Kay tears Chris Evans off a strip

Vernon Kay's TV career was almost over in a flash when Chris Evans tried to sabotage his big break by stripping off behind the camera.

The host of hit shows including All Star Family Fortunes and Splash! was in a rehearsal for Evans's Channel 4 Saturday night show Boys And Girls when the DJ revealed all.

Kay told a Royal Television Society (RTS) event that working with Evans on the primetime show was a "big learning curve" and he was given only a few hours to learn his script.

Vernon Kay said Chris Evans tried to put him off on live TV

Vernon Kay said Chris Evans tried to put him off on live TV

He said: " It's the most nerve-wracking thing to be on live telly... I hit my mark and nothing came out. I stood there thinking I know it begins 'Hello and welcome to Boys And Girls'. So I said that and literally this whole script vommed from my mouth and I couldn't stop talking.

"And then this ginger penis bobbled underneath the camera. It was Evans, he'd taken all his clothes off.

"He said 'You didn't bat an eyelid when I jumped across naked - that proves you know the show'.

"And I'm thinking I just didn't want to look at your knob."

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