Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hacks

Destroy the Competition with the ultimate hacks for Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Hacks

Have you ever wondered why some players always get the top scores and seem to have ultimate precision all the time ? Why they rarely miss and always know where you are coming from? This is a well kept secret among top players and they all seem to remain tight lipped regarding this issue. But don’t frown, we know their little secret! Some may call it skills and proudly tell you they have played hundreds of hours of rigorous training but we know the truth. They are using BLACK OPS 2 HACKS. This kind of tools have been around since the beginning of the early beta and have suffered numerous updates to be able to withstand all the patches and all the attempts to permanently fix them and ban any player using them.

There are some public programs still being available all over the internet but they are mostly outdated and will get your precious account banned.

The only cheats that are still reliable and consistent are the private ones that are quite expensive and will make you pay monthly fees to be able to use them. To combat this kind of exploitation we coded our own tool and are now releasing it to the public. Here you can download this software for free without having to pay anything. We just ask you to complete a short survey to prevent automated leeching and for our system to make sure that you are a human and not a bot trying to flood our download system.

This program is pretty straightforward and is compatible with the majority of Platforms. Doesn’t matter if you are using the Playstation 3 – 4 , Xbox 360 – One or even the PC version, our cheat will take care of all your needs and you won’t have to bother installing additional applications to run it.


  • Aimbot
  • Wall Hack
  • Prestige Level Hack
  • Undetectable

Run our Prestige Level Hack in Safety

Don’t fear the ban-hammer while using our software. We made sure our hacks are totally undetectable and remain undetected and prepared to face the various anti-cheating systems implemented by the servers like VAC and other “guardians” that try to counter this kind of exploits. You don’t need to create the lobbies to be able to use our tool, you can join already created servers and enjoy this program in safety. We continuously upgrade our tools and relentlessly work on adding more features and improving our coding. What are you waiting for ? Our Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats will give you the boost you need to be able to reach the top without spending hundreds of hours grinding and playing the game. Be the MASTER and make a name for yourself. You are only too steps from becoming a real Bo2 Legend.

 Feel First Hand the Power of our new Aimbot

Engage your enemies without mercy with our new and improved Aimbot with the option of turning the Auto-Shoot feature on for more power and domination. This feature enables you to become a true GOD making it almost impossible for your adversaries to engage you and turning you into a FRAG making machine.  This program will remain available for download for a limited amount of time, so hurry up and get your copy now.

The Decision is yours – Become a better player or remain overshadowed by your opponents, there is only one choice, EXCELLENCE or  decadence.

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New COD to Be Released in 2015

Treyarch confirms work on the this year’s offshoot

New COD to Be Released in 2015

New call of duty comes this year as suspected by the developers at Treyarch Studios. This has confirmed the team now via Twitter. Like for example, the official title of the game, there is no more details so far. A first presentation will take place likely to 2015 at E3.
In recent weeks, it has been already speculated whether the developers at Treyarch studios are responsible this year for new call of duty. Now, the team has officially confirmed these suspicions on their Twitter channel. The official title and thus a reference to the possible venue, the makers of black ops supplied and world at war so far but not. So Activision holding widely on their three-year rotation, after Infinity Ward 2013 for CoD: Ghost and sledgehammer games were responsible last year for advanced warfare.

The developers at Treyarch studios had most recently in the year 2012 with call of duty: black OPS 2 in the series of annual spending of the shooter series entered. At was speculation about their new project by 2015 range from a new world in the second world war, a sequel to black OPS 2 up to a whole new scenario. As in previous years, first details and gameplay scenes probably at E3 are presented in May. On our new microsite for call of duty 2015 we keep you continue on all developments.

There is currently much speculation to the next branch of the shooter series call of duty, which should appear in 2015. Activision has brought some light into the darkness and reveal some of the details.

While what there will be in the upcoming call of duty and who is responsible for the development, was known in recent years always already far in advance, it looks different this year. In the past few weeks speculated about whether us at the franchise with World War 2 again in the second World War sends or expanded but the black ops series to a third part. Were sure all interpreted 2015 again the Studio Treyarch can prove, what it can.

In the context of the announcement of the numbers to investors, Publisher Activision according to Gamestar confirmed that: at the next call of duty Treyarch will be put back on hand after three years – their last entry in the franchise is black OPS 2. much important, however, is the statement that players and fans of shooter series can rejoice on lots of innovations. The next part is to bring many new features and blow some new wind in the genre.

So Activision appears on the criticism of many gamers, who has criticized the inaction and warming up always same mechanics series. The last offshoot, call of duty: Advanced warfare was a very good step in the direction already, as I noted in my test.

What we it then ultimately at the end of the year, then to call of duty by 2015 seem to do get, Activision not betrayed. It is expected that the final announcement will take place in May.

After a Facebook post in December and a mysterious poster, many players assumed that this year of call of duty: world at war 2 appears, a well-known Insider explained however, that Activision more call of duty: black OPS 3 published.

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COD Advanced Warfare Details

New images and details on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released

advanced warfare details

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes 3 november and last month was the First Central game at IGN. As a result, we have seen several new multiplayer maps and additional images of the cooperative mode of the game. Meanwhile, the First last IGN video of Advanced Warfare released.
This video shows completely new images of the single player and you can see at the top of this post. The images come from a mission called ‘ Traffic ‘. We see action at high speed and we can’t but conclude that the single player of the latest installment in the franchise is going to be spectacular again.

This is not all the news around Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Michael Condrey, co-founder and studio head of Sledgehammer Games, has still some details given via Twitter. Condrey left among other know that the Atlas is a remake of multiplayermap Gorge, which Pipeline from Call of Duty 4, also available through the Season Pass. Previously, it was only known that you would get the folder with the various collector’s Editions, but players who go buy the Season Pass will also be able to download the folder so.
In addition, he has when told about the competitive mode in Advanced Warfare. This mode will work the same as League Play in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The mode has monthly seasons and every month you will have to perform as well as possible. Nice detail is that you each month, when the season is over, a new item for your gear gets based on your results of that month.

The Call of Duty series seems to be about his popularity peak back, if we are to believe the last pre-order figures. There are 40 percent less pre-orders received by CoD: Advanced Warfare compared to CoD: Ghosts and 70 percent less compared to CoD: Black Ops II.

At least, that claims Cowen and Company to the sales on Amazon. Or there must be very rauwig to Activision, there they are not yet over. Destiny has it in the sale of course its extremely well done and the marketing campaign of CoD: Advanced Warfare is not yet under way. .


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare digital version unlockt for some slightly earlier

Often be great games like Call of Duty only on release date around 9 in the morning released the digital version if you have ordered, regardless of what time zone you’re in. This is done to allow shops to organize a midnight launch and these gamers out here for standing in line to give priority.

Times change, and so should you also realize that Activision today really expect your game is released around midnight.
In that context, we have good news, for the first time it is ensured that a digital game exactly on release date is released. This ensures that some people can get to work even earlier, because the release date is set to 00: 01 Eastern Time, which means that people in the west coast of North America all can get to work at 9 o’clock in the evening on november 2, and the East Coast exactly around midnight.

On the other hand, there is also bad news, because the release date translates actually negative to Europe. Midnight EST time translated here namely to early in the morning on 3 november, namely 06: 00 in the morning. .



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US To Brainwash Soldiers In School

Call of duty: Black OPS 2 – former Director recommends U.S. Government brainwashing, soldiers in schools

US To Brainwash Soldiers In School

The former story writer and game Director of call of duty: Black OPS 2, Dave Anthony, in a speech of the Government-recommended, to accompany unpopular decision with massive advertising campaigns in order to brainwash the population. Also, soldiers in schools were to be deployed.

The former Director of call of duty: Black OPS and call of duty: black OPS 2, Dave Anthony, is an influential think joined recently the Atlantic Council, tank, which discussed economic, political and military developments of the 21st century.
In his recording speech, Anthony gave space to some controversial ideas. So the U.S. Government should look up a few tricks from the video game industry. «Such unpopular decisions with a massive advertising campaign should be accompanied, which should be so extensively, that the civilian population de facto one» brain-washing “is subjected to.
So could resist the Government against falling poll numbers and still difficult, but according to Anthony right decisions.
Also, soldiers in schools should be stationed to proactively counter school massacre. However these soldiers in camouflage and full armament in the schools should stand, but similarly disguised as US Marshalls aboard aircraft operate and strike at any time, if something happens.
According to Anthony, one would have a win-win situation, where the school safety is increased and soldiers who are not stationed in war zones still can contribute with the unusual proposal.

Call of duty: Black OPS 2 was released on November 13, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U, in December 2013, Dave Anthony left the developer Treyarch. It is not known what Treyarch is currently.

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Private Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hacks

We have done some structural changes to our private Black Ops 2 Hacks

black ops 2 private hacks
Preface: an error in my last review of this game is undermined seem to me. So, half of the actual review by reloading the page was deleted. It occurred to me, unfortunately too late. Here the complete review in its complete version. Have fun while reading. We have been improving our old Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hacks and making some changes to our previews cheats.

in this review, I’m counting how many speakers before me, them the strengths and weaknesses of this call of duty partly on.

And annual Groundhog Day. So the slogan of those call of dutys. We are seeing a whole load annually repetitive action in single player, and minor changes in multiplayer. That happens to us in the call of duty. But we start times front.

To the single player action:
…Sage I like in any review of me nothing, because I want to avoid spoilers, and I have the campaign more adequately in the head, in detail here to rewrite.

Loved, hated multiplayer:

The most controversial part of the call of duty, which at the same time but also as the core. The core has been developed however, so we must plunge ahead with us this time with futuristic weapons in the war. This provides for some innovations in the multiplayer. In conjunction with the well designed maps much can no longer go wrong, or?

To arms, soldier! The new aimbot is a game changer

The weapon selection is classic but also with a great variety. So we have as always:
Assault rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, special equipment, sniper rifles and machine guns.
The number of weapons differs greatly, depending on the type. So it can happen that in the category there 10 such weapons are machine guns, while one is rather more economical deal with rocket launchers. There are only 3 in total, each specializes in a range of other applications. Check our private hacks and start owning the opposition with ease!

While the FHJ18 that is specialized to shoot air units from the sky, the SMAW is a good alternative to eliminate all enemy forces in one spot. Therefore you should consider 3 times it, which accompanied us in the battlefield rocket launchers.


The weapons can be wonderfully adapted on the style of the game, and because black OPS 2 in the truest sense of the word is pie in the sky, there are also futuristic essays.

This includes for example of the military scanner which covers stationary enemies in a specific area, if you look through the appropriate scope. Good for campers, is suitable but relatively frowned upon in the competitive field.
Other articles provide z.B for a faster running speed during the target through a visor. Thus, the tactical aspect of the multi player will be expanded. Because every tactic to drive calls for other essays on the weapons.
The muffler is advisable you want E.g. quietly proceed. Should it however “cyclo” method favour, it is advisable to pitch an extension a magazine.

Secondary weapon:

There are also small arms fire in addition to the above primary weapons. You can also equip with attachments if right selection at this not so great.

A positive aspect of the small arms fire, is the increased damage per bullet. So it is possible turn off an opponent with approx. 3 balls. At headshots far from less. Almost all of the 5 small arms fire are bound to a single-shot mode. This particularly stands out only one gun, the Cape-40. This includes a fully automatic mode, with moderate magazine capacity.

For those who want to get out of the conventional weapons of war, there is of course also something. So are among other things a portable sign, which can be used as a weapon, or even a crossbow with explosive projectiles, which does not only is taken, but also the persons in the environment are injured at least strongly, available.

Thus, there seems to be plenty of variety and tactical possibilities, on the side of the weapon but how it looks with the other aspects of the multimedia player?

The Extras:

The character customize but not only with weapons and their attachments, you can can also with extras which are applied to the character. So it is possible, for example by an extra (5 units maximum simultaneously equipped) to climb on things faster. Pretty handy as a sniper. In another, the slowing effect of grenades is somewhat defused. Extras we have many and especially tactical choices in the category. Overall, we can select from 15 extras.


As we know until now, black OPS 2 us offers customization options of plenty of. But how it looks when the grenades?
Even with the grenades, there are a few nice new features. In addition to the standard repertoire.

The Killstreaks:

To make a real addiction potential, together with the challenges. So we start at 425 points and work out and thus the drone, which the position of the opponent when the scan reveals. But the better player is taken care of. This maximum is up to 1900 points (100 points per kill), which we would have unlocked the swarm. An entire season of explosive drones, which are automatically find their living target. At this time is usually an ordinary chaos on the battlefields. There are total 22 this score/kill streaks. See a complete list of them here:

The maps and modes

Also in this CoD the old well-known game modes, and search & destroy accompany us as team deathmatch, domination, launch confirmed. Modes, such as position have been newly added. In this, it must create a team longer occupy an area on the map, as the opposing team within a given time. The positions change several times during a round, to ensure equality of opportunity. It is pleasantly fresh and is also a lot of fun when you play in a team.Depending on the mode and team strength, a round 10-25 minutes.

The maps are so well done as in any call of duty. We’re in a jungle on the road, in a reverse city bombten or also on an aircraft carrier. There should be something for everyone. If not, there are still the paid content. They’re again 4 cards per DLCs. There are to buy 4 paid DLC. That makes 16 additional and varied maps.

Zombie mode:

As it is for a black OPS part, the zombie again is mode of the game. Against endless waves of zombies in zombie mode, it applies to survive. In addition, you can reach certain goals during these rounds. For example the parts for collecting a plane and with this then extend the territory, allowing access to new weapons are unlocked. In zombie mode, there to snag the old known as well as new weapons. It is to get possible from a chest a laser gun at random. Great game element, fun and motivated. And who gets not enough, can buy himself more maps through a DLC.


Black OPS 2 is certainly not the most beautiful game, must we not play it but also because a first-person shooter, in which much more where liquid running and frames-per-second, instead of on a meadow effect. However, it creates black OPS 2 with a freely customizable edge smoothing setting, beautiful round the world and even to eliminate the Burs. Among other things we can set us even the distance with which we see textures and sharp. Speaking of textures, which see landscape according to beautifully designed and fit out. Occurs pixelize in the approach, a lightweight, but who remains in a FPS shooter on the wall, to look at the textures. Also happen even reflections, which can be seen on the surface.
The particle effects may not approach while at the level of a battlefield BB´s, are however also very nice to see and fit to the graphic style.

The game sound of black OPS 2 is alright, although not perfectly. So as some larger weapons rather crunchy sound, while the smaller ones rather shoot at the heights. Depending on the map, different ambient noises are perceptible, which supports the immersion of the respective card.

The conclusion:

Black OPS 2 mixes the old with the new game elements and thus creates a great mix of multiplayer shooter and zombie survival game. The multiplayer runs around and for the most part was free.

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Black Ops 2 Single Players Cheats

How to use our Black Ops 2 Cheats on the single player campaign – A brief Review

Black Ops 2 Single Players Cheats

It can be a good sign if you feel great desire after about two hours, to make the single-player and never again to touch him. It can be however only to a game, when we have great desire to after the end to start again. In short: Call of duty: black OPS 2 makes it us not easily in the test of the single player. We wanted to deliver new ideas and new impulses should put old strengths should not be thrown overboard. We go commanded the question of whether the as planned blew out, why there is this really surprising innovations and whether the crew at Treyarch is possibly trampled the one or the other time in the futuristic design goofed.

What the hell?

Imagine, a game starts and you have no plan, what why how and where. Just get black OPS 2 in its purest form: first an old man being questioned – the fans of its predecessor Frank Woods, who sits in the wheelchair and retirement home known – and then you go suddenly playful in the past: somewhere in Angola, we should save exactly this Frank Woods in the 1980s. The problem is in the first

Mission the incredibly lame staging: well, hundreds of people charge right off to start on us, a large battle ensues. But the blurry textures, the weak sound and the absolutely debile intelligence of all soldiers on the screen ensures the first shock: we want no optics and not sound like Crysis or battlefield 3 – but the proposed OPS two years ago; at the beginning is weaker than black There is almost no coverage. Since it doesn’t help then also that the shootout despite precise weapons with exactly zero recoil and thanks to change in seconds are whimsically: we fumigate mortar positions, man a gunship and more. Somehow, the spark that otherwise produced a flow and forget us small weaknesses allowed, but not as usual ignites this time.

Futuristic fun

Improvement is however quickly in sight: we are on the road in the future as the main hero and son of Mason – who is known to us from its predecessor – and may get all the cool things we’ve always wanted to make: stylish use gadgets and providing adversaries with acid. We jump with a wingsuit finally visually appealing jungle and rain off a cliff, to control a few rocks, provide us with almost invisible opponents battle and then mess with the occupation of a whole underground station. She heard Raul Menendez, who is the head of CORDIS – the huge party and organization takes to claim to speak for the poor-99% of humanity. And of course, the sinister man has evil and great plans and supposedly good reasons for everything. We shoot through but us between monitors and futuristic offices and laboratories for the moment and notice the fact that you can only discover with some attention, for example, a small drone and then reprogram, so she helps us–is not revolutionary, but very much mood makes.

First paralyzed, then awesome

If one wants to describe the problems of motivation and history of black OPS 2, then you need to understand two things: the a story will be more extensive and deeper, it is harder to bring it to the man. Evil terrorists and explosives and a few family problems of the main character in Medal of Honor: Warfighter will win although no Oscar, but understandable and comprehensible without great knowledge, and Pack and from the outset; angry Russians with evil plans in black ops have just as little clarification needed how evil ultranationalist Russians, and terrorists in call of duty: modern warfare, which were fought by almost faceless soldiers. Black OPS 2 wants the ancestor with the future link and provide even more interesting characters and struggles the first two hours, us closer to the setting and the prerequisite knowledge – we are sent around the world and are almost always in the past on the road. The result is a game where we do the first few missions long, for which we can see no real reason – the most imaginary thought is therefore also consistent “Why the hell is the Mission now in the game?” But then it gets better: all of a sudden we understand where it is going; the characters evolve and play sports with bombast, action, drama and lots of surprises. And we want that too.
New ideas!

Call of duty was not necessarily a pioneer for new trends and ideas in recent years – we were surprised when we got suddenly presented in black OPS 2 in addition to the usual linear shooting out through hordes of enemy in linear levels new ideas. Time to steer a futuristic jeep through a flooded city, then take a vertical space on the stick and then there is the “strike force”-missions, where you can; individually control each unit as a commander can give but also commands.

That alone is already fun – because we must not indefinitely repeat the missions or restart, extra voltage comes up to again. Also, the developers have incorporated many interesting futuristic gadgets, partially alter the gameplay and otherwise screwed to the game: we must adapt our equipment not only before each mission, but some new in the levels

Options, if we keep our eyes open and chop drones, breaking up cabinets or doors and the like. These new opportunities are not really amazing – you enormously increase the replay value. Only the fact that the new ideas does not always perfectly work is bad. The “strike force” missions require hardly any real tactics – it’s enough to shoot through, and to run with the KI troops; the control unit in the vehicle sequences is vague and imprecise and epic textures harm the atmosphere even more than cheap and caused by the control death including resets to the last checkpoint. Nevertheless, Despite minor problems new things fit seamlessly into the gameplay and make much mood.

Bloody decisions for all

In addition to more variety to the game play black OPS 2 offers something else: we may from time to decide between two options and see – depending on what we do or just not done – six different ends of the screen flicker. This is excellent. The fact that we don’t know and that us the game does not reveal, that we must make decisions is less excellent. To do this, some of the decisions in their scope are not unique – or do you feel, that button-mashing will lead in a scene to a decision, which affects the whole game? Anyway: The – story great for teething problems – the characters have character and late drama, history and brutal gunplay put on in terms of tempo and us under our spell. There are betrayals, surprises, and at the end of the enlightenment of all open issues – and who has made the wrong decision, may start again again, to see the best end. The extremely high level of violence is a bit annoying: knives are stabbed in hands, people burn before our very eyes painfully and when someone is shot right in front of our eyes with a shotgun in the knee, we may see bones and hear cries – although fits with the story and the setting works but in some cases covered and showmanship.


Black OPS 2 is not perfect. Until the game and the story in journey had come, we were almost gone and had the slating in mind – Visual and narrative shortcomings; were too glaring to uninspired and the missions linked little us appeared. All the more surprising is the fact that we like to want to replay it now: the story is not only good and rich application, but offers basic through the decisions, which often doesn’t show that there are choices – much to the replay. There are bombastic action, interesting characters, and finally a top villain, whose motives can really be understood partly — we got open down and away. Specially the last missions are insane – everything explodes, the story takes massive momentum and teeming with memorable moments and a great soundtrack. Unfortunately, but not all get so perfectly: the sounds in the cutscenes are too low, the playful claim has often remained on the track and the “strike force” missions are notchy and anstregend to control and require no tactic anyway. In addition the vehicle sequences of the control are a horror, the opponents are so stupid like eh and per and the technique regularly shows her age. But, given the strengths in history, characters and the typical flow, we can live with the problems…

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Black Ops 2 Anti-Cheating Guidelines

Call of duty: Black OPS 2 – guidelines against hackers and cheaters released

Black Ops 2 Anti-Cheating Guidelines

Last Friday, Treyarch released its guidelines for the multiplayer mode of call of duty: black OPS 2. It can be find but also the manufacture of emblems with sexual allusions, such as for example the use of hacks and code modifications, various prohibition offence.

Last Friday, Treyarch released its guidelines for the multiplayer mode of call of duty: black OPS 2. It can be find but also the manufacture of emblems with sexual allusions, such as for example the use of hacks and code modifications, various prohibition offence.  Don’t worry our Black Ops 2 Hacks are totally undetectable and are able to bypass such filters and protections.

It is not new that developer and Publisher proceed in multiplayer games against players who violate the terms of use. In the focus are especially hackers and users downloaded pirated versions. Partly, but also certain content show offensive are prohibited. Call of duty: Black OPS 2 is no exception. Treyarch released in an English-speaking list what is forbidden and will proceed as against wrongful acts. Temporary lock therefore from two days to two weeks submit a permanent ban was the last resort according to Treyarch, pronouncing a permanent ban is made however depending on the severity of the Act.

Who uses a modified version of the game, or has amended the code, will be permanently disconnected from the online mode, loses all emblems and statistics. PC users who are using a version of steam, are reported in addition steam. Also users of copies of black will need to know the same approach as those who use “not supported peripheral devices”. Are affected in particular “modded controller IP flooders and lag switches.” The use of exploits, to get experience points as quickly as possible, for example, may result in a temporary ban. Long-lasting locks are possible in extreme cases.

Also sanctioned is inappropriate behavior towards other players. Insults are allocated with the first violation of a temporary lock, a second offense will also include disabling chat options. Any further violation will lead to the permanent lock. Who uploads content with sexual innuendo or copyrighted material will face also temporary or long-lasting locks. The complete English-language security & enforcement policy, visit the official Web site of call of duty: black OPS 2.

Background to call of duty: black OPS 2

Call of duty: Black OPS 2, which is located in the year 2025, immerses players in a scenario of the near future, based on today’s headlines. High-tech weapons, warfare with robots and drones define the battles. Strike force levels to bring a fresh breeze in the single-player missions and gameplay to replace the rail shooter of bygone days with sandbox bonds for the first time in the history of the franchise, players experience branching storylines. Aboard the multiplayer CoD-style and, like at Treyarch is now almost tradition, a zombie mode, of course. Black OPS 2 should appear on November 13, 2012 and look much better on the PC. Learn more about call of duty: black OPS 2 is there on our topic page.

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Advanced Warfare Gameplay

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: New gameplay Super powers thanks to machine skeleton

Advanced Warfare Gameplay

The high-tech armor in the game is anything but fiction. Already is experimenting with such power amplifiers – for civilian and military purposes. Motors help the movements of the wearer. Sufferers can go back. Or more marching soldiers.

But call of duty: Advanced warfare hacks can be downloaded from this website for free,  is no documentation, but a video game. His exoskeleton provides private Mitchell real super powers. He can high jump many meters, he can Durham beat steel doors or tear off car doors and as a shield before him. He uses all sorts of high-tech sensors that indicate opponents or heat sources. He can make himself invisible, like a fly climb along walls or suspended in the air. Mitchell is due to its equipment to the real super soldiers. And we can determine as a player, how to develop his powers.

Much like in Deus Ex: human revolution we collect upgrade points and select between missions, the new ability we unlock next. We want to run faster, faster reload or wear better armor? Who now believes that the new call of duty to the role-playing shooter becomes wrong however. During your preview appointment you showed us some game play scenes, which made one absolutely clear: Advanced warfare remains a call of duty – namely through and through!

The hell is going on on the highway

A scene from Act III of the game was demonstrated shortly before the grand finale of us first. Our team has of them going to get wind that the international terrorist organization KVA is a stop on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is planning – precisely on the day on which the United States Navy in the local Bay will be gathered.

The mission starts me Mitchell at the wheel of a jeep, screaming soldiers in camouflage stain rings around him. A classic call of duty entry level. Our goal is to stop a white van. We draw our cart on the highway, while our comrades shooting automatically on the white van. Sounds like gameplay on Rails, actually we have some freedoms. It is about our decision if we dodge the civil traffic or ramming cars. Verse causes escapes however we too many discotheques, the target vehicle.

We can but also in the oncoming traffic or rush through a construction site. A tube level is still there and the end of the section is also required: overturns our car and we rush to walk further. Opponents show up, we open fire and push it back, here and there are explosions and we gradually further advance. This is very typical for the series of games, yet has the exciting. For one thing, because it is great. For the first time, a studio focused exclusively on the next-gen versions, as well as the PC version of call of duty.

You can see that the game. The graphics glitters with pretty textures, great lighting and lots of fancy effects. At a glance, it becomes clear that advanced warfare represents a significant leap in terms of technology compared to the last year’s ghosts.

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What to expect from the new Call of Duty

Call of duty Advanced Warfare: Three reasons for a successful continuation

What to expect from the new Call of Duty

Three reasons why the shooter series call of duty: Advanced warfare is finally exciting: a new Studio, 50 per cent more development time and Kevin Spacey!

We were not surprised as us Activision for the presentation of call of duty: Advanced warfare invited. Every year is an offshoot of the shooter series. Every year, he will be announced shortly before the E3 Gaming Convention. Every year we get spectacular game play scenes then in an E3 press conference. And every year we slightly less excited. Simply because changed the series only in details and will slowly wear their charms.

The sensational staged spectacle of life, as well as the frantic multiplayer mode with his endless unlock Marathon was once absolutely fantastic. Call of duty 4: Modern warfare was a revolution in 2007. Call of duty: Ghosts 2013 also was a very good game, but also a very familiar experience. We expected that from the latest addition to the series: linear shooting action, massive explosions and hilarious scenarios.

And actually we got shown exactly. Call of duty: Advanced warfare will remain faithful to the principles of the series of course. Yet we were already long not so curious for a CoD presentation. What we saw, let us hope that the latest offshoot of the shooter series finally surprised, and that he is fresh and exciting touch. The most important reason for this: a change of rhythm in the production.

50 percent more development time

In the past, the two infinity Activision Studios always alternated Ward and Treyarch so that to bring a call of duty in trade every year in November. This Division of work was at first not a bed of roses, but a brutal workload. Normal blockbuster games require three to five years from the first concept up to the final game. Activision literally gave full throttle with the development of new parts of the series.

Call of duty 3 was under sharp pressure of time and had to appear on top of that for the then-new game consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You will notice that the quality of the game. The development ran messy even in modern warfare 3. In May 2010, several employees from solidarity announced with the previously fired Studio founders Adam West and Vince Zampella, the scheduled launch was in November 2011 in danger. Without further ADO, a team of developers had to jump a founded only the year before and that should actually invent a spin-off of the series.

Sledgehammer games is the Studio, which worked after the completion of the third modern warfare not about further on the planned spinoff, but got the job to develop a private call of duty. Thus, there are now three developers who will take turns in the annual production of the shooter. And that’s a good news – for the US players and development teams California for the three: Finally, more development time. Three years per game. This new rhythm with call of duty bears first fruit: advances warfare.

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New Call of Duty Revealed

Call of duty: Advanced warfare: shooter is revealed on Sunday by Activision

Blacksmith is probably the development of the new call of duty sledgehammer games. When call of duty: blacksmith will be exactly revealed Activision as usual not to publicize, safe sources predict the reveal but for this may.

Advanced warfare

Update from May 01, 2014, 17:00: As indicated on the official homepage of call of duty, managed by Activision, is the Publisher unveiled the new shooter offshoot on Sunday, the 4 may 2014. On a picture-animation, knowing is on the up to date yet, they announced no further details.

Meanwhile, they issued the first screenshot to the new call of duty, on which the in-game graphics of the shooters can be seen.

Original news from April 30, 2014, 07:09: new call of duty named apparently sledgehammer games for the development of blacksmith. The shooter will have been for three years for the release in the making, a first for the popular Activision game. It is sometimes even the revelation lies ahead this month, according to multiple media reports.

This has to do, which expired again and again in recent years after similar scheme among other things with the PR tactics from Acitivision. Call of duty: Black OPS 2 was revealed, for example, on a 01 may – during the NBA playoffs. Also call of the reveal teaser for call of duty: ghosts was released last year on the 1st of May.

It is therefore quite possible that call of duty: blacksmith (development title) back in early May is revealed, perhaps even on tomorrow’s 1 may 2014. Already in the last week a first picture of the new shooter has surfaced that showed but at GDC in March during a Panel. More information about call of duty 11 follow PlayNation.

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Call of duty: Advanced warfare

Call of duty: Advanced warfare: why, it’s the last chance

Advanced Warfare

Call of duty has now lost its reputation as the best shooter. A few years ago, the games broke more records, the entire series was known as the most successful of all time. Like to forget that it already far behind and the title losing more and more importance. A first warning on call of duty.

It is November 2007. In the forums, on the gaming blogs, in the international press, there is only one topic: call of duty 4: modern warfare. Infinity Ward is to celebrate for a shooter that is setting new standards. Standards, which should reform the whole genre, which, as we play “shooting”, should change the way.

It is a title that you admired at these times. Never portrayed the war in such a way, the developers made a mix of action and fun – those fun, which swept us away and then brought the fourth call of duty the attributes of “Game of the Year” and numerous other awards.

Now we are at the 11th call of duty. Already, the competition showed that they no longer must rest on the seven-year-old fame. I was by ghosts in every respect in the last year so very disappointed, I thought that Activision this year actually no longer can save this. Or you can save it just because of a such a bad game?

“Call of duty on the PC is dead” is the title of a thread in the gaming forum “NeoGAF”. It is one of many reports that summarize the development of in recent years. One of the conclusive arguments currently used: call of duty is much too bad ported to the PC. Black OPS 2 have still so many players–now more than ghosts – because Treyarch is committed to the PC. How it will handle sledgehammer games, you must show up.


False promises brought the current hatred and anger at call of duty among other things with ghosts. Even players who had loved the predecessor and played with joy. The Marketing Department has a part helped, no question. You may call a ‘new engine’ just not as new, if it only makeover. It also became clear with the release of ghosts: Infinity Ward no longer has the potential of 2007 which provided Studio not the hoped-for result.

Shortly after the release of black ops played in the game about 118,000 people in the world at the same time. Only 37,000 were there at the start of ghosts. The number decreases more and more – and that is based not on the mockery of the player, but on the mistakes that have brought us to the developers in recent years. The old principle is obsolete.

Players and games makers have both per a task for this year. With advanced warfare required innovations, changes and above all improvements must come at last, provided exclusively by the competition in the past few years. Mature players must ensure until the release however, the only chance for giving the developers. Because if nothing changes, it will be the last.

War as a service

The slogan for the action spectacle, which as usual will appear in November of this year, is”power changes everything «.» Power changes everything. The power of our character, private Mitchell is meant. The young Americans at the beginning of the Act, which is about 45 years in the future, is an ordinary American soldier. However, during a battle in a foreign country, he is severely injured and retires as in the army unfit to fight.

What is lucky that he has a good wire to Jonathan Irons, by none other than Kevin Spacey, who has a famous canvas or screen presence as a virtual actor. His figure of irons is CEO of Atlas, a powerful private military company. The company is a provider, so to speak.

Its employees are mercenaries and the day-to-day consists of war and arms. And Atlas is working well. The group helps Governments around the world to fight against evil terrorists and to defend State interests. Thus, irons earned even a seat in the UN Security Council and Atlas a monopoly position. No army in the world is as well equipped as the Atlas mercenary.

For private Mitchell, this opens up a new future. Because he was friends during his time in the Marines with Jonathan’s son will, he receives the offer to work – despite his broken body for Atlas. Because Atlas can offer him what verwehr the U.S. Army remains: power. Power, in the form of a futuristic exoskeleton

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