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This is a technical [WWW]wiki about various internals of [WWW]Google Go programming language implementation, especially of:

This site is not about how to use Go, thus not meant to contain among others: basic Go tutorials, Go (libraries) usage patterns, Go (and anti-Go) evangelism, ...

Please note, that the wiki is unofficial and community driven, may be incomplete, inconsitent, outdated, poorly organized or whatever else — enter on your own risk. If you're still interested — then welcome :) and please share what you know with other brave souls! If you have some notes you'd like to donate, but they were unformatted, please don't hesitate to put them in a new subpage of the Notes page (like in: Notes/by MC).

Formatting help is available just below the edit-box (when you click "Edit"), or on the Help page. You can also try the Wiki Sandbox page for editing experiments. You might find some more formatting etc. answers on the old welcome page.

License chosen for contents is [WWW]CC BY-SA.

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