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Nazis-460Left to right: Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Höss, Josef Kramer, and an unidentified officer. Photo from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum #34755. See: German Medical Society Apologizes for Nazi-era Atrocities by Doctors


by John P. Thomas – Health Impact News

Creating an Elite Class of Super Humans

This is the first part of a two part series exploring the relationship between the controversial eugenics movement of the past and modern genetics. Eugenics was dedicated to cleansing and purifying humanity from “inferior� members with the hope of solving various social problems related to poverty, disability, and illness. To accomplish this, it sought to create a superior race of people and to use forced sterilization and extermination to eliminate future generations of defective human beings. Darwin’s theory of evolution was used to justify the practice of eugenics. Later, when eugenics fell from favor, modern genetics began to grow up from the ashes of the former movement.

When Adolf Hitler applied Darwin’s theory of evolution and the principles of eugenics to the goals of the German state, the result was the murder of eleven million men, women and children. These lives were sacrificed in the name of eugenics. Eugenicists were seeking to improve the conditions of life for humanity by creating a “superior� race of people.

The eugenics movement had a very dark side, which led to social control, loss of reproductive freedom, and the loss of life. Should we be concerned that modern genetic science might have a dark side as well? Will the fruit of genetic research be misused by ill-intentioned people to gain control over others as happened with eugenics in the past? Has modern genetics completely severed itself from its roots? Or, might it become the tool that will be used to try to create a master class of genetically superior human beings in America?

What are the deceptions and dangers of the modern genetics movement? Does true health and true happiness lie in the human genome? Are we really bound to the set of genes that we received from our parents, or can we overcome what we were given? What are the factors that activate or deactivate certain genes, and how can we control the expression of our genetic make-up to promote our health and the health of our children? What are the motivations of certain groups who want us to believe that genes control every aspect of our lives – that we have no other options than to suffer while genetic scientists look for genetic cures for all that ails us? Are we really more than our genes or is our genetic code all there is?

These questions and many more will be examined in these articles. Let’s begin by learning about the development of eugenics.

Eugenics in a Nutshell


The word Eugenics means “good genes.� Eugenicists believe that principles of Darwin’s theory regarding “the survival of the fittest� can be used to support the elimination of weak and undesirable people from society. They believe that human beings are inherently no different than animals, and therefore we can and should be bred like animals. A farmer does not allow deficient cows in his herd to reproduce, and in the same way, eugenicists believe that certain people in our society should control human reproduction.

Simply put, eugenics consists of rational methods for putting evolution on the fast track, so that only the “best� people will reproduce and become superior beings. It is also the fast track for helping inferior families and inferior groups of people to stop their reproduction and to quickly die out.

Eugenicists believe that natural attraction, affection, and love between men and women should not be the basis upon which procreation should be based. Rather, scientists and the medical system should provide scientific and common sense control over the individuals who should be allowed to mate with one another. People with the best traits should be encouraged to reproduce, and those with defective traits should be prevented from producing children by various methods such as sterilization, segregation, and, if necessary, death.

Are We Doomed to a Life of Suffering and Illness, Because of Our Genetics?

A steady stream of information has been distributed in every corner of society for over 150 years telling us that defective germplasm, or “bad genes�, lead to problems of child development, illness, low achievement, alcoholism, and even poverty. We are also told that good genes must be present in order for people to live healthy, prosperous, and happy lives.

The general teaching is that our personal genetic code is the master blueprint that determines nearly everything about us. It determines our intellectual gifts, our artistic gifts, our physical structure, and establishes the parameters through which we will develop certain illnesses and ultimately die. We have been taught that this blueprint is written in stone, and if couples produce children, then their combined genetic material will create a new, unchangeable blueprint for their children. We are also told that the real “cure� for diseases will come from genetic repairs that are just beyond the horizon of modern science.

Scientists are using techniques of genetic engineering to modify plants and animals (GMOs). We are told that human modification is just around the corner. We are promised that the next step in medicine will be a personal one, where our illnesses will be treated with drugs that have been specifically formulated to match the requirements of our genetics. However, until that time comes, we must continue to rely on existing pharmaceutical drugs.

In short, we are being told that in some cases, there isn’t much hope for healing until modern genetics brings us the cure for all that ails us. Thus, some of us and some of our children are doomed to a life of illness and suffering unless we are willing to consider other options.

Aborting “Defective� Children Up to the Age of Five is Another Option

Matteo_di_Giovanni_Massacre-of-innocents-Bethlehem-460The Massacre of the Innocents at Bethlehem, by Matteo di Giovanni, 1487. Source.


Some people now believe that if parents decide that they wish to have the life of their child brought to an end before age five, because of disability, illness, inconvenience of the parents, or for any other reason, then the parents should have the right to abort the child. So, if you don’t like the color of his hair, the color of her eyes, the developmental delays that you are observing, the illnesses that are making life difficult, or the behaviors that you cannot control, then you should have the right to have your child aborted (legally killed) up to age 5 or 6. [1, 2, 3]

Historically, killing a child after it is born was called infanticide. This is now being given a new name – “post-birth abortion� or “after-birth abortion.�

Central to this way of thinking is the belief that children are only potential human beings until they reach the age of “self-awareness,� which is believed to happen around age five. Proponents of post-birth abortion see children as disposable until the child becomes aware of its existence as a person and can begin to develop goals and ambitions for life.

It is believed that prior to age 5, children live in a pre-aware state, and have an animal-like existence, which is just like a chimpanzee, a dog, a chicken, or a pig. Thus, killing a young child because of bad genetic composition is no different than killing a sick dog or a mature pig that is ready to be processed into sausage.

Those who believe in post-birth abortion are challenging American society to reconsider how we value human life. They are observing the fact that we already permit babies in the womb to be killed, we encourage the termination of the lives of animals when they are seriously ill, and most of us approve of slaughtering animals to supply food. Based on this, they ask, “Why do we extend special privileges to young children who have the same level of consciousness as animals or babies in the womb? Why do we preserve the lives of defective people who are draining society of its resources?�

These groups extend their argument to the elderly as well. If a person with some form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s is no longer aware of his or her own existence as a human being, can no longer understand his or her medical condition, and is so frail and feebleminded that he or she can no longer contribute anything to society, then they would tell us that the termination of that person’s life is no different than euthanizing an animal or aborting a baby in the womb.

“Modern� Thinking is Simply the Old Eugenics Resurfacing as “Science�

The idea that people in authority should have the legal right to terminate the lives of other people in certain circumstances to benefit the greater good of society is not new. These thoughts have a long history, which was part of the original eugenics movement that began in 1859. The human extermination program that was implemented by Adolf Hitler before and during World War II was a prime example of eugenics. He was trying to purify the human race by killing all those who he determined would have an inferior contribution to the human germplasm if they were to reproduce. He and other leaders of the Third Reich believed that only superior human beings should be allowed to reproduce, and the inferior should be eliminated.

The proposal that we legalize the killing of “defective� children is just the reappearance of old style eugenics with a slightly new twist.

What do Eugenicists Believe?


Eugenicists believe that everything about us is determined by genetic composition. Who we are and how we behave is determined almost entirely by our germplasm – our personal genetic code.

If we have bad genes, then there is nothing that can be done about the situation. If our genes are seriously defective, then eugenicists would say that sterilization or termination of life is the best solution to the problem. Both of these options would help preserve future generations from inheriting defective germplasm from defective parents.

What do Eugenicists Desire?

Eugenicists seek to create a class of people who possess superior attributes such as intelligence, physical strength, and physical appearance. They also seek to discourage reproduction by “inferior� people.

When techniques of discouragement fail to reduce the birth of new “defectives,� then forced sterilization of undesirables is pursued under the authority of the state. When sterilization is not practical, then termination of life is used to decrease the surplus population of defectives.

Charles Darwin and the Birth of Modern Eugenics

Charles_Robert_Darwin_by_John_Collier-460Charles Darwin in 1881, by John Collier. Image source.


Eugenics historian Edwin Black carefully described the development of the Eugenics movement from the period of time beginning with the work of Charles Darwin in 1859 to our present time. He described the goals of eugenicists and their influence over social policy. His 566 page book records the history of the eugenics movement and shows how eugenics was transformed into modern genetics. The book is filled with quotations in which eugenicists explain their theories and their beliefs in their own words. Here is a taste of what he reported in his book, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race. Mr. Black stated:

On May 2 and May 3, 1911, in Palmer, Massachusetts, the research committees of the ABA’s [American Breeders Association] eugenic section adopted a resolution creating a special new committee. “Resolved: that the chair appoint a committee commissioned to study and report on the best practical means for cutting off the defective germ-plasm of the American population.�

Ten groups were eventually identified [by the American Breeders Association] as “socially unfit� and targeted for �elimination.� First, the feebleminded; second, the pauper class; third, the inebriate class or alcoholics; fourth, criminals of all descriptions including petty criminals and those jailed for nonpayment of fines; fifth, epileptics; sixth, the insane; seventh, the constitutionally weak class; eighth, those predisposed to specific diseases; ninth, the deformed; tenth, those with defective sense organs, that is, the deaf, blind and mute. In this last category, there was no indication of how severe the defect need be to qualify; no distinction was made between blurry vision or bad hearing and outright blindness or deafness.

Not content to [only] eliminate those deemed unfit by virtue of some malady, transgression, disadvantage or adverse circumstance, the ABA committee targeted their extended families as well. Even if those relatives seemed perfectly normal and were not institutionalized, the breeders considered them equally unfit because they supposedly carried the defective germ-plasm that might crop up in a future generation. The committee carefully weighed the relative value of “sterilizing all persons with defective germ-plasm,� or just “sterilizing only degenerates.� The group agreed that “defective and potential parents of defectives not in institutions� were also unacceptable [to society]. [4]

The notion that certain elite groups should be in charge of cleansing society of defective persons was popular in the United States during the first 45 years of the 20th century. It was only after the full extent of the eugenics program in Nazi Germany was brought to light that eugenicists in the United States began to take a less public position.

When Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of Species was published in 1859, it provided the perfect theory for those who believed in human breeding. Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Galton of England, applied The Origin of Species to his concerns about the degenerate state of society. Francis Galton believed social problems were caused by defects in human germplasm (genes). He believed that if “defective� people could be prevented from conceiving and giving birth to children, then problems such as poverty, mental illness, mental retardation, and alcoholism would die out.

Francis Galton – the First Major Leader in the Eugenics Movement

Francis_Galton2-460Francis Galton. Image source


Australian researcher and writer Roger Sandall described how Francis Galton’s life was transformed by the theory of Darwinian evolution. Roger Sandall wrote:

Coming at a critical stage of both his scientific career and his domestic life, Darwin’s book shattered Galton’s religious beliefs and turned him towards biological research. He always had what he called “a hereditary bent of mind�, and from 1859 he proceeded to investigate, he said later, matters “clustered round the central topics of Heredity and the possible improvement of the Human Race.� [5]

I will summarize a few additional points drawn from Roger Sandall’s discussion of Francis Galton and the early eugenics movement. These points are not just the old and moldy views of a long dead eugenicist, but are beliefs that continue to influence the thinking of many people today.

Francis Galton taught his followers that only the genetically perfect should be allowed to reproduce. In his 1873 essay “Hereditary Improvement� he insists that those of feeble constitution must embrace celibacy “lest they should bring beings into existence whose race is predoomed to destruction by the laws of nature.�

Galton believed that certain races were superior, and the reproduction of inferior races should be tightly controlled so that only the few best specimens of that race would be allowed to become parents, and only a few of their descendants should be allowed to live.

Galton recommended that his country (England) should be scoured for the names and addresses of gifted people who would be urged to intermarry. This intellectual aristocracy would receive special benefits. Defectives would receive nothing at all. Endowments would be used to maintain a privileged class living in healthy circumstances, which would enable it to multiply in comfort.

Galton declared that the gifted class should treat lower classes with all kindness, so long as they maintained celibacy. But if these lower classes continued to procreate children who are morally, intellectually, and physically inferior, then it is easy to believe the time may come when such persons would be considered to be enemies of the state. As such, he believed that they would forfeit all their claims to kindness from the superior class.

Eugenics Replaces Religion

Roger Sandall summarized Galton’s effect on society and its moral underpinnings. Sandall stated:

When Galton wrote, late in life, that the effect of Darwinism was “to demolish a multitude of dogmatic barriers by a single stroke, and to arouse a spirit of rebellion against all ancient authorities whose positive and unauthenticated statements were contradicted by modern science�, a radical antinomian spirit was unleashed; and when he declared that eugenics “must be introduced into the national conscience, like a new religion,� adding that “it has indeed strong claims to become an orthodox religious tenet of the future,� a kind of displaced religious zeal was put at the service of political compulsion: allied to German nationalism, it is unsurprising that it led, step by step, to policies of racial exclusion and finally annihilation. [6]

Creating an Elite Class of Super Humans



Proponents of eugenics believe that a pure bloodline should be created that contains only the best traits of humanity. They believe that techniques of good breeding should be used to create a race of super humans who are made in the image of the eugenicists. These super humans will all be highly intelligent, strong, healthy, beautiful, talented, prosperous, motivated, and capable of submitting their will to the will and greater good of society.

Physical appearance is also seen as being important. People will need to have a certain skin color, hair color, eye color, and meet high standards for mental acuity and emotional stability. They also must possess “ideal� physical strength and physical form (either male or female) in order to have the right to reproduce.

People with a personal or family history of poverty, chronic illness, addiction, disabilities, lack of motivation, minimal intellectual achievement, and non-conformist thinking would be unwelcome in this new society, and would not be allowed to reproduce.

Why Don’t We Hear the Word “Eugenics� Used Much Today?

Ku_Klux_Klan_Virgina_1922_Parade-460Three Ku Klux Klan members standing at a 1922 parade in Virginia. Image source.


Very few people use the word eugenics today when speaking in public, because it is on the list of politically incorrect words. Despite the positive rhetoric of eugenics, it was a highly racist endeavor, which sought to elevate one race above all others. This will be discussed in detail at a later point in this article.

Even though people no longer openly use the word eugenics, the insidious principles of eugenics can still be observed all around us in 21st century America. Eugenics is insidious, because it destroys life, denies reproductive freedom, destroys the functioning of the family structure, and targets certain classes and races of people for destruction. It does all this while seeking to establish a master race which is intended to dominate the world.

The plans of eugenicists closely follow the principles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which tells us that the strongest and fittest should overcome and replace the weak and inferior. Eugenicists have determined that they are the fittest and most able people for managing society and it is their responsibility as the superior beings to actively purge the weak and inferior from society. They believed that defective people need to be prevented from reproducing so that the number of defectives in the world will dwindle and fade away, while they, the fittest group of people, are allowed to survive and flourish.

The Eugenics Enthusiasts in U.S. History

Alexander_Graham_Bell-460American Inventor and Eugenicist Alexander Graham Bell. Image source.


Historically, the goals of the eugenics movement were to eliminate poverty, disability, numerous chronic illnesses, and human suffering. These lofty goals were designed to provide the greatest amount of happiness to society. On the surface, this sounds good to most people. These goals led many prominent Americans to support the eugenics agenda.

People such as Nobel laureate George Bernard Shaw, author H. G. Wells, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, among many others, were very involved in promoting eugenics. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was one of the most zealous participants in the American Eugenics Movement. [7]

College professors were prominent among both the officers and members of various eugenics societies which sprang up in the United States and Europe in the early 20th century. In virtually every college and university, professors were inspired by the new creed of eugenics, and most of the major colleges had credit courses on eugenics. These classes were typically well attended and their content was generally accepted as part of proven science. [8]

Eugenicists believed that the primary determinant of mankind’s behavioral nature was genetic, and various environmental reforms designed to improve living conditions, for example, were largely useless. Further, the eugenics movement believed that those who were at the bottom of the social ladder in society, such as the Black race, were in this position not because of social injustice or discrimination, but as a result of their own inferiority. [9]

The Horrors of Eugenics: Forced Sterilization in the U.S. Upheld by the Supreme Court

carrie-emma-buck-460Carrie Buck sits with her mother, Emma Buck, on the grounds of the Virginia State Colony of Epileptics and Feeble-Minded in Madison Heights, near Lynchburg. This photograph was taken in November 1924 by Arthur H. Estabrook, a eugenics researcher who interviewed the two women before testifying in a legal case that resulted in the forced sterilization of Carrie Buck. Source.


In the early 1900s, eugenicists began to use persuasion to gain voluntary cooperation with their new way of thinking about human reproduction. In the United States, the strategy of persuasion was eventually replaced by a strategy of coercion and compulsion.

In 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the State of Virginia’s sterilization plan in Buck Versus Bell, which affirmed that it had the right to sterilize mentally deficient residents to prevent them from “producing more of their kind.� This decision opened the door to forced sterilization in many U.S. states.

At that time, eugenicists believed that human character and behavior was almost completely determined by the germplasm. In contemporary language, we would say everything is determined by one’s genes. Eugenicists believed that every “negative� trait they observed in a person could be passed on to their descendants. For example, a person living in poverty is poor because of his genes, and unless sterilization is pursued, that person will create children who are destined for poverty. They admitted that sometimes defective germplasm might not be seen in every child conceived by “defectives,� but if it was present in one generation, then it will be permanently present in all succeeding generations, and will eventually reappear.

In the Buck vs. Bell decision of May 2, 1927, the United States Supreme Court upheld a Virginia statute that provided for the sterilization of people considered to be genetically unfit. The Court’s decision, delivered by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., included the infamous phrase “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.� Upholding Virginia’s sterilization statute provided the green light for similar laws in 30 states, under which an estimated 65,000 Americans were sterilized without their own consent or that of a family member. [10]

Eugenics in Nazi Germany: 11 Million “Inferior� People Put to Death

Grave-Bergen-Belsen-German-Concentration-Camp_1945-460A broken and twisted mound of emaciated corpses lay strewn in one of three open burial pits at the liberation of Belsen on 15 April 1945. British troops were faced with over 10 000 dead inmates who required immediate burial to halt the spread of typhus and other diseases. Belsen, one of many Nazi concentration camps of the German Third Reich, was used as an instrument of genocide against Jews and those of other nationalities and categories. Image source.


The belief that the state had the right to control human reproduction was taken to the extreme in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The Third Reich of Germany extinguished the lives of 6 million Jews, and 5 million other people who were deemed undesirable. Undesirables included Jews (from all levels of society), and people from various other groups. The other groups included outspoken Christians and their pastors who would not submit to Nazi ideology. Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill persons, people with low mental functioning, and people who were deaf, blind, crippled, and epileptics were all targeted for extermination. The list of inferiors included all people of Polish ethnicity, people in interracial marriages, and people with dark/African skin color. [11]

For the sake of expediency, extermination of defectives and inferior people was the final solution chosen by Hitler. Forced sterilization of eleven million people was not practical, and it would not remove the influence of such people from society. Extermination, however, would immediately stop reproduction of these people and also would allow their personal resources to be confiscated for the German war effort.

Eugenics: Desensitizing People to the Value of Human Life

Of course, eugenic programs of the past and genetic programs of the present do not begin with mass scale slaughter of unwanted people as happened in Germany. They are marketed as benevolent programs that are designed to help people be happy and prosperous. They subtly condition people to believe that the State has a right to control every aspect of their reproduction for the sake of personal happiness.

This belief is then gradually expanded to show that the government has a similar right to control human reproduction for the sake of creating a happy and prosperous society. It progresses from voluntary programs to involuntary programs – from cooperation to mandatory compliance. The techniques of the eugenics movement involve sterilization and death. The objective of preventing reproduction by undesirables was achieved by all means possible.

Each step in the implementation of an eugenics program desensitizes people to the value of human life. It leads people to accept the idea that some people are inferior and others are superior, because of their genetic makeup. It teaches people to give honor to certain people and to submit to a small group of super people who are considered to be the model race. It teaches people to accept sterilization and the killing of the minority to support the needs and goals of the majority. The proposed killing of children up to the age of 5 years old, for example, is an outgrowth of eugenic thinking, because in that mindset there is no hope for the defective children, and the best thing we can do for everyone is to simply eliminate them before they begin to drain society of its precious resources.

First the weakest and most helpless are targeted by eugenicists, and then certain undesirable people, who have “bad genes,� are marked for destruction. This type of population reduction is called systematic depopulation. Depopulation is also called genocide, which is the killing of large groups of people who share a common trait such as ethnic background or religious affiliation.

The Family is not Compatible with the Practice of Eugenics


Eugenicists also will seek to destroy the family structure in order to accomplish their goals. The value and functioning of the family unit consisting of a husband/father, wife/mother and numerous children will be attacked on every front.

This is necessary to break the emotional bonds that tie family members together, and replace it with zealous allegiance to the state. Commitment to the power of the state must be stronger than love and commitment to family members so that defectives in the family can be sterilized or removed without a struggle.

The Existence of God is not Compatible with Eugenics

The-end-kkk-460“The End� Referring to the end of Catholic influence in the US. Klansmen: Guardians of Liberty 1926. Image Source.


There must also be a breaking of affection and commitment to God. Eugenics is incompatible with true religion. Eugenics and the power of the state must rule over people and not the God of the Bible.

Eugenicists understand that one can only serve one master, and their master must be the god and religion of Darwinian Evolution. The moral absolutes of conservative biblical Christianity stand in direct opposition to Darwin’s theory of evolution and the full implementation of eugenic techniques.

The belief that life is a gift from God, and should be cherished and preserved, is incompatible with the outworking of eugenics, which seeks to put life under the authority of a superior class of people and under the authority of the state.

Specific Methods of How Eugenics is Forced Upon Society

Specifically, these are some of the methods that have been used to implement eugenics programs over the past hundred years. Please note how they start with encouragement and voluntary participation, and end up with involuntary means to control and reduce the population.

1. Convince superior human beings to produce more children. The fruit of this strategy would result in a rapid increase in the number of “superior� people and strengthen the “superior� bloodline. In Nazi Germany, breeding centers were established to produce large numbers of superior blond blue-eyed children. Most of these children were conceived outside of marriage and fathered by Nazi officers. [12]

2. Encourage inferior human beings to have fewer children, or discourage them from having children altogether. This would shrink “undesirable� bloodlines and weaken the possible influence on the superior bloodline.

3. Prevent people with certain inferior qualities from marrying superior people. This means to forbid inter-racial marriage, marriage between disabled and non-disabled people, and marriage of superior people with those of undesirable ethnic, religious, or economic position, because they would weaken the bloodline of the superior group.

4. Physically isolate severely deficient people from the greater society by institutionalizing them in the name of providing compassionate care or simply put them into containment camps. This will prevent them from marrying and reproducing.

5. Impose forced sterilization on feebleminded people, criminals, and on other incurable defectives such as alcoholics and paupers, so they cannot pass on their undesirable flaws to another generation.

6. Give people a low cost or no cost opportunity to use contraceptives and/or to choose pre-birth abortion to prevent the birth of disabled children and to prevent babies from being born into poverty.

7. Terminate the lives of defective children and defective elderly adults who are not able to contribute to the greater good of society, or who threaten the economic status of those who have been declared the superior race. Use genetic screening for babies in the womb and abort those who have defective genes.

8. Implement programs that will weaken the reproductive capacity of the population. Vaccines, pesticides, GMO food, highly processed food, antibiotics and other drugs, etc. all are known to have a negative influence on fertility. [13] (Those who are aware of these influences can avoid exposure and protect their fertility.)

9. Implement economic programs that will decrease the buying power of low-income persons, which will place increasing financial pressure on low-income working families, so that they will choose to limit the number of children they produce. [14]

10. Contain or exterminate anyone who resists the use of eugenics and who would threaten the development of the superior human bloodline.

Who is Superior and Who is Not?

Karl-Brandt-Nuremberg-Doctors-Trial-460War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg. Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, 43-year old Karl Brandt. Brandt was also Reich Commissar for Health and Sanitation, and was indicted by the U.S. prosecution with 22 other Nazi doctors. Brandt was found guilty of participating in and consenting to using concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs in horrible medical experiments, supposedly for the benefit of the armed forces. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Image Source.


This question is the key to understanding eugenics. It is also the key for uncovering the deceptions and lies that are used to justify eugenics as a socially advanced way of managing society.

Adolf Hitler and his colleagues decided that it was the Nordic or Aryan bloodlines that were superior to all other bloodlines on the Earth. Thus, Adolf Hitler and others like him were to become the superior bloodline. Those with similar physical characteristics/appearance, emotional functioning, and mental capacities, and those who possessed certain ideological convictions were to become archetypes of humanity. They were to be raised up above all other people and others were to be brought into subjection to them.

Hitler found that the most efficient method of preventing reproduction and discontinuing the negative influence on the Aryan bloodline was to terminate the lives of undesirables. These were the people who threatened the racial superiority of the leaders of the German Third Reich and threatened their economic prosperity and social happiness. Eugenicists always seek to protect their own race, their own ethnic group, their own religion (which is now called Social Darwinism), and their own economic prosperity regardless of the country where they live.

In the view of the German leaders of the Third Reich, even inferiors in their own Aryan race needed to be purged from the bloodline. They saw the Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest in the context of the German war effort. War was a positive force for bloodline purification, not only because it eliminated the “weaker� races which they were attacking, but also because it weeded out the weaker members of their own Aryan race. Hitler was convinced that the strongest people would survive. Nazi Germany, partly for this reason, openly glorified war because it was an important means of eliminating the less fit of the highest race, a step necessary to upgrade the Aryan race. [16]

The Japanese Eugenics Program

Pearl_harbour-460U.S. Battleships in Pearl Harbor bombed by Japanese Aircraft. Image source.


While Hitler’s eugenic program was in full force, a similar program was underway in Japan. The Japanese were actively involved in building up and maintaining a pure Japanese bloodline. They were influenced by American eugenicists and used many of the same techniques that were being used by Hitler. They were trying to keep the Japanese bloodline pure for the same reasons other eugenicists named. [17]

Eugenics Goes Hand in Hand with War

The eugenics programs of Germany and Japan shared several similarities. Both believed that there was a superior race (bloodline) and that bloodline must be preserved to strengthen the power of the state and to preserve the prosperity of society.

Of course, the Germans and the Japanese differed on the matter of which race was to be superior. They both believed that their respective race deserved, and was destined, to dominate the world. They were in agreement that active steps must be taken by government to purify the population, and to prevent superior pure-blooded people from intermarrying with inferior people groups. However, they obviously were in disagreement about which bloodline was superior. Should it be Oriental/Japanese blood or Caucasian/German blood?

Eugenicists have Transformed themselves into “Genetic Scientists”


The massive extermination of human life by the Third Reich of Germany cast a dark shadow over eugenics, and people tried to distance themselves from the word eugenics. However, the movement did not die with the death of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Neither did the eugenics movement die when the word eugenics became unfashionable.

There were several decades of transition during which the language of eugenics was transformed into the new language of human genetics.

After the horrors of Hitler’s eugenics program were brought to light, eugenicists realized that they needed to change their tactics. In 1947 the remnant board of directors of the American Eugenics Society (AES) unanimously agreed, “The time was not right for aggressive eugenic propaganda.� Instead, the AES continued quietly soliciting financial grants from such organizations as the Dodge Foundation, the Rockefeller-funded Population Council, and the Draper Fund for the purpose of proliferating genetics as a legitimate study of human heredity. [18]

In 1959, the leaders of the American Eugenics Society understood that reestablishing eugenics was an uphill battle. A draft address written by the president of the American Eugenics Society, Frederick Osborn, confirmed this when he prepared to speak to his Board of Directors. He outlined the future of eugenics, which included an ambitious campaign of behind-the-scenes genetic counseling, birth control, and university-based medical genetic programs. At the same time, President Osborn conceded that the movement’s history was too scurrilous to gain public support. [19]

We now know that the eugenic theories of the past, which said that human breeding would solve all problems of poverty and illness, was not supported by science or even empirical observation. The eugenics movement was based on faulty assumptions about inheritance, and used incomplete observations of family trees to make conclusions that often falsely labeled people as imbeciles, deficient, or defective. The truth about the science of eugenics is that there was no science to eugenics. What passed for scientific method in the former eugenics movement between 1859 and 1959 did not stand the test of time. [20]

Edwin Black continued with his summary of how eugenics was intentionally transformed into genetics to escape the negative history of the past. He wrote:

In a candid 1965 letter, Osborn wrote, “I started hopefully on this course thirty-five years ago and someday would be glad to tell you all of the steps we took—the work we did, the conferences we held, and the money we put into the then Eugenical News—about $30,000 a year, to propagandize eugenics. It got us nowhere, probably because we did not have the backing of the scientific world.�

Edwin Black wrote:

That same year, after numerous genetic counseling and human heredity programs had been established, Osborn was able to confidently write to Paul Popenoe, “The term medical genetics has taken the place of the term negative eugenics.�

Keeping a low profile had paid off. On April 12, 1965, Osborn wrote a colleague at Duke University somewhat triumphantly, “We have struggled for years to rid the word eugenics of all racial and social connotations and have finally been successful with most scientists, if not with the public.�[21]

Edwin Black describes the completion of the transition:

The face lift of the eugenics movement was completed during the sixties, seventies and eighties. Many entities changed their names. For example, the Human Betterment League of North Carolina changed its name to the Human Genetics League of North Carolina in 1984.

In Britain there were name changes as well. The Annals of Eugenics became the Annals of Human Genetics and is now a distinguished and purely scientific publication. The University College of London’s Galton Chair of Eugenics became the Chair of Genetics. The university’s Galton Eugenics Laboratory became the Galton Laboratory of the Department of Genetics. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Galton Institute. [22]

Insensitivity to Death: Accept Killing as “Necessary� for Advancement of Society

The slippery slope of eugenics rapidly taught people to become insensitive to death. How could the people of Germany become able to tolerate millions of innocent people being killed in the death camps? The answer, I believe, is that they were systematically led, step by step, to accept killing as a necessary reality for the advancement of their people.

Are Americans on the same slippery slope today?

Kevorkian-UCLA-460Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Image source.


Twenty years ago, great numbers of Americans were horrified to hear how Dr. Jack Kevorkian was setting up equipment so that totally disabled or terminally ill people could commit suicide. In 1999 this was a crime and he was convicted of that crime. He served an eight year prison sentence. [23]

Today, several states have legalized physician-assisted suicide, and in the minds of many, physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia is just another medical procedure that is available for those who desire it.

On New Year’s Day 1973, human abortion was completely illegal in most U.S. states and only available in other states for a very limited number of reasons. Even though some strongly objected to the ban, others were truly horrified over the thought of killing babies in the womb.

Three weeks later that all changed when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the prohibition against abortion in Roe versus Wade. Today, abortion on demand is treated as just another medical procedure by most people, even though a small minority still vigorously object to the practice.

In the 40 years that followed the Roe versus Wade decision, over 55 million babies have been aborted in the United States. [24] How many people today are horrified by this statistic?

Our society permits people to terminate the lives of unborn children so that women can have control over their bodies. We permit physicians in some states to assist severely ill patients to commit suicide (euthanasia) so that these patients can have control over their bodies. These “freedoms� are seen as progressive steps that are being used for the “good� of individuals and society.

The problem is that when birth control and death are involved, the rights of certain groups seem to be crushed while the rights of other groups are elevated. Before Roe vs. Wade, the rights of the unborn and the rights of the mother were kept in balance. Today, mothers have nearly all the rights, and children in the womb have almost none. Before Roe vs. Wade, the life of an unborn child was considered to be in the hands of God and should not be tampered with by human intervention. This has now changed, and abortion has become a personal matter, which is up to the decision of the mother.

In a similar way, the time for a terminally ill person’s death was considered to be a sacred matter between that person and God. Physicians were legally and ethically bound to do no harm to a patient. Causing the death of a patient was considered to be harm. Today, the killing of a person who wants to die is no longer seen as “doing harm,� and is now permitted.

When it comes to taking life from others, things always seem to move in a less restrictive direction. Those whose life is taken become a kind of underclass and those who take their lives become a superior class. The rights of the underclass continue to shrink while the rights of the superior class continue to grow.

Going back to the topic of post-birth abortion, which was discussed at the beginning of this article, we see that babies and young children are definitely in the underclass position. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before post-birth abortion during the first week after birth will be accepted and legalized – being seen as the right of parents exercised for the good of society? How long will it be before post-birth abortion up to the age of five will be hailed as a sign of an advanced society that truly cares about the greater good of its members?

Conclusion: Where is Modern Genetics Leading Us?

If our tolerance for the termination of life in the United States continues to increase, then expanded opportunities to take life will follow. Who will be the next group of “defectives� who will be targeted for either repair or extermination? Perhaps it will be people whose only “defect� is that they are poor, are aliens, or are strangers to us and just don’t seem to fit in with social norms.

People may no longer call themselves eugenicists, but the desire to perfect humanity and create a “better� people remains a strong desire in the hearts and minds of many scientists, politicians, and corporations. Many people have never heard the word eugenics, nevertheless, their grumbling words condemn those they do not like. They speak against the existence of certain groups in society and speak about how things would be better if someone would do something about “those people.� Those who refuse vaccines today, for example, are considered a threat to society, and mandatory vaccine laws are being proposed in many states in 2015.

Will modern genetics respond to the grumblers among us, and be the tool that politicians ultimately use to fix the problems in our society? Will its advances be the stimulus that justifies the termination of healthy, but undesirable people in our society? Will modern genetics become the eugenics of our times? What is the dark side of genetics and how is it being used by corporations to create a new class of people in America? These questions and many others regarding modern genetics will be explored in the next article in this series.

Part 2:

Mapping the Genome and Modern Genetics: Eugenics Repackaged for Modern Times


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Preface by: TLB

For the uninitiated who will see this type of information for the first time and chalk it up to conspiracy … we strongly urge you to read through the article and the associated links. Just because information is made available to you in a blatant (in your face) fashion, and may make you uncomfortable, is not a good reason to doubt its validity, or dismiss it out of hand.

What you will read below is discussed or touched on in many articles in a fringe fashion (not so blatantly), and many of the concepts and accusations are somewhat familiar to most of you on at least some basic level.

If you take what TLB has shown you via this article and radio show,

Dr. Ngare Exposes WHO & UNICEF Tyranny on Developing World to TLB in an Exclusive Must Hear Interview

Please listen by clicking on the TLB Radio Network Logo …

TLB radio

Exposing the hidden agenda of intentional and criminal sterilization of millions of African women, and tens of millions more in developing (poor) third world countries, under the guise of benevolent vaccines … then what you are about to read is merely an extension of the same albeit much more blatant.

Please keep an open mind and read on …


UN WHO File Reveals Dual Purpose of Vatican Eugenics Vaccines

UN WHO file titled “Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends� exposes the true dual purpose of eugenics vaccines. Profiteering ($100 billion marketing goal) from Vatican UN/WHO genocide.

The file provides incriminating evidence and financial motive for Vatican UN WHO criminal acts of terrorism, bioterrorism, mass murder and genocide.  The Crown (corporate entity for the reigning Pope) created UN (formed to build Vatican Fourth Reich/NWO)  and WHO (formed to continue Vatican Nazi Third Reich Eugenics program) intentionally disseminate viruses (Ebola, E. Coli, Meningitis, Polio) in sparsely populated areas (controlled groups) to terrorize (exploit human fear) the World into getting vaccinated and sick. Terrorism is used by the UN and WHO to intentionally create fear and trick billions of people into being sterilized and poisoned by UN WHO marketed “ethnic� bioweapon vaccines.

There are an estimated 7 billion people living on Earth today.  In order for the Vatican and the Pope (the Crown) to profit and acquire the $100 billion projected marketing goal stated in the UN WHO “Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends� file, every person on Earth would have to be vaccinated.  To achieve the Vatican UN WHO eugenics vaccines goal the news media are paid to instill fear in the World’s population by circulating apocryphal (false) stories of non-existing viral pandemics for Ebola, E. Coli, meningococci B Meningitis, Polio, smallpox, AIDS (triggered by WHO laced smallpox vaccine), H1N1 (the Venezuelan equine encephalitis taken and disseminated from US Army Fort Detrick Maryland biological weapon research lab by bioweapon expert Marc S Griswold and flown to Mexico aboard Obama’s Air Force One April 16, 2009), H5N1 (lab mutation of the DNA sequence of a gene of the H1N1 virus), MERS (lab mutated H5N1 virus by biological weapon terrorist Ron Fouchier) viruses.

The Vatican tasked the World Bank (Vatican established and controls it and the UN WHO) to force the governments of every country in the World, including Canada, the 1871 Crown Corporation UNITED STATES and the Jan1, 1855 est Crown (Pope) Corporation “City of London Corporation� UK to implement policies to carry out the Vatican (and the Crown/Pope) genocidal depopulation agenda.  The UN World Bank’s “World Development Report 1984� p.146 and p. 22 “Step to reduce fertility� confirms that the UN and the WHO are implementing the Vatican’s genocidal depopulation agenda using nonsurgical chemical sterilization vaccines. In the 1972 UN WHO memo Virus-associated immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease the WHO calls for development of virus-induced immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections. Live virus laden vaccines were developed to do just that – “induce immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections�.

Prolonging induced virus infections has one purpose – profiteering through costly “treatment�.  There is no profit to be made by the Vatican and the Crown (the Pope) if vaccines were developed to “prevent� or “cure� viral infections.  Vaccines were developed to cause healthy people to become sterile and mortally ill. Vaccines are “for profit� manufactured bioweapons that disseminate live viruses and poisons throughout the world.


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Does your government love you? Will it protect you through the tough economic times ahead?

Does your government love you? Will it protect you through the tough economic times ahead?

Or, will those who are viewed as burden to society suffer the same fate as a unwanted dog in a humane shelter?

Or, will those Americans who are viewed as a burden to society, suffer the same fate as an unwanted dog in a humane shelter?

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

China’s stock market is failing along with the sell out of the Greek people and the collapse of their economy. In Greece, it is merely a matter of time until the entire country goes up in flames and results in a civil war. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The “civilized world� as we know it, is in an undeniable economic meltdown.

With regard to the present set of economic circumstances, the pattern in history is always the same:

1. The government anticipates an economic meltdown. When they cannot spend their way out of the impending depression, they move to the next predictable step.

2. The government, fearful of civil unrest directed at them over the economic failures of their nation, begin to erase all civil liberties and frequently disarm the people in a move motivated by self-preservation. An unmistakable police state type of government emerges and the people live in fear.

3. Just prior to the economic collapse, government goon squads “remove� dissident leaders and others who may follow them. “See something, Say something� snitch, snatch and grab practices are enforced by the self-appointed Gestapo of that society. Frequently, a false flag event is carried out and is blamed on the targets of the purge, thus, gaining temporary acceptable from those citizens who just hope to be left alone.

4. When Jade Helm type of dissident leader extractions fail to quell the growing sense of public unrest, wholesale roundups and subsequent exterminations take place.

This four step descent into abject and genocidal tyranny is precisely where the modern nations are headed. All nations, in the modern era, will soon walk this path and produce the darkest days the planet has ever witnessed.

The emergence of secret police, the erasure of civil liberties, deaths squad executions of perceived dissident leaders, and mass roundups and executions of the masses of people that are no longer needed, or who will not comply, are carried out. America, ask yourself, what is the purpose of the NDAA and Executive Order 13603?

Spain and Italy Will Soon Go the Way of Greece

Demonstrators with their mouths taped sit outside the Spanish parliament during a protest against Spanish government's new security law in central Madrid, Spain, early July 1, 2015. Spanish government's new security law, which toughens fines for unauthorised street protests, comes into effect July 1. Critics consider it a violation of the right to protest and a limit to free expression and have labeled it "Ley Mordaza" (Gag Law). REUTERS/Juan Medina - RTX1IIKE

Demonstrators with their mouths taped sit outside the Spanish parliament during a protest against Spanish government’s new security law in central Madrid, Spain, early July 1, 2015. Spanish government’s new security law, which toughens fines for unauthorized street protests, comes into effect July 1. Critics consider it a violation of the right to protest and a limit to free expression and have labeled it “Ley Mordaza� (Gag Law). REUTERS/Juan Medina – RTX1IIKE

The New York Times reports that under a new Spanish law that went into effect on July 1, citizens can be fined the equivalent of almost $700 for insulting an officer, over $33,000 for recording and disseminating images of police officers, and more than $664,000 for participating in an unauthorized protest outside government buildings.

The law covers Internet surfing and I want to specifically point to portions of the law which target illegal downloading, habitual access of websites that allegedly promote terrorism, and violent protest. Didn’t the Obama administration grant themselves the same censorship powers with the implementation of Net Neutrality?

The Common Sense Show will soon be banned in Spain and viewers could be punished, at least according to emails I have received from Spain. Additionally, Spanish citizens can no longer report police brutality or protest outside the Spanish legislature. Nazi Germany has once again returned to Spain. The message in Spain is clear, “you may not protest against tyranny�. The Spanish government is telling the people what is coming. The same could be said about the United States.

At the heart of the Spanish law, a blind man could see that the intent is to squash all criticism of the government. Why? Because Spain’s economy is on the verge of collapse and will soon become the next Greece. Italy will follow Greece and then we will see the wholesale collapse of the EU.

The typical pattern in world history is that when an economic collapse is anticipated, civil liberties, including gun ownership are erased. This has become a typical pattern in Europe since the global economic meltdown of 2008. Following the evisceration of civil liberties, mass detention centers are planned for and built. Europe is no exception to that rule. In fact, most modern nations have followed in the footsteps of this past practice with regard to an economic collapse including the construction of what we in America call, FEMA camps.

Jade Helm and FEMA Camps Have Gone International

The UK’s economy is failing and the conditions are so bad, that Scotland unsuccessfully tried to break away.

In response to a failing economy, the UK has taken definitive steps to prevent any citizen protests with regard to the loss of civil liberties. Dictatorial control goes hand in hand with an economic collapse. In the UK, citizen protest are largely banned. And when we see the suspension of civil liberties in anticipation of an economic collapse, can FEMA camps be far behind?

Contents from the following email was sent to me several weeks ago, twice by different people and was also posted the following on Godlike Productions.

Dear Dave

Is Jade Helm 15 taking place outside the United States? The reason I ask is because I have, for a long time, wondered WHY a local shopping mall near me on the edge of town, (In the UK) … had what looked like 3 strange little towers on each corner. They seems to serve no purpose because they had shuttered windows on each 3 sides which were always closed, never used. Almost looked sealed, and decorative.

The penny dropped the other day. After watching all the Jade Helm/ Wal Mart vids on youtube …. I realised there was a good possibility that this mall near me could be used as a holding centre or detention camp of some sort, like the Wal Marts in the US.

The 3 three little towers are positioned so that they overlooked all the car parks and grounds on all sides.
All that is needed is a razor wire fence and voila – the mind boggles…

Another strange thing ….. there is another supermarket on the opposite edge of town which is a weird shape with a gold roof shaped like a pyramid or triangle from the air.

It has only recently finished being constructed.
I asked a workman why the cafe within the supermarket was so badly located and designed and pointed out other design flaws which the general public were talking about ….. to which he replied, � Oh none of that really matters – they, Asda, only have the use of this building for 3 years – then – who knows? “

supermarket 1

supermarket 2

supermarket 3

Australia Moves to Subjugate Its People

Regardless of the country, concentration camps always look the same.

Regardless of the country, concentration camps always look the same.

The Australian economy is also failing. And what do governments do when their economies are about to fail? The subjugate the people. And as we see in Greece, Spain, and the UK, we are also witnessing the same in Australia. As a consequence, as Australia’s economy falters, the government is passing increasingly restrictive laws which are eroding civil liberties including the loss of the right to own a firearm, the last protection a citizenry has to prevent abject terror from being carried out against the people by the government. And of course the obvious question remains, does the Australian government have FEMA detention camps? The answer is an unqualified yes! Click here to read a frightening account of how FEMA went to Australia and instructed the government on how to construct FEMA camps.

Logan’s Run

The world is largely being run by individuals, who, in one way or another, subscribe to a Fabian socialist belief system which basically calls for the extermination of anyone who is not “useful and productive� to a society. Fabian socialists believe that when an individual or group no longer serves the purpose of the elite, that their lives have lost meaning and they should be exterminated. We saw this theme played out in the 1976 movie entitled, Logan’s Run.

In the movie, Logan's Run, when one reaches age 30, an implanted chip turns red and the person is exterminated.

In the movie, Logan’s Run, when one reaches age 30, an implanted chip turns red and the person is exterminated. In the movie, Logan’s Run, when one reaches age 30, an implanted chip turns red and the person is exterminated.

logans run 2In some future time set forth by the movie, the Logan’s Run population had to seek refuge in a dome to protect what was left of humanity. However, the size of the population had to be controlled to prevent overpopulation on the inside. As time went on, and unknown to the people, the conditions of planet had once again become habitable. The people were kept ignorant of this fact. The purveyors of the perverted society kept executing people when they reached 30. This movie exemplified the Fabian Socialism mantra which decrees that when a person is no longer productive in the eyes of the ruling authority, they should be exterminated. Make no mistake about it, the planet that we inhabit is being run by people who very much subscribe to this belief system. After all, do you see ANY evidence that your government loves you and will protect through the emerging crisis?  Of course not, the government has responded to the coming crisis by putting massive amounts of troops on the streets of America in a drill we refer to as Jade Helm 15.

Preparing to rid America of useless eaters.

Preparing to rid America of useless eaters. Preparing to rid America of useless eaters is certainly one way to “master the human domain�.

The Useless Eaters Need to Be Eliminated

"We don't need you anymore" and a large segment of the American population is no longer needed by the elite ruling class. We have 92 million working age Americans fully employed. In contrast, we have 102 million working age Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. What use do these Fabian Socialists have for these people? These conditions are the breeding ground for genocide.

“We don’t need you anymore” and a large segment of the American population is no longer needed by the elite ruling class. We have 92 million working age Americans fully employed. In contrast, we have 102 million working age Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. What use do these Fabian Socialists have for these people? These conditions are the breeding ground for genocide. Globalist, Henry Kissinger, says “We don’t need you useless eaters anymore.â€? A large segment of the American population is no longer needed by the elite ruling class because they no longer produce anything needed by the ruling class. We have 92 million working age Americans fully employed. In contrast, we have 102 million working age Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. One in six Americans are on Food Stamps. What use do the ruling elite, Fabian Socialists, have for these people? These conditions are the breeding ground for genocide.

Is this why Sherrie Wilcox found these outside of Atlanta?

Sherrie Wilcox discovery of FEMA coffins 50 miles outside of Atlanta.

Sherrie Wilcox discovery of FEMA coffins 50 miles outside of Atlanta.


You would have to be a complete fool if you believe your government serves you and is concerned for your welfare. The government, as do all governments serve the elite. Since more than 50% of all Americans are no longer needed in the eyes of the elite, do you really think your government isn’t going to “trim the fat�?

Steve QuayleSpeaking of trimming the fat, is there anywhere that you and your family could run to and relative safety? This Sunday (July 19th) from 8pm-10:30pm (Eastern), Steve Quayle will appear on The Common Sense Show to discuss this very question.


TLB recommends you visit Dave at The Common Sense Show for more pertinent articles and information.

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Rabbit+Hole 2

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

What you are about to delve into is a wake up call of the first magnitude, and a trip so far down the rabbit hole we may need to pump you sunshine! The resources provided in this multimedia article spans the historical, financial, imperialistic, and social concepts that have shaped our turbulent worlds recent history.

What is the New World Order, its goals and mechanisms of accomplishment?

How ingrained is the tyranny humanity suffers, and what is yet to come?

As we approach the pinnacle of treason and tyranny across this planet today, what must we do merely to survive?

This is one of the most comprehensive presentations TLB has offered to date, and the message is …

“Ignorance is by far our worst enemy, and knowledge or understanding will at least give us a fighting chance”.

Please read on …


Corporate control

YOU Are the 100th Monkey – America / World, You Must Unlearn & Re-educate If We Are to Fix the Problem & Survive!

By TLB Contributor: Paul James

Before I get going here – let us consider this quote from John Swinton (1829–1901) Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher, and orator.:

“There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 a month for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

The reason i wanted you to read the above before getting in to the meat and potatoes of the following article is because for those of you that are new to what is being presented here – much of what you are about to read will challenge your belief systems. The term given to this is cognitive dissonance.

Most Americans still believe that the global news media is staffed by truth warriors! Sadly this is not the case! The truth warriors of today are people like me, the army of bloggers who do this for the love of humanity and our world and what it will be when the parasites are put out to pasture. Many still sadly believe that their politicians would have revealed these details to you a long time ago. The fact is they are all bought and paid for the moment they arrive in their shiny new offices!

Sadly – as you read above – the reporter did us all a favor by ending his career by telling us the truth about what to expect of the bought and paid for Global News Media and the politicians (I note poly-tic is akin to many blood sucking insects). Today – the news media is even more controlled than it was back when that quote was first published!

The following interview with Ken o”Keefe shows the lunacy of the crap we are being fed by the NWO talking heads today! He does a wonderful job on calling them out on their propaganda and lies! If only everyone could see so clearly then this insanity would be over by morning! Nobody would give their energy or time to support the Psychopaths any longer: This is someone that has seen through the lies and propaganda that we have all been fed by the NWO puppet masters these past hundred years or more:

In fact – as you will see below – a few links below prove that the lame-stream media today is nothing more than a puppet of the NWO – a Propaganda machine used to justify genocide of women and children as with the NYT story exposed below! Another article below exposes film from Greece being used to suggest the people of Moscow were rioting over their distaste with Putin! Again – yes – more NWO lies!

Global Genocide

Explanation NWO:

Historic Organizations, The New World Order

Of course – my favorite – the NWO BBC saying Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes ago – stated on camera as building 7 then collapsed through a planned demolition. This exposed absolute culpability of the NWO media in the planning and execution of 911. You can be sure building 7 was mission control for the ZIONazi demolition of the twin towers! Logic would suggest that they torched it to cover up the evidence of their crimes against humanity! How these bastards have not been rounded up by the global military loyal to We the People is utterly and totally beyond me! There must be a few good men left out there that joined the military to truly protect our unalienable rights and what they were told America stood for: Justice, Truth, Liberty, Freedom and Independence!

NWO BBC Building 7 downed 20 mins earlier:

911 The Government conspiracy Theory  – A reminder:

Hitler said it best –

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

Adolf Hitler

As to the cognitive dissonance, here is an explanation of it:

The dictionary tells us that cognitive dissonance is “a feeling of discomfort that comes from holding two contradictory ideas at the same time.”

For example, after 911 the government insists the two buildings fell because they were hit by subsonic aluminum tubes, when every fact tells us the buildings were professionally demolished, a feat that would taken meticulous planning and months of back breaking work. That a third building was not even struck by a plane and yet it fell as if it were professionally demolished while the BBC were filming it saying it had fallen down 20 minutes previously! I know you can not make this stuff up! Lets us not even get in to what was supposed to have happened on 911 at the Pentagon!

UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC For 9-11 WTC 7 Cover Up (Video)

So despite all the obvious evidence and tens of thousand of professionals pulling apart the government conspiracy theory… the government is saying to mind controlled Americans –  “Believe what I tell you; not what you see!”

Mind controlled Americans accepted the government conspiracy theory rather than government and its co-conspirators planted demolitions in the towers, detonated the buildings and killed 3000 Americans in cold blood on 911. A plan hatched to accelerate the creation of a ZIONazi totalitarian state as the foundation to then enslave the rest of the world under a New World Order – an Orwellian Nightmare – a  global slave plantation operated for the benefit of a few thousand Psychopaths! That to bring this about it deliberately traumatized a nation and the world and then murdered millions in the middle east in pre-planned wars.

This is still to much for most of the American people to accept for it would require that proud Americans would have to throw away every lie that has been fed to them their entire lives. It would bring in to question every other event and act stated by government. It would immediately  end their illusion of what it was to be American and what the de facto UNITED STATES government really was. For those that have made the leap – they now know the UNITED STATES and its NWO partners have a created a Terrorist Monster the likes that the world has never seen before!  That this agenda has been long in the making and that the pasterns of lies fed to the American public are nothing new:

PROPAGANDA – professional liars – Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists, Israel, United States, Canada, Britain

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

In the same vein, here is what author Michel Chossudovsky plainly points out about ISIS in the article –

The ISIS-US Empire – Their Unholy Alliance Fully Exposed

Let’s be perfectly clear. The United States is not actually at war with ISIS. As Global Research director, economist and author Michel Chossudovsky plainly points out recently, Obama is simply waging “a fake war� against the Islamic State forces, putting on another propaganda show for mainstream media to keep his flock of American sheeple asleep in echo-chambered darkness. With a mere cursory review of recent historical events, one can readily realize that virtually everything Big Government tells us is happening in the world, you can bet is a boldface lie.

American Terrorism

This same argument is true of Americans ability to accept all of what are labelled conspiracy theories today. For instance chemtrails or what Ted Gunderson used to call Death Dumps – that their beloved government is dumping biological nano sized – weaponized poisons on the American people with a range of military, commercial and contracted aircraft 24/7 365 days a year to kill off millions of Americans and to take control food and water production! Or that it is deliberately harming / genociding Americans through forced vaccines and poison in the drinking supply – all of which is a fact.

The News: Mind Control Through “Cognitive Dissonance�

Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Lives

Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela

So how did we get here and where is here?

Today a de facto corporation controlled by a foreign criminal Cabal (shadow foreign government) runs the UNITED STATES Corp. c.1871. It does not have a lawful chain of title back to the lawful republic created under the Declaration of Independence or the perpetual Union of 1781. The later created Lawfully in equity under the Articles of Confederation.  The UNITED STATES runs the American Union as a de facto government and it is a private for profit fiefdom operating absolutely outside of the Organic laws that founded this country.

In terms of an Imperial power –  it would not be un-accurate to say that the UNITED STATES today has morphed in to the fascist 4th Reich. To better understand this statement research  ‘Operation Paperclip’ after reading here:

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

I will also point out – the foreign DC based UNITED STATES Municipal Corp. created in 1871 is unlawfully ruling over the people of the Free and Independent Union States using legal trickery. It is a de-facto government (a government by force not of lawful right!)  juggernaut that is strewn with symbols denoting fascism and the occult as every One Dollar Federal Reserve Debt Note Reveals. The stark evidence today is that we now live under a fascist state – that is becoming increasingly totalitarian and inwardly focused as more and more people realize – this nation was overthrown from within through a process of gradualism and its people USED and lied to about everything. I do mean EVERYTHING!:


Is the U.S. a Fascist Society? Fascism is a Political Economic Structure Which Serves Corporate Interests

Also search: Google Images: symbols+of+fascism+in+the+UNITED+STATES

Those nations not in the NWO US corp. Rothschild – Corp. of London – Vatican slavery club yet are North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba!. All other Nations are under the NWO Rothschild/Cabal Central banking slavery system! In 2000 the list of those not in the slavery club included – Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran. You will remember many of these nations were labelled by the ZIONazi Bush family as the Axis of Evil!

The controlled US Corp. puppet nations of the world – most listed as corporations on the New York Stock, are best thought of as corporate plantations. The UNITED STATES Corporate plantations also includes the 50 states of the Union – which were organized by the de facto government as Federal Overlays – which are merely subsidiary corporations of the UNITED STATES DC Municipal Corp. If you live in America – you were in effect legally lifted off the land and made into corporate chattel (debt slave) of one of these Sub Corporations. This process is what enabled the cabal to rope you in to there scheme of fraud and salvery that they then exported across the planet using the US War and Media machine!

All plantations of the world are today ran as something akin to factory farms – for the benefit of the Cabal Elite families acting as receivers of the Bankrupt UNITED STATES Corp (or your bankrupted country depending on where you live). The statists running the show regard the people of each plantation as nothing more than a farm animal (chattel – a human labor resource unit to be managed like cattle on a farm). The system is designed to extract as much labor from each of the Human resource units as is possible throughout life. It collects the biggest pay out at our deaths!

The produce of each farm is harvested away in property and cash, siphoned away through legal  actions under color of office and color of law (FRAUD) at the hands of BAR agents (British Accredited Registry – a Franchise operating under the CROWN, Corp of London) or through other licensing frauds. The BILLS and licensing, registration schemes creates funds that are fed in to  what is known as the CAFR accounts (Consolidated Annual Financial Records) wonderfully exposed by the dedicated work of Walter Burien. To understand how this scam works watch and read the following:

Corporate Nation – full length:

CAFR Exposed – Excerpt: The impact of looking Qualifies the “Scope and Size” of what has been taking place right under the public’s nose every single day for the last 80 years as the Public was masterfully Entertained into total distraction while a complete VOID was maintained for not a cognitive thought to be generated in the public’s cognitive thinking. This was done with the full cooperation of the syndicated media, controlled education, both of the primary political parties, for not a peep or mention.


The Story of Your Enslavement:

A criminal cabal controlling the world – CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers, Tax Exempt Foundations: Stunning expose of TEF:

… are behind all wars and acts of terror across the world over. Almost every event from the sinking of the Titanic to 911 was a staged event designed to get this group of Psychopaths nearer to their end goal of creating a one world government. The cabal is believed to be no more than 300 families that have been steering world events for perhaps more than 2000 years!

See here – Targeting Vets: Veteran’s Database Matches – JADE HELM and the bigger picture! to understand how this happened.
Those costumed in ISIS colors or DC Foreign De facto US Corporation ARMY/NAVY/USAF/ Sheriffs/Police to ticket collectors or those walking the halls in DC – or your local court house – are ALL mind controlled robots ultimately working for the same parasite criminal cartel – death cult – that is running this world in to the ground. I say robots because theses statists do not have the intelligence to question the lies that they are fed or the orders they are given! The power of the paycheck is an amazing way to get mind controlled slaves to destroy their fellow man and steal from them! The robots do not realize they are building their own prison!


If you have not read it – check this out from Larken Rose –


Whether they know it or not the deluded statists working for these entities are working for the enemy of the Free World and against their own life interests and national interests!

I say costume – because unless these individuals occupy offices of a lawful government, then they are simply corporate ACTORS pretending to be lawful de jure officers which is a felony offence The reality is they are not acting for an office that is ‘of, by and for the people’ or are they properly bonded or oathed to uphold the Organic laws of this nation.  These individuals are just actors / mercenaries working for the NWO gang of psychopaths with as much legitimacy to evict people from a home as a Mc Donalds hamburger flipper!

The only challenge for the rest of us is these Hamburger Flippers have been given a gun a tazzer by their NWO employers and told that they have a license to kill and their crimes will not be challenged!  These men and women in costume are for the most part now acting as lawless tyrants and 99% do not know it and would swear to you that they are acting within the law! Their best excuse is – I am just doing my job! Of course – that did not work for those saying the same at the Nuremberg trials!

Here is further exposure of some key facts that every American should know:

35 Things The Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know


As further examples of how far this nation’s de facto machinery has traveled off legitimate tracks – look here:

American Terrorism 1

“CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Is A Fabrication” ~ article and video by Sean Adl-Tabatabai published June 18, 201.An ex-CIA agent reveals on national television that radical Islam has never existed, and that Al-qaeda is a total fabrication, aimed at scaring the masses into going to war.Author Michael Scheuer used to head the CIA department’s ‘Bin Laden unit’ and worked with the agency for 20 years, before leaving in 2004 to write the book “Through Our Enemies’ Eyes“.He says that the Bush administration needed a lawful reason to go to war in Iraq, and so used Al-qaeda as their excuse through the act of creating them. He claims the CIA paid Jamal al Fadl, former associate of Osama bin Laden, hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to verify the government’s story of the fictional “Al-qaedaâ€? group.



Make no mistake  – if you do not want to see the streets of America looking like the streets of Palestine strewn with children’s blood stained bodies then you had better start understanding who the real criminals are that took control of the Free and Independent The United States of America and the 50 Sates, the world and ultimately you and yours. You need to better understand what was done to America while her people were sleeping at the wheel and swallowing the cool aid fed to them through their mind programming units (TV)!

Terrorists in America today wield a pen – not a gun – they work for National – State and Local government, law enforcement, banking, Mainstream media and the legal professions! They have been dumbed down to believe in the biggest lies ever told humanity! Especially that the laws and codes of the District of Columbia directed by the CROWN in London, that are being UNLAWFULLY foisted on Americans today are LAWFUL and that they reflect the ORGANIC laws upon which this nation was founded! They do not! Statists have dumbed down statists who in turn are used to violate the people of America ultimately to steal our money tokens, our energy (in the form of property) and rights in utter violation of the founding laws upon which this nation was founded! Those that point this out or other crimes of the cabal are set upon or worse by the NWO parasites engaged in the system!

Example. Ted Gunderson – poisoned and murdered for exposing 911 and Chemtrails – Death-dump genocide program:


Also note – a large number of microbiologists have been having very many accidents of late:

The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists


Dead Scientists DO Tell Tales

Dead Scientists 2004-2015

America since the end of the 1800’s has been under Psychological warfare manufactured by an enemy within.


Everything you have been told by its puppet masters is a lie designed to manipulate you so that you will freely give of your life energy to their cause – which is the creation of a NWO that will enslave humanity in an Orwellian nightmare!

The US Corp. c. 1871 (and likely your de facto government puppets whereever you may live in the world)  has worked to get the populations of the world to believe in the most lunatic of ideas – IE for America – that the people of America are Free and Independent when its money since 1913 has been OWNED and operated by a FOREIGN Khazarian – Jewish banking cartel; or that Iraq had some connection to 911!  That the courts across America are courts plying ORGANIC LAW and justice (they are all illegal Administrative Private for profit tribunals according to a US Federal Judge:

Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years

That America – is the greatest nation on earth even when the U.S. Corp declared that every American is an Enemy of the State in 1933 and through this mechanism subjects every American to a Martial Court process as an enemy belligerent where they have no unalienable rights!  Do also note that The US Corporation  does not allow the people of this nation to OWN ANYTHING since March 9th  1933 and the people do not know this to this day!


To understand how this was achieved – Your Name (First Last) was created as a Sole Corp through the filing of a Birth Certificate (created by acts created by the US Corp. c. 1871) and the US Corp receivers owns your name – you do not own it – you are responsible for paying its taxes but you do not own the property held and registered in its name. This may help explain part of the scam – Meet your strawman:

The actors in government (those not LAWFULLY bonded, oathed etc) have managed to get the people of American to believe the government in power in America today represents the Organic foundations that created the Organic The United States of America.  The act that created the Federal Government that cannibalized America – today  is still in force! It is the reason why American fuhrers have been running the nation under Emergency War Powers since 1863 when they were first enacted during the civil war when the States of the South rightly refused to accept terms of a bankruptcy demand for the monopolistic money powers being prostituted against them by the US states of the North!


The Government has made the people believe that it actors care about the people even though Government made the people (US PERSON to be precise) an enemy of the State in 1933 under the TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT – War and Emergency Powers and has been systematically engaged in genocide of America and the world for at least a hundred years. This treachery is evident through  – poisons in water (Fluoride) – GMO’s – tainted vaccines designed to shorten life,  not improve it – energy weapons (ELF – GWEN – Microwave) – Weather wars – HAARP – Chemtrails (Death-dumps) and most repugnant of all – SLAVERY of every American since 1933 for the pleasure of the Cabal FOREIGN psychopathic bankstas. To understand more of the plot research Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars, Report from Iron Mountain, protocols-of-the-learned-elders-of-zion et al. See the top menu links at the top of this page:—genocide.html

Those in power today are operating far outside the organic foundations of this nation that you could ever be! The rulers here have created a nation of 300+ million mind controlled debt slaves.  The OWNERS use the energy of this population to feed and create a NWO such that it could dominate the planet! The model has been so successful for the elite that it is what led to Russia  Copying it and China doing the same! The Free range farming model seems to work well for the Cabal – it is not working out so well for the People or the planet.

The acts of treason described herein have been enacted in plain site and engineered since the beginning of this nation. America was finally fully enslaved on March 9th 1933 under the Emergency Banking Relief Act which is when FDR handed America’s titles (legal not equitable) to the US Corp. and all generations of people by legal trickery (US Persons) on a plate to the Psychopaths historically known as the Monopolistic Money Powers that had just bankrupted the top 25 nations in the treaties of Geneva between 1927 – 1932 (US 1993)…

We now have the most depraved – corrupt – insane – psychopathic individuals running America and the world that the District of Criminals – Rothschild – Crown Corporation of London – cabal money could buy! This little video from the Pentagon will demonstrate how insane and dangerous these statiists have become:

FunVax: Fundamentalist Vaccine
Pentagon Video, Document Reveal Aerial Vaccination Plan

The well stated plans of the NWO is to terminate you and yours!

The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Explained

Report From Iron Mountain

AIDS Virus created by the US DoD

Secret Government Experiments on the American People from the Whiteout Press Timeless Section

April 9th 2013 – Chemtrail-deathdump secret agenda exposed at the EU Parliament. NOTE THE LACK OF DISCUSSION AT US INC HQ, US Inc (so called) People Houses and in the NWO lame-stream media (now controlled by less than 5 companies ALL part of the 4th Reich OWO agenda)…

Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidstones

Unless a significant percentage of humanity wake up and stop them – they will eliminate most of the global population. The true reason for this is not because the planet cannot support the population – but because the Cabal NWO can not any longer control a all knowing ever conscous enlightened global population that will not be controlled by parasites any longer.

Note that US military Industrial Complex Predicts the population America 2025 – 64M – down from 300M today! See here: Note, CROWN Corp – is FOREIGN to ENGLAND as is DC to TUSA and Vatican to Italy!

Now please go and do your homework and stop feeding the system that enslaved you and is planning an an early demise for you and yours! Stop paying the beast and supporting her! EVERYTHING you have been told by its talking heads is a lie! It manufactured all wars – all terrorist acts – to enslave you and to get you to submit to ever tightening control systems in which you have NO RIGHTS! It is responsible for the California drought – floods in Texas and Oklahoma and across the East. It created Fukushima and the Gulf Oil false flag and it deliberately the De-industrialized America to lay waste to it.

It wants to try and turn American in to a basket case like it has done other parts of the world. It is actively destroying the fabric of America today which includes the destruction of the Industrial base, the family, its moral traditions, the community, farming, rural communities and most obviously the nation knowledge of where we came from and why!  The attack on the Confederate flag is just another example of this! It wants to destroy your physical health and well being!

You and the nation are being fed poisons manufactured by life destroying entities like mon-satan. Why are other countries banning the products of this life destroying cult and yet the US Corp. in DC instead has their former chief executive of mon-satan sitting at the cabinet table in the White House making policy that will be forced upon you and yours!

In analyzing the evidence of the powers that have been used to overthrow the America Republic and our law form from the beginning, one can see a common thread which can best be described as a ZIONist conspiracy evident in everything from the Rothschild/Vatican control of the global banking system starting with the take over of the Bank of England, Bank of France and the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The control of the Corporation of London and the establishment of the BAR which was used to overthrow American system of Equity/Common Law based on the English Common Law / Special Equity. We can see this same clan of individuals in the creation of Israel and all the ensuing troubled in the middle east. We have seen their hand in 911 and other false flag events. More glaringly obvious is that we can see the same hand controlling Both of the peoples houses, virtually every Major American Industry – especially banking, media, entertainment and the legal professions. Of course this is no accident! This state of affairs was planned and orchestrated a long time ago!


GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SURRENDER. “The confession of General Cornwallis to General Washington at Yorktown has been well hidden by historians.

“Jonathan Williams recorded in his LEGIONS OF SATAN, 1781, that Cornwallis revealed to Washington that “a holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown.” Cornwallis went on to explain what would seem to be a self contradiction: “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.” And indeed George Washington himself was a Mason, and he gave back through a false religion what he had won with his army.”

“Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of world catastrophe that would be universal and that unrest would continue until mind control could be accomplished through a false religion. What he predicted has come to pass. A brief sketch of American religious history and we have seen Masonry infused into every church in America With their veiled Phallic religion. Darby and the Plymouth Brethren brought a Jewish Christianity to America. Masons Rutherford and Russell started Jehovah Witnesses’ Judaism which is now worldwide with their message of the divine kingdom. Mason Joseph Smith started Mormon Judaism with its Jewish teaching of millennialism. At the turn of the twentieth century there appeared the Scofield Bible with a Jewish interpretation of the prophecies. With wide use of this “helpful” aid all the American churches have silently become synagogues. We now have Baptist Jews, Methodist Jews, Church of God Jews, apostate Catholic Jews, and many Protestant Jews throughout America. We are aliens in our own country because of false religion. All are praying for divine deliverance into that “Divine Government” which Cornwallis knew to be the British Empire. A false religion has been used to deceive us into allegiance to our enemies of Yorktown and Bunker Hill. No! Not a gun has been fired but the invisible and malignant process of conquering America with the Jew’s religion has gone on unabated. The Union Jack has been planted in our hearts with religious deception. All has happened “legally,” “constitutionally,” “freely” and completely within our most sacred trust — our churches. Religious deception is painless innoculation against truth. It cannot be removed from the conscience with surgery, yet it is the motivator of our actions and directly controls our lives. Once man gives over to false religion, he is no longer rational because he originates no thought. His life is controlled by whomever controls his religion.”

“The veil of false religion is the sword of Damocles and its power to control humanity defies even the imagination of tyrants who use it.”

“This is not to say that George Washington was a traitor willingly, or knowingly. He was beguiled into a Satanic religious order that insidiously controls men’s minds. So have American statesmen and military leaders down through the years given aid and allegiance to the enemies of the United States because they did not have knowledge of the invisible subterfuge that stalks this land. My eyes were opened the day my colleague from Ohio handed me Wagner’s FREEMASONRY AN INTERPRETATION. If every American would read it, they would no longer ask why and how it has happened.”

Given by Senator Joseph McCarthy, six months before his mouth was closed forever. End of quote from GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SURRENDER.

Now – the original 13th Amendment to the Organic constitution of the The United States of America banned anyone serving a foreign power. Under the original 13th amendment nobody could have been a dual national or BAR attorney and served in a public office. You could argue that the Corporate constitution of 1871 was rewritten to ex out this amendment for if it were in place none of the acts of treason that have been perfected against the republic could have been acted because nobody could have been placed in public office that was serving either Israel or the CROWN over the sacred foundations of the Organic American Republic.

More on that topic can be found here:

How to undo the planned DESTRUCTION of The United states republic by foreign interests (the enemy within) – with only a pen:

Israeli control

Duel Nationals:

Dual Citizenship – Loyal to Whom! List of Politicians with Israeli Duel Citizenship

At the start of the 114th Congress Members of Congress that are lawyers are 160 of the House of Representatives’ 435 seats and 53 of the Senate’s 100.

If the original 13th amendment were still in place – NO ONE acting as a BAR attorney or duel national could hold a public office!

ORIGINAL U.S.A. CONSTITUTION – the missing 13th AMENDMENT WRITTEN by Judge Dale, Ret’d

“The Truth as I see it.”

Ask yourself – why are duel nationals of Israel running the United States and the Central Bank of America – the Federal Reserve! Do these details point to why it appears that de facto UNITED STATES Corp. politicians care more about the plight of Israel than they do America! You will have to be the judge!

One last thing that I want to address here is the notion that the PUBLIC ponzi scheme money system is broke and the people have to come up with every more money to feed the beast! Please note that the government keeps two sets of books. They do not tell the public about the full accounting of the Consolidated Annual Financial Records which expose the fact that every Corporate jurisdiction in the Federal Overlay US Corp is milking this nation for trillions which has been stashed all over the planet for the benefit of the cabal and agitators: I have expanded on this matter in the following link:

So – know – there is no shortage of cash – you are being lied to – all of the money//blood sucking tics (poli-tic-ians) know about the CAFR’s – can you please read and dispel the illusion cast on you that the public system is broke – the truth is – they have been robbing us blind since 1933 and keeping us in poverty  –


The reality is that the money scam is the biggest con of all scams! We have been mind controlled to believe that to exchange our labor or the products of our work we need to have Rothschild debt tokens! That if we do not have them we can not exchange goods and services! The whole idea that we can not is absurd and the biggest mind control success of the NWO. The fact remains that the existence of debt tokens does not make our labor, resources, ingenuity or determination disappear! The world traded very capably before banks stepped in to tax us on every transaction by forcing us to use their debt paper! This paper will help you rethink how we can re-introduce self extinguishing Bills of Exchange:


For the sake of you and yours, go unlearn – re-educate and lets all rid ourselves of this cancer.

We can and are building a better system! Let the parasites feed off each other until they suck each other dry. You do not have to play in their sand box any longer! You have the right of self determination which means you can leave their death cult system now you know that is what it is.

Let us take our energy, ingenuity, knowledge and build a heaven on earth! It is easily within our reach! The highest vibration always wins!

Search clues: Weather modification – Chemtrails – Deathdumps Ted Gunderson – Agenda 21 – Club of Rome – Council of 300 – CFR – TLC – Tavistock Committee –


Federal Reserve Cabal:

The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction: An Expose of The Federal Reserve Banking System

The Most Evil Company on the Planet — Monsanto

Jim Stone Freelance Journalist: Fukushima

Deagel: 182 country National forcast (2014)

More here –

Humanity is Transforming and Changing: The Great Awakening…

Targeting Vets: Veteran’s Database Matches – JADE HELM and the bigger picture!

So if after reading, watching or listening to all that you are presented with here … you still push back, then …


See original featured Note here:

Pregnancy-and-Vaccines-Are-they-Safe 1

There is little more disgusting than the cynical turn the vaccine industry has taken in targeting the child in your pregnant belly with a big nasty bulls eye.  One could almost conclude that some eugenic elites somewhere want your child dead, or at best, so mentally and/or physically handicapped, he/she will never raise a family of their own.

Well, maybe not your child by name, but the vaccine industry is well aware of the statistics, which you can view for yourself, right on page 7 of the DTaP package insert.

(Click on image to enlarge)


On page 7, we can view the chart of percentages for local and systemic adverse reactions, and we see that at minimum, 2.4% of infants will react with the classic high pitched encephalitic scream, the first symptom of the DTAP brain injury leading to autism, with the very first DTAP shot.   We see that 1.0% & 1.4% follow with that same symptom with the 2nd & 3rd booster doses.   If we only account for the injuries caused by the first shot, with approximately 4,000,000 babies born in the U.S. every year, we see 2.4% of 4 million = 96,000 American babies brain injured and exhibiting the first autism symptom (the encephalitic scream), every year.   With the nation’s autism rate at only 1 in 68, which = 1.4%, it seems a miracle the U.S. autism rate isn’t higher than it is.   But really, trying to get those numbers up are exactly what the 2nd & 3rd booster shots are for – forcing parents to take additional shots of Russian Roulette at their own children, because the eugenic elite wish to thin “the herd�.   For now they will settled for 2.4% + 1.0% + 1.4% = 4.8%.    They will leave the rest of the 5/6 culling of the human population to future mandated and manufactured panic vaccines, like Ebola, Anthrax, assorted Flues & Pneumonia.

See for Yourself the Main Stream Media pushing the DTaP vaccine, not only targeting you and your unborn child for harm, but in a very evil & cynical way, your whole family

They’re not getting a Tdap vaccine, protecting against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. It’s crucial for women to get the vaccine while pregnant (during…Source: The Parents Perspective

Not only does the DTaP shot package insert list the pre-autistic high pitched encephalitic scream as a known adverse reaction, it lists autism itself as a known “Adverse Reaction�, on page 5.

And at 96,000 injuries per year, just too many families can point at the date their child got the DTaP shot as the day their child started screaming the classic unnaturally high pitched encephalitic scream, sometimes with seizures and convulsions, and either died, or regressed from normality into autism.

So the DTaP shot is administered simultaneously with the MMR, and all the media hand waving “that the MMR does not cause autism� is to distract us all from reading the package insert for DTAP, where all this brain damage is admitted and published.

But being able to point at the date your child was injured is the big smoking gun, so the CDC has decided it is better to make their attack before a family even gets to know their child in a healthy non-autistic state, and is pushing out these fraudulent articles trying to sell you on targeting your child with the DTaP before it’s even born.   The intention is then to claim autism is a genetic birth defect, and disgusting cynical articles making that claim are already being floated in the main stream media.

What’s really going on is that a certain significant percentage of the population is simply genetically less able to withstand the DTaP attack.  And that will be used against them to further the elite agenda for depopulation of the planet that birthed us.


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He Had the Guts to Say No to Hitler. Who has the guts to say "no" today?

He Had the Guts to Say No to Hitler. Who has the guts to say “no� today?

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

Could genocide ever be carried out against segments of the American people in the modern age? Just asking this question would get some to label the inquiry as “fear mongering� or a “conspiracy theory�. However, with the massive military and equipment movements taking place in our country in recent weeks, in conjunction with Jade Helm, some have come to believe that we need to be asking questions, very serious questions like “Are we going to witness a genocide on American soil�?

The Milgram Obedience Study

The Migram Experiment

The Migram Experiment

In 1963, Stanley Milgram, a professor at Yale University, investigated the prevailing American belief that a Nazi style genocide could never happen in America. What Milgram found was the two out of three people would unhesitatingly murder an innocent person simply based upon the orders of an authority figure who did not have the ability to threaten the well-being of the subject of the experiment.

Is America following down a path which could culminate in our banker-hijacked government carrying out acts of genocide against select members of its population? There is increasing Internet “chatter� which addresses this topic and many are beginning to discuss the possibility for the first time. I began to wonder the same and began to actually research the patterns of genocide in an attempt to determine if America is in trouble.

The fundamental research question associated with this paper is as follows. “Is the United States moving down a predictable path towards genocide based upon Stanton’s thesis?�

Brief Summary of the Stanton Genocidal Thesis

In 1996, Gregory H. Stanton presented a briefing paper to the State Department which included the eight stages of genocide. Stanton postulated that genocide is a process that is predictable, but is not necessarily a linear process. The stages of genocide do unfold in both a predictable and chronological order. Further, earlier stages continue to operate even as the process continues to progress.

Stanton identifies the eight stages as classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination and denial. Subsequently, I researched where America is at in reference to these eight stages. Because of the volume of related material, that I have uncovered, the presentation will be offered in two parts. The following paragraphs are the result my research.

Stage One: Classification

us vs themStanton asserts that all cultures categorize people into “us and them� groups. The divisions are often made by using the variables of ethnicity, race, religion and nationality. Examples from history include Germans and Jews, Hutu’s and Tutsi’s. Bifurcated societies which lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most prone to having genocide.

America is in the process of giving back the progress made by such pioneers as Martin Luther King. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans are increasingly polarizing away from the common theme that we are all God’s children in which most of us share our unique American heritage.

 "Hands up don't shoot"!

“Hands up don’t shoot�!

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the Ferguson “race� riots and the latest events in Baltimore typifies the increasing division between blacks and whites as Obama throws fuel on the fire by commenting on local criminal investigations and subsequently inflames the racial feelings associated with these cases. The administration in all of the above cases, helped to perpetuate an us vs. them mentality.

We exacerbate the divisions among our people in the welfare debates. With 52% of the country on some form of public assistance, there is a growing resentment among workers who feel they are supporting bums who will not work. Accurate or not, the division is growing.

In America, we see often see younger police officers who no longer see the general public as their ally. Rather, they are trained to see all civilians as the enemy.

In short, America has no shortage of classifications which are being used to divide and conquer. On this point, America has met the first criteria on the road to genocide.

Stage Two: Symbolization

Sociologists and anthropologists tell us that classification and symbolization are universally common to every society. However, it is reaching alarming levels in contemporary America.

In the American military, I have written, on numerous occasions how Christians have become an endangered species. I hear from members of our military which tell me that if they want to advance their career, they must consciously conceal their faith. This nation was founded on Christian principles and an attack upon Christianity is an attack upon being an American.

Thanks to the race baiting efforts of people like Eric Holder and the current President, the races are further apart than ever before. For example, we hear phrases which serve to differentiate individuals. For example, I see reference to terms such as the “African-American community, or the Latino Community, or the Asian Community.� It is never the “White community� because that would be considered to be racist.

We are Americans who have roots in other countries or regions of the world. But we are Americans first and foremost. We should all be proud of our heritage, but our pride in our background should not replace what we are today which should be an identification that we are Americans bound the respect of all individuals and a desire to protect each other’s freedoms. When we consciously divide ourselves along our divisions of background, we defeat what it is to be an American and we lose our sense of national unity and this is what the globalists desire as they topple this country. America has entered into the hyphenated race wars courtesy of the globalists and their controlled politicians and media. These practices successfully seek to keep us distracted, keep us divided by destroying our sense of nationalism, through this artificial symbolism, and the day will come when all of us hyphenated people will never know what has hit us and we will unfortunately lack the common identity to band together against the forces that seek to enslave us and that day is now at our doorstep.

America meets the second criteria on the path to genocide.

Classification and symbolization do not always result in genocide unless they are followed by dehumanization which constitutes the third step toward genocide.

Stage Three: Dehumanization

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists�

George W. Bush

Who will ever forget this insane statement by one the most intellectually deprived persons to ever serve in the White House? Bush’s message was simple, if you disagree with the government, you are a terrorist. In contemporary American society, this is the ultimate dehumanization as it is the 1950’s Red Scare version of being labeled a communist.

Today the list of dehumanized individuals has increased a 1000 fold as DHS’s MIAC Report and the recent DHS intelligence briefings are dehumanizing and labeling veterans, former Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, Constitutionalists, Bible-believing Christians and Libertarians as domestic terrorists. In other words, if you are just a regular American, you are a terrorist in the eyes of the globalist bankers who have hijacked this nation.

In fact, the above mentioned groups are not Americans, DHS is labeling them as sovereign citizens who lurk around every corner ready to set off a deadly biological, chemical or nuclear attack. This is total dehumanization.

Sociologists tell us that dehumanization overcomes the natural barriers against the urge to murder. Media hate propaganda is removing the last barriers to this natural prohibition. America is well on the way to being conditioned to accept genocide as a matter of national policy.

Genocidal cultures lack constitutional protections which would protect contrary speech. In genocidal cultures, contrary speech should be treated differently and we are seeing this with the state of Minnesota as they will soon be requiring veterans to have their former military status noted on the drivers license.

America has completed the third stage of genocide, the dehumanization of anti-governmental groups and selected enemies of the state.

Stage Four: Organization

Genocide is always carried out by the government. They often use militias to provide deniability of state responsibility, but genocide is always state sponsored.

At this stage, plans are made for genocidal killings. Do we have such plans in the United States? Why yes we do!

third world 2


Why did DHS buy 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition? Why did DHS purchase 2700 armored personnel carriers?

Is it hunting season over at DHS? Who constitutes the newest of the “big game� for DHS and their newly acquired arsenal? Over five rounds of ammunition for every man women and child in America should be enough to get your attention.


Is this what DHS is going to be hunting? These targets should even wake a few of the sheep up..

dhs targets

soviet gulag

There are 800 detention facilities that are being fully staffed and operational. Guillotines and box cars with rows of shackles are the new toys of the NWO give new meaning to the following Biblical phrase:

“Rev. 20:4-�And I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God…�

Why has FEMA ordered 20,000 box cars and 30,000 guillotines?


box car


Why was the NDAA passed which allows the government to secretly arrest and murder citizens. Remember, Holder  has asserted that Obama has the authority to murder America with drones.

obama ia m the law here

Why was the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order passed? This order allows conscription for both civilian and military duty. All food is controlled by the government. All resources, including bank accounts, businesses and industry are controlled by the government under martial law conditions. This Executive Order gives the President the authority to declare martial law on his/her volition.

As the drought worsens, Jade Helm or its successor will be in place to facilitate the evacuation of California and eventually, the entire Southwest due to "water shortages".

Jade Helm represents tyranny of the highest order and organization directed at the American people from the pinnacle of power in this country.

And then there is the elephant in the room, Jade Helm 15. We may not see the manifestation of Jade Helm 15 until we get Jade Helm 16 or Jade Helm 18. But you can rest assured, the true meaning of Jade Helm, which the extraction of political dissidents and the enforcement of a brutal martial law, will soon be realized and Jade Helm represents the enforcement mechanism.

America, is this enough preparation for you?

-America has met the fourth requirement on the path to becoming a genocidal society. In fact, America has met all four of the criteria presented here.

 On March 27, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people.

On March 27, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people. How can any reasonable person look at this and say that the globalists and their minions are not organizing against us?

Part two of this series will examine the last four stages of the Stanton thesis. At the halfway point of this presentation, any prudent and self-aware American should be looking at the present state of affairs with great trepidation.



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By Joachim Hagopian

As the globalists’ vision for a one world totalitarian government unfolds in rapid sequence of their long plotted New World Order, a parallel process is also quietly unfurling in the covert formation of a globalized international military fighting force. The US Joint Special Operations Command Forces have built a notorious reputation as death squads known for conducting middle of the night raids, murdering entire families in the process along with detaining targeted suspects in both Iraq and Afghanistan and now all over the world.

Because Special Forces by their very nature are highly secretive and virtually unaccountable to everyone, including our own government, we never hear much about this global elite killer machine. The only exceptions are the contradictory renditions of how the Navy Seals took out Osama bin Laden, or glossy film renditions glorifying Special Forces exploits as recruitment propaganda commercials, now all closely monitored, controlled and censored by the US military. In fact, the FBI, the CIA and Pentagon all have liaison handlers assigned to Hollywood just to make sure the shady truth about them never gets to the big screen audience. Sadly the film industry has degenerated into joining the lowly ranks of mainstream media as mere gov.whore-corp propagandists. Truth is now the enemy.

Though more often covered only by alternative media, the big story headlines today involve the buildup of NATO forces and heavy arms shipments in Ukraine and all along the Russian border for what could turn out to be a World War III deployment.

Joint NATO-US exercises are busily prepping for future faceoff against the Russian military vying for glacier-free Arctic oil reserves while the US Navy conducts unprecedented drills this month wreaking ecosystem havoc along the Alaskan coastline. Similarly in the South China Sea a growing US naval presence is ratcheting to heat up regional tensions with China in the Pacific theatre of Cold War II. And then of course June 15th marked the US Special Forces kickoff of yet the most unprecedented military exercise of them all with the controversial Jade Helm 15 operation conducted over the next three months as the largest military operation on US soil since America’s deadliest first Civil War.

Underneath the sabre rattling surface of all this worldwide martial activity and bypassing detection from even independent media’s radar focusing exclusively these days on Jade Helm is a one world military elite fighting machine being developed largely in secret led by US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) in conjunction with the United Nations. Perhaps more than any other journalist Nick Turse has forged a highly reputable investigative career attempting to uncover this top secret, hidden world of US SOCOM. Over this last decade black ops deployment around the globe has increased exponentially.

In January this year Turse reported that as of the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, 2014, Special Operations Forces (SOF) engaged in strategic operations in 133 countries on the planet covering over 70% of the earth’s nations. And that high number is likely a lowball assessment of where the SOCOM public affairs officer is willing to admit US Special Forces may actually be operating. The latest tally is up to 150 countries. Just to demonstrate how Special Forces missions are in such increasingly high demand, barely two months into the new fiscal year last December after the second botched rescue raid resulting in American photojournalist Luke Somers and scheduled to be released the next day South African teacher Pierre Korkie’s deaths, SOCOM already was actively engaged in at least 105 nations, in two months already 80% of the previous year’s total number.

Washington war makers learned but one lesson from Vietnam – to conceal the brutality and sheer insanity of war from the American public’s eyes and consciousness after the first and last televised war had rapidly turned the nation against that debacle. So several decades later in Iraq and Afghanistan US wartime atrocities were deliberately hidden in collusion with MSM pressitute, “in-bed,� inbred journalism, where gov.corp war became sanitized, blood and gore spotless, completely absent of body bags for an “out of sight, out of mind� America whose volunteer army comprised less than 1% of its total population.

Leave it to courageous whistleblower Private Manning presently serving his 35-year prison sentence and Wikileaks to boldly expose a myopic glimpse of the always ongoing US war crimes against humanity. By concealment design this sterilized version of two history-making, decade-long wars could simultaneously rage on year after year, minus any tangible antiwar movement, while bleeding the middle class dry in a stagnant, recession-racked economy, sending combat fatigued troops back into harm’s way a fourth and fifth time for another elitist blood-for-oil motherlode bonanza exclusively set up for filthy rich criminal war profiteers to get only filthier richer. But despite these sinister “out of sight, out of mind� machinations and the continental divide between civilians and military, the American populace eventually grew war-weary.

So the elite had to come up with yet a new and improved enemy threat called ISIS along with their new and improved kind of war. After two costly war defeats – six trillion dollars squandered and still rising, a half dozen MENA failed states, nearly 7000 dead American soldiers and millions of murdered Iraqis, Afghanis and other hapless Muslims – arose the bright idea of a new way to wage war in the 21st century using elite Special Forces in a personnel-downsized armed services waging dozens of dirty little secret wars in every corner of the globe.

The rationale for this new, low intensity form of modern warfare consisting of countless undeclared wars around the world all at once proved cost effective and no one but family relatives of dead victims’ corpses strewn about on far-off foreign soil would ever be aware of the murderous worldwide scale of these dirty little secret operations. With absolutely no accountability or oversight even from US Congress, these deadly imperialistic wars nobody knows about are assured to continue unabated for decades to come. After all, the feds’ fake “war on terror� must go on.

A Department of Defense news article two years ago featured then Special Operations Commander Admiral William McRaven’s SOF 2020 vision calling “for a globally networked force of special operations forces, interagency representatives, allies and partners, with aligned structures, processes and authorities to enable its operations.� This is the blueprint for a globalized international black ops killing machine readily able to engage in strategic and tactical covert operations around the globe acting at the behest of a one world government as the globalist elite’s private security force.

The extensive plan for multiple nations’ black ops forces coming together to train regularly in joint exercises and deployments is facilitating lightning strike assaults and tactical missions of highly unconventional warfare to typically take out enemy command and control centers as well as extraction and assassination of targeted enemy combatants. In recent years this global elite force is designed to provide ready made to act on intelligence (far more effective than the CIA) as well as engage in asymmetrical warfare tactics of guerilla-type activity in rapid deployment missions anywhere on the planet as critical pre-step strategy to launching larger scale military campaigns involving conventional force invasions and occupations against targeted hostile nations and forces.

The forever war on terror in the Middle East and Africa as well as Europe and Asia fortified by a massive global infrastructure supporting over a thousand US military posts around the world guarantees black ops deployment everywhere on the planet. And that next targeted hostile nation could very well be America under martial law once Jade Helm goes live this summer.

The scenario just outlined above fits the Jade Helm itinerary perfectly with massive military armaments and equipment movement and stockpiling along with an influx of state National Guard units deployed in multiple “civil unrest� training exercises seen nationwide all year long, extraction drills observed on March 27th in Fort Lauderdale, large scale movement of troops from Fort Carson now deployed in staging exercises in southern Colorado, a plan for deployment of the 82nd Airborne Division as part of Jade Helm operation and plans announced three months ago by the JH15 designer-PR man Thomas Meade that the Navy Seals will be deployed in Louisiana and Mississippi (supposed non-designated JH states) as part of Jade Helm along with the 1200 Special Forces maneuvering throughout “hostile territories� Texas, Utah and drug cartel dominated borderland of Southern California along with the other Jade Helm border states New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

Combine all this torrid activity with multi-federal agency involvement that includes local law enforcement operating over such a widespread area of the US working hand-in-hand with all the intel forces from the FBI and CIA to the DEA, Border Patrol and Homeland Security and this summer into fall is shaping up into not just a simple military exercise for practicing skills to be utilized later on foreign soil as the PR propagandists have claimed… not when an Obama forced into retirement general anonymously revealed that Obama back in 2012 ordered the Pentagon to determine how much of the US armed forces would be willing to kill their fellow Americans and warned us of coming false flag attacks and a prolonged bloody US civil war. Or a retired Homeland Security employee disclosing that in recent years the department’s been planning a likely cyber-attack on the banking infrastructure along with other emergency false flag scenarios leading to martial law.

Or the militarization of police forces across the nation now looking identical to armed military forces acting with complete impunity killing American citizens (over 500 already this year) as a bona fide police state. Or the dozens of non-military, non-law enforcement federal agencies like the US Postal Service, Department of Game and Wildlife, IRS, FDA, EPA all buying up two and a half billion hollow point bullets. Take all of these very real, undeniable dots and connect them together and it appears more than probable that planned crises will become the ready-made excuse for Jade Helm to go live and martial law declared.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) whose architects include all the Bush inside job 9/11 neocons called for a transformation of the US military this century. As part of that transformation a popular current military tactical modality has employed the Human Terrain System. It was heavily pushed by General David Petraeus in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is still widely deployed today despite its proven failures. The Human Terrain System employs personnel teams comprised of social scientists primarily trained and educated in anthropology and psychology. Their purpose is to gather key information as a means to learn about and understand the enemy, utilizing that data to win over, manipulate and influence targeted adversarial populations through PSYOPS methods using propaganda and brainwashing techniques through pamphlets, MSM and internet social media disinformation.

Transformation of America was promised by Obama as he only continued the neocon PNAC blueprint to change how America would fight its wars. Last September the United States Army Special Forces Command published the Cognitive Joint Force Entry White Paper. “The decline of the regulated nation state order and the increased prominence of Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO’s)� present the newly deemed asymmetrical enemy that are the so called “terrorists.� This document outlines how asymmetrical warfare both currently and in the future will be fought. SOCOM Admiral McRaven in March 2014 described the Human Domain:

Our SOF engagement takes place in the Human Domain – the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior in a population-centric conflict. The Domain is about developing an understanding of, and nurturing influence among, critical populaces. SOF is uniquely suited for operations that win population-centric conflicts, oftentimes, and preferably, before they start.

Cognitive Joint Force Entry now brings an exclusive focus on fighting a thinking man’s war, getting inside the enemy’s head to the thinking processes, hence cognitive depth, cognitive strategy and cognitive resilience become operative keyword buzzwords.

The shift to defeating the enemy psychologically before a shot is even fired takes its cue from the ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu’s Art of War: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.� Shaping prewar interventions has become the Special Operations trademark. Its buzzword is Phase Zero referring to an unending propaganda blitz to shape public opinion. Peacetime becomes just another phase in the forever state of war that the Pentagon and the Bush-Obama regime has incessantly been conditioning Americans to ultimately accept.

The demonization of Putin during this last year over Ukraine is but one recent example. Enemies range from “aggressors� like Putin who defends his nation against US Empire-NATO agenda to offensively surround and isolate the Russian Federation. Of course US created al Qaeda/ISIS are the twenty-first century public enemy number one on the one hand as the 9/11 scapegoats and perpetual war on terror opponents, and on the other hand the neocon proxy war mercenary ally wreaking havoc and terror wherever US-Israeli-Saudi axis of evil unleashes them. The Orwellian double speak of lies never ends.

Announcing the Jade Helm operation to the US public a full four months in advance is a PSYOPS to get inside the head of the domestic enemy – Americans who criticize the federal government for its increasing tyranny. The JH15 Special Operations exercise includes participants acting in the role as infiltrators to “blend in� wearing civilian clothes driving civilian vehicles in local civilian communities. They will be acting as spies who will encourage people to turn in their fellow citizens for subversive, anti-government activities, reminiscent of the civilian national security force that Obama as a 2008 presidential candidate touted just like Hitler’s prewar Nazi Germany youth groups.

Department of Homeland Security and state and municipal fusion centers work closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies and the US domestic intelligence community to ostensibly ferret out dissidents deemed enemies of the state, enemy combatants or belligerents, otherwise labeled homegrown terrorists. That said, for all their collective efforts they have absolutely nothing to show for themselves to even justify their existence much less the tax dollars wasted, not uncovering or finding even one domestic terrorist plot. Jade Helm is practicing asymmetrical warfare against American citizens who have become the enemy to the diabolical oppressors who as traitors are the true enemy of the entire world for what’s happening here in the US is happening throughout Western nations.

DOD 3025.18 is a document directive dated December 2010 about Defense Support of Civilian Authorities. Essentially this federal directive authorizes lethal military force by both active duty personnel as well as state National Guard units and reservist forces in support of police to be used against US citizens in civil matters involving emergencies and civil unrest, in effect overturning the Posse Comitatus law of 1878 that expressly prohibits use of US military in civil matters. Obama’s 2012 NDAA also violates Comitatus law.

To further cause concern, the proliferation of the United Nations security “peacekeeping� forces in recent years and President Obama signing a series of secret contractual agreements authorizing militarized UN forces, Homeland Security, and FEMA along with both US and foreign troops for active deployment on US soil against American citizens during times of civil unrest facilitating martial law conditions is also documented on public record.

On September 25th, 2013 Obama signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) along with 121 other nations that went into effect on Christmas Eve that year banning private citizens from owning guns, obviously in direct violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Though Congress never ratified ATT knowing it would cause an uproar amongst the voting public, it hasn’t stopped dictatorial Obama from repeatedly violating rule of law by signing 23 executive orders on gun control as further attempt to undermine and usurp constitutional rights.

There exists a long, well documented history of human rights violations that accompany nations’ efforts to outlaw and confiscate guns from private citizens. Especially where police state totalitarianism prevails, where both law enforcement agencies and government forces are the violent perpetrators, enforcing bans on gun ownership precipitates justifiable and predictable counter-resistance from citizens that in effect cause civil unrest and violence. With police murdering so many Americans nowadays, seemingly intentionally provoking widespread civil protest and unrest in cities across the US, it’s a logical deduction to conclude that such an extreme show of force as Jade Helm to potentially incite violence is more than probable.

A 2008 study examined UN supported gun confiscation programs in alliance with governments in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa and the subsequent levels of increased violence, death and severe human rights abuses associated with enforced gun control bans. The stage may be set for the same disastrous outcome to be triggered here in the US with Jade Helm this summer, especially if its mission includes private gun confiscation.

Further evidence illustrating the devastating consequences that ruthlessly violent government regimes have inflicted on humans comes from democide statistics. For years scholar RJ Rummel has been meticulously studying and compiling numbers of victims murdered by their own governments through history, concluding from his findings that, “Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth.� He determined that in the last century alone 262 million people were brutally murdered by their own governments, six times more than those killed directly by war.

Moreover, in all nine of the worst cases of genocide committed during the 20th century, a systematic effort by the guilty despots in power disarmed their victims prior to their murderous onslaught exterminating them. These facts alone offer dire warnings to citizens around the world compelling them to actively resist the UN and the 122 nations that comprise most countries on earth that signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The globalist objective of a one world government is predicated on disarming the global population in order to minimize opposition to both their tyranny as well as their murderous final solution eugenics. A militarized multi-agency global task force consisting of the UN “war� keepers and black ops will be the globalists’ personal army to enforce their draconian New World Order laws, executing those unwilling to accept their demonic lethal reign of terror. But in the end, they will fail.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.� It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/. He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.


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Meko Peled

Miko Peled is a leading inspiration and beacon of light in the liberation of a nation from an oppressive Regime, in the heart of the Middle East. We are observing a chapter in world history that surpasses the violence of Apartheid … The Israeli military occupation of Palestine.

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Palestine … Without Zionism

Ariyana 1By TLB Staff Writer: Ariyana Love

Born in Jerusalem in 1961, to a staunch Zionist family who was intricately involved in the founding of the Israeli state, Miko’s grandfather was a prominent leader who co-signed Israel’s “Declaration of Independence.� Miko’s father, General Matti Peled, fought as a young officer in the 1948 war and was a General in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and the Sinai, creating a single, bi-national state, with exclusive rights for Jewish people.

Miko BookIn his book titled, “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine� Miko shares how he came to the realization that the story he was raised on was a lie.

In 1997, a man desperate to end his own suffering and the suffering of his people, tragically killed Miko’s niece in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. The gut wrenching reality was embraced by the Peled’s with enlightened courage and propelled him on a journey of self-discovery. A painful transformation was activated. Urged to re-examine the belief’s he was raised on, Miko morphed into a human rights activist for justice and truth, dedicated to exposing the false Israeli narrative, tearing down the separation barrier and transforming the apartheid system into a secular democracy, with equal right for all.

The General’s Son is a memoir, relating the history and development of the idea of Zionism, the state of Israel, the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the role his family played in it.

Miko believes that reducing Palestine to the West Bank and Gaza was the biggest mistake the Israeli state made, because Palestine is the entire country with the suffering of it’s people taking place everywhere.

For Palestinians, the 1948 war was an exodus, with 774,000 Natives expelled from their homes and land and another 15,000 massacred.

The Natives remember it as “Al Nakba,� which is an Arabic word meaning, “The Catastrophe,� or “The Cataclysm.�

Al Nakba

To this day, Al Nakba continues for Palestine, with 67 years of slow, systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide. The Native Palestinians currently live on just 12% of their original land. But the real scandal here is that it’s been funded with our tax dollars! US aid to Israel is the number one source of financial support for the Israeli occupation. AIPAC, the Jewish/Zionist lobby, has been the most influential lobby in America, guiding policies in favor of Israeli “security,� which is really state terrorism and to the complete detriment of America’s security. Another central reason for the continuation of war crimes in Palestine is the fact that 97% of the world media has been systematically bought up by Zionist corporations. So, if you ever wonder who is behind the mass media mind control programming and the dumbing down of the American society in general, there’s the answer. I dare you to prove me wrong.

Tzipora Menache

“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…â€? – Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache

Is there any logical reason why a Palestinian child cannot live like a Jewish child

Child Arrest

Palestinian Child Arrested by Undercover Israeli Police at a Peaceful, Unarmed Demonstration in West Bank�

Child torture and arrest are a daily occurrence in Palestine.

Child Rights International Network (CRIN) published in its first 2015 report, that some 700 Palestinian minor children are arrested per year and face “ill-treatment” by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

Subject to torture, forced confessions, sexual assault, solitary confinement, underage minor children (some as young as 8) are held as political prisoners in Israeli detention centers for months on end and without due process.

When they are charged, it’s for the offense of stone throwing and confessions are forced under torture. About half of these minor children are taken during targeted night raids of their family’s home.

Many of the testimonies by these children revealed that soldiers went into their rooms, “aggressively woke them up, and shackled their hands and feet while they were still in bed.�

It’s shameful, unjustifiable and happens on our watch and our dime!

Home invasion

Gaza Home Invasion

In the 1967 war, Israel took the rest of Palestine, West Bank and Gaza, crossing Palestine off the map completely, creating a single Jewish state over the entire country.

GeneralMiko’s father, General Peled, was a war hero turned peacemaker, who after the 1967 war saw the need for the Palestinian people to have their own state. As a member of the Israeli High Command, he tried to influence an electoral process to this effect. He brought intelligence reports proving the local leadership was willing and interested. He warned if Israel did not give an autonomous state for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, then Israel would become an occupation force; there would be resistance and no chance for peace. He said it would affect the moral fiber of the nation and eventually Israel would become a bi-national state. With bulldozers already destroying Palestinian towns and villages Israeli soldiers were forcing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to leave their homes in the West Bank. A massive building project began immediately, just like Israel had done in 1948. Having the largest underground water supply in the region, Israel issued the order that all the water in the West Bank now belonged to Israel. Nothing was done by mistake.

Unfortunately, General Peled could not influence a peaceful resolution. Instead, a bi-national state, with exclusive rights for Jewish people was created and everything General Peled had predicted, came true. After retiring from the army, he spent the rest of his life dedicated to the achievement of Israeli and Palestinian peace. Going against the Israeli narrative, he exposed that the 1967 war was not the result of an “external threat� to Israel, but in fact the war was started by Israel, in order to expand it’s territory.

In his memoir, Miko dispels the myth that being Jewish has anything to do with a nationality. Raised on the Zionist ideal of a Jewish state, Miko understands how hard it is for many Jewish people and Palestinians alike, to let go of the dream of having a state that is exclusively “our own.� He insists that Israel/Palestine is one state.

In his public speeches, Miko dares to say what others still choose to deny, debunking myths that Jews around the world hold onto with blind loyalty. In order to steal the land of Palestine and ethnically cleanse the population already living there, a deceptive narrative had to be created to justify these actions. And the Israeli narrative is a powerful one, appealing directly to gut emotions, using the holocaust card and cries of anti-Semitism to silence inquiry, criticism and discourse. For example, Israeli’s and Zionist Jews around the world, celebrate Al Nakba as Israel’s “Independence Day.� They deny altogether that ethnic cleansing took place. Now, how on Earth could ethnic cleansing be equated with independence? That is a real question.

Al Nakba-1948

Facts on the ground speak for themselves; with multi-billions of US tax dollars invested in Jews only infrastructure, Jewish only highways dissect the landscape and connect to a maze of unlawful settlements. The continued construction of an illegal 3-story high Apartheid wall spans the hillside from a distance of 520 km, cutting deep into the West Bank.

Once completed, the Zionist State would succeed in annexing the Palestinians from 46% of the West Bank! Leaving the Palestinians with just 12% of their remaining lands, which they are currently residing as political prisoners with virtually no rights within the Israeli state system. More than half of the Native population living within the Palestinian territory is an internally displaced refugee. A great injustice has been done to this precious and historic civilization and it must be made right.

Palistinian 1800sBefore the Zionist state was created in 1948, Palestine knew peace. Jews, Muslims and Christians lived harmoniously with each other for thousands of years. A holy land, infamously known as a “land for all people.� Palestine enjoyed a thriving, rich economy based on agriculture and trade. Jerusalem was a bustling city in the Middle East, with movies theaters, courthouses and a train station. Palestine also had an internationally licensed airport called, Al Lod. In 1948, the railroad was confiscated for Jews only use and the Al Lod was also confiscated and transformed into Ben Gorion airport. Palestine never had an army, to this very day.

Palastine Airport

Over 100 checkpoints control the daily movement of Palestinian lives and all this has totally destroyed the possibility of a Palestinian state. There is no West Bank, there is no possibility and there never was a possibility for a “two-state solution� because Israel doesn’t want it. In Miko’s words: “there is no scenario in which the state of Israel will allow the creation of a Palestinian state, or recognize Palestinian rights.� Just like the apartheid Regime of S. Africa could not recognize the rights of black people, it’s also impossible for the Israeli society to embrace Palestinian rights. This is why we need to reframe the solution to this struggle in our own minds, purge ourselves of the Israeli state narrative and refresh it with historic reality.

The West Bank and Gaza strip were captured in 1967, leaving 22% of the pre 1948 Palestine. Upon signing the Oslo agreements, the Palestinians agreed to settle for this 22% of land and recognize Israel within the Green Line boarders. This was a historic sacrifice for peace, lead by Yaser Arafat.

However by 1993, there was no more possibility to create a Palestinian state because there was no more West Bank. It was already fully integrated into the Israeli state. Miko says the Oslo Agreement was never about peace. Oslo was an attempt by Israel to bring the Palestinians to surrender. And because the Palestinians would not surrender, there is no peace.

Loss of land

Resistance is an internationally recognized human right according to the 4th Geneva Convention, which states; “A militarily occupied people have a ‘duty’ to defend themselves.� So, why are Palestinians treated with such brute force by the Zionist state? Is it because the Israeli education system mind control brainwashes its Jewish population from an early age, to hate and want to kill Palestinians?

Nurit Peled-Elhanan points out in her book, “Palestine in Israeli School Books,� how Palestinians are marginalized and demonized by Israeli textbooks.

Are Zionist Jews threatened by thousand-year-old olive trees that were tenderly cared for at the hand of generations of farming families of Palestine? Is this why they must uproot thousands of them each year, creating economic hardship for these families? Does their jealousy stem from the fact that every stone, mountain, spring, avenue and landmark in Palestine has a traditional Arabic name? Or, do Israeli’s hate Palestinians because they resist with heroic bravery, acquainted with the reward of sacrifice and imbibed with life’s greater values and wisdom?

Although all these reasons may be true, Palestinians pose the greatest threat to the Zionist state because the Israeli state does not have legal legitimacy to this day. Israel exists on brute force alone and runs from international law and UN Resolution 194, “Right of Return.� The additional 4,766,670 Palestinian refugees living outside of Palestine have an internationally recognized right to return to their homeland. This is the most powerful right the Palestinian people possess. There is also the question of retribution for the outstanding loss and suffering that’s been inflicted on the Native population. If there is to be a sanctuary, Israel must give up the idea of Jewish dominion over all the land and it’s resources.

Check point

Miko asks the simple question to Israeli’s, worldwide Jewry and the international community: “What kind of a state do we really want to see?� An apartheid state with half the population isolated and confined to intolerable Bantustans, ghettos and “military zones,� without access to proper nutrition, medical care, clean water and humiliated, shot at and killed every day?

Or, will Israel/Palestine transform itself into a secular democracy for the 5.9 million Israeli’s and the 6.1 million Palestinians between the river and the sea?

Israeli wall
Jerusalem is now a segregated city, so Israeli’s don’t meet Palestinians. Jerusalem served as Palestine’s capitol for thousands of years. It was confiscated by the Zionist state in the 1967 war and is used today as Israel’s capitol. The Palestinians still inhabiting East Jerusalem are subject to home demolitions, illegal evictions and forced to accept a “third-class, Israeli citizenship.�

The Israeli government just issued 20,000 housing demolition orders for Palestinian residence in E. Jerusalem.

Forced eviction

Israel has recruiting offices all over the world, enticing Jews to immigrate to Palestine. When a Jewish family’s makes an Aliyah, the Zionist state gives them Israeli citizenship. Often times, a 24 hour eviction notice will be given to a Palestinian family in E. Jerusalem, so the newly arrived Jewish family from Brooklyn, NY, or where ever else they are recruited from, can now inhabit a home that belonged to a Palestinian family for generations. The newly arrived Israeli citizen is given 20,000 USD per person initially and then paid about 3800 USD per couple every month and an additional 1000 USD per month, for each child they produce. Again, it’s US tax dollars funding this!

Elder evicted

Being right wing radical Jews, illegal settlers have no qualms taking Palestinian lives and living in illegal settlements within the Palestinian Territory. After all, it is their G-d given right because “the Bible says so.�

Settler violence is rampant and unchecked. Allowed to carry guns and backed by IOF, they continue claiming lands by simply seizing it with brute mob force. They terrorize the local population, raid villages, poison wells, uproot olive trees, kidnap children and run them over in their vehicles. It’s not uncommon to see adult settlers throwing stones at Palestinian children on their way to school. It would be fair if these international settlers were returned to where they came from, when Palestinian Right of Return is finally honored.

Armed settlers

Bethlehem City is just on the other side of the separation wall, 3 km South of Jerusalem. Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian territories, known as Area “A.� The majority of Israeli’s live their entire lives without ever entering the Palestinian territories and psychological warfare is used to keep the Israeli Jews segregated from their neighbors.

Seperation wall

Miko describes an epiphany, when meeting Palestinians for the first time as equals in San Diego. The chapter begins with the line: “My journey into Palestine began in San Diego, I was 39 years old.� He had never before met Palestinians on equal ground, because there is no equal ground within the Israeli state.

Overcoming his fears, Miko describes entering the Palestinian territories for the first time:

“Driving alone into the Palestinian towns in the Galilee or the West Bank in a car with license plates that identified me as Israeli, I imagined a terrorist lurking behind every curve of the winding road following the rolling hills. Heading towards the village of Bil’in for the first time, I silently questioned if I was crazy to trust “these people�? I was afraid but kept on driving until I found the village and was greeted by friends.�

When entering the Palestinian territory’s, including all cities, towns and villages, this is the sign that will greet you. It reads in Hebrew, Arabic and English: “This road leads to Area “A� under the Palestinian Authority. The entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden, dangerous to your lives and is against the Israeli law.�

Psychological Warfare

Israeli State Government actions go far beyond Apartheid. Israeli law is derived from Talmudic principles, which are the most evil, racist and sadistic teachings ever written. It is the fundamental practice of Zionism. This a complex subject and I won’t go into detail here, as that would require another article in itself. To fully understand the rogue behavior of the Zionist state, one has to invest a little time and research.

Anyone can see the Israeli state gives no credence to our international laws, with the blatant siege on Gaza, bi-annual weapons testing for the US and Israeli arms industry, land grabbing and slow genocide by occupation.

As a horrified audience witnessed Israeli war crimes in Gaza last summer, many more eyes were opened to the frightening policy the Zionist state has been inflicting for decades. 86% of deaths resulting from Israel’s targeted bombing of mostly Palestinian homes in Gaza this summer were civilians, according to the UN. 89 entire families were exterminated right in their own houses! Make no mistake about it this is genocide… on our watch and on our dime. To call it anything else is a lie.

Gaza Baby

I do believe that critical mass in cognitive awareness of Israeli war crimes was achieved after this summer and a historic shift has taken place. Millions of people of all nations around the world have entered this conflict on the side of Palestinian justice and Palestinian justice is playing a transformative role in world history because it challenges centuries of racism, colonialism and neo-capitalism.

Miko Peled delivers a powerful message and an international call for justice to be done. If the ancient land of Palestine is to once again be a united country, Zionism has to go. Are we going to wait until the Palestinian civilization is pushed into the sea? Or, into the Sinai desert before we raise our hands to make a difference?


Miko Peled with photographer & Author Hamde Abu Ramha at a protest in West Bank, 2014

If we support the state of Israel, we are supporting a brutal, racist Regime. Accepting and talking about a “two-state solution� as if it’s a solution means allowing Israel to do anything and everything it wants, as it has been doing for years. Entertaining the “two state solution� also means allowing Israel to continue existing and maintaining a brutal racist state. Considering the illegal plethora of nuclear and hydrogen bombs Israel possesses, which BBC exposed in a documentary and it’s terrifying Samson Option policy, not to mention Israel’s direct involvement in 9/11 and the hijacking of the US Government, I’d say the Zionist state is a viable threat to each and every nation on Earth.

Do we have an option to remove the Zionist state? Yes, absolutely, YES! But for this to happen, there needs to be an anti-Zionist movement. Removing Zionism and establishing democracy will allow Israeli’s and Palestinians to return to a nation of peace. The myths and fears have to be brushed away. We must support organizations that are making a tangible impact on the Israeli state, like Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS), and SDSU Divest.

We must get behind courageous leaders and embrace the higher values of equal rights and justice for all. Involve yourself. Reach out to your community. Join and create anti-Zionist and anti-AIPAC movements. When enough people are involved in a Twitter Storm for example, it has the power to influence our leaders whom are all using Twitter. Use these Tweets to send a message to your Congressmen: #Zionismhastogo #ShutDownAIPAC #StopTheBlankCheck #un194 #RecognizePalestine #res428.

In the famous words of Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is not complete without the freedom of the Palestinians.�

Part #1

Part #2

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Gaza family living in bubble
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Gaza survivor 2015


It looks the same—the bread, pies, sodas, even corn on the cob. So much of what we eat every day looks just like it did 20 years ago. But something profoundly different has happened without our knowledge or consent. And according to leading doctors, what we don’t know is already hurting us big time.

What are GMOs?

GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism�. Sometimes the initials “GM� are used, which stands for “Genetically Modified�.

Genetic engineering is very different from normal breeding because it involves taking genes from a completely different species and inserting them into the DNA of another species of plant or even of an animal.


For the first time in history, bacteria, plants and animals can all be mixed up together. For example, right now the DNA of bacteria is put into food plants.

The two primary reasons why plants are genetically engineered are to allow them to:

  • Drink poison, or
  • Produce poison

The poison drinkers are inserted with genes from bacteria that allow them to survive otherwise deadly doses of herbicides. The main poison is GMOs is glyphosate, the poison that is in Roundup. Biotech companies sell the seed and herbicide as a package deal, and farmers can then use hundreds of millions of pounds more herbicide than would normally be possible without the plants dying.

The poison producers are called Bt crops. Inserted genes from the a bacteria produce a pesticide (poison) in every cell of the plant. What kills insects, kills us. This is a pesticide which is INSIDE the plant. You cannot wash it off!

More than 70% of the foods on supermarket shelves contain GM foods. Get a magnifying glass and read the list of ingredients. Unless the following words are organic, do not eat it.

  • Corn

  • Soy

  • Canola (Rapeseed. This is toxic and should not be eaten in any case)

  • Cotton seed (This is toxic and should not be eaten in any case)

  • Sugar (beet sugar is GMO. Cane sugar so far is okay)

  • Hawaiian papaya

  • Zucchini & crook neck squash

Other countries have or import GMO rice and potato.

But it gets worse. Since we now have genetically modified alfalfa, and alfalfa, corn and soy are fed to animals, unless it’s organic, you must not eat:

  • Dairy

  • Meat

  • Eggs

  • Farm-raised fish or seafood

Glyphosate has even been found in the bodies of dairy cows in Denmark, because Europe imports GMO feed! So you know it has to be in the milk.

This is why we no longer eat out anywhere. Since no restaurant uses organic, gmo-free food, or gives you a full list of ingredients, you are bound to be eating poison in virtually every restaurant, fastfood joint and school canteen.

Organic food is meant to be free of GMOs.  But we are starting to find out that even this is not a guarantee.  It’s way too easy to sneak in.  There have been so far at least two instances discovered where GMOs were found in so-called ‘organic’ food.  In each case, this discovery was not made by organizations that should protect you, like the FDA.  They were made by independent bodies.  Baby food is one.  Which is really scary.  The only food a baby should have is breastmilk and, when ready for solids, homemade baby food (cook it, strain it, freeze in icecube trays) and reverse osmosis water.

Kashi ‘organic’ cereal is another.  The Cornucopia Institute found that Kashi has high levels of GMOs in it’s ‘organic’ cereal.  You may be less surprised at this once you realize that Kashi is not owned by nature-lovers, but by Kellogg’s.

Animals Fed GMO Corn for Two Years Grow MASSIVE TUMORS

In the first long-term study of GMOs, rats fed a lifelong diet of one of genetically modified corn grew tumors and had multiple organ damage, of the liver and kidneys.

Corn is meant to be nutritious. It is not meant to do this –


ANIMALS FED GMOs Have Sterile Grandchildren

When Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) were first created, some people knew they were very bad.  But no one really knew just how bad they are.  We know that now.  Basically, not only are they killing people, because they are so highly toxic, they are also doing something VERY DIFFERENT TO NORMAL FOOD, that in the longer term they will wipe out the human race if not eradicated completely.  Because animals fed GMOs do not have great grand children.  NO other toxic food does that!  This is proof that we are dealing with something completely different.  And evil.  Here is some evidence of this:

Concerning the experiment carried out jointly by the National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problems, Dr. Alexei Surov had this to say.

“We selected several groups of hamsters, kept them in pairs in cells and gave them ordinary food as always,� says Alexei Surov.

“We did not add anything for one group but the other was fed with soya that contained no GM components, while the third group with some content of Genetically Modified Organisms and the fourth one with increased amount of GMO.  We monitored their behavior and how they gain weight and when they give birth to their cubs.  Originally, everything went smoothly.  However, we noticed quite a serious effect when we selected new pairs from their cubs and continued to feed them as before.  These pairs’ growth rate was slower and they reached their sexual maturity more slowly.  When we got some of their cubs we formed the new pairs of the third generation.  We failed to get cubs from these pairs, which were fed with GM foodstuffs.  It was proved that these pairs lost their ability to give birth to their cubs,� Dr. Alexei Surov said.

Another surprise was discovered by scientists in hamsters of the third generation. Hair grew in the mouth of the animals that took part in the experiment.

GMOs remain inside of us

The only published human feeding study revealed one of the most dangerous problems from GM foods.  The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function.  This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us.

Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.

Please, get this information to all your family and friends!

By the way, I muscle tested to find out if there was any product that could undo the damage to the intestinal bacteria that GMOs do. I have no way of knowing if this is correct or not, but I got that monolaurin (from coconut) may help. It’s been reported to help to heal Lyme’s disease.

GMOS destroy Organs

If GMOs did nothing, then organs of animals fed GMOs should look exactly the same as normal. But they look radically different, as you can see from this photo:


If you that still does not convince you that it is deadly serious that you become obsessive about getting GMOs out of your diet, here’s another pic that proves that GMOs seriously alter the whole body. This photo is a comparison of rat testicles:


People are dying at very early ages, and you know from seeing these pictures of totally changed organs, that GMOs are a major, if not THE major cause, behind it. You won’t hear about this in the media, because the power of Monsanto goes nearly everywhere. The following are just a few examples that I have collected:

My 40 year old female cousin died of breast cancer tonight…

Her parents raised her on a healthy diet, totally healthy. They took supplements, had a garden, went to church, didn’t drink or smoke EVER…and then one day she finds a lump.

She decided to treat it using natural methods like Vitamin C treatments, oxygenation, hydrogen peroxide, changing the body to alkaline, all under the supervision of natural healers and doctors…but she was also getting chemo treatments.

She ate an organic diet and cleansed weekly to flush the poison from her body and kept her immune system boosted to fight off infection. She was totally informed about modern day, alternative, cancer treatments and what she was doing to beat it.

A week and a half ago she was admitted into the hospital with severe pain from fluid gathering around her heart and lungs(the tumor area). Doctors drained her chest and tested the fluid and found it to be full of cancer cells, all of the sudden it spread, it had taken over.

A week and a half ago she was a beautiful, youthful 40 year old woman and today she is dead.

She looked 80 years old when I say her earlier today at the hospital. From 40 to 80 in a week and a half….What the —- is going on around here people?!

(Note: All you have to do is look again at the pictures of the tumors on the rats, and change to the organs from GMOs, and you will know).

On another post I read about a lady who walked into her boyfriend’s house, and found him dead in the middle of the living room. He was only 40 years old.

A lady I talked with in the line at the post office said that 5 people, all close to her and most of them under 50, had all died in the last month.

Another poster said that 6 people close to them, none of them particularly old, had all died within several months of each other.

Something is causing this. Vaccines are part of the cause, but GMOs are obviously deadly. The lamestream media will not tell you that GMOs are killing people. I urge you to totally get GMOs and all other toxins out of your life.

GMOs need to be banned totally, not just labelled. They kill. And the pollen from GMO plants goes everywhere, and is infecting non-GMO plants.

The dangers of GMOs is just one of the 55 chapters in the book that I spent 2 years writing- You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic – to help you save you and your family. If you don’t want to buy it, I encourage you to ask the library to obtain a copy:


TLB recommends you visit for more pertinent articles and information.

See featured article HERE

Chemtrail clowds

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated and Republished on 06/13/2015

Let us discuss catastrophe beyond anything except a full scale, all out, nuclear exchange … but just as deadly and final … And one that may have already been triggered to the ultimate detriment of all humanity!

There seems to be less and less normal, or naturally occurring, weather as we progress these days. A close look at past satellite photos shows the massive proliferation of atmospheric spraying and HAARP influence off the Pacific coast of the US , used for generating or initializing a Polar Vortex to bring an extremely cold snap to the heartland of America, as well as off the eastern coast of the US with the intent of producing the same results in the UK and Europe.

The polar vortex brought another period of severe cold to the central United States. This is being done as a psy-op, to convince the US congress, and the American people, that an “ice age is coming”. This is another delay tactic (like the IPCC), to guarantee the Arctic methane venting goes far enough, that it cannot be stopped. The actual truth, is that the world is heating VERY rapidly, and is passing the “tipping point” right now. So, the weather controllers, who are maintaining the “polar vortex”, are guilty of genocide, ecocide, and violation of Internationale law.

See more here: Polar Vortex Restarted, Weather Warfare on Europe

The problem is not only what is being perpetuated … but includes what it is intended to mask, cover up or hide from the masses …

Extinction level events are unfolding on this planet as we speak with little to no notice by a vast majority of this planets population … Like cattle being herded ignorantly and blindly to the slaughter.

In the information presented in the above video, please take special notice of the result of intentionally pulling the super cold Arctic air south into central North America and Europe, in what is being described as a Polar Vortex. Warmer air floods in on the backside of this phenomenon to replaced the frigid air drawn away, thus facilitating unnatural increased temperatures in the polar region.


Ice Nucleation – How Winter Is Manufactured

Most are at a loss to explain the organic materials found in atmospheric spraying … You don’t need organic components to reflect sunlight (stated reason for spraying is to reflect sunlight and cool the planet). Well here is the reason for the organic component and it does NOT bode well for our health!

“We have cloned and characterized DNA segments carrying the genes responsible for the ice-nucleating ability of these bacteria.”

“The cloned fragments imparted ice-nucleating activity in Escherichia Coli.”

I have personally suffered more flu like symptoms in the last several years than in a decade combined prior to this, and my skies are sprayed almost daily.

Next time you wonder why you and everyone around you is sick, or how “Flu Likeâ€? symptoms can shoot up well over 100% every time a storm passes, consider the ice nucleation components we are constantly breathing during these simulated winters …

And big pharma does a killing on one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market containing the neurotoxic thimerosal (mercury), the flu vaccination. Hmmm ??? … !!!


The Perfect Storm

All of the above combines into “The Perfect Storm” of artificially manufactured winter, artificially created flu-like sickness (or worse), aluminum (and other heavy metals) saturated soil, water and air … and the big Kahoona … a massive increase of methane release into our atmosphere.


Firing The Methane Clathrate Gun

There is a serious need to look at what is developing in the Arctic and understand that loss of ice reflectivity has already set off one feedback loop, where open expanses of water are absorbing solar radiation and driving water temperatures higher. As they continue to climb, an inevitability has been set culminating in a thawing and releasing of massive quantities of methane. While it’s impossible to state a specific point when a runaway scenario could occur, it behooves us to wake up to a real danger right before our eyes … because there are already those stating “The Gun Has Been Fired”.

Dr. Guy McPherson pulls no punches as he updates us with the news regarding the “Methane Monster” evidently exploding in the Arctic and Northern regions. The “clathrate gun” has been fired he reports, and the methane clathrate melt levels seem to be increasing exponentially.

At unexpectedly high levels in the atmosphere, methane hydrate gas could exacerbate global temperature rise at such a highly accelerated rate as to create havoc to all life on the planet.

If this is truly unfolding as Dr. McPherson suggests, steps should be taken immediately to ameliorate emissions with the hopes of mitigating negative repercussions.

See more here: The Arctic Methane Monster’s “Insane Level of Disaster”


A great source and Contributor to The Liberty Beacon project, Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch, states “Ch4 (methane) is 20 x more potent (as a greenhouse gas) than Co2 over a 100 year time horizon, we don’t have that much time. Over a 10 year horizon Ch4 is 100 to 120 x more potent, over a 30 day to 60 day horizon it can be as much as 1000x worse than Co2. We are truly in free fall.”

The massive volume of Methane trapped at the bottom of frigid oceans in the form of frozen methane hydrates, does have the ability to end all life on this planet if released in enough volume and over a limited period of time. When the water temperature directly above the sea bed rises, methane hydrates dissolve and release the previously bound methane. This scenario portends that enormous amounts of this very powerful greenhouse gas will be released into the atmosphere resulting in utter, catastrophic and fatal damage to the biosphere … and humanity

What becomes alarmingly obvious is the unusual and unnaturally warm temperatures that result from intentional manipulation via these polar vortexes in the very areas of this planet where methane is trapped. The release of this killer gas has already begun with atmospheric levels magnitudes above what used to be considered the norm, and some scientists project that if it continues to escape at the increasing rate that is already taking place … continued life on this planet could be all but impossible as soon as the next 20-40 years, with some stating this could actually initiate any time within the next few years … (above video)



trouble_bubbling_in_thearctic.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox 1

Methane bubbles up from warming arctic waters

If you wish to leave a viable planet for your children or grandchildren, if (as some are already saying) it is not already too late, PLEASE do some personal research! This is the most important thing you will ever research because … The genocide of humanity, or the re-terraforming of earth may already have begun, and this my skeptical friends … is NOT a guess !!!

Sources and additional reading:


Vast methane ‘plumes’ seen in Arctic ocean as sea ice retreats

Climate news: Arctic seafloor methane release is double previous estimates, and why that matters

Scientists discover vast methane plumes escaping from Arctic seafloor

Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist

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