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By: GMI Reporter

A groundbreaking new study reveals that GMO soy accumulates the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde, calling into question its safety and the notion that GMOs are substantially equivalent to their conventional counterparts. 


Systems Biology Group, International Center for Integrative Systems: GMO Soy Accumulates Formaldehyde & Disrupts Plant Metabolism, Suggests Peer-Reviewed Study, Calling For 21st Century Safety Standards

A new study published today in the peer-reviewed journal AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES reveals genetic engineering of soy disrupts the plant’s natural ability to control stress, and invalidates the FDA’s current regulatory framework of “substantial equivalence” used for approval of genetically engineered food (GMOs).

The study, led by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., an MIT-trained systems biologist, utilizes his latest invention, CytoSolve, a 21st century systems biology method to integrate 6,497 in vitro and in vivo laboratory experiments, from 184 scientific institutions, across 23 countries, to discover the accumulation of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and a dramatic depletion of glutathione, an anti-oxidant necessary for cellular detoxification, in GMO soy, indicating that formaldehyde and glutathione are likely critical criteria for distinguishing the GMO from its non-GMO counterpart.

Dr. Ayyadurai stated, “The results demand immediate testing along with rigorous scientific standards to assure such testing is objective and replicable. It’s unbelievable such standards for testing do not already exist. The safety of our food supply demands that science deliver such modern scientific standards for approval of GMOs.”

“The discovery reported by Dr. Ayyadurai reveals a new molecular paradigm associated with genetic engineering that will require research to discover why, and how much formaldehyde and glutathione concentration, and what other cellular chemicals relevant to human and animal health, are altered.  We need the kinds of standards Dr. Ayyadurai demands to conduct such research,” stated Dr. Ray Seidler, a former EPA Senior Scientist.  “Formaldehyde is a known class1 carcinogen. Its elevated presence in soybeans caused by a common genetic engineering event is alarming and deserves immediate attention and action from the FDA and the Obama administration. Soy is widely grown and consumed in the U.S., including by infants fed baby food products, with 94% of soy grown here being genetically engineered,” declared Seidler.

The study concludes the U.S. government’s current standards for safety assessment of GMOs, based on the principle of “substantial equivalence,” is outdated and unscientific for genetically engineered food since it was originally developed for assessing the safety of medical devices in the 1970s.  The current criteria for assessing “equivalence” considers only basic nutritional and superficial characteristics such as taste, sight, smell and touch, for declaring GMOs safe for human consumption, allowing them to be fast-tracked to market without independent scientific testing.  If formaldehyde and glutathione were criteria, then the GMO would likely not be deemed “equivalent” to its non-GMO counterpart. This finding calls into question the FDA’s food safety standards for the entire country.

The publication of the paper coincides with release of a bulletin by the Obama Administration on July 2, 2015, calling for “Improving Transparency and Ensuring Continued Safety in Biotechnology.”

Ayyadurai shares, “This is not a pro- or anti-GMO question. But, are we following the scientific method to ensure the safety of our food supply? Right now, the answer is ‘no’. We need to, and we can, if we engage in open, transparent, and collaborative scientific discourse, based on a systems biology approach.”

The full study can be read here.

Contact Information: 
Nathan Nye:, (910)876-2601;
Alison Channon:, (202)789-7752

SOURCE Systems Biology Group, International Center for Integrative Systems


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By: Marco Torres

The mainstream media and government have peddled the same lame health concerns affecting children for decades. Whether it’s drug abuse, smoking, teen pregnancy, obesity or any other perceived public health threat, no officially recognized health concern affecting children compares to the actual threats which are rarely if ever discussed by public health entities or the mainstream media. The reasons for this convenient ignorance are simple…deception and distraction.

The typical diatribe coming out of government organizations who claim to be enforcing good health and protecting our children is nonsense and always has been. They parrot the same mundane health threats affecting children decade after decade without actually doing anything about them or telling us what actually causes them. They insist things like smoking, drug abuse, obesity, teen pregnancy, bullying and abuse are the top health concerns for children and teens when they are nothing but a miniscule fraction of a threat compared to the following:

1) Vaccines

A German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of vaccinated children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hayfever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW). The prevalence of asthma among unvaccinated children in our study is 0.2%, hayfever 1.5% and neurodermatitis 2%.

According to the KIGGS study more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a blood test, less than 10% stated that their children had an allergy.

Vaccinated children are up to 14 times more likely to have asthma than the unvaccinated and up to nine times more like to have skin problems.

An estimated 100-180 Indian children are diagnosed with vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) each year. In fact, the clinical presentation of the disease, including paralysis, caused by VAPP is indistinguishable from that caused by wild polio viruses.

Vaccines, all vaccines, are immune suppressing; that is they depress our immune functions. The chemicals in the vaccines depress our immune system; the virus present depresses immune function, and the foreign DNA/RNA from animal tissues depresses immunity. Chemical toxicity and depressed immunity likely make vaccines the number one long-term health threat to children.

2) Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, Flavors and Preservatives:

Dangerous food additives are creating a toxic environment for our children’s health spurring allergies and ADHD.

Two recent British studies found that certain food dyes, as well as the common preservative sodium benzoate, may have an adverse effect on some children’s behavior. Researchers said the increase in ADHD diagnoses could be partly to blame on the preservative.

“It can affect their focus, their concentration. They become more easily distractible, become more impulsive. I think we’re looking at a whole population of kids with skewed immune systems,� said Dr. Kenneth Bock, who wrote a book that supports the theory that food additives could lead to hyperactivity in children.

A Southampton Study in the UK showed that additives cause hyperactivity in children within an hour after consumption. Food additives, especially the artificial colors are made from coal tar derivatives and synthetic chemicals. Within an hour of ingestion, hyperactive behavior is evident.

MSG is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no health benefits. The part of MSG that negatively affects the human body is the “glutamate�, not the sodium. The breakdown of MSG typically consists of 78% glutamate, 12% sodium, and about 10% water. Any glutamate added to a processed food is not and cannot be considered naturally occurring. Natural glutamate in plants and animals is known as L-glutamic acid.

A study on infant rats showed that administration of MSG lead to five shrunken glands, including the testes. Other studies have shown that growth hormone, thyroid hormones and many other endocrine functions can be assaulted by excitotoxins which may lead to growth retardation of children before the age of puberty.

One study on mice showed that aspartate, the excitotoxin in diet drinks, gum and aspartame, did the same kind of neuronal damage to the hypothalamus that previous studies on glutamate exhibited. This study mentioned that the research showed that excitotoxins lead to “subsequent obesity, skeletal stunting and reduced mass of pituitaries, ovaries and testes. Yes, the research is clear that excitotoxins can literally damage (and reduce in size) the future development of your child’s testes and ovaries.

Colouring agents are derived from coal tar, and nearly all colouring is synthetic. Though some artificial food dyes have been banned because they are believed to cause cancer, most dyes used today are of the artificial variety. They are also linked to allergies, asthmas, and hyperactivity. They have been found to provoke asthma attacks and have links to thyroid tumours. Coincidently, artificial colors are very prevalent in ice cream products which are directly marketed to children. Every single artificial color in the food industry has some kind of detrimental health effect. These include neurotoxicity, organ, developmental, and reproductive toxicity and cancer. Children are being fed these chemicals in such large quantities that they begin to have nervous system malfunctions that ultimately are misdiagnosed as ADHD, learning disabilities, or violent behavior.

As one of the most prolific preservatives in the food industry, it is difficult to find many foods without potassium sorbate. Food and chemical toxicology reports have labeled potassium sorbate as a carcinogen, showing positive mutation results in the cells of mammals. Other studies have shown broad systemic and toxic effects on non-reproductive organs in animals. No long term studies have ever been initiated on either animals or humans, but many suspect the preservative to be toxic to young children.

Sodium Benzoate can convert into lethal carcinogenic poison when combined with absorbic acid. Professor Peter Piper, a professor of molecular biology and biotechnology, tested the impact of sodium benzoate on living yeast cells in his laboratory. What he found alarmed him: the benzoate was damaging an important area of DNA in the “power station� of cells known as the mitochondria. “These chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the point that they totally inactivate it: they knock it out altogether.� he stated.

“The food industry will say these compounds have been tested and they are complete safe,� he said. “By the criteria of modern safety testing, the safety tests were inadequate. Like all things, safety testing moves forward and you can conduct a much more rigorous safety test than you could 50 years ago.�

Sodium Benzoate, as most other preservatives, should not be ingested in any quantity by children, however the toxin is still available in many foods that children ingest.

In the current climate of escalating obesity rates, artificially sweetened soft drinks are marketed to children as healthier alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages, due to their lack of calories. However, past research has shown very serious long-term health consequences due to highly toxic additives and artificial sweeteners such as sodium benzoate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose and high-fructose corn syrup.

Artificial flavors and colors means it is derived from a chemical made in a laboratory and has no nutritional value. Every single artificial flavor and color in the food industry has some kind of detrimental health effect. These include neurotoxicity, organ, developmental, reproductive toxicity and cancer.

* Examples
– Glutamates
– Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
– Maltodextrin
– Autolyzed Yeast Extract
– Disodium Guanylate
– Disodium Inosinate
– Blue 1, Blue 2
– Yellow 5, Yellow 6
– Red 3, Red 40

3) Genetically Modified Foods:

Genetically Modified (GM) foods are likely the single biggest threat to humanity in the coming decades and certainly a threat to the health of future generations. If you’re new to the dangers of GM foods this article “The 7 Biggest Reasons To Never Eat Genetically Modified Foods� sums up the reasons to stay away from them. Problem is, they’re everywhere and it’s almost impossible to escape from them.

GM foods pose a threat to the environment, polluting the fertile soils of the world with unnatural genetic material that may have unknown long-term consequences. Cross-pollination with non-GM crops, monoculture practices and the liberal use of chemical pesticides alongside GM crops are just a few of the serious threats to sustainable life on Earth posed by food scientists playing God with seeds.

Researchers have found clear links among the consumption of GM-corn and immunological alterations in the gut and the exacerbation and creation of allergies which more children are suffering from every year.

GM Foods causes allergies, organ damage, cancer, immunotoxicty, and damaging transgenes which affect future generations. Many fruits and vegetables for sale in the U.S. are already genetically modified.

The data from comprehensive studies on GM corn “clearly underlines adverse impacts on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as different levels of damages to heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system,� reported Gilles-Eric Seralini, a molecular biologist at the University of Caen.

Ninety-nine percent of GMO crops either tolerate or produce insecticide which also damage a child’s health. This may be the reason we see bee colony collapse disorder and massive butterfly deaths. If GMOs are wiping out Earth’s pollinators, they are far more disastrous than the threat they pose to future generations of all humans and other mammals.

Children who consume the processed foods with the following are likely consuming ingredients that are GM.

* Examples
– Corn flour, meal, oil, starch, gluten, and syrup
– Corn Sweeteners such as fructose, dextrose, and glucose
– Modified food starch
– Soy flour, lecithin, protein, isolate, and isoflavone
– Most vegetable oils and vegetable proteins
– Canola oil (also called rapeseed oil)
– Cottonseed oil
– Anything not listed as 100% cane sugar

4) Environmental Toxins:

BPA, fluoride, parabens, phthalates, PFOA, fiberglass, oxybenzone, BHA and dozens of other chemicals makes up a very long laundry list of environmental toxins affecting every household. Combine this with geoengineering intiatives polluting the entire atmosphere with toxins, and you have a toxic planet from soil to sky.

Developing children are at even greater risk than adults for harm from the above chemicals. There toxic effects are far reaching affecting almost every body system.

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have discovered that exposure during pregnancy to Bisphenol A (BPA), a common component of plastics, causes permanent abnormalities in the uterus of offspring, including alteration in their DNA.

Fluoride alters the minds and brains of children. There has been considerable research done on fluoride regarding cancer, birth defects, and risks to the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary systems, however, very little has been done on its neurological effects.

For years, experts have been warning women about some very toxic ingredients the cosmetic industry uses which put users at risk of cancer and hormonal changes. A number of studies since 1998 have raised concerns about the potential role of these parabens in breast cancer as they possess estrogenic properties.

“We have to do a better job at protecting the health of our children, but we also have to do a better job of protecting the women that feed our children, especially in their first year of life,� said Patricia Ongo a breastfeeding specialist.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is another extremely toxic and persistent contaminant in groundwater. Many states are exposed to much higher concentrations of the notorious Teflon chemical under a proposed state regulations that allow unsafe levels of the contaminant in drinking water, scientists at Environmental Working Group (EWG) have warned.

Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that occur in construction materials and a great number of common consumer goods such as toys, cleaning solvents, packaging, etc. Phthalates are suspected of disrupting hormones, premature births and may be related to several chronic diseases in children, like asthma and allergies, as shown in earlier studies.

A whistleblower and former hazardous materials expert recently exposed the shocking and under-reported evidence that attenuated fiberglass, the kind used to insulate your home and found in countless consumer products, is more carcinogenic than asbestos.

Synthetic preservatives, such as BHA and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT), used to slow down the oxidative deterioration of food are toxic nightmares for children. They used in everything from orange juice to butter, cereals and snack foods. These chemicals are lethal to the health and long-term development of children’s hormonal regulation and brain.

5) Mainstream Medicine:

Perhaps the biggest health myth today (although more people are catching on) is the public’s misconception that mainstream medicine and the healthcare system helps sick children. Nothing could be further from the truth since physicians and psychiatrists alone are extremely dangerous to the health of children. They are the ones that prescribe the dangerous medications, vaccines, antibiotics, and debilitating psychotic drugs.

90 percent of all diseases (cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc.) are easily preventable through diet, nutrition, sunlight and exercise. None of these solutions are rarely if ever promoted by conventional medicine to parents and their children because they make no money.

One can only hope that a child does not contract cancer as physicians only have one tool for that–cut, poison and burn via surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

No pharmaceuticals actually cure or resolve the underlying causes of disease. Even “successful� drugs only manage symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other precious physiological functions in young bodies that will cause side effects down the road. There is no such thing as a drug without a side effect.

Mainstream medicine is the leading cause of death in the United States. They recruit children into the system when they are young and vulnerable and they attempt to keep them as life-long clients as they age.

This is sad statement–but if we continue on the same cycle, without initiating some sort intervention to reverse the above health threats, there will only be one way to keep children free from toxicity…take them off the planet.


Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.


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Vaccine snake

By TLB Contributor:  PAUL FASSA

Some are aware of the vaccination agenda for enslaving humanity and reducing the population while creating more widespread poor health to enrich the worldwide Medical Mafia headquartered in the USA.

Most of us know the rampant chronic poor health among children corresponds to the increased vaccination schedule.

There are many crippled victims and deaths from vaccinations that are hidden from public view because the government protects the vaccine industry from direct liability and the mainstream media is part of the pro-vaccination propaganda machinery.

Covert ops using vaccination programs have been exposed as part of the depopulation effort in third world countries. Free vaccinations (purchased by governments and health agencies) were discovered to have hidden sterilization agents in the vaccines distributed that would render women incapable of giving birth.

These events occurred at the end of the 20th Century in the Philippines, Mexico, and some African nations.

Those Gates Foundation and WHO anti-polio campaigns in India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa with the dangerous oral polio vaccine (OPV), which is banned in most of the developed western world because it causes polio, has been doing just that, causing crippling polio and death over there.

The difference is the name game. Polio like paralysis went up exponentially among those who were administered OPVs. They just didn’t call it polio. This is an easy masquerade to pull since so many are convinced that vaccinations provide immunity and everyone needs them all to create herd immunity and create a human race free of all disease

Just tell everyone that polio was eradicated in India and Pakistan by simply changing the disease names of the newly crippled, maimed, or dead. After all, the sheeple are convinced vaccinations eradicated all infectious diseases despite graphs that prove otherwise.

But the latest insight to the insanely out of balance effort to propagandize increased vaccinations and enforce them among those who are wise enough to avoid them comes from Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News.

Creating the New World Order by Genetic Engineering via Vaccinations

What Rapport reveals is the grand plan to remap the human genome and create some super humans while creating enough drones to work well under them and obey. Okay, that’s the psychological programming that’s been going on for centuries and is now beyond Orwellian with our current levels of technology.

But this is about altering and creating new humans with genetic engineering. And there are mad scientists frothing at the mouth with this project because it is getting funded by the government. It’s been part of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) planning for a few years already. And the military-industrial complex has the biggest chunk of the U.S. Budget.

Jon Rapport’s well documented insights lead to how the rising tide of vaccination advocacy and enforcement will lead to serious widespread experimentation of inserting genes into humans to alter their behavior under the cover of disease prevention. As usual, whatever illnesses, injuries, or deaths occur can be so easily ignored as they are now.

DARPA appears to be the vanguard for funding this research. Solicitation for researchers who will be funded includes the premise that human artificial chromosomes (HACs), have the most promise for experimenting with mammalian gene transference or genetically engineering humans.

Keep that in mind, they’re using synthetically created chromosomes, not just incorporating genes from other mammalian or plant sources into the human genome. They’re playing God but they’re Satanic.

So DARPA’s solicitation lists the challenges to be met and invites those who wish to take the challenges to take advantage of their vast funding potential. Here’s an excerpt from that DARPA paper. And here’s a video courtesy of Experimental Vaccines.


Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for and The Liberty Beacon project. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s valiant contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Visit his blog by following this link and follow him on Twitter here.

Flickr/suparna sinha


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By Jonathan Benson

The overall percentage of U.S. crop acreage exposed to chemical insecticides is significantly higher than regulatory authorities are claiming, warns a shocking new report released by the Center for Food Safety (CFS). Data compiled by scientists from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) reveals that nearly half of all planted soybean seed and up to 100 percent of all corn seed is now treated with or exposed to insecticides.

These figures are astronomically higher than the ones that were publicly released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which together with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been lying to the public about this pertinent issue for years. The two agencies contend that since the introduction of neonicotinoid pesticides, which are commonly used as a coating on many crop seeds, insecticide use is down. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Also referred to as “neonics,� neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides that recent science has exposed as a major culprit in colony collapse disorder (CCD) among bees. In the mid-2000s, chemical manufacturers came up with a way to coat seeds with neonics rather than spray crops with them, a process that took off in the following decade. However, it turns out that neither the USDA nor the EPA have been calculating neonic use data with these new seed coating technologies in mind.

As a result, official government data greatly underestimates insecticide use across the board, conveying the false notion that chemical use has decreased when it has actually increased at least threefold. The CFS report puts it this way:

“Claims by the pesticide industry that insecticide use has dropped in the United States exclude the most widespread use of neonics,� the report explains, referring to neonic-coated crop seeds. “This leaves a gaping hole in our pesticide data, and greatly underestimates harm to the environment. This is because the planting of seeds coated with a neonic, or other pesticides (such as fungicides), are not considered to be a pesticide application by the EPA, unlike pesticides sprayed on a crop.�

Neonics scientifically shown to harm bees, humans and the environment; time for an absolute ban!

To what extent is the government underestimating crop exposure to insecticides? In 2010, the USDA reported that only 12 percent of corn acres were treated with applied pesticides, when the truth is that between 79 and 100 percent of corn acres were either sprayed with insecticides or planted with insecticide-coated seeds. Similar data anomalies exist for soybean, cotton and wheat seeds.

Part of the problem is that insecticides, and neonics in particular, are environmentally persistent. These chemicals are ever-present in soils, and they are highly mobile in water. Most streams in the U.S. Midwest, in fact, are now contaminated with neonics, according to published data that remains ignored by the USDA and the EPA.

Conservatively speaking, more than 100 million acres of U.S. cropland are now directly exposed to neonic insecticides, but you’d never know this from the official government data. Collectively, more than half of all corn, wheat, cotton and soybean crops are exposed in some way to insecticides like neonics, whether directly or indirectly.

Neonics are known to kill bees, and the data shows that they aren’t even effective at deterring pests. The European Union banned them entirely in 2013, identifying “high acute risks� for bees, which our readers well know are important pollinators. All sorts of beneficial species are harmed by neonics, as are humans and the environment, and yet the U.S. continues to lead the way in allowing chemical companies to poison the food supply and the planet with their indiscriminate use.

Even in very small amounts, neonics are highly toxic to insects as a whole. They’re also residually persistent and extremely water soluble. In other words, they travel far and wide and take an extremely long time to break down, which means they are accumulating rapidly throughout the environment with no end in sight.

Neonics are also systemic, which means they are directly absorbed by the plants on which they are spread or through the seeds they coat. Besides the obvious negative effects of this on bees and other pollinators who feed on the resultant tainted pollen and nectar, humans who consume neonic-contaminated food crops are also harmed.

“Neonics … indirectly harm the crops they are supposed to protect by killing insects that boost crop productivity through consumption of crop pests,� explains the CFS report. “Seed coatings have already been shown to result in lower crop productivity in experiments with soybeans because of harm to protective insects. It is also likely to be causing other indirect harm, such as to farmland birds through loss of insect food sources.�



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By Heather Callaghan

The UN’s World Food Program, funded by world governments, NGOs and corporations like Yum! Brands and Cargill, finds that there’s just too much hunger in the world, so no one should protest a novel form of genetic engineering that involves blipping out genes which in effect can modify plant, animal and human genomes.

That’s right – just like in the last five decades WFP has been around to receive billions for aid, there’s a crisis of hunger and overpopulation that requires urgent action – no time for testing. This time it is genome sequence alteration in order to…feed the hungry? They know it is dangerous but they want the rest of the globe to accept their experimentation of it on the world’s ecology and humanity.

People do not stop and think much about the contradictory nature of a UN relief group’s open repulsion toward population and their insistence on helping people (that they don’t want) – even though the countries they help tend to further devolve into destabilization, displacement, and impoverishment. But I digress…

WFP has dispensed an urgent press release in order to promote a heretofore unused form of genetic engineering. They cite vague fears of unprecedented population growth, increasing conflict and displacement, natural calamities, emergence of major epidemics that will compound future fears of “complexities of global food security.� They mention “recent natural disasters in food-exporting Asian and African countries� and even throw the California drought in for good measure.

To buttress their headline of Can gene editing provide a solution to global hunger? they actually say:

In the face of these facts, any technique that can improve food production would be a welcome development. To counteract the coming problem, it is imperative to try novel and daring solutions across the agricultural food chain, including the gene modification of crops.

And then as an afterthought, mention a necessary “regulatory framework� – still waiting on that myself.

But “novel and daring� is more like it…

How does gene editing work?

Conventionally, the production of genetically modified organisms involves inserting desired foreign genes into the genome of a plant or animal. But a different technique known as gene editing modifies plant, as well as animal and human, genomes without the introduction of foreign genetic materials.

Gene editing uses biological catalysts called transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs) that can be engineered to bind to any DNA sequence. Scientists can introduce these enzymes into living cells where they cut out unwanted pieces of DNA, in effect editing the genome. This technique, known as TALEN-mediated genome engineering, is also referred to as Genome Editing with Engineered Nucleases.

Don’t want some pesky form of DNA? Just cut it out and edit the entire genome…no worries, there. That’ll feed the world, right? Isn’t that what we were told in the 1990s when it was equally urgent to accept plant injections of foreign DNA through GMOs? Did it help yet?

But how novel can it be when regulatory agencies continue to usher its use? (emphasis added)

Genome editing is not a new idea. It has been used to create gene edits in human stem cells as well as in worms, fish, mice and cattle with varying degrees of success. In the laboratory, TALENs have also been used to successfully correct the genetic error underlying diseases such as sickle cell anemia.

In crop science, gene editing has been used to make Cellectis’s less sugary potato, as well as a soybean containing high levels of omega-3. The first commercial application of this technology in a plant for human consumption was approved this spring, when the US company Cibus announced an edited version of canola. The new canola plant is designed to grow well even when farmers apply particular herbicides that are used to control glyphosate-resistant weeds. Now there is talk of using this technique to manipulate photosynthesis to produce more food. Researchers at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines have engineered rice plants to extract energy from sunlight far more efficiently than they do now.

On a side note, the omega-3 soybean oil was not what it was cracked up to be and Filipinos did not want the golden rice fields. The press release lauded the newly approved GE potatoes, but as GMO-expert Jeffrey Smith pointed out, there is legitimate concern for hundreds of human genes simply being turned off – and no one knows the long-term consequences.

Even this threatening/cheery endorsement cannot deny the threat of something going terribly wrong:

Techniques for genetic engineering are not perfect. Significant genetic errors have been produced by the commonly applied techniques of genome editing, including TALENs, in the past. In laboratory models, off-target events that produce unwanted mutations, sometimes with fatal results, have been described in plants, fish and human cells.

For now, there remain many uncertainties about the impact of gene-edited organisms on the environment and health. While gene editing may not introduce foreign genetic material, the technology definitely changes the composition of the product at a very fundamental level. Research is currently under way to improve these techniques, reduce the frequency of unwanted mutations and improve the safety of genome editing.

It simply is not reassuring that even while the technique is approved for human consumption – more research and improvements are needed, as unwanted mutations have been the previous results. This press release is nothing more than an endorsement for shoddy, dangerous techniques to test on human beings that the UN doesn’t want “because population.� So they start with urgency and then attempt to get you to accept unstable gene scrambling. Otherwise known as cruel and unusual human experimentation and assault.

Again – they claim the world is overpopulated but that we must all lay back and accept this unstable form of genome editing so that the people that they wish were gone can be fed… All in the name of humanity, all for the children…yet they are openly telling us that they are putting them in uncertain danger. Then they say, “Despite biotech company Syngenta offering the license to grow golden rice free of charge for humanitarian use, its approval has been stalled in most settings.� But…but…it’s free – for “humanitarian use.� (It’s funny how that same concept does not apply when a U.S. individual wants to feed the hungry homeless.)

Instead of buying and parroting industry lines about apocalyptic urgency so that sponsored upper-echelon scientists can use the world ecology and human race as their own personal genetic playground – it’s really time to level an index finger at them, reminding them that with all their billions over the decades, their miraculous solutions – which are actually tests – have led to more human suffering.

Case in point, when the Philippines people rejected the Gates-Rockefeller-funded IRRA “aid� they wouldn’t leave – they force it, because it’s never about helping them, especially if it involves a GE testing ground.

It isn’t possible to both wish for eradication of people and legitimately help them at the same time – at least not without contempt or some ulterior motive.


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by Christina Sarich

Still think GMOs and their non-GMO counterparts are equivalent? Think again. Unlike GM corn, non-GMO corn doesn’t cause sterility. A new study released by Egyptian scientists found that rats fed a GMO diet suffer from infertility, among other health issues.

Researchers from the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Anatomy and Embryology, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt, have found that several unsavory changes occur when rats were fed GM corn.

The rats’ organs/body weight and serum biochemistry were altered, indicating potential adverse health and toxic effects.

“GM corn or soybeans leads to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice, particularly in livers and kidneys. In addition they found other organs may be affected too, such as heart and spleen, or blood cells. The kidneys of males fared the worst, with 43.5% of all the changes, the liver of females followed with 30.8%�

Additionally, by day 91, many of the rats fed a GM diet were completely sterile.

As reported by Sustainable Pulse:

“In the third study, histopathological examination was carried out on the rats fed the GM maize, and the results were compared with rats fed non-GM maize. The study found clear signs of organ pathology in the GM-fed group, especially in the liver, kidney, and small intestine. An examination of the testes revealed necrosis (death) and desquamation (shedding) of the spermatogonial cells that are the foundation of sperm cells and thus male fertility – and all this after only 91 days of feeding.�

Read: GMO Soy Linked to Sterility, Birth Defects, Infant Mortality

How long do you think this effect will take to show up in human beings who eat GM food?

The study abstract reads:

“This study was designed to evaluate the safety of genetically modified (GM) corn (Ajeeb YG). Corn grains from Ajeeb YG or its control (Ajeeb) were incorporated into rodent diets at 30% concentrations administered to rats (n= 10/group) for 45 and 91 days…General conditions were observed daily…and serum biochemistry were measured. The data showed several statistically significant differences in organs/body weight and serum biochemistry between the rats fed on GM and/or Non-GM corn and the rats fed on AIN93G diets. In general, GM corn sample caused several changes by increase or decrease organs/body weight or serum biochemistry values. This indicates potential adverse health/toxic effects of GM corn and further investigations still needed.�

This study simply corroborates previous findings, proving the same deleterious effects. Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov and his colleagues found that Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction – in many cases, causing infertility. Animals who ate GM soy were sterile by the third generation.

Years ago, Natural Society unveiled proof that hamsters fed Monsanto’s GM soy for two years had growth and development abnormalities, and also – became sterile.

If you don’t see a pattern here, you might need to look again.

About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


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Argentina GMO suit 1

Class action lawsuit attacks GMOs for environmental damage and health impacts

A federal judge in Argentina has ruled that an unprecedented class action lawsuit, demanding a ban on the release of GMOs and their associated pesticides, can proceed.

The lawsuit asks the government to provisionally suspend the uncontrolled open release of GMOs – for example, the sale of RR2 Pro/Liberty soybeans – on the grounds that they violate seed laws. The lawsuit also demands labeling of GMOs.

The lawsuit further argues for “a ban on the application of pesticides used for farming until their safety for the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity, the health of living beings, the cultural heritage of the Argentine people, and the sustainability of the production model is scientifically proven�.

The lawsuit primarily attacks GMOs for their contribution to the trend towards monoculture, direct seeding with consequent reduction of rural labor, economic concentration in the hands of few producers, and impacts on the health of rural populations and the environment.

The lawsuit demands that the commercialization of new GMOs is not permitted in the country. It is titled, “Gimenez Alicia Fanny and others against the national government, Monsanto and others, over environmental damage“.

The defendants are the Argentine national government, the Federal Council for the Environment, and a group of companies, including Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Novartis, Nidera, Dow Agrosciences, Pioneer, Agrevo, Ciba Geigy, Argenbio, and Bayer, that produce and sell GMOs and the agrochemicals tied to their use.

The lawsuit also urges the Legislature to pass a biosafety law, set minimum standards for use of soil resources, and order the defendants to “rebuildâ€? or “repair” environmental damage caused by the GMO farming model. This would be achieved through the reintroduction of non-GMO cultivars and wild species, and the rebuilding of soil. If these measures are not possible, the lawsuit demands that the companies be ordered to pay compensation.


(Spanish, 2015):

(Spanish, 2013):


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by Christina Sarich

This is something that has been expected

In the same way Big Food makers tried to rename sugar in their products so that consumers wouldn’t know that their favorite brands contained almost 75 percent empty calories, the mainstream media is trying to re-brand GMOs so that the public thinks the food creations are completely safe.

That’s right. Just like Hilary Clinton advised biotech at a recent symposium, she thinks if customers just ‘thought of GMOs differently’ we would like them more.

Like putting a new coat of paint on a dilapidated shed and calling it a mansion, or prettying up our fall wardrobe with some new shoes – we just need a new ‘name’ for GMOs, and then we’d like eating something that could make us infertile while causing cancer and kidney failure.

In a recent article posted by the NY Times, the author goes on about how to give ‘altering the DNA of plants’ a new name. They don’t call this genetic engineering at the University of Copenhagen. They’re calling it re-wilding.

Michael B. Palmgren, a plant biologist at the Danish university who headed a group, including scientists, ethicists, and lawyers that is funded by the university and the Danish National Research Foundation, said:

“I consider this something worth discussing.�

These plant engineers want to take a couple of ancient plants and repurpose a gene or two – otherwise known as a GMO, and call it something new. They’ve published their proposal o do so in the journal Trends in Plant Science.

They also call it ‘precision breeding’ when they edit plant by inserting and deleting DNA into a plants cells – also known as a GMO.

It truly doesn’t matter what name you want to give food which could threatens viable and ancient plant crops with cross-pollination, causes the overuse of herbicides like glyphosate known to cause cancer, and food which ruins our air, water, and soil.

It also doesn’t matter what you want to call a GMO when it is registered with the FDA as a pesticide, as in the case of BT toxic GM corn, or if you are adding genes or taking them away without proper risk assessments.

Let’s face it; there is a reason that communities and even entire nations are taking a stand against genetically modified crops a well as the pesticides products that go with them. There is a reason that hundreds of scientists, some even being formerly pro-GMO, are speaking out against the known and unknown dangers of worldwide GMO crop-expansion.

But if this is something that is going to happen no matter what the people want (90+ percent want GMOs to at least be labeled, for example), then it’s about time the industry has tried the tactic of re-branding the hotly debated term “GMO� so that they can more easily bypass widespread public opposition.

About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


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By Catherine J. Frompovich

This article is going to be quite different in format since it will contain more videos than my comments so as to try to tie together and express more than I ever could write in one submission. The theme that runs through all is to dramatize how humans are unknowingly being subjugated at every level and most aspects and phases of life, living and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

It’s an attempt on my part to connect some dots that, when considered side-by-side, may prompt readers to think about what’s going on to implement what I, and many others, expect is “corporate-acracy� or fascism: a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism; b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government. [1]

The perfect place to start is with the TPP—Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

The TPP What You’re Not Being Told

Readers, can you wrap your minds around 600 corporate representatives being able to read the TPP agreement but the public, whom will be affected the most, cannot know what’s in it? Even Congress can’t see it! Whoa! Doesn’t that sound like the shenanigans that went on to pass the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare.

That kind of BSing regarding transparency has to stop!

Jade Helm 15: 10 States Now Involved with Massive US Military Exercises

That “Truth and Action� reporting on JH15 is “mammoth� in size, scope, and videos! Readers will see video after video of military armored vehicles, etc. moving across the USA – but for what reason? With whom is the U.S. military going to war in 10 U.S. states? Moving all that equipment and personnel, including vehicles marked “UN� around the USA definitely should awaken any skeptic to a “New World Order� of governance apparently coming to the USA!

Are Readers Aware of FEMA camps?

More state-by-state information about FEMA camps is here.

Mandatory Vaccination Laws Being Forced Upon and Against Individual Sovereignty of One’s Body and Children (SB277 in California)

Finally and thankfully, African-Americans are awakening to what’s happened, and is happening, to them including medical experiments, e.g., the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, and they will be taking action!

Here’s a video news report (WHDT) about what has the African-American community so upset about the CDC/FDA and vaccines.

The U.S. CDC Lies about Its Affiliation with Big Pharma and Big Pharma’s Apparent Influence

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a compelling article about the U.S. CDC’s receiving funding from industry after Jeanne Lenzer, a BMJ journalist, looked into the money part that’s behind the CDC’s infamous statement, “CDC, our planners, and our content experts wish to disclose they have no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products . . . CDC does not accept commercial support.�

According to Lenzer, “Despite the agency’s disclaimer, the CDC does receive millions of dollars in industry gifts and funding, both directly and indirectly, and several recent CDC actions and recommendations have raised questions about the science it cites, the clinical guidelines it promotes, and the money it is taking.� [2]

Furthermore, The Washington Post reported that “Pharmaceutical firms paid to attend meetings of panel that advises FDA, emails show.�  Therein is a HUGE indication of corporate influence over government agencies, which definitely should not be.

GMO ‘Phood’ and its Problems – One picture is worth a thousand words!

The question everyone in science ought to ask is this: Didn’t Dr. Seralini’s study use the same strain of rats as Monsanto used in its study to prove GMOs safe? However, Seralini’s study went on for two years, whereas Monsanto’s study lasted for only three months!

Jerry Rosman, formerly a GMO crop farmer turned organic farming consultant, claims the FDA is not concerned about GMOs!

What’s Happening to the Air We Breathe?

Look at the sky above for an impressively visible clue. It’s called weather geoengineering. Here are some videos about that.

Here’s an article which may explain more about climate control.

If you’re a frequent flyer, perhaps, you’d better know about aerotoxic air syndrome. Watch the video embedded in “Climate Engineering Contamination And Aerotoxic Air Syndrome.� 

Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal wraps up much of what’s going on globally better than anyone, I think, has for the last 30 or so years. Very few people, in my opinion, have the insights, passion and “stage presence� quite like Gerald Celente! What do you think?

Is There A [RFID] Microchip in Your Future?

Will humans be treated like cattle getting readied to go to slaughter? Is that the ultimate new order?

Are Readers Familiar with the Decreased Global Population Projection for 2025 posted at

This video may explain more than anyone can imagine.

Are Readers Aware that Alternative Media Censorship is Going On?

Here’s proof that censorship is alive and well in the USA. Need I mention that my computer also is being compromised; files go missing; and my Norton security program freezes my computer when I try accessing for whom I write, plus research files!

Who’s to Blame?

So really, why are humans, our sovereign rights given by Creator and Nature, and the intricacies of our daily lives being overtaken by Big Brother governments? Is there a possibility that we, collectively, are to blame? How can I make such a comment that probably indicates we are allowing these indiscretions to come down upon us almost like biblical plagues?

Well, this video “The Zombification of the Planet� explains some, but this one reaches into the secrecy of the elites’ and controllers’ strategy meetings.

However, nothing can compare with the Bohemian Grove meetings in Northern California where clandestine meetings with ‘elites’ from all walks of life take place. This video shows some of the arcane trappings of Bohemian Grove. The BG crowd in the past included politicians who were BG participants before they became U.S. presidents! See my article, “Presidential Candidates Apparent Vetting Process� to understand just how pervasive apparent dysfunctionality is in the so-called elites.

One of the events at the BG annual encampment is “The Cremation of Care.� Here is a video of the actual onsite druid-like ritual filmed by InfoWars. Are they really paying homage to the Owl of Bohemia in a sacrificial way?

What would you think of your member of government, or any corporate elite, who participates in such rituals? Can those rituals be compared with witchcraft, black magic or as some speculate, Satanism, which actually is a ‘religion’ of sordid sorts?

Furthermore, are the men who participate at BG—no women allowed—the very same ‘sickos’ who mandate how we are to live; promote wars our spouses, relatives, children and friends are sent to fight; and constantly are formulating treaties and laws for a one-world-government?

Citizens of the USA need to wake up to what’s going on and become engaged in civics, something not taught in schools anymore. I wonder why.

To end this connect-the-dots overview, I’d like to lighten up just a bit, and share a video of a clever songwriter and his especially witty ditty “If My Nose Was Running Money…�

God bless the USA and all it was supposed to stand for that now is being suppressed.




The Covert Operations for Mind Control

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)


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by Christina Sarich

While hundreds more scientists realize the dangers

A former senior scientist from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been speaking out against GMOs, but his voice is especially noteworthy among the many scientists who talk about genetically modified organisms. Why? Because he studied the impacts of altered crops on the environment. Read on to find out what this expert has to say about a genetically modified world and the ‘pesticide treadmill’ that biotech has us all running on.


Dr. Ramon Seidler’s credentials are nothing to sneeze at. He was a professor of microbiology at Oregon State University for 16 years before he worked at the EPA. He holds many honors, too, including being listed by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England as one of the 2,000 outstanding World Scientists of the 20th Century.

During Seidler’s tenure at the EPA, he (along with other scientists) conducted GMO experiments that were contained in indoor environments. The experiments were meant to mimic what happens outside, just as if a farmer had planted a GM crop in Idaho, Michigan, or California. The gene transfer capabilities and survival rates of genetically modified seed were observed. He also observed transgenic DNA and Bt toxin products in agricultural ecosystems.

What he and his scientific peers found was that GE bacteria survived for years in soil, even after it was removed from the plants.

The former professor states that GE crops provide no significant increase in crop yields, but do pose several other major concerns: namely cross-pollination of non-GM species, and negative impacts to the environment. He calls these ‘side effects’ of broken biotech promises.

He also points out that one-third of the world already has the choice to ‘opt-out’ of GMOs because their food is labeled, and though Americans overwhelmingly want GM foods to be labeled, they are not.

As other scientists have pointed out, Seidler mentions the fact that very little true research has been conducted by independent scientists at any American universities. Biotech has restricted these studies by requesting that professors sign an agreement prior to the research being completed which forces them to send all results to the biotech companies before being published – ostensibly – to be vetted and discounted should it paint their GM seed in any negative light.

dr-466Ramon Seidler, Ph. D. // Photo credit:


The former scientist says this is nothing short of censorship, and individuals who have conducted years of research are unable to publish their findings in any reputable journals because biotech would simply veto the results.

Seidler also details how the biotechnology industry has parroted the claim that “pesticide use has declined’ since they introduced GMOs, but he states this is absolutely untrue. He commented:

“Initially, insecticide use declined due to the effectiveness of Bt toxin in controlling pest insects. However, as time went on glyphosate use increased some 13-fold to control weeds and other non-genetically engineered synthetic chemicals were introduced to control insects as the Bt toxin became ineffective.

Glyphosate has been extensively applied to hundreds of millions of acres of genetically engineered crops, and the residues are in our air, water, and human bodies. 

Now virtually all of genetically engineered seeds are coated with insecticides and fungicides and these chemicals have increased some 10-fold in the last 10 years.

When seed coated pesticides are added to those pesticides that are injected into the soil at seed planting, pesticide use climbed back to where it was approximately 10-12 years ago.�

This ‘pesticide treadmill’ as Seidler has dubbed it, has all of us sick, and our soil contaminated.

To read more about a former EPA’s stance on GMOs, read the entire interview here.

About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


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