Illinois 18th Congressional District
Special Election – September 10, 2015
Independent Candidate.

He has been active in Illinois’ US Federal politics interests since April 2012.

Aurora-born Connor Vlakancic takes on the two-party system

Aurora man running as write-in candidate in Illinois US 18th Congressional District


Connor Vlakancic, 20 years of US Federal political experience in Capital Hill, Washington, DC advocating pragmatic legislative initiatives as US Representative candidate from California and also as international electioneering Representative from Illinois 18th Congressional DIstrict in the Special Election September 10, 2015.

He will only finish this 114th Congress term and support the potential candidates for US Representatives in next year’s regular election of November 2016.

Connor Vlakancic was born in Aurora, Kane County. He lived in Batavia ehere is now the US Department of Energy, Fermilab particle physics laboratory. He was raised in Hinckley, DeKalb County which is adjacent to Lee County where President Ronald Reagan was raised. He has visited Ronald Reagan boyhood home in Dixon multiple times.

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