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Dreams of Liberty 1

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

The nightmare

It is six o’clock in the morning, and my eyes feel like they have sand in them. I went to bed around midnight after a long day, thinking I’d sleep late on a Sunday morning.  Instead, I tossed and turned like a storm at sea… while composing an essay in my head. I think it started with a dream… a dream where I was hunting with a large group of men… I had put my rifle in the foyer of the cabin, next to everyone else, but the next morning they were all gone… Even the boxes of ammunition had disappeared…

I remember our reaction to it, pure rage, and we could not believe that could happen in our camp… so well guarded. We were planning to check all of the cars when I woke up inside of the dream in a kind of semi-consciousness. And there, with that nightmare still swimming in my brain, I found myself contemplating the Liberty movement, and the virtual nightmare of Washington… They say that dreams are metaphors, and used to put order in our cationic world, for sanity, but that same felling of loss filled my mind, and the two became one…

I saw myself standing in the middle of the Liberty movement with men of like mind… Men who complemented me as I them, who promoted ideals and gave validation to principle… but suddenly that same feeling of loss filled me… and I knew sleep would no longer come.  And as the crickets chirp through my office door, open to the dawn… I’ll try to put these thoughts to paper…

Just before Obama got elected for the first time,  he said emphatically that he would stop the crony Capitalism that sucks the middle class dry, the beltway lobbying of Congress, and agreed with his party when it was stated  that they would “drain the swamp.” They promised to change the system, and got voted into office not for some specific measure the average man might grasp, or even a truthful depiction of the possible good that might come of it, but by the primary thought for change, seemingly any change. And isn’t that a universal nightmare of a society who sees themselves in desperate need? A society without a cohesive unity, without the education or an understanding of the value of self worth and the responsibility for self determination that creates? It is a society grown dependent on a force greater than themselves, a force that gives both direction and personal fulfillment, where decisions are made for them… where direction is not found by hard work and a self-made standard, but by the trust in an all powerful government system. A trust so profound, they would put their lives, and the lives of all of America in the hands of a man and philosophy they knew nothing about. They voted for his black boyish face, and smooth meaningless words…

Few know they have been played; that it was all a grand lie, an illusion, and that what is called Progressive and Neocon are just a dog and pony show… new and viable ways to make money on the backs of the American middle class. Yes, it was all a lie, and yet, they voted him in again. Voted him in with the justification, the argument,,, that there was so much opposition to his programs for change in the first term, all of the promises would take place in his second term, as history attested other presidents have done… and they were right. Profound change has manifested itself in America.

And now the time is 6:15, and in the flurry to get this down before forgetting, a singular question comes to mind: “Has the Liberty movement been hijacked?” And yes, that is indeed a amazing question, another question worth an answer by the law of attraction, and the thought of the possible answer stabbed me in the heart with fear. You see…

We talk about pork, and how we need to abolish last-minute add-ons to laws, thousands of unread words that not only change the complexion of a bill, but increment by increment, our Republic as well… And it is done, by a heinous and secret pact, by a group of Congressman and their masters in the dead of night… They conspire and vie to push an agenda through, an inspired  playbook written by a third party. You see, he was caught in the web long long ago, and his heart and soul no longer belongs to him. And as he is now bought and paid for, he knows there is no turning back… With a smile he knows that the promises he makes to America means little to nothing, but that his very life depends on fulfilling his promises, to his puppet masters…

It is said that during the American revolution, only a small portion of the population originally wanted, or thought to need such a nebulous thought such as liberty from tyranny. Most didn’t want to jeopardize what they had, and fearfully complied to the tyrannical mandates  of England. They did not want to risk losing what they had worked so hard to make. They did not want to put their lives and fortunes, and the lives of their family in jeopardy, and it was only when that tyranny came to their front door did they think otherwise, and finally found the volition to respell it…

Maddy’s insight…

As I move inside of the Liberty movement I see that there are many reasons each man finds to fill the ranks, and I have wondered often if some are compatible to my own?

It wasn’t until my second cup of coffee, during a morning conversion with my wife Maddy, that, with her help, I got a viable answer… Thank you Maddy, for being so lucid, at 7 o’clock in the morning…

“I think some men create liberty for themselves, without regard for others, and others create Liberty for others, without regard for consequence.”

Each man, every man and woman on the planet, has their own reason for wanting Liberty from tyranny, and each man will fight for that in his own special way. They move together, arm and arm, and back to back, and fight for the same universal need found in the hearts of all.

Out of frustration, out of fear, some men can not see or understand how to make the world a better place without destroying the good and the bad all at once, and some even promote a biblical Apocalypse, and prep for that. Some hunker inside of their own ecosystem and manifest liberty in the teaching of their children, and in that process, accept responsibility for their own actions, while others think that liberty means a government assistance check. Some think corporations destroy liberty, and others see that as free enterprise, and revel in it. Some see bankers making money on both sides of war, and resist that, while another will enlist. Some want to curb the Federal Reserve‘s abilities to print money out of thin air for an unplayable debt, while others ride the waves making fortunes. Some want to build a new utopia on the ashes of the old, and others are safe and secure in a world they have created in that very system… and all of them, to the last man, wants Liberty. Yes, for some the concept of Liberty eludes them, but none-the-less the will to possess it remains.

Some concepts of liberty I hold as truth…

1.) As our Constitution erodes, Liberty is threatened.

2.) In a state of freedom, Liberty is often taken for granted.

3.) The concept of Liberty affects every decision we make. Every decision can lead you toward greater Liberty, or greater bondage.

4.) Liberty is the opportunity to make a responsible choice, and accept the consequences for it.

5.) Liberty is not granted. It is a God-given idea placed into the hearts and minds of men at the birth of consciousness.

6.) Liberty and dependance exclude each other.

7.) Mandatory redistribution of wealth, without free enterprise, is Communism, and not a principle of Liberty.

8.) Give up our Constitution, and Liberty, for safety and protection, is an illusion, and all is compromised.

9.) The more Liberty a society demands, the more advanced it becomes, where competition is embraced, and free enterprise is sacred. When Liberty is not of primary value , motivation’s productivity slips and is ultimately destroyed.

10.)  If the concept of Liberty is not passed on to our children as a primary need, it will be lost, and once lost is hard in the extreme to regain. When an idea, even a lie, is repeated often enough, and for a long time, the listener will think it true. Men embrace familiar ideas as truth, and thoughts like government dependency, redistribution of wealth, and a lower lifestyle become the norm, and is taking its toll around the world. Liberty must be safeguarded, and so valued that it is thought and taught to require eternal vigilance.

Ten Books to pump you up…

  1. There Ought NOT to Be a Law, by John Stossel
  2. Libertarianism as Radical Centrism, by Clark Ruper
  3. The History and Structure of Libertarian Thought, by Tom Palmer
  4. “The Times, They Are A-Changin’�: Libertarianism as Abolitionism, by James Padilioni, Jr.
  5. The Political Principle of Liberty, by Alexander McCobin
  6. No Liberty, No Art: No Art, No Liberty, by Sarah Skwire
  7. The Humble Case for Liberty, by Aaron Ross Powell
  8. Africa’s Promise of Liberty, by Olumayowa Okediran
  9. The Tangled Dynamics of State Interventionism: The Case of Health Care, by Sloane Frost
  10. How Do You Know? Knowledge and the Presumption of Liberty, by Lode Cossaer and Maarten Wegge

1776 July 4. (Declaration of Independence) “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

1787 Nov. 13. (to W. S. Smith) “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

-Thomas Jefferson

See featured article here:


By: Doug Book

Over the past 2 decades, Republican and Democrat administrations have  joined forces to require the use by physicians and hospitals of  government-certified, inter-operable electronic medical records systems, or  EMRs. These online record-keeping systems will send personal patient information  collected by all participating providers directly to the centralized Office of  the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, a newly created  government agency whose job is making the medical records of the American people “inter-operable–� that is, instantly accessible to any “qualified� agency or  agent.

For example, if the patient of a New Jersey physician should become the  victim of a medical emergency in Nevada, stored medical information will be  instantly available to a Las Vegas surgeon. Expensive and time-consuming testing  may be unnecessary as the patient’s entire medical history will be a matter of  computer record.

On its face, the advent of EMRs appears to be a boon for patients and doctors  alike. But as with all federally mandated contributions to the greater good, any  advantages associated with EMRs are guaranteed to benefit and serve the DC  bureaucracy and not the American people.

First of all, why should it be necessary to FORCE participation of healthcare  providers in the EMR system by means of financial blackmail? “Doctors who do not  participate by 2015 will be penalized 1 percent of their Medicare payments,  which increases to 3 percent over 3 years.� The state of Massachusetts reports that “…60 percent of doctors could not meet the EMR  mandate and face potential loss of their licenses in 2015.� Quite a weighty  stick to wield against physicians who have dedicated years of their lives and  countless dollars to secure that license to practice medicine.

As for the carrot, doctors who maintain online records will receive “…up to $44,000 for five consecutive years of  Medicare participation, or up to $63,750 over six years for Medicaid  participation.� And as physicians stand to earn some $380,000 over a six year  period, hospitals and other eligible institutions can rake in $12 million or  more.

Of course, any participant expecting payment for services or the privilege of  keeping their license to practice must meet certain EMR “meaningful use  requirements� as set down by the government. And the principle requirement is  the absolute selling out on patient privacy. Many physicians are now accompanied  to the examining room by “scribes� who take down every word spoken by both  doctor and patient, all for the purpose of mandatory EMR input. Doctor/patient  confidentiality will consist of total access to patient records by some 2.2  million individuals and agencies, including, of course, the federal  government.

And how will that intrusive bureaucracy make use of records submitted through  EMR? Patient behavior will be tracked in order to be modified as necessary.  Smokers, for example,  will be “encouraged� to quit or absorb massive  premium increases–at BEST! Patients will be assigned risk scores to determine  whether treatment should be offered or withheld. Why spend vast sums treating a  sky diver or someone unlikely to get well? And patient behavior modification  will be introduced as Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny State mandates and exclusions  will extend throughout the country.

Most importantly, medical treatment will be directed by the state or federal  government. Bureaucrats will inform doctors what level of care may be offered  based upon the patient profile–a profile that may include political party, race,  religion, income level, or even firearm ownership. As with rewards and penalties  based upon EMR usage, doctors will earn bonuses for limiting costly treatments  and be penalized for “unnecessary� charges to Medicare or Medicaid.

“This is the federal government trying to dictate the practice of  medicine…trying to micromanage physicians across the country,� says Heritage  Foundation health policy analyst Chris Jacobs. Of course, solicitous Americans  will accommodate the bureaucracy by dying when directed and without complaint.  What could possibly be more fair?

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TLB Preface: I’m sure most of you are aware of this liberal foreigner and his point of view on our protected right to own firearms. If you are a proponent of the second amendment and a protector of our rights and liberties you are most definitely aware and by his definition you are a huge danger to this Republic. Coming from a country where their guns have already been confiscated, his view is tainted and irreverent as it pertains to America yet his arrogance has persisted. The fact that this is indeed his swan song is the only positive aspect of this presentation!__________________________________________________

By Matthew Balan

Piers Morgan got in one last word in favor of gun control during the final episode of his CNN program on Friday, and called for the complete disarmament of the American citizenry: “As my brother, a British army colonel, says, ‘You always want an American next to you in a trench when the going gets tough.’ But that’s where, I think, guns belong…in the hands of highly-trained men and women fighting for democracy and freedom, not in the hands of civilians.”

Morgan blasted the NRA by name and politicians for standing in the way of his pet cause: “The gun lobby in America, lead by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly, supine silence.” He cited Winston Churchill for inspiring his stand, and even claimed that his campaign was pro-American: [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

PIERS MORGAN: …This is a shameful situation that, frankly, has made me very angry – so angry, in fact, that some people are criticizing me for being too loud, opinionated – even rude when I’ve debated the issue of guns. But I make no apologies for that. As Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver – hit the point once, then come back and hit it again. Then, hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.’

My point is simple: more guns doesn’t mean less crime, as the NRA repeatedly tries to tell you. It means more gun violence, more death, and more profits for the gun manufacturers. And to those who claim my gun control campaigning has been anti-American – well, the reverse I true. I’m so pro-American, I want more of you to stay alive.

Like much of CNN’s programming in recent weeks, Morgan devoted the bulk of the program to the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. But he saved the final segment for his pro-gun control commentary. After thanking the staff of his show and his audience, the outgoing TV host acknowledged that “the issue of gun control has been a consistent and often very controversial part of this show.”

The MRC’s Geoffrey Dickens pointed out some of the worst examples of Morgan’s anti-Second Amendment diatribes in a March 24, 2014 study. Back in December 2012, the host slammed Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America as “an unbelievably stupid man….[and] a dangerous man espousing dangerous nonsense…you shame your country.” A month later, the native of the U.K. sneered at conservative author Ben Shapiro, who came on to defend gun rights:

MORGAN: The way that the NRA through the ’80s and ’90s and this last decade have deliberately tried to frame this as a left-wing attack on the American Constitution and the Second Amendment — it’s exactly what you’ve tried to do. You come in, you brandish your little book [holds up book] as if I don’t know what’s in that-

BEN SHAPIRO: My little book? That’s the Constitution of the United States.

Ta ta, Piers. Freedom-loving Americans are not going to miss your extreme opposition to the constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

The transcript of Piers Morgan’s commentary from Friday’s Piers Morgan Live on CNN:

PIERS MORGAN: Regular viewers will know that the issue of gun control has been a consistent and often very controversial part of this show. And I want to say something more about that before I bow out. I’ve lived and worked in America for much of the past decade. It’s a magnificent country – a land of true opportunity that affords anyone, even British chaunceys like me, the opportunity to live the American dream. The vast majority of Americans are very decent, hardworking, thoroughly dependable people. As my brother, a British army colonel, says, ‘You always want an American next to you in a trench when the going gets tough.’

But that’s where, I think, guns belong: on a military battlefield – in the hands of highly-trained men and women fighting for democracy and freedom – not in the hands of civilians. The scourge of gun violence is a disease that now infects every aspect of American life. Each day, on average, 35 people in this country are murdered with guns; another 50 kill themselves with guns; and 200 more are shot, but survive. That’s 100,000 people a year hit by gunfire in America.

Now, I assumed that after 70 people were shot in a movie theater; and then, just a few months later, 20 first-graders were murdered with an assault rifle in an elementary school – that the absurd gun laws in this country would change, but nothing has happened. The gun lobby in America, lead by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly, supine silence – even when 20 young children are blown away in their classrooms.

This is a shameful situation that, frankly, has made me very angry – so angry, in fact, that some people are criticizing me for being too loud, opinionated – even rude when I’ve debated the issue of guns. But I make no apologies for that. As Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver – hit the point once, then come back and hit it again. Then, hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.’

My point is simple: more guns doesn’t mean less crime, as the NRA repeatedly tries to tell you. It means more gun violence, more death, and more profits for the gun manufacturers. And to those who claim my gun control campaigning has been anti-American – well, the reverse I true. I’m so pro-American, I want more of you to stay alive. But I’ve made my point. I’ve given it a tremendous whack.

Now, it’s down to you. It is your country. These are your gun laws. And the senseless slaughter will only end when enough Americans stand together and cry, enough! I look forward to that day. I also look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you, and God bless America. Oh, and while I’m at it, God bless Great Britain, too. Good night.

[Update, Friday, 11:12 pm Eastern: Liberal NBC News legal analyst Lisa Bloom applauded Morgan on Twitter for pro-gun control diatribe: “Bravo @PiersMorgan for signing off with a strong message against the gun violence that kills or wounds 100,000 per year in America.”]

picture-15719About the Author: Matthew Balan is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Matthew Balan on Twitter.


TLB recommends you visit News Busters for more pertinent articles and information.

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By TLB Staff Writer: Zine Larbaoui

americas enemy4

March 27 marks the beginning of a DHS National Emergency umpteenth drill ending April 24. In it, federal and state agents will face a national disaster from multiple earthquakes causing tsunamis (coincidentally, California experienced 3 sizable earthquakes during the month of March alone) and a cyber attack orchestrated by a group called “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”, who are basically, opponents of the new world order and all those who are sensitive to this issue including government agents who represent the greatest danger for them which is the idea behind this exercise called Capstone. And do you know what capstone means?….Well, more on that in a moment.

Page 125 of a leaked document obtained by indicates, for example: “We believe that there are employees in the U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army , National Guard , and the Defense Information Systems Agency that could be supporting the doctrine “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyrannyâ€? which is based on individual positions taken on social media.â€?

Sympathizers to “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyrannyâ€? can include both former and current members of the military with training in satellite communications, network protection by computers, network operations, as well as military command and control. Recent force reductions in the military and infringement on the separation of power of the three branches of government have raised concerns about the dissatisfaction of some military and civilian personnel in the Department of Defense. Based on the potential domestic threat, mentioned capabilities may be compromised or targeted during military operations, according to the leaked document.

In case the message was not clear enough for agents: “We believe that the “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyrannyâ€? are sharing data via social networks, public accounts and networks.” Obviously, a conclusion derived from the NSA’s enormous sweeping surveillance program with the complicity of social networks and telecommunications companies, the result of which translates into a comprehensive list of potential enemies of the ruling class, including oathkeepers.

Yes, for Obama, all those who do not adhere to the concocted New World Order are potential terrorists representing a serious national security threat and the danger must be thoroughly imprinted into the law enforcement agents’ psyche, those sympathetic and loyal to the government and its ‘progressive’ agenda.

2014 is a pivotal year, it would seem, if you’re tuned to the various events taking place around the world, notably the geopolitical hotspots that could well morph into a full fledged world war, the imminent collapse of the financial system, the death of the petrodollar, the deliberate weakening of the US military, all of which converge into a perfect storm and the opportunity to reset a new paradigm upon the ashes of the old one.

In the process, those in the way who have already been identified and listed in a secret database will be deported to the FEMA Gulags or summarily eliminated, in line with Stalin’s operational manual or the climactic, score settling ending scene in “The Godfather� while the head of the crime family projects the image of a God fearing figure in a religious ceremony. While on the subject of movies, it is interesting to note how Hollywood portrays the courageous selflessness of emergency personnel in their disaster films, a quality dear to the progressive establishment and aimed at inspiring confidence to the public at large. To quote Gordon Gekko…the sheep get slaughtered.

The name of this exercise, yet conjectural in nature, was probably not random as there are many documented instances in which the elite resorts to cryptographic symbols to communicate within their ranks. Remember, for the ruling class, the pyramid is an important ideological symbol and Capstone happens to be the last piece of a pyramid, presaging the imminent conclusion of a centuries old design for global domination. It also means an enormous false flag operation may be initiated during the length of the drill, punctuating the fact that a climactic event will cap all efforts of the past decades to totally subject populations into a position of extreme vulnerability.

In the end, this exercise particularly recalls a statement by George Bush after September 11: “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” Except this time, the terrorists represent the American people.


DHS/FEMA National Exercise Program – Capstone Exercise 2014 – Scenario Ground Truth

Leaked Homeland Security documents obtained by Infowars reveal details of a joint DHS/FEMA national exercise set to take place this week, one of the components of which revolves around an effort to counter online dissent by a group called “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny,” which is disgrunt…




By: Doug Book

To date, a reported 50,016 people have guaranteed the eventual confiscation  of their firearms by obeying the “Assault Weapons� registration requirements of  Connecticut’s new gun law.

But according to a 2011 study commissioned by the Connecticut Office of  Legislative Research, it is estimated that more than 300,000 additional weapons  have NOT been registered, their owners refusing to relinquish either their  semi-auto rifles OR their liberty to Connecticut lawgivers. (Given recent record  sales years, that 300,000 could today be 400,000 or more.)

And it’s this wholesale repudiation of unjust legislation that spells  disaster for lawmakers in Connecticut as it will for like-minded   legislators throughout the nation. For it has always been the case that  compliance with enacted legislation is essentially voluntary. Police are capable  of dealing with the small minority who refuse to obey statutes against murder or  robbery. But law enforcement does not have the resources to handle  millions–or even the 300,000 plus who have refused to register their guns  according to the demands of a dangerous state government.

And dangerous is the word, for governments dedicated to the enforcement of  legislation believed by the people to be unfair and illegitimate “…will be stuck  in a pattern of escalating brutality and declining legitimacy.� It is governance  by intimidation, dispensed by arrogant, unthinking politicians who have effectively declared war on the people they were elected to  serve.

From Governor Dannel Malloy to Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Mike  Lawlor, Connecticut officials have put themselves in a Jackpot. With bluster and threat, they expected  American gun owners to behave like sheep and willingly surrender their rights  and eventually their guns. Only liberals could fail to know that such  expectations were doomed from the start; that intimidation would never, ever  succeed.

And now they have to choose between enforcing a detested law on a resolved  populace, outright repeal, or just looking the other way as though their  kneejerk statute never really existed. The smart choice would be repeal. But the  left are incapable of retreating on such an important agenda item as gun confiscation. After all, it’s not as though THEY will be  looking down a barrel one day. That’s left to police, and goodness knows  politicians consider them as expendable as any other commoner.

To liberals, the important thing is that the law is on the books. Eventually,  some lunatic will pick out another gun-free zone and murder a few dozen  defenseless people. With any luck, maybe a Day Care center! And then the left  can begin their assault against the law-abiding with fresh ammunition!

Of course, by that time, another 150,000 AR 15s will have found their way to  Connecticut residents.

Makes you wonder why liberals don’t work on separating guns from criminals  rather than from the rest of us.

TLB Highly recommends you visit Western Journalism for more great/pertinent articles and information.



By: Jon Rappoport

People want to believe medical science gives us, at any given moment, the best of all possible worlds.

And of course, the best of all possible worlds must have its enemies: the quacks who sell unproven snake oil.

So let’s look at some facts.

As I’ve been documenting for years, the medical cartel has been engaged in massive criminal fraud, presenting their drugs as safe and effective across the board—when, in fact, these drugs have been killing and maiming huge numbers of people, like clockwork.

I’ve cited the review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?�, by Dr. Barbara Starfied (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000), in which Starfield reveals the American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical drugs.

I’ve now found another study, published in the same Journal, two years earlier: April 15, 1998; “Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients.� It, too, is mind-boggling.

The authors, led by Jason Lazarou, culled 39 previous studies on patients in hospitals. These patients, who received drugs in hospitals, or were admitted to hospitals because they were suffering from the drugs doctors had given them, met the following fate:

Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs.

Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.

The authors write: “…Our study on ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions], which excludes medication errors, had a different objective: to show that there are a large number of ADRs even when the drugs are properly prescribed and and administered.�

So this study had nothing to do with doctor errors, nurse errors, or improper combining of drugs. And it only counted people killed who were admitted to hospitals. It didn’t begin to tally all the people taking pharmaceuticals who died as consequence of the drugs, without being admitted to hospitals.

I found the link to this study at the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, in the middle of a very interesting article by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki: “Commentary on the Safety of Vitamins.�

Here are two key quotes from her article:

“In 2010, not one single person [in the US] died as a result of taking vitamins (Bronstein, et al, (2011) Clinical Toxical, 49 (10), 910-941).�

“In 2004, the deaths of 3 people [in the US] were attributed to the intake of vitamins. Of these, 2 persons were said to have died as a result of megadoses of vitamins D and E, and one person as a result of an overdose of iron and fluoride. Data from: ‘Toxic Exposure Surveillance System 2004, Annual Report, Am. Assoc. of Poison Control Centers.’�

The Matrix Revealed

Summing up:

No deaths from vitamins (2010), and three deaths (2004) from vitamins/iron/fluoride.

106,000 deaths every year from pharmaceutical drugs (Starfield).

Between 76,000 and 137,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs every year in hospitalized patients (Lazerou).

The FDA and its “quack-buster� allies go after vitamins, demean “unproven remedies,� and generally take every possible opportunity to warn people about “alternatives,� on the basis that they aren’t scientifically supported.

Meanwhile, the very drugs these mobsters are promoting, and certifying as safe and effective, are killing and maiming people at a staggering rate.

The masses are treated to non-stop PR on the glories of the US medical system.

In the Wikipedia entry, “US military casualties of war,� the grand total of all military deaths in the history of this country, starting with the Revolutionary War, is 1,312,612.

In any given 10 years of modern medical treatment? 2,250,000 deaths (Starfield).

Consider how much suppression is necessary to keep the latter number under wraps.

TLB Highly recommends you visit Jon at his blog or No More Fake News for more great/pertinent articles and information.

See featured article here:

Jon Rappoport is the author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at


By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges 

This Cuban Missile Crisis Map from the 1960′s showed the range of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Today, all of North America is in range of Russian missiles based in Cuba.

The year is 1942 and America finds itself cutoff from its allies, yet, America persevered through the harnessing of its vast manufacturing capacity. As America finds itself increasingly isolated by a devastatingly effective Putin foreign policy, the United States does not have the industrial capacity to respond to the economic and military threats which are challenging our very existence. Putin has set up a scenario in which he will harness the collective forces in Latin America, who will one day invade the United States. Latin America has forsaken the United States both economically and militarily.


putin-and-ortega-300x168According to a March 2014 report by the Strategic Culture Foundation, a progressive, pro-Russian think tank, Nicaragua’s quoted former Sandista leader, Daniel Ortega, who reinstalled himself in 2007 as the Nicaraguan leader stated that “We are very grateful and very much appreciate the Russian people’s support of our country.� Ortega has accepted the arrival of two Russian strategic bombers and added that more will be on the way as Russia announced that Nicaragua has announced that it will accept routine Russian patrols in both its Caribbean and Pacific ports as well as participating in the joint training of military personnel. Russia and Nicaragua have moved in the direction of a strategic economic and military relationship. In October 2013, for example, Nicaragua and Russia signed a memorandum of international security cooperation. Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev noted during his visit to Nicaragua that “Nicaragua is an important partner and friend of Russia in Latin America,� pointing to the coincidence of views of the two countries’ authorities on many issues.�


putin-and-fernandez-300x168Argentinean President, Cristina Fernández is determined to develop close economic relations with Russia as the left-wing liberal Argentinean leader has invited Russia to invest in fuel projects in an obvious attack upon the Petrodollar. Fernandez also cut a deal with Putin which supports Russia’s grab of Crimea in exchange for Russia’s support of Argentina’s quest to annex the Falkland Islands. If this is followed through with, this would be a direct act of war. Fernandez’s statement is most certainly a direct Russian slap in the face of our closest ally, England, and should be viewed as an attack upon NATO. Further, Cristina Fernández, added that the Crimean referendum was “one of the famous referendums of self-determination.�

Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia

putin-and-correaEcuador’s President Rafael Correa praised Russia as a “great nation�, while visiting Moscow in October of 2013. Putin was indeed praise-worthy because he promised to invest $1.5 billion into new domestic energy projects in Ecuador. Correa also stated that his country was planning on buying Russian military equipment. Russia has signed several billion dollars of contracts with Venezuela and supplies Bolivia, among other countries from the region with military weapons. The military package includes attack aircraft and helicopters.


bric-summit-300x168Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim, stated that “More than buying military equipment, what we are seeking with Russia is a strategic partnership based on the joint development of technology.� Amorim’s statement is consistent with the fact that Brazil, South America’s most populous nation, has announced that it is planning to purchase short-to-medium-range surface-to-air Pantsir S1 missile batteries and Igla-S shoulder-held missiles from Russia. Previously, Brazil has purchased 12 Mi-35 attack helicopters. Russia and Brazil have also signed an agreement for Brazil to acquire 36 attack aircraft. Amorim said Russia and Brazil would also look at working together on space technology and on defense against cyber attacks, an area that has become a Brazilian priority since disclosures that the NSA has spied on Brazilians, their president and the country’s largest oil company. If this means what I believe it means, with regard to the development of space technology, we are speaking about the possible intention of the Russian militarizing of near Earth orbit with space based weapons. Brazil is also one of the BRIC nations who is actively participating with Russia in the demise of the Petrodollar by purchasing oil for gold instead of the time-honored practice of the Petrodollar.

El Salvador and All of Latin America


Newly elected El Salvadorian President, Sanchez Ceren, has signed an agreement with Putin entitled “Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on the Foundations of Relations� which pledges economic and military cooperation. Ceren, is a self-declared Marxist-Leninist and is considered to be very-anti American.

Leaders from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and Russia declared their intention to establish a means of continuous dialogue “to discuss and synchronize positions on international issues.� CELAC includes thirty-three countries in the Americas, but the United States and Canada are excluded. This is the breeding ground of a “Red Dawn Scenario�.

Cuba and the Rebirth of the Cuban Missile Crisis

putin-and-castro-300x206Pravda quotes Putin as stating that Russia had obtained the consent of the Cuban leadership to place “the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles on the Island…� Recently, the Russians surprisingly docked a Russian spy ship in Havana. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis revisited!


Yesterday, Zero Hedge is reporting that even Japan is now undermining the Petrodollar by beginning to horde gold. The economic and military encirclement of the United States continues and what does Obama do? Obama is reducing the size of our military. We should be tearing up CAFTA and charging all Latin American imports a significant tariff. Instead, Obama’s inaction speaks to the fact that he is part of the plot designed to bring this country down. The world is running from the dollar and our dollar is on the verge of collapse which would result in a total economic collapse inside of the United States. These facts will be examined in the next article.


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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

This Sunday evening, I am interviewing ex-CIA agent, Dr. Jim Garrow. Dr. Garrow maintains that a military coup, designed to rescue this country from the clutches of socialist tyranny is being considered. America’s last remaining, albeit long-shot hope, is to be rescued from the clutches of the New World Order by the military. However, history teaches that there can be no successful revolution without the popular support of the people. And in America, the support of the people refers to people that, we in the alternative media, refer to as the “sheep�. In other words, if we are going to be able to mount any kind of meaningful resistance to what is coming, we need to wake up a sizeable number of these slumbering Pollyanna types.

It is in this spirit that I write this article. I have created an article which is designed for the more awake among us to educate the sheep who think there is something nefarious about the constant stream of martial law drills which have taken place in the past six months in America. It is time to induce fear into the sheep because the fears are warranted.

In a limited amount of space, I have linked to articles and documented proof that the genocidal hammer of martial law is about ready to come down on the heads of nearly every American in one form or another.

The Biggest Threat to Our Survival Is Government Imposed Martial Law

In my role as a researcher, I see daily evidence that the martial hammer and subsequent genocide is ready to occur, yet, many of my fellow countrymen choose to remain in absolute ignorance. The intent of the following documents should be clear to any reasonable person.

Capstone 2014, Scenario Ground Truth is a DHS inspired martial law lockdown drill designed to purge any military, intelligence officials or DHS officer who might sympathize with Americans who are opposed to the installation of socialist tyranny. This is clearly a move designed to remove any internal opposition to the coming tyranny.

The “Trespass bill�, prohibits American citizens from criticizing any official who has designated Secret Service protection. The penalties are draconian.

The National Defense Authorization Act, allows this administration to snatch Americans off of the street without due process. Then, of course, there is Executive Order 13603 which provides for the abject enslavement of the American people.

Many of your fellow Americans will scoff at the notion that the globalists are preparing a new home for you that we euphemistically refer to as a FEMA camp. There are even some morons in the alternative media who deny the existence of FEMA camps. Yet, here is the detailed documentation about what awaits those who are not willing to bow down to tyranny (FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF)).

I dare even the sheeple to read this account of the �Rape of Nanking“ and then tell us that America has
nothing to worry about.

Why Is the Planet Being Terraformed?

chemtrails-2Every day over my home, I see evidence of fresh chemtrails. We are under attack from the skies and through the poisoning of our air through massive chemical spraying complete with Alzheimer’s and dementia causing aluminum sulfate and cancer causing barium. Fukushima radiation, Corexit spraying and the resulting toxic rain from the Gulf oil spill is running rampant over our country and not one ounce of mainstream media coverage is afforded to these dangers. Prevention and remediation from these dangers are not being put into place by our present government.

Why Is Our Food & Water Being Terraformed?

Our water is being systematically removed from the country by companies like Nestle, and our water tables are being systematically compromised by environmental toxins and of course many Americans are consuming water permeated with IQ-lowering rocket fuel (i.e., fluoride).

Our food is being poisoned through the rampant use of cancer-causing MSG products, and the unlabeled, unregulated and cancer-causing Monsanto GMO’s.

Why Are People Being Terraformed?

Of all the evil present on the planet, I can think of no bigger scourge than the specter of transhumamism in which people are morphed into servant beings by turning on and off certain genes. Unable to harness and capture the soul, the elite are seeking to transform humanity as they are being permitted to pursue immortality by forsaking their God-given form and becoming nothing short of a hellish demonic form. All sheep should read Steve Quayle’s book entitled Exogenesis.

Jobs Are Being Stolen

Our national sovereignty and manufacturing base has been destroyed through NAFTA and CAFTA which has resulted in totally open borders culminating in the overwhelming of our infrastructure, hospital emergency rooms and our educational institutions by the human onslaught which will be soon be at unprecedented levels which promise to bring 150 million additional immigrants to our country by 2040. Where will the funds to build the needed infrastructure come from? America is teetering on becoming a third world country.

No Property Rights

Our property rights and water rights as well as our right to farm in traditional ways are being destroyed through the implementation of the pseudo-environmentalist, Agenda 21 programs at the local level. As a result, massive food shortages and outright famines are right around the corner. Next year, you will see roving blackouts and the doubling of utility rates as Obama makes good on his campaign promise of “necessarily skyrocketing utility rates.�

Our homes are being stolen through the use of fraudulent MERS robo signers and illegal repossessions without the mortgage note in order that the six mega banks can double and triple their illegitimate profits off each home they are able to steal and resell again and again.

Healthcare is Deathcare

obama-final-solutionAmericans will soon be subjected to the death panels of Obama care in which citizens over the age of 70 are officially referred to as “units� and are targeted for comfort care but not given life saving measures. This is an undeniable, unmitigated and naked version of Eugenics cast in the same flavor as practiced by Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler.

In the meantime, our youth are under attack through mercury laden vaccines which also contain the immune system destroying properties of the flu vaccine adjuvants of MF 59, Squaylene and now we find that the active ingredient for Lyme disease is in the patent for the current flu vaccine. One in 58 boys are now autistic courtesy of the pollutants in the vaccines

Our Nation’s Money Is Being Stolen

Americans have previously discovered that the Federal Reserve (i.e., Goldman Sachs) is giving our money away to their private banking interests, (aka) their subsidiary holdings, in Europe. Additionally, more of our money has been stolen with the complicit participation of ex-Goldman Sachs federal government overseers like Gary Gensler who has failed to deliver even one indictment of his ex-Goldman Sachs partner, John Corzine, and his MF Global theft ring resulting for the “loss� of $3 billion dollars in private accounts. John Corzine and his governmental partner in crime, Gary Gensler, have established the legal precedent of stealing from private American accounts. The net effect is that YOU have no retirement. YOU have no social security. YOU have no bank account. Soon, everything YOU own will all belong to the banksters! And just when you think it cannot get any worse, on August 9th of 2012, and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (CCA) ruled that once a customer deposits their money into a bank, the bank can do what they please with that account including engaging in the theft of the depositors money. Meanwhile, our “public servants� in Congress (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) self-admittedly, on 60 Minutes, routinely engage in stock market insider trading which they have made legal for themselves, but would send you to prison for doing the same.

The Globalists Own Your Body

tsa-land-of-the-free1-150x150Every day, the TSA conducts heinous acts against the American people, such as strip searching and injuring 85 year old ladies, grabbing the genitals of our children and wives and largely engaging in acts which, if performed by you, would land you in jail for five years. Your body and your self-respect belong to the globalists and their minions.

Even with all of these hideous events now hiding in plain sight, I have never called for a revolution against our increasingly illegitimate government, or, should I say against the banksters who have hijacked our Republic, until now. There are so many more heinous acts being committed against the American people that it is difficult to count all the ways that tyranny is being installed in America. Even Ray Charles could see the depth and scope of this all out war which has been declared on all of us.

Past Victims of Tyranny Speak From Beyond the Grave

While in the Soviet Gulag Alexsandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn and his fellow victims, lamented that they did not mount a resistance when the Secret Police came and dragged people out of their homes and sent them to Siberia. We will likely be faced with the same choice. Show the sheep Solzhenitsyn accounts about how it is better to die like a man on his feet and rather than being executed while kneeling.


Of course there is much, much more which could and needs to be said to the sheep in terms of how we are being enslaved and prepared for elimination. However, we need these sheep and the only proven way to overcome prior programming is through controlling the repetition of the facts.

We sit on the precipice of World War III in which the elite are eagerly awaiting a war which kill millions/billions, destroy all cities, tear down the very fabric of both American and global society. Any meaningful resistance to the coming tyranny begins with turning the sheep into sheep dogs. It should become every aware person’s mission to awake as many sheep as possible for it is a lot harder to kill a hundred million than 10 million.

“Tis Time to Part� -Thomas Paine

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By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

Can We The People really reclaim 150 years of lost liberties at the hands of criminal government?  Absolutely.  In the 1980s, a University of Texas student named Gregory Watson single-handedly  secured the ratification of the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  If one determined young man can get a constitutional amendment through 38 state legislatures, can you imagine what millions of us can do?

First, we must arm ourselves with the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engineâ„¢ to inform our elected servants that when they violate our highest law, they’re just one step from a prison cell and seizure of their assets.

Having established that We The People mean business, our Legislative Action Section will draft the following legislation to be forced through Congress by the membership of AmericaAgain!, by offering it to each targeted politician as a plea-bargain package, and as an immunity package to members of Congress not yet targeted for indictment.

Realize how Congress has operated for almost 200 years: federal legislation is supposed to be written by Congress, but almost from the beginning, bankers and industrialists have drafted, refined, and pushed through Congress their own laws, favorable to themselves.  Now, We The People will take over those controls until Congress is again comprised of statesmen.

With God’s help, our staff’s diligence, and the momentum of a few million citizens, We The People could achieve all of the historic achievements below in less than a decade.  Each Legislative Action proposal is explained in more detail in the AmericaAgain! Declaration.

1) Shut down the D.C. Organized Crime Operation by finally passing the Home-Based Congress Act, that will relocate all members of Congress to their offices back home — which we already pay to staff and maintain.  This allows us, their sovereigns, to watch over our representatives at home, rather than letting them team up against us with lobbyists and regulators in D.C. — the ten-miles-square area where even according to the Constitution, Congress has complete control.

The 20th Amendment only stipulates that Congress needs to meet once per year, beginning at noon on January 3rd.  We let them meet for two weeks maximum, for emergency items that have to be face-to-face.  Using today’s virtual meeting technology, we’ll make them work the rest of the year from home, where we can make sure they don’t slip back into a life of  crime.

2) End the Imperial Congress by passing a Non-Aristocracy Act, limiting Congress to two terms for House and Senate, and ending all congressional perks other than salary, office staff and reasonable operations, self-operated automobile, and coach-class airfare.  All other public expenditures will be treated as illegal use of public funds, immediately and retroactively – including pensions, insurance premiums, limousines, first-class or charter air travel, meals, hairdressers, spas, club memberships, etc.

3) Outlaw back-door pork and tyranny by enacting the Clean Bill Act, outlawing the addition of riders, unrelated-issue amendments, and earmarks to legislation.

4) End the immoral rule of banksters including government-sponsored FED counterfeiting, the corrupt ‘fractional reserve’ loan scheme, and the gargantuan derivatives industry built on those frauds – enacting the Lawful U.S. Money and Banking Act which will have aspects of, but be more comprehensive than H.R. 459, 833, 1094, 1095, 1098, 1496 and 2768 and S.B. 202, restoring lawful (gold and silver) U.S. money, and outlawing the FED cartel and any privately-owned entity ever having control over production or determining the value of U.S. money in the future.

5) Restore Privacy by enacting the Citizens’ Privacy Act, reiterating the Fourth Amendment privacy of the American people’s persons, houses, papers, data communications, vehicles, and effects from any government surveillance, seizure, detainment, or file storage unless preceded by issuance of a specific, bona fide judicial warrant issued upon probable cause; repealing any portions of the FISA, RFPA, USA Patriot Act, NDAA, and Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004 or any similar legislation present or future, that violates the constitutional rights of any American; outlawing any optical, electronic, airborne, or satellite surveillance, tracing, or tracking of an American citizen or his property or the interception of his communications in any form, until a judicial warrant is issued upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place, items, or data to be searched and persons or things to be seized.

6) Secure the Internet for citizen use by enacting the Internet Liberty Act, providing criminal sanctions against anyone attempting to disable Internet service within the USA.

7) Restore Private Property  by enacting the Sovereign States’ and Citizens’ Property Act, stipulating that other than land for military installations, the federal government has no constitutional claim to, or right to seize or control, any private land, water, timber, oil, gas, minerals, or other natural resources in, on, or under any sovereign State, for any reason, under any conditions, without the “Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall beâ€?.  All federally held or controlled lands and resources within each sovereign State will revert within 36 months to the control of the State in which it is located, to be managed and controlled as the People of that State determine.  We will repeal all federal land-use regulations, national forest and park acts, and like federal controls, restrictions, and prohibitions that deprive private owners and the sovereign States of the full use and enjoyment of their properties, subject only to the laws of the State in which located.

8) Repeal the 16th Amendment by enacting legislation barring Congress from taxing personal wages and salaries, stipulating that IRS shall obey the Tax Code and cease all fraudulent application, imposing financial sanctions and imprisonment for offending IRS employees.

9) End the ‘Anchor Baby’ Illegal Alien Racket by enacting Senate Joint Resolution 6 of the 111th Congress.

10) Outlaw conscription by enacting legislation declaring that Congress, presidents, and federal courts have no authority to conscript Americans of any age into involuntary servitude for any purpose.

11) Secure our Border by enacting the Secure Borders Act, to immediately begin constructing the U.S.-Mexico border fence and increasing border troop strength, airborne assets, and electronic detection as to furnish a truly effective barrier to illegal crossing.

12) End Arab-Israeli War in the U.S. by enacting legislation outlawing any religious law or program inciting citizens to rise up for or support Islamic law, the State of Israel, or any other foreign interest on U.S. soil that impedes our servant government’s duties to us under the U.S. Constitution, and outlawing any portion of sharia law that violates a local ordinance or State law.

13) Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the Founding Fathers’ design of our government: the State legislatures elect the members of the U.S. Senate to counterbalance the mob power of the U.S. House of Representatives.

14) Kick the U.N. out of the U.S. by enacting the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009 (H.R. 1146) of the first session of the 111th Congress, terminating the authorization of funds to be spent on the U.N. and withdrawing federal diplomatic immunity for U.N. employees or delegates.

15) Enact a Constitutional Treaties Act based on the 1953 Bricker Amendment, assuring that no treaty will be valid if it violates the U.S. Constitution, and recording all Senate votes for each treaty.

16) End foreign wars of plunder by enacting legislation acknowledging Subsection (c) of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 disallowing funding for foreign hostilities without a Declaration of War or proof to Congress that such mobilization is necessary for defense against a demonstrable threat to these fifty States.

17) Enact the Honest Elections Act, outlawing computerized voting or vote counting, and stipulating that only paper ballots be used in all federal elections, which ballots shall remain in the control of each precinct elections committee until counted and posted in said precinct for public review and which ballots shall not be destroyed as long as said election remains in dispute.

18) Restore the Citizen Militias of the Several States by enacting the Minuteman Act, pursuant to Congress’s power to “provide for … arming … the Militiaâ€? in the U.S. Constitution to repeal every federal statute, regulation, executive order, or other directive including, but not limited to, the National Firearms Act of 1934, also known as Chapter 53 of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. § 5801 through 26 U.S.C. § 5872; to preempt every such measure present and future, of any State or subdivision thereof, that infringes on or burdens the right of citizens to purchase, keep, carry, transport, or sell firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements suitable for Militia service as the term is used in the U.S. Constitution – or that interferes with the lawful commercial design, manufacture, repair, sale, distribution, or other trade or occupation involving firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements.

19) Enact the Congressional Insider Trading Act, providing that SEC insider trading rules shall apply to members of Congress.  It shall be a federal crime for a member of Congress, directly or through proxies, trusts, or other entities, to purchase or sell stock in any company materially affected by legislation of which the member of Congress may be reasonably expected to have knowledge.

20) Drastically Shrink Federal Government by enacting the Non-Enumerated Powers Sunset Act, providing that federal government shall not continue to fund any federal power not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. Any creative interpretations applied in the past by Congress and presidents for ‘interstate commerce’, ‘general welfare’, ‘necessary and proper’ and tax revenues sent as foreign aid outside the borders of the fifty States, to be made illegal. Any federal budget item, department, regulation, agency, bureau, program, contract, service branch, or executive order must be proven to fall within a specifically enumerated power in Article I Section 8, Article II Section 2, or a duly ratified amendment, or is to be de-funded unless stipulated in a discrete (not omnibus) constitutional amendment as a federal power, said amendment ratified by 38 States.

*   *   *

As you see, once We The People achieve the 20 reforms listed above, We The People will be more free than we’ve been in 150 years — to prosper and produce, to enjoy God’s blessings in the most unique republic on earth, and to arrest the hijacking of our lives, liberties, property, and rule of law.

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Follow David Zuniga on Facebook, read his articles on D.C. Clothesline, Freedom Outpost, Prepper Recon, Liberty Beacon – or read his book This Bloodless Liberty to discover that America’s best days may be ahead, after the hard times that must come first.  AmericaAgain! is a charitable trust and membership organization to: 1) enforce our Constitution using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engineâ„¢ to criminally indict members of Congress; 2) using that means, force through reform laws to recover our lost liberty; and 3) restore the Citizen Militia as stipulated in the Constitution. To recruit the prosecutorial R&D team to deliver on the vision, AmericaAgain! needs a capital partner.  If you are that person, read the AmericaAgain! Declaration and our frequently asked questions here, then e-mail the founder at

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