iris. Furhertests showed it was eye cancer. She has since hadradiotherapy treatment on her eye and tests show the tumour have shrunk.

Kelly Luff, 35, who lives in Stevenage, was taking her children to the opticians for a check-up when it occurred to her to book herself in, too. That routine test changed her life for ever.

What it's like to live with Pepper the 'emotional' robot: Humanoid gives compliments, offers advice and 'prattles on'

According to initial reviews in Japan, Pepper (pictured) is charming and considerate. The four-foot (1.2 metre) tall humanoid offers advice but will also 'prattle on and on' making small talk.

So THAT'S how they got the part! Never-before-seen footage reveals Game of Thrones' actors first auditions... including immortal line 'You know nothing Jon Snow'

HBO releases unseen Game of Thrones' audition tapes

A new video reveals the audition tapes of the hits show's actors. The short clip sees some of the series most-loved characters reading lines from the popular medieval fantasy. It was debuted at this year's Comic Con in San Diego and has received almost four million views on YouTube. Pictured top and bottom left: Natalie Dormer who plays Margery Tyrell. Top and bottom centre: Rose Leslie who plays Ygritte. Top and bottom right: Nathalie Emmanuel who stars as Missandei.

Baby's first POOP can reveal if their mother drank alcohol during pregnancy - and if their child will suffer intelligence problems in later life because of it

Mother and baby indoors.


High levels of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) found in the meconium (a newborn's first stool) from a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy can alert doctors that a child is at risk for problems.

Now JK Rowling defends paralysed man on Twitter: Author calls vile troll, who told him he deserved to suffer, an 'imbecile'... after defending Serena Williams against abuse

The author stood up for Henry Fraser after he was sent an abusive email. The 23-year-old from Watford, Hertfordshire, who is a successful mouth painter, was told he 'should have died' after sea jump.

Floyd Mayweather's motorcade knocks down biker after boxer leaves Kansas City nightclub at 3am 

'Money Man' Floyd Mayweather was spotted at the crash scene following the accident, after one of five SUVs in his motorcade collided with a biker, knocking him off his motorcycle.

Baby's first POOP can reveal if their mother drank alcohol during pregnancy - and if their child will suffer intelligence problems in later life because of it

Mother and baby indoors.


High levels of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) found in the meconium (a newborn's first stool) from a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy can alert doctors that a child is at risk for problems.

Paris launches mobile app that will put an end to tourists' French language woes by showing areas where they will be understood in their native tongue

Paris has launched an app for tourists to help them when they visit the city.

'Yes I speak touriste' has been launched to help foreigners struggling with their French find some respite. Paris's chamber of commerce released the app, which is available in nine languages.

A piece of Hollywood history: Child actress Shirley Temple's most prized possessions, including toys, film costumes and a $30,000 baby grand piano, to go up for auction

Shirley Temple's most prized possessions go up for auction

More than 550 items from the late actresses' time in Hollywood traveled to museums across the country before reaching Kansas City, Missouri, where they will hit the auction block. Highly-coveted memorabilia including the polka dot dress from her 1934 film Stand Up and Cheer and a children's racing car gifted to her by tap dancer Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, have suggested prices of  $20,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Indian teenage rape victim is used as 'bait' in a bid to lure her attackers... but is raped again after bungling Indian police failed to follow her to meeting point

Teen Rape Survivor Used as 'Bait' by Police in Maharashtra Raped Again

Police in Jalna, west India, (pictured ahead of a press conference), asked a 17-year-old rape victim to arrange a meeting with her alleged attackers, at which point she was raped again.

Jared Fogle lawyers claim FBI found no evidence of child pornography in Subway spokesman's home  

Attorneys for Subway spokesman Jared Fogle are claiming that federal agents found no evidence of child pornography when they raided his home on July 7.

'I welcome the death penalty 100 percent': College student, 20, who allegedly murdered his parents and younger sister for his inheritance said the crime was 'so horrible it is deserved'

Alan Hruby wrote in a letter to The Oklahoman that the murders were 'so horrible' a death sentence, which prosecutors are seeking, 'would be deserved'. Hruby also wrote that 'shopping' was not behind the crime.

Family of six hacked to death in Indian village by mob of villagers armed with axes after being accused of witchcraft and making their children sick 

The victims were asleep in their mud house in the hamlet of Lahanda in Keonjhar district, when a group of around five people armed with axes broke in, said police in Odisha, India.

4,500 supporters of the Confederate flag create a spectacular EIGHT-MILE convoy in Florida to protest against the inflammatory symbol being taken down

More than 1,500 pickups, motorcycles and cars took part in the convey, led by a replica Dukes of Hazzard car. The parade-goers flew flags and sounded their horns in an astounding display of defiance.

The inside track on the world's most secretive country: Travel company launches rare train tours through North Korea with stops in undiscovered industrial cities

At a cost of $3,200 per person, the 10-night journey will take visitors from Pyongyang to Mount Myohyang and along the rarely-visited east and north-east coast to the city of Chongjin.

World's oldest working supermodel hits back at the 'thigh gap' trend - and says the younger generation need to learn some manners

Daphne Selfe hits back at the 'thigh gap' trend

The world's oldest working supermodel, 87-year-old Daphne Selfe has spoken out about the controversial thigh gap debate, claiming supermodels these days are thinner than when she started out in the industry over 60 years ago (left). Despite her impressive age, the mother-of-three has no plans to retire and has just visited Australia for the first time as past of a new campaign with OPSM (inset) which encourages women of any age to dress with style.

Mystery of Siberia's 200ft-deep craters solved: Enormous holes were formed by methane eruptions triggered by melting permafrost

Russian scientists have spent months studying the huge holes that have appeared, almost overnight in some cases, on the Yamal Peninsula in Russian Siberia.

Budding actress raises $10,000 by donating her eggs - and uses the money to fund a movie about the 'ordeal'

Sonja O'Hara, 28, was only researching egg donation for a screenplay when she decided to do it herself. With the $10,000 she made, the New Yorker funded a comedy she made about egg donation.

Transplant drugs 'can save lives after heart attacks': Treatments could significantly limit damage caused when surgeons unblock clot that cause attack 

Experts at Newcastle University have identified the reason hearts suffer so badly when surgeons unblock the clots that cause heart attacks and they think an existing drug could reduce the harm.

Just how safe is the HPV jab? Health experts launch a review amid concerns over cervical cancer vaccine's side effects 

The European Medicines Agency has launched a review into the safety of the HPV vaccine, which is given to all girls aged 12 to 15, amid concerns the jab causes chronic pain, fainting and dizziness.

Incredible moment an armed robber is sent flying after customers run him over and capture him after he held up a petrol station in Brazil 

Shocking CCTV footage from a garage in Maringa, southern Brazil, shows a heroic customer driving his car into the brazen thief as he attempts to escape on a motorbike.

Floyd Mayweather's motorcade knocks down biker after boxer leaves Kansas City nightclub at 3am 

'Money Man' Floyd Mayweather was spotted at the crash scene following the accident, after one of five SUVs in his motorcade collided with a biker, knocking him off his motorcycle.

Watch the Mona Lisa come to life: Interactive version of masterpiece sees her frown, turn her head, and even breathe

A digital version of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci can change facial expressions, alter her mouth shape and even cause her chest to rise and fall like she is breathing.

Ariana Grande is in the clear over donut licking after shop decides not to press charges... despite failing health inspection because of the incident

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI/REX Shutterstock (4419635fi).. Ariana Grande.. 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 08 Feb 2015.. ..

The 22-year-old singer posted a four minute long video on Thursday apologizing to fans over the incident and comments she 'hates America.' But there was no mention of the shop in the apology.

'Mommy, please let me die,' begs boy, 5, with eczema so severe he can barely sleep or walk

Morgan Bishop, 5, with severe eczema says 'Please let me die'

Dana Bishop, 36, from England says her five-year-old son Morgan suffers such severe eczema he can barely walk was in such pain he begged his mother to let him die (he is pictured, left, during a flare up). The family are at breaking point, having tried almost every treatment available on the NHS - including a form of chemotherapy (Morgan is pictured in hospital, right and inset). The skin on his feet and legs become so sore he cannot walk and must use a mobility scooter to move around during a flare-up. And as the eczema stops him from sleeping, he can only attend school for half days at a time and is rarely able to play with his friends. Now, the family are fundraising to take him to a clinic in France for treatment. Mrs Bishop, 36, said: 'People don't recognise skin conditions as debilitating. They hear eczema and just think it's a bit of dry skin, but the reality can be much, much worse.'

EXCLUSIVE: YouTube star, 15, who boasts over two million subscribers reveals how the 'hobby' she started at age TEN earned her online fame - and a lucrative business

Amanda Steele, 15, from California, started her YouTube channel MakeupbyMandy24 when she was only 10-years-old. The teen also stars in her own web series, The Social Life.

Swap potatoes for cauliflower mash, hot chocolate for chai, and pasta for veggie bake: Eight guilt-free alternatives for your favourite cosy comfort foods this winter

NEW Winter is here, but there are better ways to beat the blues than indulging in comfort food. Sydney based nutritionist Raj Barker said smarter food choices can make you feel good on the inside.

Boing! Hopping robot can bounce SIX times its body height - and could one day help scout out disaster zones

A hopping robot with a soft body that can bounce has been developed, pictured, by Harvard researchers. It combines the speed of metal robots with the resilience of soft models.

Nigerian president sacks the head of his army, air force and navy in frustration over their failure to stop Boko Haram 

Muhammadu Buhari sacked the chiefs as the West African terror group continued its six-year insurgency. Two of the military positions have allegedly already been filled.

Volcano of Fire lives up to its name: Ash spews FOUR miles into the air amid fears of the largest eruption in Mexico in a century

Colima Volcano began erupting on Thursday. Although it is the most active in Mexico, officials described the activity as as 'atypical' - resembling a strong eruption in 1913.

Child porn suspect accused of grooming a 13-year-old boy online in Alabama SMILES in his police mug shot 

Jared Tolson, 21, smirked for the camera after being arrested by police in Gardendale, Alabama after being accused of trying to persuade a teenage boy to send him sexually explicit videos online.

'This is the most science fiction-looking world you'll ever see': New Horizons' mission lead reveals how Pluto could change our view of the solar system

Principal investigator, Alan Stern, told that the close-up images of Pluto will be unlike anything we've ever seen. 'Pluto hasn't let us down. It is a scientific wonderland,' he said.

Could key ring unlock the cold case murder of woman who was stabbed to death on her 21st birthday in 1981?

Investigators in Oklahoma are hoping to trace a key ring that went missing belonging to murder victim Tracey Neilson, who was found stabbed to death in her apartment on her 21st birthday in 1981.

Tragedy of the actress who was 'date raped' by Clark Gable, gave birth to his baby - and then kept it secret for EIGHTY YEARS

Loretta Young was 'date raped' by Clark Gable and had his daughter Judy

Actress Loretta Young (pictured left with her daughter Judy) was 23 when she met Clark Gable, then 34, on the set of 1935's Call of the Wild. The two were widely rumoured to have had an affair at the time and nine months later, Young gave birth to Judy in secret. Now it has emerged that far from being the product of an affair, the little girl was conceived after her mother was 'date raped' by Gable (pictured right with Young on the set of Call of the Wild). The claim was made by Linda Lewis, Young's daughter-in-law.

The Whopper Dropper! The incredible moment drone drops burgers for the homeless in San Francisco

In San Francisco a Good Samaritan flies Burger King whoppers by drones to the homeless. A video shows the craft sailing through the skies then dropping off fast food to people below.

Police save woman's 75th birthday from disaster after her wheelchair broke down on the way to buy a cake on her OWN

KLAHOMA CITY, Okla. ? A couple of Oklahoma City police officers have gone viral for giving a helping give a hand to a woman on her 75th birthday.

According to OKCPD, an officer responded to a call of a distressed woman sitting in a wheelchair near the street.

When officers arrived, the woman, known as Ms. Carroll, was visibly upset and said her motorized wheelchair broke down while she was on her way to buy a cake for her 75th birthday. She told the officers she was upset that her birthday was ruined because the wheelchair was her only means of transportation.

PHOTO: Officer Amy Hanson and Ms. Carroll photo
PHOTO: Officer Amy Hanson and Ms. Carroll
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Officers Amy Hanson and Travis Vernier loaded up the wheelchair and took Ms. Carroll to the supermarket where they bought her a cake and took her home to celebrate.

Officers Amy Hanson and Travis Vernier of Oklahoma City helped Ms.Carroll, 75, celebrate her 75th birthday after her wheelchair broke down on Saturday as she was on her way to buy cake.

So that's why we get 'ear worms'! The shape and size of your brain could be why tunes get stuck in your head

For the study, led by Nicolas Farrugia from Goldsmiths University, 44 participants aged between 25 and 70 were asked to fill in an online survey.

Ancient MONSTER graveyard unearthed: Celts created hideous beasts using dead animal parts as offerings to the gods

Archaeologists have unearthed numerous hybrid animals dating back 2,000 years from the site dubbed Duropolis near Winterborne Kingston in Dorset.

Artist who was set to build a Martin Luther King Jr. statue for the Georgia Capitol dies after his motorbike was rear-ended by a pick-up truck

Andy Davis, 53, was pronounced brain dead Sunday at 9:50 p.m., according to Henry County Coroner Donald Cleveland. Davis died following a collision with driver Corey Sease, 20, in Georgia.

High-tech robot suits set to turn Japan's airport staff bionic to help them lift heavy goods and luggage


Haneda Airport in Tokyo is working with Japanese robotics company Cyberdyne to give their workers the extra strength needed for dealing with the constant stream of passengers' luggage.

Forget about 4k and even 8k TVs, Samsung is developing an 11k 'super-resolution' display... But will it be pixel overload?

The electronics giant is partnering with the South Korean government to produce the displays, which will boast 2250 pixels per inch, and will go on sale in 2018 according to reports.

'The father of the year!' Anonymous dad showered with praise after being pictured on the subway dressed in a Minions costume while taking his son to the movies

New York Man takes his son to see Minions movie in full costume

An anonymous man was photographed over the weekend sitting alongside his son on the subway in New York, while wearing a full Minions costume. The image was posted to Reddit on Sunday where it has since received a huge amount of attention, with many other parents praising this unknown dad's dedication to his son's enjoyment.

Bit too porky: The hilarious moment chubby pig Otis struggles to squeeze through cat flap to join pug chum

Heartwarming video shows the determined hog managing to get his snout and front legs through the space, but having trouble squeezing the rest of his body through the cat flap to join his friends.

'Free Chris Galvan': CrossFit athlete creates funny memes online after getting trapped inside FedEx store for more than two hours

A San Antonio man says he was trapped inside a FedEx store for more than two hours this weekend because employees forgot he was still inside when they locked up. So what did he do - he made hysterical videos of course.

Chris Galvan still laughs about his ordeal from over the weekend. He woke up at 4 a.m. Saturday to run a CrossFit competition.

After spending the entire day there he ran into the north-side FedEx store right before 9 p.m., a few minutes before it was going to close.

Chris Galvan, 38, stopped by a San Antonio FedEx store shortly before the 9pm closing time Saturday to print fliers for a CrossFit competition when he found himself trapped.

The nine hidden objects headed for Pluto: Astronomer's ashes among mementoes onboard craft nearing icy world he discovered

FILE - In this 1931 file photo, Clyde Tombaugh poses with the telescope through which he discovered the Pluto at the Lowell Observatory on Observatory Hill in Flagstaff, Ariz. On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, carrying a small canister with his ashes, is scheduled to pass within 7,800 miles of Pluto which he discovered 85 years ago. (AP Photo)

Clyde Tombaugh is set to pass within 7,800 miles of Pluto which he discovered 85 years ago. The astronomer (pictured, with the telescope he used in) has an ounce of his ashes onboard New Horizons.

Got $11 million to invest? Australia will give wealthy Americans the opportunity to become citizens of its country...if you can afford it

Participants in the invitation-only Premium Investment Visa scheme will need to invest US$11.57 million (A$15 million) for the privilege of becoming an Aussie.

Fishermen find FOOT LONG Asian tiger shrimp that escaped from 'experimental' lab

Florida fishermen reeled in a foot long Asian tiger shrimp from the St. Johns River on Thursday, but experts fear the invasive crustacean may be doing more harm than good.

Now THAT'S an entourage! Bernie Ecclestone's art dealer son-in-law James Stunt goes on a shopping spree at Sotheby's in London with a motorcade fit for a president

The 33-year-old, who is married to the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, was yesterday seen picking up an array of art work from the auction house in Bond Street, London.

'I don't really like girls who have gaps between their legs': World's oldest working supermodel hits back at the 'thigh gap' trend - and says the younger generation need to learn some manners

The world's oldest working supermodel, 87-year-old Daphne Selfe is the face of OPSM's Style At Every Age campaign in Australia. She talks about the changing face of fashion and her time Down Under.

Global warming forcing planes to spend up to 11 minutes longer in the air battling strong winds

Researchers in Massachusetts found changes in wind speeds as a result of global warming can cause aircraft to burn more fuel, which in turn accelerates climate change.

The airline that might actually make you WANT to pick the middle seat on the plane - by making them wider than the others

Frontier Airlines is tackle stigma attached to middle seats on planes, installing a range which are larger than the preferred window or aisle seats, and are the widest seats on US airlines.

Meet the real-life Forrest Gump who is running 3,200 miles across the US in 100 days 

While he may not be running for 'three years, two months, 14 days and 16 hours' like Forrest Gump, Barclay Oudersluys (pictured) from Michigan will be on the road for an impressive 100 days.



A skull and crossbones-marked gun called Linda and a list of warships sunk by its shells: Eerie pictures show the watery grave of a German ship sunk off Australia in 1941

WW2 ships HSK Kormoran and the HMAS Sydney  sank off the Australian coast in 1941

The first images of two warships which sank off the Western Australian coast after a gun battle in 1941 have emerged. The pictures, taken on the ocean floor 2.5km beneath the surface, show the remains of the German warship, Kormoran (inset) and the Australia ship, the HMAS Sydney. The pictures show the German ship's gun nicknamed 'Linda' featuring a skull and cross bones (left) as well as it's grim tally of 11 ships sunk (top right). Also pictured is a lifeboat from the HMAS Sydney (bottom right). These never-before-seen pictures are part of a set of more than 700,000 taken on an undersea expedition by Curtin University and the Western Australian Museum.

Shoe-stopping performance! Determined runner wins bronze medal despite running barefoot after losing a trainer

Zhang Yingying, was taking part in the 10 kilometre race at the Gwangji Universiade on July 8. However, one of her shoes was stepped off by another competitor half way through the event.

The towns that time forgot: Haunting images of Italy's abandoned ghost towns left in eerie splendour and untouched since they were deserted over half a century ago 

A series of haunting images show how once thriving Italian villages now lay deserted, untouched for decades after conflict and natural disasters forced villagers to flee

World's longest water slide unveiled at New Jersey amusement park - and it is 1,975 feet long!

World's longest inflatable water slide comes to New Jersey Action Park

The slide, located at Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, can reach speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour and uses 1,000 gallons of water every hour. It runs down the ski trials of Mountain Creek Resort, where the park is located. The first test rides by park employees were 'successful' but the slide still needs state approval and might not be open to the public until 2016.



'Feminist hero who publicly shamed Tinder date for voicing his body-type preference is a hypocrite. Women are just as vocal', argues one VERY opinionated man

Tinder dater Michelle who shamed man for his body-type preference is 'a hypocrite'

Michelle Thomas, 30, from London, England, publicly scolded a Tinder date for saying she wasn't his type. But author Peter Lloyd says she is in denial that women are just as bad. If not worse. Pictured left, Michelle Thomas, Peter Lloyd, right and inset, the Dear John written by the unnamed man.

Luxury take away! Man drives a ROLLS ROYCE to deliver noodles worth $3 and manages to make hundreds of pounds a day

The Rolls Royce was from Xiao Zhang's limo service in Zhejiang, east China. He started lunch delivery service just over a week ago. On his busiest day he made more than 10,000 Yuan (£1,000).

Climb aboard the yacht hotel! Now you can experience a night on a sailing boat without even leaving land (or getting sea sickness)

The unique Mount Noah Lodge offers a stay aboard a selection of luxury boats in South Africa without the chance of seasickness. The South African lodge has seven boats in its land-locked fleet.

No, I said do you fancy a SNACK to eat! One snake gobbles down another and swallows it WHOLE

This is the incredible moment a cannibalistic snake was caught on camera eating another snake whole after grabbing it by the throat and poisoning it at a game park reserve in South Africa.

Incredible images of the mysterious abandoned 'Chicken Church' built in the Indonesian jungle by man who had 'a vision from God' 

Hidden deep inside the Indonesian jungle is an enchanted 'church' which looks like a giant chicken - built by an eccentric Indonesian man who had a vision from God to build a 'prayer house'.

If you've seen Un, you've seen them all! Chinese fan has plastic surgery to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Pic shows: The actress Liu Zixuan with the Kimg-Jong fake.\n\nA Chinese actress in the media spotlight made even more headlines this week when she came across a man impersonating the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.\n\nActress Liu Zixuan, 31, who has been attracting media attention after announcing her intentions to undergo cosmetic surgery, was being followed by paparazzi in the city of Nanjing, capital of east China¿s Jiangsu Province, when she ran into the Kim Jong-un impersonator known as Wang Lei.\n\nLiu, who was on her way to the doctor¿s office, stopped for photos with Wang, and even invited him for a game of golf as both saw it as an opportunity to gain more attention.\n\nWhile it¿s not unusual for celebrities to undergo any form of plastic surgery, many actresses - or actors - are subject to media attention as they can be seen as the demographic that has pioneered cosmetic surgery in China.\n\nSuccessful surgery on a celebrity often also starts similar surgical trends amongst

Wang Lei, from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is the spitting image of Kim Jong-Un, the 32-year-old 'Dear Leader' of North Korea, and has reportedly gone under the knife to enhance his likeness.

Ever wondered how to weigh a baby koala? Adorable how-to video reveals techniques for measuring a nine-month-old joey

In this video from the San Diego Zoo, a zookeeper demonstrates how to weigh a 9-month-old joey. The footage also shows the koala exploring its enclosure and cuddling up with its mum.

Boy vs shark: Fisherman, 15, battles for 30 minutes to reel in 8ft monster (then lets it go)

Fisherman Noah Thrift reels in 8ft monster shark in Fernandina

Noah Thrift, 15, was fishing in Fernandina, Florida, when he noticed his rod had fallen into the water - after being weighed down by a whopping eight-foot, 250 pound shark. After pulling for 30 minutes and with the help of a fellow fisherman who came to his aid, Noah managed to get his incredible catch on to dry land, before he released it back into the water. Noah, who had caught a stingray while fishing the day before, said about his shark catch: 'I was surprised that they were down there that big.'