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Welcome to Bad Influence!  

In the early 1990's, Bad Influence! was one of the first shows on television for computer and video games players, with a magazine-style show dedicated to game reviews, features and computer technology. This was at a time just before video games became mainstream, and when much of the media considered them to be a bad influence. 

Here you can read all about the show and the people who made it, including Violet Berlin, who exclusively tells us about her time on the show. There was an official spin-off magazine, which can be downloaded along with video of the show itself. And if you have something to say, you can share your thoughts and memories of the show and read what other visitors to the site have said in the Feedback section.

Presenters Violet Berlin and Andy Crane



Thanks go to the following people who have made a valuable contribution to this site in one way or another: Patrick Titley, Violet Berlin, Greg Taylor, Alex from, Steve Mytum, Michael Winn, and, of course, everyone involved in the making of Bad Influence!


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