The innocent victims abandoned in Sin City: Inside the red-light Filipino slum filled with children fathered by Australian sex trade tourists who get young women pregnant before disappearing

Philippines' Angeles City filled with children fathered by Australian tourists

A series of haunting photographs taken in Angeles City, Philippines, have captured the horrifying reality of the child sex trade. The city, north from the bustling metropolis of Manila, is littered with the illegitimate offspring of depraved Australian tourists who travel there, get women pregnant and leave to return to their normal lives. Children like Francine (left), and John (right), were conceived by Australian men on holiday, who met their mothers as workers in the red light district, and ceased contact after learning of their existence. Some of the fathers paid to support their children, then stopped. Some never paid at all - but all left behind a shameful legacy of what some Aussies get up to abroad.

Is the property dream finally over for young Australians? First-time buyers across the country are now being forced to save for up to nine years for an average DEPOSIT

First-time buyers forced to save for up to ten years for a DEPOSIT

Buying your first home in Australia is harder than ever before, as new figures reveal it can take almost 10 years to save enough money for a deposit. New research from one of Australia's leading banks has found young people trying to get into the property market have to clear more hurdles than their parents and previous generations before them. In Melbourne (top left), the wait more than eight years, it takes 9.2 years in Sydney (bottom left), while it takes more than four years in Perth (bottom right) and about three in Canberra (top right).

What colours do YOU see when listening to these songs? Take the test that could reveal your inner synaesthesia

The test, was created by Dr Stephen Palmer at the University of California, Berkeley, to reveal how emotional associations are common to both music and colour

Norway massacre gunman Anders Breivik starts POLITICS course at Oslo university after milking prison rules giving inmates the right to higher education 

NEW Anders Behring Breivik, who massacred 77 fellow Norwegians in 2011, is taking advantage of rules giving prison inmates rights to higher education by starting a politics course at university.

'STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM JULIA': Creepy email that boss sent to new employee who innocently befriended his crush at the water cooler sweeps the internet

It is never easy being the new guy in the office. But few experiences can rival this man's introduction to water cooler politics, which is now doing the rounds on Reddit.

Cardiologist who sent a LETTER to an elderly woman's doctor warning him about her poor health is criticised after she dies before the note even arrived

An Adelaide heart surgeon has come under fire after he used old-fashioned means of communications to the doctor of an elderly woman who died before the letter arrived.

Palace fury as pictures emerge after 80 years of the six-year-old Queen and the Queen Mother being taught a Nazi salute by Edward VIII in private film at Balmoral 

The Queen being taught a NAZI SALUTE by Edward VIII in 1933 video

A photograph has emerged of the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a young girl. The 1933 snapshot shows Edward VIII teaching his daughters how to do the Nazi salute, in the gardens of Balmoral. The whole family are present, with the Queen Mother also saluting alongside Princess Margaret, aged three. The grainy black-and-white photograph, published in The Sun, was taken just as Hitler was rising to power in Germany, six years before the outbreak of the Second World War. A Buckingham Palace spokesman has defended the footage, saying: 'It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from her Majesty's personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner.'

Medical students mistakenly SLICE into newborn's penis as they cut his umbilical cord

Medical students delivering the newborn at a hospital in Saltillo in north-eastern Mexico accidentally sliced the boy's foreskin as they went to cut the umbilical cord.

Woman who was 'slut shamed' after her public threesome at a music festival went viral says she has no regrets - in video seen by 3.4million

Alexis Frulling in public threesome at Calgary Stampede video has no regrets

Alexis Frulling enjoyed mutually consenting sex with two male friends at the Calgary Stampede last week, and were secretly filmed by a member of the public. Without Ms Frulling's or her friends' knowledge, the video of their threesome was posted on reddit and soon went viral, with thousands of people across the globe branding her a 'slut'. Now the 20-year-old dancer from Calgary has taken the situation into her own hands, by posting a video hitting back at her haters - which has racked up some 3.3million views.

Apple set to declare biggest annual profit EVER with $52.5 billion in upcoming fiscal report thanks to rocketing demand for iPhone

People queue to buy the last iPhone 6 in front of the Apple Store of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain. 
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched on September 19, 2014 in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico and Singapore. The iPhone 6 is available in more than 20 additional countries since today, and 115 countries by the end of the year.    AFP PHOTO/ GERARD JULIEN        
(Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)

The tech firm has earned $52.5 billion this fiscal year, analysts claim, dismissing fears that successful smartphone brands in China would eclipse one of the most lucrative markets.

Is this the luckiest couple on earth (or are they just very annoying?) Impossibly beautiful pair shows off round-the-world adventures in mesmerising video

Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren show off round-the-world adventures in video

In a tribute to his stunning girlfriend, photographer Jay Alvarrez dedicated a slow motion movie to girlfriend Alexis Rene featuring clips of the model on their globe-trotting travels. The mesmerising video was uploaded to the Jay's YouTube channel where it has proved popular with viewers, having racked up over a million views. The clip, entitled, 'Girl Of My Dreams', shows leaping into the sea, swimming with sharks (bottom right) and tip-toeing along the edge of infinity pools.

Don't wait to walk down the aisle! Couples who marry after the age of 32 are more likely to DIVORCE - and those odds will get worse every year

NEW According to research by Nicholas Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, who analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth, older people are more prone to divorce.

'Is this the part where Rafter isn't allowed to be negative?' American ace Andy Roddick takes a dig at Bernard Tomic over arrest

Andy Roddick enters war of words with Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios

Former American ace Andy Roddick has weighed in on the bitter dispute between Bernard Tomic, Nick Kyrgios and Tennis Australia, by taking a swing at Kyrgios on Twitter. 'Is this the part where Rafter isn't allowed to be negative,' the former world number one tweeted (inset) on Friday. Kyrgios recently said Rafter was too 'negative'. Tomic, 22, (left in a police mugshot, right playing at Wimbledon) told police to 'relax' before he was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning after an alleged wild party in a Miami hotel penthouse.

England's nightmare continues after top order collapse leaves Aussies in control of second Ashes Test

PAUL NEWMAN AT LORD'S: Australia's pace bowlers built on the platform laid by their batsmen, as they dismantled the England top order on day two of the second Test at Lord's.

Chris Rogers escapes serious injury despite being hit on the back of the head in clash that echoes incident in which Australian batsman Phillip Hughes tragically lost life

Australia opener Chris Rogers was lucky to escape with only a small cut behind his ear after being struck on the back of his helmet following a bouncer from England batsman James Anderson.

A tattered dress, a grey suitcase and a little girl's shoe: Haunting clues found next to body of child who met a 'violent death under terrible circumstances' and was dumped by the side of the road

Clues found next to a dead child's body and battered suitcase in South Australia

Police have released images of the suitcase (pictured) and clothes found with the dead body of a young child that was dumped beside a highway in South Australia. As well as the suitcase clothing such as a small girl's black dress, undergarments, a single girl's pink shoe and a child's ruler were displayed. The child's gender would not be known until next week at the earliest. The child's remains were discovered by a motorist at 11am on Wednesday at the side of the road beside the Karoonda Highway, east of Adelaide.

Man accused of sexually assaulting and murdering teenager in abandoned home fears for his life while in custody 

Ayman Terkmani has been charged with the sexual assault and murder of a Sydney teenager. But his solicitor has told the court his client's safety could be threatened while he remains in custody.

Fluffy white slippers, Feng Shui furniture and room with the number eight: The bizarre lengths Australian hotels go to in order to keep their Chinese guests happy

They want to smoke in their rearranged feng shui hotel room while wearing fluffy white slippers! The quirkiest tastes of Chinese visitors to Australia have been uncovered in a new international survey.

Think George is a little monkey? You were WORSE, Wills: The pictures that show how little terror prince is taking after his naughty daddy 

How Prince George is taking after Prince William

Prince William let slip last week that Prince George is a 'little monkey' compared to his sweet little sister, but thirty years ago the now composed Prince William wasn't as different as he'd like to think. The destructive little prince was known to his father Prince Charles as 'Whirlwind Will', for his alarming habit of flushing shows down the royal loo, while others nicknamed him 'The Basher'. Now just four days short of his second birthday, Prince George has wasted no time in showing everyone who's boss. A series of photographs reveal the surprising similarities between little George and his dad.

Tragedy as two Australian skydivers are killed during trip to U.S. after a car crosses over onto the wrong side of the road and smashes into their motorcycle

Two Australian skydviers have been killed, after a car crossed over to the wrong side of the road and crashed into their motorbike in New Hampshire in the US on Tuesday.

'Anything that happens twice, will certainly happen a third time!' Mexico's jailbreak drugs lord El Chapo taunts police on Twitter boasting that even if he's caught, he'll escape again

El Chapo taunts police on Twitter boasting if he's caught, he'll escape again

Joaquin Guzman (pictured), the billion-Dollar head of the Sinaloa Cartel, made his escape on Saturday and is on the run from Altiplano jail, 50 miles outside Mexico City. But the smug kingpin took a moment to taunt the authorities, tweeting: 'It could be that something that has only happened once will never be repeated, but anything that happens twice, will certainly occur a third time.' The tweet refers to the fact last week's jailbreak was his second. He escaped in 2001 in a laundry basket and spent 13 years on the run until he was caught in February 2014

Man, 67, charged with murder of underworld figure whose skeleton was found at the side of a Sydney road by bushwalkers - four years after police believe it was dumped

A Redfern man has been charged with the murder of Sydney safecracker Lynn Tasman Jones, whose body was discovered by bushwalkers in October 2013 in the Royal National Park.

Eye shadow on the scalp, toothbrush to tease and conditioner BEFORE shampoo: Easy hair hacks every woman should know

From applying conditioner before shampoo, to using eye shadow on the hair line, FEMAIL looks at the easy but unexpected hair hacks that every woman should know.

'I thought my life was over': Model who lost her leg after contracting toxic shock syndrome from a tampon reveals how she is restarting her career with a prosthetic limb

Lauren Wasser who had leg amputated is modeling once again with a prosthetic

NEW Lauren Wasser, 27, developed toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in 2012 and had to have her right leg amputated below the knee due to gangrene. She was sure she'd never model again and believed that no one would accept her as an amputee. But now, with a prosthetic, she's getting back to her dream career. Lauren is also suing Kotex, the tampon brand she used, for being negligent.

'See that on my thumb? It's skin cancer': Mother posts Facebook picture to raise awareness of bizarre places deadly melanoma can strike

Melanie Williams, 36, from Leeds, shared this picture on her Facebook page to raise awareness of the importance of getting changes to the skin checked out by a doctor.

Great-grandfather, 79, killed in 'classic car road rage' attack had only just been given the all-clear from cancer

Don Lock, from Worthing, West Sussex, was killed on the A24 near the village of Findon, just before 8.40pm last night. A 34-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of his murder.

Newlyweds forced apart after six days of marriage when the wife was deported to Russia at the end of their honeymoon cruise

Joshua and Liza Hedges forced apart after days of marriage after wife is deported

NEW Joshua and Liza Hedges were returning from Mexico after their July 3 wedding when immigration officers said Liza, 18, was in the country illegally because her tourist visa was under her maiden name. They said she was also supposed to state she was getting married when she entered the country two weeks prior. Joshua was told by Immigration Services that he dido file anything to change Liza's status, information he found out was incorrect. The couple have been separated again after having a long-distance relationship for two years.

Man, 67, found with cuts and bruises after surviving THREE NIGHTS alone in a remote bushland in Western Australia national park

A 67-year-old man has been rescued after spending three nights alone in the Mitchell River National Park in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.

Nudie runs, pineapple snowmen and body board sleds: The crazy and unconventional ways Australia celebrated a massive snow dump

A wacky man with dyed pink hair has stripped off for a 'nudie run' through the snow, as the Antarctic snap battered Australia with blizzards, rain and gale-force winds, as others embraced the wintry spell.

From wasp-waisted and busty to Kim Kardashian-style derrieres: How the ideal body shape has changed over 100 years

From Kim Kardashian to wasp-waists, how the ideal body shape has changed

The ideal body shape has changed enormously over the last 100 years. In the 1910s, an extreme hourglass was achieved using corsets but today, an ample bottom on a slender frame is most popular. Between then and now, a range of different body ideals, among them sporty, waiflike and boyish, have come in and out of fashion.

Yazidi girls raped five times a day by sadistic ISIS fighters who burned them with cigarettes before letting six more men abuse them at once: Sex slaves reveal the hell they endured before escaping 

The three young Yazidi women were abused on a regular basis including being tied up, gang raped and burnt with cigarettes. They have given a talk in London to dissuade young Muslims from joining ISIS.

Could Iran be the next tourism hotspot? Country expects huge rise in visitors after economic sanctions are lifted (plus here are the places you might want to visit)

Buoyed by the historic nuclear deal, tour operators and hospitality companies are eyeing Iran optimistically. These are the unexpected attractions including beaches, ancient ruins and skiing.

'The solar system saved the best for last': Nasa releases stunning flythrough of mountains and vast icy plains in Pluto's mysterious 'dark heart'

Nasa releases Pluto images showing mountains and vast icy plains

Remarkable, high-definition images of Pluto have been released showing the vast icy landscape of the dwarf planet. 'I'm a little biased, but I think the solar system saved the best for last,' New Horizons principle investigator, Alan Stern, said during a press briefing. The stunning images were unveiled alongside two incredible animations of the dwarf planet, showing flyovers of the plains (inset) and mountains of the frozen world.

Are YOU a narcissist? Take this test to discover if you have an out-sized ego that needs to be tamed

21st century inventions like camera phones, reality TV and social media have normalised narcissism. But are you overly self-involved? Take this test to find out.

'I'm proud to be strong!' Venus Williams hits back at body-shaming critics and celebrates her athletic physique - days after sister Serena was targeted by online bullies

Venus Williams hits back at body-shaming critics and celebrates her athletic physique

NEW After Serena Williams, 33, was bashed by online trolls for being 'built like a man,' her sister Venus, 35, has opened up to Cosmoplitan about her own body confidence, saying: 'I've always been happy with my body.' The 22-time Grand Slam winner recently spoke out in support of her younger sister, praising her as an 'inspiration'.


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Young mum kicked off bus into the freezing cold because driver said she must fold up her pram that contained her sleeping baby and groceries - even though push chairs ARE allowed on the vehicles

New Zealand mum kicked off bus into the freezing cold because of her baby pram

A young mum and her newborn baby were booted off a bus and sent out into the cold for not folding up the pram her son was sleeping in. Crystelle Bewley (left and right) and her 10-week-old son, TeAriki (right), were forced off a bus (inset) in Wellington, New Zealand on a freezing winter night on Tuesday, by an ill-tempered driver. 'We weren't in the way - I had a sleeping baby and groceries in the pram so I said no,' Bewley said.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the modest apartment block where the wife of Lindt cafe gunman Man Monis spent her last terrifying moments before she was 'stabbed 18 times and set on fire'

Inside the Sydney apartment block where on a sunny afternoon two years ago Noleen Hayson Pal, estranged wife of Lindt cafe gunman, Man Haron Monis, met a violent and terrifying death.

Uncertainty over future of NRL star Shaun Kenny-Dowall's after his former girlfriend files AVO against him late on Thursday night at a police station in Sydney's east

The immediate playing future of Sydney Roosters centre Shaun Kenny-Dowall is uncertain with an Apprehended Violence Order filed against him by former partner Jessica Peris in Sydney's east.

'It's a work of art': Hipster US caddie causes a stir at The Open in St Andrews with a VERY eccentric moustache 

Cameron Tringale's caddie causes a stir at The Open with his moustache 

Carl Smith (pictured) became the talk of Twitter when he was broadcast live caddying during the BBC's live coverage of The Open from St Andrews - complete with his expertly waxed moustache. Caught looking steely-eyed as he lugged American Cameron Tringale's clubs around the drenched Old Course, Smith instantly became a favourite with eagle-eyed golf fans who clocked his hipster style.

'She's redefining the DadBod': A watch company trying to support Caitlyn Jenner's award at the ESPYs gets it wrong and comes under fire for insensitive tweet

Smartwatch specialist Pebble made the comment on Twitter during the ESPYs in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. The event saw the 65-year-old receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

'As I looked in my rear vision mirror... I saw a figure in my back seat': Driver recounts ghost sighting on the same road where an eerie woman was spotted four months ago

The woman was driving from Tannum Sands to Gladstone-Benaraby Road in Queensland when she saw a female figure with dark hair donning a white top and black pants on Monday (Stock image).

The REAL cost of weight loss: Brave man who shed 114kg shares photos online of the baggy excess skin he's been left with... but he's not having it removed

Obese man who lost 18 half stone shares photos of excess skin left over

At his heaviest John Burton tipped the scales at 30 stone. After spending three years slimming down the 27-year-old, from Manchester, has been left with excess skin and tissue that weighs a stone. He posted photos of himself online and admits he has learned to love his body.

Gravity almost becomes a reality: ISS astronauts forced to evacuate into escape pod to dodge flying Russian space trash

NASA said this marked the fourth time in the history of the space station that astronauts moved briefly into a Soyuz to avoid passing debris

The evacuated astronauts moved into the Soyuz spacecraft, which is attached to the orbiting station, while the chunk of an old Russian weather satellite sped by the US space agency said.

Why a bad boss can bring an entire office down: Rudeness in the workplace 'spreads like a virus', study reveals

A University of Florida study shows that rudeness can go viral. 90 graduate students negotiated with one another and rated their interactions. Rudeness was passed on to subsequent interactions.

Tattooed prisoners filmed bashing each other INSIDE their jail cells in shocking organised 'fight club' 

The inmates of a New Zealand correctional facility have created their own 'Fight Club,' posting the videos of organised fights to YouTube, in brutal one-on-one combat.

From Mr Average to Mr Muscle after being encouraged by his wife to lose 95kg - because he was too embarrassed of his size to appear in photos

Overweight man embarrassed by photos loses a third of his body weight

Stephen Crowther, 31, saw his weight creep up to 15 stone because of a poor diet and inactive lifestyle. The IT consultant from Wrexham, North Wales, has since lost an impressive four stone. Spurred on by his wife Claire, Stephen has now showcased his new physique in a professional photo shoot.

Winter's not for wombats! Adorable photos show confused Australian animals as they struggle to cope with the freezing weather that has shocked the country

Even Australia's most iconic animals couldn't escape the Antarctic blast that blanketed parts of the country in snow on Friday morning, with kangaroos, wombats and emus caught out in the cold.

Step away from the chocolate! Fifteen healthy foods that will curb your appetite (and stop mindless snacking)

From foods that are full of fibre to nibbles containing nutrients that tell the brain that you are full, FEMAIL examines snacks that will keep hunger pangs at bay for longer.

Drones set to deliver medical equipment to one of the most isolated places in the world - which is so remote unhealthy residents go untreated because they can't reach help

The drone, masterminded by Australian start up Flirtey, will be transporting medical supplies to a town in Wise County, Southwest Virginia- one of the most isolated places in the world.

Road rage driver is put in his place when victim fights back, pins him to floor and calls for help 

Lee Schismenos, 51, of Yuma, Arizona, faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct, threats, endangerment and impaired driving after the attack on Cody Munoz and Luisa Loy.

An alternative to the ridiculous Australian property market? Stunning Gold Coast yacht with three cabins and luxury lounge could be yours for a cool $2million

Australian luxury superyacht set to be debuted at Sydney Motorshow

Australians all at sea over ridiculously high housing prices across the country could have a new way to set sail to find their dream home. Gold Coast company Elandra Yachts builds luxury boats for customers wanting to spruik up their on-water matters, and the glitzy creations will be on show at this month's 2015 Sydney Motorshow. The Elandra 53 will be on the market for about $2 million, meaning you'll have to be a pretty big fish to land one of these beauties.

Move over Apple Watch! Samsung's next Gear A smartwatch will boast a round face and GPS to load maps faster

The South Korean tech firm's Gear A watch is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 5 next month, just ahead of Apple's next iPhone announcement.

Charge your phone with a CANDLE: Device uses flame to produce electricity during power cuts... and can be used indoors

The Candle Charger has been developed by San Francisco based company Stower to provide emergency electricity to charge small devices during a power cut.

Inside the KKK: Chilling images reveal how white supremacists are still carrying out cross burnings and 'sacred rituals' hidden from society across the U.S.

KKK images show white supremacists still carrying out cross burnings across US

Photographer Johnny Milano, 26, has been documenting the KKK in all corners of America, including Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, since 2012. His photo series provide a fascinating insight to the white supremacist subculture that lives on some 150 years after the end of the Civil War, existing on the margins of modern society across the United States. Klanmembers can be seen dressed in traditional robes as they stand alongside affiliate groups and members of the National Socialist Movement to hold the cross burning ceremonies which have come to symbolise the Ku Klux Klan.

Would you buy a DIVORCE dress? New age therapist creates emerald silk gown to help 'heal' women's hearts after their marriages break down... but it will set you back $7,000

Astrologer and designer Nicolas Aujula, from London, conceived of the red-carpet dress to help ex-wives to celebrate their new-found freedom, saying it's time women dressed for their 'soul'.

Bronwyn Bishop faces police investigation over claims she used $5000 of taxpayers' money to charter a helicopter for Liberal Party fundraiser

Federal Parliamentary Speaker Bronwyn Bishop (above) is now being referred to the Australian Federal Police over her trip in chartered a helicopter to a Liberal Party event.

Mysterious night-time drone raids over royal palace home to King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain sparks security fears

MADRID, 22.04.2004

The craft have been spotted flying over Zarzuela Palace, where King Felipe lives with his wife Letizia and their two young daughters to north of Madrid, late at night over the past week.

Those 10-hour weeks must be SO exhausting: Hilarious snaps of uni students snoozing on the job (but they might get a rude awakening in the real world)

Having problems sleeping? Well these students at Newcastle University don't, and a Facebook page has been created to keep a record of the many sleeping beauties on campus.

Running of the balls! 75,000 sweets rolled down the world's steepest street in bizarre charity event

75,000 sweets rolled down the world's steepest street in charity event

Thousands of people have gathered on the steepest hill in the world to watch 75,000 Jaffas roll down to the bottom of the street. The charity event, held on Dunedin's Baldwin Street since 2001, has raised $600,000 for Make-A-Wish, Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Parents Centre. First 25,000 of the traditional red Jaffas, then 25,000 yellow and finally 25,000 of the pink sweets tumbled down in three separate races which left rainbow streaks on the road.

Man's severed hand is grafted to his LEG for a month to keep it alive - before doctors successfully re-attach it

Factory worker Zhou was rushed to hospital in Changsha, in China's Hunan Province, after his hand was chopped off during a work accident involving a spinning blade machine.

Now THAT'S a mashup! Talented performer beatboxes while playing a RECORDER (and blows through it as if it were a flute)

Talented beatboxer Medhat Mamdouh from Cairo, Egypt, showed off his impressive skills by incorporating a recorder into a freestyle and playing it like a flute.

'I want to be a curvier Heidi Klum': Plus-size model Ashley Graham reveals her plans to revolutionize the fashion industry as she poses for intimate lingerie shoot

In a new interview with The Coveteur, plus-size model Ashley Graham, 28, reveals that she has her sights on following in the footsteps of supermodels such as Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks.

Swipe right for a SECOND wife: The 'Muslim Tinder' that sets up married men with their next bride - and even enables them to ask her father's permission

Created by a Russian inventor, the 'My Diaspora' app uses the same principles as Tinder where polygamous men can log on and find willing women to become their second wives close by

MH17 victims are remembered around the world on the disaster's first anniversary... as families file $900million lawsuit claiming THIS is the man behind the missile strike 

MH17 crash victims are remembered on the disaster's first anniversary

Residents in the Ukrainian village of Hrabove where the doomed airliner came down (bottom right) joined a long procession to the crash site earlier this morning (top right) . But amid the global outpouring of grief there was renewed concern that nobody will ever be brought to justice over the disaster, despite the families of those killed launching a $900 million lawsuit against Igor Girkin (left) - the man many accuse of ordering the missile to be fired.

Row over advert starring Depp's 16-year-old daughter: Actor criticised for letting her pose seductively in video for Chanel

The teenager - whose mother is French actress and model Vanessa Paradis, 42 -appears in a figure-hugging dress, pouting as she pulls her sunglasses over her nose.

It's dogzilla! Perfectly timed photos capture what appear to be the world's biggest pooches in mind-bending snaps

Forced perspective photography seems to make these dogs appear giant. By bringing their dogs closer to the lens or standing further away themselves owners were able to make their pets appear huge.

Meet the toddler TWICE the size of his mother: Woman who cannot walk or stand due to brittle bone disease has her 'miracle' child thanks to surrogate

Marie Andrews is 17in tall while her 19-month-old son Mark is 32in. The 32-year-old, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, suffers from a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta.

Have you got a tunnel vision? Historic railway passage hits the market in Tasmania after current owner failed to realise his dream of turning it into a distillery

The oldest railway passage in Tasmania goes up for sale

A historic-listed railway tunnel in Tasmania's Cambridge has been listed for sale by its private owner. Built in 1891, the 165-metre long tunnel has not been used for its original purpose since 1926 when it was replaced by roads to connect theHobart suburb Bellerive with Sorell.

Tragedy strikes as heroic schoolgirl dies while trying to save brother from drowning despite being unable to swim herself

A young girl has died after trying to rescue her younger brother from drowning. Chen Ruixue, 11, and her brother, 7, were playing by a river when the tragic accident happened.

Is this the best wedding toast ever? Sisters steal the show on bride's big day by singing a medley that leaves guests in stitches

Two young women stole the show at their sister's wedding in California when they took to the stage and sang their own hilarious lyrics to a compilation of well-known songs.

Is this the cruelest extra credit question ever? Scheming psychology professor pits students against each other in a bid to test their ethics 

Dr. Dylan Selterman, a lecturer at the University of Maryland, asked a question which created a moral dilemma in class, and caused many to vent their frustration on social media.

Bravely baring it all: Photographer captures amputee war veterans posing naked and proudly revealing their injuries in powerful picture series 

Photographer Michael Stokes captures amputee war veterans naked

Michael Stokes, 52, takes pictures of vets who have lost limbs, with and without their prosthetics The men and women pose confidently in various states of undress, and the newest ones will appear in a Kickstarter-funded coffee table book called Always Loyal. There is also currently a wall calendar called Bare Strength featuring the photos that is available to buy on Amazon.


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From an escaped hippo to volcanic eruption: The 20 striking images that Instagram users rate as the best of 2015

The 20 photos that have been chosen as best of 2015 so far by Instagram users

Cats crowding a Japanese harbour (bottom left) and the volcanic eruption in Chile (top right), are among the most popular photographs of the year so far. Also on the top 20 list are images of footballer Lionel Messi falling into a goal net and commuters battling through the snow in Istanbul (bottom right). Further pictures include colourful Holi celebrations in India (top left) and a world record attempt for the largest Albert Einstein gathering. The selection forms the 20 most-liked pictures on the Reuters Instagram account so far this year, announced by the news agency today.

Brave Saudi woman turns the tables on religious police who hound her for wearing eye make-up by filming them until they cower away

Woman who calls herself Fatma Ibrahim Hussein in the footage, captured the moment six religious police began following her around the Nakheel Mall in Saudi Arabia's capital of Ridhya.

Man drives neighbours potty by growing rooftop vegetable garden in toilet bowls then fertilising it with HUMAN FAECES

Forget pot plants, one man in China is using a different kind of porcelain to grow his produce - disused toilets. The gardener uses his rooftop terrace to grow vegetables.



Bright lights, big city: Haunting photos show the lonely beauty of life in the world's busiest places

Photographer Floriane De Lassee captures pictures of lonely souls in cities 

French photographer, Floriane De Lassee, has been working on her project, Insider Views, for over a decade. In that time, she's travelled to vibrant cities capturing scenes of solitude. Using models, as well as herself, to recreate particular moments, De Lassee says that she believes people can feel much more alone in big cities such as New York than people would in small villages.

X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer hits out at 'complete, absolute bull***t' sex abuse allegations that marred the opening of franchise's previous blockbuster

The 49-year-old Hollywood director was accused of forcing the victim, who said he was in his 20s, to engage in sexual activity just weeks before X-Men: Days of Future Past was released.

'We don't care what people think': World's first father and daughter pole dancing team says performing has brought them closer... and they're competing in UK finals

Hazel Roberts, 24, and Dave, 50, from Swindon, Wiltshire teamed up after taking classes independently. They compete nationally as a double act but admit some people find it 'weird'.

The holiday 'hotspot' you DON'T want to visit: Lost island where tribe kills visitors becomes top-rated destination after pranksters posted fake reviews

'Lost' island where tribe attacks visitors becomes top rated holiday spot

Pranksters have shared their made-up experiences on the hostile North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean, including dodging the tribe's spears and being tied to a rotisserie. Rated as an appealing 4.1 out of 5, the island has received a majority of overwhelming praise from 'reviewers', even though in reality anyone who sets foot on the Sentinelese people's land risks being killed. One man wrote that the positives include no hipsters, no pop music and nice weather, but the negatives are no wifi, no McDonald's and constant attacks.