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Save up to 90%
International SIM Cards and Data SIMs for calls back home and internet access when you are abroad.

Roaming Costs Save on Roaming Costs
Global Coverage Global Coverage
Prepaid SIMs No Bill Shock
3G and 4G Data Access Data Globally
SIM and Mobile Packs Package Deals
All In One SIM All-in-one multi-device SIM
JT Travel App Stay in control using the TravelApp
Shipping and Returns FREE shipping and money-back guarantee

Save on Roaming Costs

Save up to 90% on international roaming as compared to your local provider, with FREE incoming calls in major tourist destinations using the International SIM.

Because mobile networks tend to be limited to one country, it costs you more to use your local SIM card in other countries – sometimes with additional daily fees. GO-SIM have made agreements with over 300 mobile network providers across the world to offer a significantly lower rate to international travellers. Whether you are going to the USA, Europe, Caribbeans, South-East Asia, Australia or anywhere else in the world, our SIM cards offer unbeatable savings.

Tip: Purchase our tailor-made services for Global Data, USA or Europe for even greater savings.

Global Coverage

GO-SIM’s range of SIM cards are tailored to ensure that wherever you travel, you’ll be able to stay in touch.

Even for domestic users, not all mobile networks cover 100% of the territory in which they operate. There can be dead zones, not-spots or areas that are served by a different network.

Our SIMs work in 195 countries, and on over 300 mobile networks worldwide. This means that in some areas, you have a choice of operators to ensure the best coverage possible. Your SIM card will choose the best network by default and will automatically change to the next provider if you cross borders.

Tip: Purchase our tailor-made services for USA and Europe or get the International SIM if you are travelling to other or more regions.

No Bill Shock

All of our products are Pay As You Go, giving you complete control of your spending. Never come home to an unexpected bill again!

The thought of coming home to a huge phone bill after travelling abroad is such a horrific prospect for some people that they would rather leave their mobile at home than risk using it.

With GO-SIM, there are no service fees, no monthly bills, no contracts and no hidden costs. Say goodbye to bill shock once and for all.

Tip: See a breakdown of all your call, text or data charges using our FREE TravelApp, or use it to quickly and easily top-up your account.

Package Deals

Don’t risk your expensive smartphone or pay extra to have your handset unlocked – take advantage of our SIM + device package deals.

The vast majority of mobile phones and data devices are sold ‘locked’ to the local mobile network provider. To use SIMs from other networks and in other countries, you need to have your device ‘unlocked’, and this can sometimes cost you extra. Learn more about unlocking.

GO-SIM have a range of unlocked and cheap devices that are ready to be used anywhere in the world, straight out of the box.

Tip: Purchase a value-for-money World Phone Pack, Europe Smartphone Pack, Data Pack or USA Phone Pack to use on your holidays.

Access Data Globally

Stay connected like a local while you travel so you can like, share, tweet, map, chat and email without having to pay exorbitant costs.

The further away you travel from your home country, the higher the cost of using mobile data. At GO-SIM, we are constantly working to offer lower data rates.

Get amazing value with our Global Data SIM which comes with up to 1GB of data that can be used in more than 50 countries.

Use our International SIM to access 2G and 3G data in over 160 countries across the world or get the Europe SIM that offers mobile data in all major European countries at one very low rate. If travelling to the USA, take advantage of our USA SIM that offers data at superfast 4G LTE speeds.

Tip: Get up to 200% more data credit by purchasing a Data Bundle with the International SIM.

Stay in control using the TravelApp

Add convenience to your trip by gaining instant access to world times, weather and currencies using the FREE JT TravelApp.

Use the JT TravelApp to activate, top-up and track your usage in while you are travelling.

Install the JT TravelApp now on your Apple or Android device.

Tip: Install and set up the TravelApp before your trip so you can take advantage of it during transit!

All-in-one multi-device SIM

Not sure if you require a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM? Don’t worry, our SIM cards are All-in-one, meaning they will fit and work on any of your unlocked mobile device.

All our SIM cards also come with a very handy and concise user guide that gives you basic information to get started and using the service.

Tip: Refer to your device manufacturer’s manual on how to insert a SIM in your device or contact our 24/7 Customer Service if you need step-by-step guidance.

FREE shipping and money-back guarantee

Get your purchases delivered cheaply and quickly across the globe with local shipping available in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany and India.

Learn more about shipping options and prices.

GO-SIM also offers a 100% money-back guarantee of the purchase price (excluding shipping and handling charges) on all devices and SIM cards returned to GO-SIM within thirty (30) days of receipt. Refer our terms and conditions to learn more or contact our 24/7 Customer Service.

Tip: Purchase additional credit for your SIM at checkout to get FREE shipping.

InternationalSIM Card
GBP£14Credit: $10

Low-cost calls,
texts and data
in over 195 countries

GBP£38Credit: 200MB

High speed data
in over 55 countries
from 10c/MB

EuropeSIM Card
GBP£14Credit: $10

One low-rate for calls,
texts and data
across Europe

GBP£45Credit: Unlimited + 1GB

Unlimited Calls and Texts,
1GB 4G Data
Cheap International Calls

World Phone PackWorld Phone Pack

World Phone Pack

Includes International SIM + USD$10 Credit + Quad Band Handset
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Europe Smart PackEurope Smart Pack

Europe Smart Pack

Includes Europe SIM + USD$10 Credit + Android Smartphone
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Data Pack 200MBData Pack 200MB

Data Pack 200MB

Includes Data SIM + 200MB + MiFi Hotspot
Shop Now
USA Phone PackUSA Phone Pack

USA Phone Pack

Includes USA 4G SIM + Unlimited Calls and Texts + Quad Band Handset
Shop Now

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