Tragedy of new mother, 33, with just days to live after her 'exercise injury' is found to be terminal bone cancer

Tragedy of new mother, 33, with just days to live after her 'exercise injury' is found to

Kaley Fitzsimons, from Birmingham, had suffered from hip pain after returning to work as a sports instructor following the birth of her daughter Gracie last year. But her GP told her she had 'overdone it' and when she returned with worsening pain arranged physiotherapy for a suspected muscle strain. Eventually she was in so much pain she had not slept for four nights and was finally referred for a scan that revealed a mass. Despite chemotherapy and the full amputation of her right leg in May, the cancer spread to her lungs and last week she was given days to live. Today, she said: 'I had all the signs and they should have been investigated. I don't want this to happen to another family. Please, I beg all GPs to just consider the alternatives and not put it down to being postnatal symptom every time a new mother presents with unexplained pain. If I had been diagnosed earlier perhaps my treatment would have been a success and my family would not be going through this now.'

How to survive the curse of giant hogweed: Leading experts reveal exactly what it is, why it's so deadly, and what to do if you come into contact with it

Families can protect themselves from hogweed by washing with soap, avoiding sunlight and reporting the plant to the council hogweed expert Mike Duffy and Dr Dawn Harper advise.

Junk food IS addictive: Saturated fat found in cakes, biscuits and pies has a 'similar effect on the brain as Class A drugs'

The University of Montreal study found foods rich in saturated fats heighten reward-seeking behaviour - much like an addict has to increase their dose over time.

Lotions that turbocharge in water, creams that prevent peeling and mood-enhancing SPFs: The ultimate guide to protecting your skin this summer 

Thanks to innovative technology in the beauty industry, a clever plethora of creams are hitting the shelves; FEMAIL rounds up the ones to pack this summer.

Could you live without coffee? One espresso-loving woman gives up her five shots-a-day habit for a week... and the results may surprise you

Financial writer Amy Andrew, 29, relies on a caffeine boost to get through gym workouts and busy days in the, how would she fare if denied her five shots of coffee a day?

'I'm on a gluten-free diet and feel great': Michael Douglas, 70, reveals how popular diet that 'boosts memory' is transforming his health five years after cancer battle 

Michael Douglas, 70, reveals how gluten-free diet is transforming his health

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, the 70-year-old American actor (left) has revealed that he is currently gluten-free - a diet popular with celebrities for improving memory and energy levels. The Oscar winner also spoke about his 14-year marriage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (inset), 45. It comes five years after he was diagnosed with throat cancer (right).

Drugs damage women's brains more than men's: Cocaine abuse affects areas that control emotions and decision making

After 13.5 months of abstinence, women who were previously dependant on stimulants had less grey matter volume in their brains, experts at the University of Colorado found.

Women who spend the evening in front of the TV 'increase their risk of cancer' - but the same effect is NOT seen in men

American Cancer Society researchers found the risk associated with leisure sitting held even after factors such as total physical activity, body mass and other factors were taken into account.

Scandal of thousands of people with learning disabilities being wrongly given anti-psychotic drugs as 'chemical cosh' to control their behaviour

In a letter NHS England admitted the drugs were being used as a 'chemical restraint' to control the behaviour of people with learning disabilities, in place of more appropriate care.

Surge in terrifying new strain of flesh-eating bug across the world: Infection KILLS one in four victims in severe cases 

In severe cases, the form of group A streptococcus bacteria can cause necrotising fasciitis - the 'flesh eating' condition which destroys body tissue - pneumonia and blood poisoning.

The little girl with TWO wombs, no vagina or rectum: But despite her incredibly rare condition, doctors still believe Poppy could have children one day

Cloaca suffering girl has TWO wombs, no vagina or rectum but could still have children

Poppy Wadsworth, eight, of York, was born with cloaca, an incredibly rare condition affecting just 1 in 50,000 girls. She has no vagina or anus; just has skin where her excretory passages should be. She is unable to use the toilet, and has her waste taken from her body by a stoma bag, which she has had from birth. She was also born with two wombs, and one kidney, which does not work properly. She is left permanently on antibiotics to fight infections. After trying but failing to create a new rectum (Poppy is pictured in hospital, right) doctors in the UK say there is nothing more they can do for her. Now, her mother is trying to raise £50,000 to take her to a surgeon in the US who promises he can carry out surgery to allow her to use the toilet and maybe even have children one day. Her mother, Alison, 45, (pictured left with her daughter) says she is happy girl despite being different. She said: 'She's very positive. She says that when she has the op she will be able to do everything that any other little girl can do.'

What kind of a drinker are YOU? From the Nutty Professor to the Mary Poppins, psychologists reveal how our personalities change when we've had a few

University of Missouri-Columbia psychologists identified four types of drunk personalities: The Hemingway, the Nutty Professor, the Mary Poppins and the Mr Hyde.

Summer holiday survival guide: From blowing up a balloon with your nose to stashing your aftersun in the minibar

Fun giraffe; Shutterstock ID 295302812

Busy preparing for your summer holiday? Don't leave home before ticking off the items on our essential travel checklist, says LOUISE ATKINSON.

Are Shrek, Homer Simpson and Porky Pig making children FAT? Overweight cartoon characters encourage young people to gorge on junk food, study warns 

The first study of its kind led by experts at the University of Colorado found children are more likely to eat high-calorie foods after watching seemingly overweight cartoon characters.

'Dear NHS, you rock!' Mother pens tongue-in-cheek 'complaint' letter to London A&E; department after they deal with her broken elbow TOO quickly 

When mum-of-two Yael Birin broke her elbow last month, she saw a trip to hospital as a chance to read her book for a few hours. Unfortunately, the famously long NHS waiting times eluded her...

The deadly skin cancer you can get in your EYE: They're one of the most virulent cancers of all. And malignant melanomas DON'T just develop on sunburnt skin 

The deadly skin cancer you can get in your EYE

Kelly Luff, 35, who lives in Stevenage, was taking her children to the opticians for a check-up when it occurred to her to book herself in, too. 'My last test had been several years before,' says the mother-of-four. That routine test changed Kelly's life for ever.

Is your beauty routine damaging your health? From nails falling off to skin burns from chemical peels, we reveal how to avoid popular treatments going horribly wrong...

Use vegetable-based hair dye or henna instead of chemical-heavy peroxide, experts advise. And instead of a chemical peel, opt for a Japanese facial to diffuse puffiness instead, experts suggest.

The science behind stinky feet: Video reveals the processes that cause a nasty stench, and how to stop it 

The video, by the American Chemical Society, explains how the bacteria that live on your skin and in your shoes eats your sweat, producing an acid by-product that reeks.

Snacks without the guilt! From nuts that taste like chocolate tart to gummy bears with vitamins, we test the treats with plenty of taste and no regrets 

Supermarkets have realised we all want to enjoy a snack occasionally without ruining our best intentions and, in typical style, they've even given it a name - 'guilt-free snacking'.

Baby's first POO can reveal if their mother drank alcohol during pregnancy - and if their child will suffer intelligence problems in later life because of it

Mother and baby indoors.


High levels of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) found in the meconium (a newborn's first stool) from a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy can alert doctors that a child is at risk for problems.

How jam tarts and a kiss on the forehead helped save little Charlie: Family friend recognised the signs of cystic fibrosis

How family friend recognised the signs of cystic fibrosis

Like any doting mother, Sasha York loves watching joy spread across her son Charlie's face when he scores runs for his cricket team or wins a race at school sports day. It's not just the pleasure he takes, but the sheer physicality of what he's doing. While he might seem like any other boy, 11-year-old Charlie York, from North Yorkshire, has beaten amazing odds to take his place on the sports field - surviving major surgery to replace his failing lungs.

Transplant drugs 'can save lives after heart attacks': Treatments could significantly limit damage caused when surgeons unblock clot that cause attack 

Experts at Newcastle University have identified the reason hearts suffer so badly when surgeons unblock the clots that cause heart attacks and they think an existing drug could reduce the harm.

How going from rags to riches can wreak havoc on your health: Poor teenagers who better themselves 'age faster and may die younger than their peers'

The will-power needed to leave poverty behind may put the body under severe stress, and racial discrimination can add to the pressure, researchers from from Northwestern University found.

'Mummy, please let me die,' begs boy, 5, with eczema so severe he can barely sleep or walk

Morgan Bishop, 5, with severe eczema says 'Please let me die'

Dana Bishop, 36, of Tadworth, Surrey, says her five-year-old son Morgan suffers such severe eczema he can barely walk was in such pain he begged his mother to let him die (he is pictured, left, during a flare up). The family are at breaking point, having tried almost every treatment available on the NHS - including a form of chemotherapy (Morgan is pictured in hospital, right and inset). The skin on his feet and legs become so sore he cannot walk and must use a mobility scooter to move around during a flare-up. And as the eczema stops him from sleeping, he can only attend school for half days at a time and is rarely able to play with his friends. Now, the family are fundraising to take him to a clinic in France for treatment. Mrs Bishop, 36, said: 'People don't recognise skin conditions as debilitating. They hear eczema and just think it's a bit of dry skin, but the reality can be much, much worse.'

Is fasting for five days a month the best way to slim? It's the latest twist to the diet everyone's talking about. So why are some doctors still sceptical? 


Feast for five days, fast for two. Eat whatever you want and lose weight. Stay healthier, live longer. These are the kinds of claims being made for intermittent fasting.

The herbal pills with no herbs in them: What is in that echinacea pill you are taking?

milk thistle

The new series of BBC2's Trust Me I'm A Doctor decided to find out whether there is actually any ginkgo inside the bottle when it says ginkgo on the lid.

Don't die, dad: The heart-rending moment a little boy tearfully begs his father to stop drinking and smoking so he won't leave him

Little New Zealand boy begs his father to stop drinking and smoking

A touching video has gone viral on social media after it showed a tearful little boy from New Zealand (left) telling his father that he wants him to stop smoking and drinking because he'll die. He constantly wipes away tears (centre, right) as he speaks to his dad. The Facebook post has already received 81,524 views and 3,580 likes in just eight hours as the touching plea made by the young boy to his dad tugged at the heart strings.

ASK THE DOCTOR: Should I tell my travel insurer about my op? 

Bussiness Travel

A patient has avoided mentioning an op to remove his whole prostate gland when buying insurance. He asks Dr Scurr if he is safe to do this.

ME AND MY OPERATION: Super-size tube that means you don't need open heart surgery 

Mike Amos of Smallfield Surrey. 9/7/15. Mike, 67, received a new "mega-stent" the first in the world at Brighton Hospital in May after collapsing at home with a severe heart attack in May..Photo by James Clarke., 07941676821. Strictly not to be reproduced without permission.

Mike Amos, 67, a retired Gatwick Airport mechanic, from Surrey, was the first person in the world to have a new type of stent, as he tells DAVID HURST.

Maimed by a TREADMILL: Mother-of-four's horror after becoming one of thousands badly injured by a running machine

After a long day at work, Yvonne Myers from Manchester was looking forward to her usual run on the treadmill at her local gym. But as she stepped onto the machine, disaster struck.

Just how safe is the HPV jab? Health experts launch review amid concerns over cervical cancer vaccine's side effects 

The European Medicines Agency has launched a review into the safety of the HPV vaccine, which is given to all girls aged 12 to 15, amid concerns the jab causes chronic pain, fainting and dizziness.

The drinks with up TWENTY teaspoons of sugar: Doctors urge ministers to slap a 20% tax on sugary drinks to fight obesity crisis 

British Medical Association demand 20% tax on sugary drinks

In a landmark report the British Medical Association will urge Downing Street to take on the food industry. It found that poor diet costs the NHS £6billion a year while claiming 70,000 lives. The BMA's proposed levy on fizzy drinks would raise the price of a one-litre bottle of Coke from £1.50 to £1.80. Professor Sheila Hollins, who led the team behind the report, said: 'If a tax of at least 20 per cent is introduced, it could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by around 180,000 people.'

'Hardworking and vibrant' schoolgirl, 15, dies after contracting meningitis brain bug just days before the summer holidays

Chloe Morris from Bolton was just days away from the summer holidays after completing a work placement. She died 'peacefully' in her sleep after contracting meningitis last weekend.

Want to protect your sight? Follow the EYE diet! Cheese, red wine, salmon and peanuts can all help prevent blindness

EXCLUSIVE: A new survey has revealed 60 per cent of people in the UK are unaware that the food we eat can affect the health of our eyes, with one in five incorrectly believing what they eat has no bearing on their vision at all.

Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover 'master switch' that causes the disease to spread, paving the way for new life-saving treatments

Scientists at the Thomas Jefferson University have for the first time identified a crucial protein, instrumental in causing prostate cancer tumours to spread to other parts of the body.

Kinder form of chemotherapy could drastically improve  treatment of thousands of cancer patients

Manchester scientists have worked out how to soften up tumours ahead of treatment, making them more sensitive to chemo drugs and allowing doctors to give lower doses, reducing side-effects.

Girl, ten, is left in agony with third-degree burns after picking up giant hogweed while playing on a riverbank

Girl, 10, left with third degree burns after picking up giant hogweed

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Lauren Fuller from Thornbury, Bristol, was building a den by a riverbank in Loch Lomond during a family holiday with her parents, Charlotte and Russell and her brother (left), when she plucked the weed out of the ground. Within days the schoolgirl's hands were covered in giant blisters while her red burns appeared on her face. (inset) She may now need skin grafts to repair the damage.

Revealed, the foods that help ease the agony of arthritis... from a turmeric latte and a cup of bone broth to a helping of avocado

Osteopath Antonia Boulton reveals how various foods can help ease the painful symptoms of arthritis, which causes swollen joints and affects around 10 million people in the UK.

Train your brain to stick to ANY diet! New book from leading psychology professor aims to help slimmers stay on track

What woman hasn't abandoned a low-carb plan at the sight of a Jaffa cake or tumbled headlong from the 5:2 when someone protests that they made chocolate cake 'just for you'?

Parent's joy as toddler born with just 2% healthy brain tissue makes miraculous recovery, with scans showing the organ is fully functioning

Noah Wall's parents were warned he was unlikely to survive as he had developed hydrocephalus. This is a build-up of fluid in his skull that destroyed all but two per cent of his brain.

Rising number of teenagers are being given anti-psychotic drugs, study reveals

Mark Olfson, a research psychiatrist at Columbia University in New York, said: 'Great caution should be exercised in the use of anti-psychotics, especially for young children.'

Size 28 woman shamed into losing THIRTEEN STONE after bullies threw kebabs at her and shouted 'Oi fatty!'

Obese woman fat shamed into losing 13 stone after bullies threw kebabs at her

Emily Case, from Folkestone, Kent, went on to shed 13 stone after a car full of men wound down their vehicle window and shouted 'Oi, fatty!' before launching kebabs at her. The incident shocked 22-year-old nail technician into finally doing something about her size and she joined Slimming World, started eating healthily and exercising - and is now 10st 3lb and dropped nine dress sizes to a size 10. Emily, pictured left with her boyfriend, Jamie Jones, and, right, after weight loss.

The woman who ate herself to death: 23-year-old who was 4ft 8in and 19 stone with condition that made her constantly hungry died after care home staff left her fridge unlocked

Kirsty Derry, 23, of Heath Hayes, Staffordshire, died from heart failure after putting on 7st in nine months after moving into an assisted living care home Victoria Mews in Stone, Staffordshire.

The poison giant invading Britain: How the sap from hogweed can cause third degree burns and even blindness 

Last week, five children suffered severe burns and one was scarred for life after brushing past giant hogweed growing in two country parks.

Shocking rise of 'mate crime': How children with autism or Asperger's are being bullied, abused and robbed by so-called friends 

Nearly 90 per cent of teenagers with the condition said they had been subjected to 'mate crime' - where a vulnerable person is manipulated or abused by someone they believed to be their friend.

Do micro workouts really work? Fitness apps promise results in just THREE minutes a day... but experts say there's a catch

Fitness apps promise results in just THREE minutes a day

Australian health and fitness experts say the results promised by three to seven minute 'fast workouts' are almost impossible to achieve for the average person, as you have to work out at 100 per cent of your capacity. People who sit down all day should be doing longer workouts in their free time as long periods of sitting down counteract any benefits the short bursts have on the body.

Fears elderly women are putting themselves at risk of breast cancer after half cannot name another symptom apart from a lump 

A third of those diagnosed with the disease - around 13,400 -  are aged over 70 and every day it kills around 15 of those women.
While one in three have reported a symptom other than a lump.

Why do you always get ill on holiday? Experts reveal ten reasons for feeling below par on your travels and how you can stop poor health from sabotaging this year's break

From day to day, you rarely develop a sniffle - but the moment you down tools for a much needed break, along comes a crushing migraine, chest infection or a heavy cold. Sound familiar?

Revolutionary new drug set to be available on NHS cuts risk of fatal epileptic seizures

The once-a-day pill, to be available on the NHS, helps prevent the most dangerous seizures, which leave patients unconscious and can lead to serious injury or sudden death.

Obese couple who were addicted to fast food lose sixteen stone between them... after quitting KFC and coating their chicken in WEETABIX instead

Couple who binge on takeaways shed 16 st for wedding swapping KFC for weetabix

Peter, 36, and Tracey Needham, 32, from Plymouth, now cover chicken breasts with crumbs from their favourite cereal and bake it in the oven. The couple, who have a three-year-old son Ethan, say the cheat is the secret of their success. Tracey said: 'It tastes just like KFC - just not as greasy.' (Pictured left, Peter and Tracey Needham before they lost weight, and, right, on their wedding day. Inset, fried chicken)

Cheap and easy 'toothpaste' test that spots risk of stroke and heart attack by spotting danger areas in the arteries 

Scientists claim the technique, which users sodium fluoride tagged with radioactive tracer, will transform the way doctors are able to identify patients at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

How ultrasound helps wound heal THREE TIMES faster: Sound waves can even heal injuries that would otherwise lead to amputation 

The high frequency soundwaves - commonly used to scan pregnant women - have been found to stimulate the body's natural healing process in wounds.

First digital GP service allowing patients private appointments via video link 7 days a week goes live across the country 

The service, called Push Doctor, already has a network of more than 7,000 doctors and operates from 6am to 10pm, covering everything from minor ailments to sports injuries.

The freezing needles that turn prostate cancer into ice cubes: Treatment that destroys tumours being offered to men as alternative to surgery

Doctors hope the highly accurate technique may help spare more patients from risks associated with full surgical excision of the gland - such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Flipping giant tyres, hauling 'dead' soldiers, and lugging huge logs - MoS writer attempts Bear Grylls' new boot camp-style extreme endurance race

Flipping giant tyres, hauling ‘dead’ soldiers, and lugging huge logs – MoS writer attempts

The 41-year-old has already taken his survival shows around the globe. He has written 13 books, launched a unique fitness class - BG Epic Training - and, as Chief Scout, started the complex process of reinvigorating the organisation for a new generation.Now he is moving into the live events arena, launching what is effectively a giant obstacle race for 8,000 people. MoS writer Victoria Fletcher (pictured with Bear, and attempting an Army crawl, inset) was invited to a special taster session, led by Bear, to give an idea of what's in store.

HEALTH NOTES: Transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney back in the gym following surgery to feminise appearance  

The 62-year-old former flyweight boxer revealed her transition last summer and admits that exercising in a new body has taken some adjustment.

THE MIND DOCTOR MAX PEMBERTON: Is the misery of the menopause all in the mind?

Distraught woman crying

The discomfort women suffer may largely be the result of the West's obsession with youth, and our reluctance to embrace ageing.

Rotten teeth in toddlers hits crisis point as dentists call for cigarette-style warnings on sweets and fizzy drinks 

Figures show 46,500 children are now being admitted to hospital each year to have teeth removed, with 26,000 of those aged under nine. File photo

Superberries coming to the UK: Blue honeysuckle berries packed with antioxidants to hit shelves next year 

The blue honeysuckle berries, also called honeyberries or haksaps, have been grown for the first time in the UK, by farmers in Hampshire, Somerset and Scotland, and will arrive next year.

How diesel fumes give city dwellers old people's skin: Particles from engines make skin come out in blotches 

Professor Jean Krutmann, of Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Dusseldorf, analysed the effects of pollution in five studies - two in Germany and three in China.

Writer's block? Put on a suit: Formal wear makes you think more creatively and improves your ability to solve problems

Psychologists at Columbia University in New York found wearing a sharp suit, much like the cast of Mad Men, can improve abstract thought by making people feel competent, rational and empowered.

Teenager whose right leg is TWICE the size of her left poses in a bikini to inspire body confidence in those with disabilities

Teenager Parkes Weber Syndrome sufferer poses in a bikini to inspire body confidence

Isa-Bella Leclair, 19, from Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, was born with Parkes Weber Syndrome, which causes an abnormally large number of blood vessels to form and limbs to swell (pictured left and centre). Her right leg grew to around 40lbs (18kg) - leaving her unable to play most sports or wear tight-fitting jeans. She is currently undergoing special massages and wears a compression bandage in order to reduce the swelling in her leg (she is pictured wearing a compression bandage, right). However, it has not stopped her from wearing her favourite clothes. Now, she has set Last month she won a title in a beauty pageant in her hometown of Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, which she hopes will raise further awareness about her condition. Isa-Bella said: 'My condition doesn't define me and there's no way I would let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress. For me confidence is the most important part because when people see someone confident in their body - even with a disability - they don't have pity but instead admiration.'

Eating too quickly, not enough sleep and counting calories: The ten hidden reasons your diet isn't working... and how to fix them

E5CM81 slimming woman body in panties with measure on white background

James Staring, personal trainer for Fit To Last, shares with FEMAIL the ten question we should be asking ourselves - and reveals his top tips for achieving the body we are striving for.

Here's how to make your fitness regime STICK: Forming a habit that's hard to break makes exercise automatic, experts say

To exercise more regularly, develop cues which trigger going to the gym automatically, and this will become a habit, researchers from Iowa State University found.

Hospitals 'facing nationwide wave of A&E; closures': Documents reveal renewed threat to vital NHS casualty units in move to create 'super units'

Accident and emergency departments at hospitals across the country are at risk of closure, according to plans published in a raft of worrying new NHS documents.

One in seven operations is unnecessary in the 'profligate' NHS, says UK's most senior doctor 

NHS England chief Sir Bruce Keogh (pictured) said as many as one in seven surgical and medical treatments were needless and the health service should tackle the problem.

The woman who collapses when she LAUGHS: Funny films trigger rare condition leaving 44-year-old paralysed on the floor

Woman who collapses when she LAUGHS due to rare condition cataplexy

Tracy Herring, 44, of Sheffield suffers the rare condition cataplexy, which causes attacks of muscular weakness when she experiences heightened emotions, or finds something funny (she is pictured, left and right). If she laughs, she falls to the floor and the left hand side of her body becomes temporarily paralysed. It only lasts for a few seconds but is still frightening, she said. She was diagnosed in 2003, and has not seen a comedy film for fear of it causing her to collapse. 'I've missed out on lots of the big hits,' she admits. 'It's annoying when friends are saying,"Have you seen this film?" Of course I haven't.'

How smoking could raise the risk of psychosis: Nicotine may interfere with how brain responds to pleasure and reward, leading to serious mental conditions 

In a landmark study published today, British researchers from King's College, London, found nicotine in cigarettes interferes with the brain, which may trigger mental disorders.

Is the elixir of life as simple as two cups of tea? Daily cuppas 'can dramatically increase longevity in older women'

Women in their 70s and 80s lived longer if they had the equivalent of two cuppas a day, Australian researchers discovered. They were 40 per cent less likely to die during the five years studied than others.

Cancer rates in women increase THREE times faster than in men over the last 10 years

In women aged 15 to 49, breast, skin and cervical cancer were the most common, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics.

Diabetic? Blame your ANCESTORS: Poor diets generations ago can increase relatives' risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes today, study reveals

Scientists at the University of Sydney found people from developing countries who switch to a Western diet are at greater risk of obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Newborn Minnie becomes one of Britain's youngest organ donors at 23 days old after her parents choose to make her short life count

Minnie Duggleby becomes 1 of Britain's youngest organ donors at 23 days old

Her life was cut tragically short, but little Minne Duggleby's legacy will live on. At just 23 days, the beautiful newborn became one of the youngest organ donors in the UK, giving the gift of life just hours after she passed away. Her selfless parents, Ami and Liam Duggleby, from East Yorkshire, (pictured right with Minnie and their daughter Lilly) were devastated when doctors told them within 24 hours of their daughter's birth that she was suffering congenital heart problems. Rather than let their daughter suffer, the couple made the heartbreaking decision to let her pass away peacefully.But amidst their grief, Mr and Mrs Duggleby, made a second, selfless decision. They asked doctors at Leeds General Infirmary if Minnie's organs could be donated, after she died at 23 days old. Her kidneys were removed and transplanted into an adult donor, who is now recovering from their operation. Mrs Duggleby said: she's done more in her little life than I have in 28 years.'It's just made a really horrific experience more positive. We will never forget her.'

Antidepressants sweeping the nation: Three times as many British adults prescribed the drugs as those in troubled Greece, study finds 

Some nine per cent of adults in the UK have taken the pills in the last year, three times as many than the three per cent of adults who take antidepressants in troubled Greece.

Brave toddler survives major surgery to repair TWO holes in his heart... after they went undetected for the first year of his life

Leo Makin, 17 months, of Sunderland, had two holes in his heart that went undetected for the first year of his life. After undergoing major surgery he is doing 'absolutely fine' says mother Lauren Howat, 22.

Ambulance trusts warned to keep sat-navs up to date after delays in finding addresses led to TWO deaths 

Over the course of 18 months, 66 patient safety incident reports referred to sat-nav systems, with nine concerning new locations that had not yet been uploaded, according to NHS chiefs.

Watching your waistline? Fifteen easy-to-make summer cocktails that contain 150 calories or less revealed

Nothing beats a long, cool drink on a hot, sunny day, but your calorific drink could be wrecking your diet. FEMAIL reveals how to make 15 low-calorie cocktails.

Could the World Food diet help you beat disease? From Ethiopian wholegrains to heart-healthy Mediterranean feasts, experts reveals top tips from across the globe

Nutritionists reveal the World Food diet could help you beat disease

Red wine favoured by the French contains an ingredient which encourages the body to to make calorie-burning 'brown' fat. Chinese chopsticks stop a person eating too quickly, lowering their calorie intake. And Indian spices contain ingredients which aid digestion and soothe IBS. Here, nutritionists share other tips from foods around the globe...

Teenage mother spent birthday cash on private doctor to save unborn baby's life... after NHS told her to have an abortion because he had 'zero chance' of survival

Kayleigh Douglas, from Corby, Northamptonshire, was advised to terminate her pregnancy when she was 17. She refused and sought out a private consultant to help save son Bobby, now four.

Aspirin could do more harm than good for heart patients: Doctors told not to prescribe drug for life-threatening condition that causes heart to beat very fast

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued new guidance to GPs and hospital specialists telling them not to prescribe the drug for life-threatening condition atrial fibrillation.

How sunbathing is more dangerous than driving: Skin cancer kills thousands more people than car accidents each year, study finds

A new study has revealed skin cancer kills 25 per cent more people than car crashes in the UK, while in Australia that figure reaches 71 per cent, according to the latest figures available for 2012.

Desperate to banish your muffin top before hitting the beach? Chill out! Expert reveals top tips to banish stress AND that unsightly flab around the middle

EXCLUSIVE: Stress from late trains, missed appointments and infuriating colleagues, cause our body to release a hormone which triggers fat to gather around the stomach, says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville.

Trip to dentist leaves man with a 90-MINUTE memory: Patient with bizarre form of amnesia is 'stuck in 2005' after a routine treatment

The details of the patient, known only as WO, have been released by clinical neuropsychologist Dr Gerald Burgess from the University of Leicester. Stock image is shown.

Deadly new virus that transfers to humans from SQUIRRELS kills three breeders scratched by the animals in Germany

A study found a previously unknown bornavirus was found in a squirrel and in brain samples from the three men, suggesting it had spread from the animal.

'Blonde or brunette, I love changing my wig to suit my mood,' says teenage alopecia sufferer, 18, who has embraced going bald

Alopecia sufferer embraces going bald after her hair fell out

Sian Pennant-Jones, 18, from Portishead, north Somerset, noticed bald patches appearing on her head during her exams, but put it down to stress. But huge clumps of hair began falling out (left) and within three weeks she was completely bald. She was devastated when doctors diagnosed her with alopecia totalis, and told she would need to wear a wig at 18-years-old. But she knew it would be difficult to perform her job as holiday club entertainer with a wig, as it might fall off during the show. Desperate not to give up her childhood dream of being on stage, her mother raised the £600 necessary to buy a brunette non-slip wig (inset). Miss Pennant-Jones said she now loves changing her hair colour according to her mood (pictured right in one of her blonde wigs). She said: 'I can just slip my wig on and go and now, as well as my expensive brown one for performing I've also got cheaper synthetic blonde ones which I can pick up for just £30. It means I can chop and change my colour as often as I like, depending on my mood. Losing my hair has brought a lot of advantages - I haven't looked back once!'

Cannabis breakthrough as scientists manage to SEPARATE the drug's medicinal benefits from its hallucinogenic effects

Scientists at the University of East Anglia and the University Pompeu Fabra hope the breakthrough will pave the way for safe cannabis-based therapies that have no mind-altering side-effects.

Miracle baby survives rare lung condition... thanks to Mr Tickle! Mother's voice 'soothes newborn following life-saving surgery helping settle her heart rate'

Ava Allen, from Sussex, wasn't expected to survive after doctors revealed she was suffering a rare lung condition. But after her mother read the Mr Men book she pulled through following a major operation.

Generation 'fat-blind': More than a third of obese teenagers think their weight is 'about right', study warns

Around 40 per cent of obese children incorrectly identified themselves as being the right weight, according to a study by Cancer Research UK.

The danger of online diagnosis: Millions of emergencies are MISSED through symptom checker websites, study warns

Scientists at Harvard Medical School in the US have warned one in eight emergencies are missed by the NHS Choices symptom checker website, casting doubt on the safety of the internet to spot illnesses.


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