Map prepared by oceanographers ONE YEAR year ago eerily predicted MH370 debris would wash up on obscure island off Madagascar... as investigators try to match piece to doomed flight

MH370 map prepared by University of Western Australia oceanographers one year ago

A chart created by oceanographers one year ago (main picture) predicted debris from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could end up on the island of La Reunion, east of Madagascar. The coloured swirls represent estimates of where the wreckage would end up at different times after MH370's disappearance, based on ocean currents in the Indian Ocean, with La Reunion the most likely end point after 18-24 months. Aviation experts say it is entirely plausible a piece of airplane debris found on the island (pictured left, top and bottom right), located off the coast of Madagascar and about 5,600km (3,500 miles) from the MH370 search site, belongs to the doomed plane. Oceanographers from the University of Western Australia say the location of the newly-discovered debris is 'entirely consistent' with a graphic they created 12 months ago showing the potential drift patterns of the missing plane.

EMMA FOUND ALIVE: Jogger, 18, who disappeared on her evening run through remote bushland is found 10km from where she vanished after 24-hour search

Missing jogger Emma Langworthy, 18, who suffers from epilepsy, is 'found alive' after

Searchers have found 18-year-old Emma Langworthy 24 hours after she vanished while jogging near Bendigo in central Victoria. Ms Langworthy, 18, went for a jog in One Tree Hill Regional Park about 3pm on Wednesday. Police revealed Ms Langworthy sent a photo to a friend on Snapchat before she disappeared. Her brother, James, had made an emotional appeal for any information about her whereabouts. 'Emma suffers from epileptic seizures and needs medication. We love Emma dearly and would really like her to come home,' he said.

So what really happened to MH370? The SEVEN leading theories of what happened to the missing jet as investigators come tantalisingly close to answers

In lieu of solid answers, theories both outlandish and credible have swirled around the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last year.

Man sues Etihad Airways claiming he suffered a back injury trying to get past an obese man sitting next to him

James Andres Bassos has taken Etihad Airways to court in Queensland saying he was forced to twist and contort his body for long periods on a 2011 flight from Sydney to Dubai.

Miracle cat called River survives one hour at the bottom of a lake after she crawls into an air bubble on board sunken boat

River the cat (pictured) survived being at the bottom of Lake Havasu for an hour after she crawled into an air pocket of a sunken ship. It's a 'miracle' she survived, says salvation crew member.

'One hand should not be allowed to deny justice': Furious Julie Bishop slams Russian President Vladimir Putin for voting against a United Nations criminal tribunal into the MH17 disaster

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has slammed Russia at the United Nations for using their veto power to block an international criminal tribunal for the MH17 disaster.

'By the time you read this, I'll be long gone from this s***hole': Intern leaves angry message at bottom of Post-It notes for ex-colleagues 

An intern's note to his ex-colleagues has been uploaded to Reddit, which he wrote on a Post-It at the bottom of the block. In it, he revealed he had spat in his colleagues' coffee every day.

Woman, 33, who fatally stabbed her fiancé in the neck is found NOT GUILTY of killing him because he tried to choke her when she cancelled the wedding

Marcela Castaneda found not guilty of killing American fiancé Gregory Peck Woman who

The family of a 33-year-old woman wept with relief after a jury found her not guilty of stabbing to death her American fiancé in the neck with a kitchen knife in their western Sydney home during a heated fight after she ended their engagement. The jury found Marcela Castaneda (right) had acted in self defence when she punctured US aviation engineer Gregory Peck's (left) heart in an argument which ended their violent five year relationship.

'She responded to someone paternal': Woody Allen reveals secret to his 22-year relationship with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter... which at first he thought was 'just a fling'

'She responded to someone paternal': Woody Allen reveals the secret to his 23-year

Woody Allen has revealed he thought his controversial relationship with wife Soon-Yi Previn was 'just a fling' when it started in 1992. The prolific director, now 79, has been in a relationship with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, 44, for 22 years.  Breaking his intense privacy in a rare interview with NPR's film critic Sam Fragoso, Allen describes in detail why 'the dynamic worked' between them, insisting the age difference 'didn't seem to matter' - 'It seemed to work in our favor actually.'

As Nutella RUNS OUT, here is where to find your ultimate fix of the chocolate hazelnut spread before it disappears

Nutella shortage in Australia looms so here is where to get your fix of the beloved treat

Ferrero Australia has confirmed a nationwide shortage of Nutella, thanks to the current craze for restaurant and cafe desserts based around the sweet spread. With Nutella in short supply until the next shipment arrives from Italy, FEMAIL reveal where to quickly get your fix before Australian stock runs out, from a Nutella pretzel milkshake in Canberra (top left), to Nutella bombs in Melbourne (bottom centre), and Nutella-infused cronuts in Brisbane (bottom left and right).

'The CIA abandoned me in the Afghan desert for being gay': Ex-Navy SEAL says he was bullied by cruel agents who changed his callsign to 'Gay Gay'

Brett Jones, 41, filed a complaint against the federal agency, saying he was forced to endure homophobic slurs, comments and the 120-degree desert heat because of his sexuality.

PNG police will storm Manus Island detention centre if three Australian guards accused of drugging and gang raping a local woman are not returned for questioning 

Local police in Papua New Guinea have threatened to storm the Manus Island detention centre if three Australian staff members accused of raping a local woman are not flown back to PNG.

Chinese shoppers go to extreme lengths to avoid escalators after a woman was 'swallowed' when a metal plate gave way

Chinese shoppers avoiding escalators after woman was killed by one

Photos of the bizarre techniques being used to avoid the footplate at the end of escalators have emerged from China. A Facebook video shows people leaping and jumping (left), keeping their children away from the metal plate (centre) and using sticks (right) to check the foot plate is intact before getting on. The reaction comes after video footage emerged of a Chinese woman falling to her death through an escalator footplate in a shopping mall on Monday.

Stress getting you down? Try watching fish in an aquarium: Research shows tranquility can rub off on humans and not only boost mood but lower blood pressure and heart rate

Picture shows the National Marine Aquarium in Coxside, Plymouth.

Experts from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter have found watching tropical fish swim around a tank can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Want a big family? Then you need to start aged 23: Scientists develop fertility predictor that warns against leaving motherhood too late

Professor Allan Pacey, a Sheffield University fertility expert, said: 'We haven' t got a time machine we can put people in....that's just a blunt reality. Everyone thinks you can wait - this shows you can't.'

Almost a foot long... Giant dead RAT found inside a cash register at a Subway store in Brisbane - but wait till you see the roast ducks hanging in the bathroom of the Chinese restaurant

Giant rat found in Subway store during investigation in Brisbane's popular restaurants

A giant dead rat has been found inside a computer at the front counter of a Subway store at Chermside Westfield, Brisbane. Food hygiene investigators at the store also found numerous cockroaches and fined the business $20,000. Meanwhile, roasted Ducks were discovered hanging unprotected over a basin next to an 'unclean wall and posters' at a Chinese restaurant, Beijing House, in Brisbane.

From the trenches of WWI to the South Pole: How Australian photographer Frank Hurley captured history in iconic images of human endurance... and alienated every friend he had

From the trenches of WWI to conquering the South Pole: How Australian photographer Frank

NEW Great explorers like Sir Douglas Mawson owe much of their fame to Frank Hurley's (inset) work but the photographer responsible for stunning images from World War I trenches and Antarctic expeditions (seen above) died a lonely man.
Hurley's extraordinary and controversial life has been told in a novel by author Tim Griffiths. He calls him 'Forrest Gump with a camera' because he turned up at major events across the 20th century.

Has MH370 finally been found? Air safety investigators have 'high degree of confidence' that debris found in Indian Ocean 3,500 miles from doomed flight's last known location belongs to a Boeing 777 

Experts 'confident' wreckage belongs to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Officials are examining debris found washed up on a beach on Reunion island east of Madagascar (illustrated on map) to determine if it is related to doomed Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The two-metre-long piece of wreckage, pictured, which appeared, to be part of a wing, was found by people cleaning up a beach. Xavier Tytelman, an expert in aviation security, said it could not be ruled out that the wreckage belonged to MH370, which vanished without trace in March last year.

'Bizarre and really disturbing': Police Commissioner cannot describe anything as vile as the case of 13-year-old girl subjected to two years of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and seven other men

NEW Western Australia's police commissioner Karl O'Callaghan (pictured) said he was 'staggered' to learn the case involving eight men charged over the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl.

Virgin flight bound for Brisbane forced to make emergency after a CRACK is spotted in the plane's windscreen... leaving angry passengers stranded in LA

Passengers on a Virgin Australia flight (pictured is crack) bound for Brisbane had only been in the air for about half an hour when they were told they were heading back to Los Angeles.

'Have I been listening to fake music for five years?': One Direction fans are divided as Twitter reacts to Zayn Malik's revelation he left the band to make 'real music'

Zayn Malik signs solo deal with RCA
Former {ONE DIRECTION} singer {ZAYN MALIK} is officially ready to relaunch himself as a solo star after signing a new deal with RCA Records.
Malik stunned fans in March (15) when he quit the hugely successful boyband to live the life of a "normal" 22 year old, but it appears he is not ready to walk away from the spotlight just yet after sharing his latest news on Twitter on Wednesday (29Jul15).
He tweeted, "I guess I never explained why I left , it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA (sic)!!"
Malik, who had been signed to Simon Cowell's Syco Music as part of One Direction, then uploaded a black and white photo of himself putting pen to paper at the RCA offices.
The revelation emerges amid speculation Malik has teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Malay, who has worked with R&B artists like Alicia Keys, John Legend and Frank Ocean, to begin recording his debut solo album.
He is also said to h

Fans were stunned by the pop star's revelation and the hashtag '#realmusic' soon began trending on the social networking site on Wednesday night.

Man to face court over Family Law Court murders which left four people dead after blood found on a piece of cardboard THREE DECADES ago leads to breakthrough

Fresh DNA evidence was key in police arresting and charging Sydney man Leonard John Warwick (pictured in 1980s), 68, in connection to the infamous Family Law Court murders in the 1980s.

Pictured: Christian preacher and father-of-two who is among eight men facing 503 charges for vile abuse of girl, 13, whose father 'advertised her for sex on Craigslist'

David Volmer among men charged over sex abuse of a 13-year-old girl

A Christian preacher is among eight men charged over the abuse of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually exploited by her father over two years. Detective Inspector Glenn Feeney (inset) said the seven men made contact over the internet with the father who then organised for them to meet his daughter at various locations in Western Australia where the offences were committed. The men face 503 charges relating to abuse when the girl was aged between 11 and 13. The alleged offenders include 41-year-old Pastor David Volmer, also known as Dawid Volmer, who pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court earlier this month to 12 child sex abuse charges.

'It's an earthquake': The moment office workers froze as a 5.3-magnitude quake rocked south-east Queensland

Queensland's south-east coast rocked by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake

CCTV footage from inside a towing company at Nambour, 100km north of Brisbane, shows puzzled employees reacting as they felt tremors from an earthquake that hit off the Fraser Coast at 9.41am. Footage shows a group of workers standing around the reception desk talking as a rattling sound starts to echo through the room. The surprised workers look around before one of the men yells out in shock: 'It's an earthquake'. Security cameras from another section of the office captured one employee getting out of his chair and stopping suddenly to feel the tremors.

The force is strong with Nokia: Firm reveals 'Star Wars' 360 degree virtual reality camera that can even show a live feed

Nokia OZO launch

nokia reveals 'death star' virtual reality camera

The Ozo boasts eight cameras and microphones, and will work with headsets from Oculus and other makers, the Finnish firm says. It also looks uncannily like the Star Wars Jedi trainer.

Is this the best picture ever taken on an iPhone? Photographer snaps incredible aerial image of London as she comes in to land at Heathrow

The impressive image was taken on an iPhone 6 by wedding photographer Maria Farrelly, 37, from Newport, south Wales, as she came into land at London Heathrow Airport on Tuesday.

'I can't leave my kids': Chilling words of a father just days before he died with his two children in a horrific caravan explosion

Queensland father's words before he died with his children in Mount Isa caravan explosion

The friend of a father, who died in a horrific caravan gas explosion along with his two young children, has revealed the chilling conversation just days before the tragedy. The bodies of Charlie Hinder, 39, his four-year-old son, River and seven-year-old daughter, Nyobi were found inside a caravan in the front yard of a home in Mount Isa, north-west Queensland.

Scientists discover there are five kinds of prostate cancer: Treatment set to be transformed by findings that allow doctors to distinguish deadliest tumours 

In landmark research, British scientists in Cambridge have shown that the most common cancer among men in the UK can be classified into five types, depending on its DNA.

Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart plans to give away HALF of her $14 billion fortune to charity as part of her legal settlement with her estranged family

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart raised her desire to donate a 'significant portion' of her $14 billion estate as part of the complex and lengthy legal settlement with her children.

Gay dads who shot to fame after posting intimate family photos with their three children on Instagram announce they are splitting up in bitter social media posts 

Gay dads famous for posting photos with their children announce splits 

Kordale Lewis, 26, and Caleb Anthony, 27, from Atlanta, Georgia, who shot to fame in 2014 after posting a photo of them doing their daughters' hair in the morning, have announced their split as Caleb blasts Kordale for 'disrespecting' him in lengthy Instagram post, which has since been removed.

High school student builds an 'Abbott Proof Fence' calling on the Prime Minister to be BANNED from Australia

A poster, which was erected on a wall at Castlemaine in Victoria's goldfields, was created by a Year 10 student and features a black and white photo of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Agonising last hours of a lion king and one man's deadly vanity... plus the other sick trophies he boasts about

Cecil the lion's last hours and Walter Palmer's  vanity

He was named Cecil after Cecil Rhodes, the British mining magnate, having first been spotted in 2008 at a place called White Man's Watering Hole inside Zimbabwe's famous Hwange National Park. But he was tricked earlier this month into leaving his sanctuary. Pieces of meat had been left just outside the boundary of Cecil's territory, where no hunting is allowed and anti-poaching patrols operate. Cecil picked up the scent and followed the trail, leaving his pride of two lionesses and six cubs inside the park. It proved a fatal mistake.The so-called King of the Jungle is pictured main, while the American dentist who paid £32,000 to Zimbabwean guides in return for the chance to kill Cecil is inset. Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst (top left) and local landowner Honest Ndlovu (bottom left) allegedly assisted him.

Dentist who killed Cecil the lion was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee at his practice and settled out of court for $127,500

Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who has achieved worldwide notoriety for killing the most famous lion in Africa paid out $127,500 in 2009 to settle a sexual harassment claim.

'I'm in your corner': Fitness guru slammed for lifting weights while pregnant with twins backs Michelle Bridges - after Biggest Loser star deletes video of herself lifting

Michelle Bridges weightlifting while pregnant supported by Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin, from the Gold Coast, knows how it feels to have thousands of strangers criticise you while pregnant. The fitness star, now 32 weeks pregnant, has defended Bridges, who mysteriously deleted a video of herself lifting weights while pregnant from her Instagram account. Sophie remarked to Daily Mail Australia: 'Wouldn't it be nice If we could celebrate the fact that a respected woman is dispelling some of the myths around remaining active during pregnancy?'

Never trust a man with a Satnav: JOAN COLLINS did. The result? A nightmare 5-hour drive - and a hubby lucky to be alive!

'You can find the directions on Amy and Chris's wedding website.' When I suggested to the man of the house, my husband Percy, that he do this, he was adamant that it wasn't necessary.

Struggling to cover those dark circles and blemishes? Forget pinks and yellows - YouTube tutorial shows how ORANGE and GREEN are the concealers you need for a flawless complexion

Heidi Hamoud shares YouTube make up tutorial on using green and orange concealer

Trying to cover facial flaws can be stressful, and chances are you have been doing it all wrong. Melbourne-based make-up artist Heidi Hamoud says orange and green concealers (left) work best to cover uneven skin tones to achieve a flawless foundation look (top right). The vlogger says that orange work to correct discolouration in skin with blue and purple undertones, while green counteracts the red of blemishes.

'There's more to racing than just winning': Touching moment two boys helped a fellow competitor across the finish line of a mini-triathlon 

The boys, William Staten, 9, and Gideon Morgan, 8, saw another boy in need of help at the Cypress Youth Triathlon in Houston on Saturday, and forfeited the race to help him.

Queen of Versailles breaks silence on why she took photos of her daughter's coffin as autopsy reveals teen died of an accidental methadone and anti-depressant overdose 

Jackie Siegel said of her daughter Victoria's death; 'As a mother, I can say it's the most horrible thing that I have ever, ever experienced,' as it is revealed the girl dies of an accidental drug overdose.

Feel familiar? Mummy blogger's hilarious photos of everyday 'parent problems'

Average Parent Problems Instagram account documents 'parent problems'

The photographs, taken from the Instagram account 'Average Parent Problems', offer a glimpse into the challenges parents face when raising their little ones. Put together by mommy blogger Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts, it aims to help parents laugh at the so-called 'problems' kids create. Because if they don't, she says, they might just cry themselves.

'It was time to do something for me': 37-year-old mother of three lost nearly HALF her body weight after being horrified by pictures of herself at a friend's wedding

Mother-of-three Hayley Mitchel lost nearly HALF her body weight

Hayley Mitchell, from the Gold Coast, weighed 110 kilograms at her heaviest, but after being devastated by how she looked at a friend's wedding (left), she took control - losing 50 kilograms. The mother-of-three had struggled with her weight her whole adult life but determined to make a change, Mrs Mitchell swapped her takeaway food for protein and vegetables and hit the gym, losing nearly half her body weight in 19 months (right).

'She was a special little human': Young mum who lost her daughter to a rare condition pays tribute with a touching photo series showing the 'super powers' of disabled children

Evie died aged two-and-a-half after being diagnosed with a disability. As a tribute to their daughter, New Zealand parents began the Super Power Baby Project, featuring children with disabilities.

'Rape doesn't make him a bad husband - it makes him a criminal': Woman who was told by judge to 'forgive' husband who drugged and raped her speaks out about her ordeal

Mandy Boardman, 37, was repeatedly drugged by her husband of twelve years, David Wise, 53, who raped her while she was passed out. The Indiana man was given no jail time for his felony conviction.

What a can of Coca-Cola REALLY does to your body: Infographic reveals the effects the fizzy drink has in just an hour... from a 20-minute blood sugar spike to the 'crash'

What a can of Coca-Cola REALLY does to your body in just an hour

The graphic was compiled by Truth Theory, a blog run by a former pharmacist who goes by the name Niraj, based in the US, and includes a seven-stop breakdown. It reveals that in the First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100 per cent of your recommended daily intake.) You don't immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavour allowing you to keep it down. While at 60 minutes, as the rave inside of you dies down you'll start to have a sugar crash.


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160-pound python that terrorized U.S. - killing pet dogs and farm animals - is finally shot dead

Python that terrorized Missouri neighborhood is finally shot dead

The 14-foot beast was first spotted at the weekend when it went after a poodle. After eating several small animals it was blasted with a shotgun in Warren County, near Jonesburg. Relieved residents have been gathering to view its carcass after it was put on display by local mom Pauline Horstdaniel, whose husband shot the animal.

What makes us cheat? HORMONES: People with high levels of certain chemicals 'are more likely to behave badly' 

New research from Harvard and the University of Texas suggests that higher levels of two hormones in our bodies, testosterone and cortisol, encourages cheating and other unethical behaviour.

Antibiotic resistance 'could end modern medicine': Doctor issues stark warning as study reveals most of us don't even know what term really means 

Highlighting the urgent need to tackle the problem, Dame Sally Davies said today: 'Modern medicine is finished if the problem is not confronted. It's a very powerful statement and it is true.'

The women made to feel guilty because they didn't have a 'perfect' drug-free birth: Three mothers who had C-sections reveal their outrage at being judged by OTHER women 

As a survey finds that a fifth of women would feel like a failure if they had a caesarean, three women who wanted natural births reveal what happened after they ended up on the operating table.

Spend the night on Ramsay Street! Fans given the chance to stay in Susan and Karl Kennedy's home from Neighbours as the show's set is listed on Airbnb

Neigbours fans can stay in Susan and Karl Kennedy's Ramsay Street home

Its streets and homes have featured on TV sets around the globe for 30 years. But now fans of iconic Australian soap Neighbours explore the set in person, with the TV show listing its famous homes for rent on Airbnb as part of a special promotion. The special listing offers a winner and a friend the chance to stay in Erinsborough, the fictional Melbourne suburb where the series is set, for five nights - hosted by actor Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl Kennedy (inset).

'I'm an alpha male and a girly girl': World champion bodybuilder and former Marine reveals on Instagram that she's transgender - and living as both a man and a woman

Janae Marie Kroc, 42, formerly known as Matt 'Kroc' Kroczaleski, announced on Instagram that she is 'transgender and gender fluid'. However, the model said she is waiting to transition.

The 'Granny Ripper': Russian pensioner who was caught on CCTV carrying body parts kept a diary revealing she murdered TEN people and hacked their bodies apart during 20-year reign of terror

'Granny Ripper' detained amid fears she killed and dismembered ten

Police found the shocking diaries of a killer after arresting Tatiana Samsonova, 67, pictured, who was caught on CCTV carrying the body parts of an elderly victim in plastic bags. They contain details of how she dismembered victims and scattered their body parts all over the city in St Petersburg. They have since found diaries in three languages detailing a series of brutal murders over two decades which police are now cross-referencing with unsolved cases.

'I had a great talent and lost it': Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker who spent his $100million earnings on alcohol addiction and failed restaurant is now working at STARBUCKS

NBA All-Star Vin Baker spent his $100m earnings and now working at STARBUCKS

The four-time All-Star, who enjoyed a glittering career before descending into alcoholism and losing his $100million fortune, is currently working as a barista at Starbucks (inset) in North Kingstown, Rhode Island - but is training to manage one of the chain's stores. He thanks Starbucks CEO and chairman Howard Shultz - the owner of the Seattle SuperSonics (now, the Oklahoma City Thunder) when Baker played for them - for the 'excellent' opportunity. 'In this company there are opportunities for everyone. I have an excellent situation here at Starbucks and the people are wonderful,' he said. Pictured: Baker is seen playing for the Seattle SuperSonics during a game against the Houston Rockets in Texas in 1998 (right), and arriving at court after being charged with drunk driving in July 2007 (left).

Could house dust be making children FAT? Chemicals found in grime 'trigger protein linked to obesity'

Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina, found chemicals found in house dust bind to and activate the PPARgamma receptor, which regulates fat metabolism and cell death.

Who thought Staffys could be so cute? Meet the superstar dogs who have a huge social media following and are best known for snuggling up together in their pyjamas

Darren and Phillip the English Staffordshire terriers become social media stars

The ever-so adorable Darren and Phillip (left) are social media star thanks to their obsessed owners. Known as the Blueboys, the English Staffordshire terriers have almost 40,000 followers on Twitter and more than 5,000 fans on Facebook. Both runts of the litter (inset) - only weighing about 16kg which is small for their breed - the fluffy duo are now having the last laugh as their besotted masters, Jennifer McLean and fiance Lachlan, has turned them into foxy fashionistas by dressing them up in baby clothes and capturing some seriously precious, and at times hysterical, moments (right). The Queensland couple bought Darren from a breeder four years ago, then adopted Phillip from a family friend a year later - and the cute canines have proved to be anything but camera-shy.

Instagram bans #goddess hashtag after users 'violate' social media guidelines with nude images

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the block, explaining that '#goddess was consistently being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.'

Russian women dupe ISIS fighters into sending over money after creating fake profiles and pretending they wanted to become their jihadi brides in Syria

Pic shows: Maryam, one of the girls.
Isis terrorists looking for love are being conned by Russian beauties who pretend to want to join their online lovers in a bid to extract money.
Police discovered the fraud was going on after they arrested three young women, who were found to have used social media to contact Islamic State militants.
And they believe the trio are just the tip of the iceberg and there are probably hundreds of cases across the country.
The women apparently came up with the idea after being contacted on Facebook by men who try to develop an online relationship, and eventually to persuade them to come to join them.
A police spokesman said: "They would complain that they didn't have the money to afford it, after which the cash was wired over to cover the cost."
The three girls who were arrested are from the south western Russian autonomous republic of Chechnya and apparently used fake accounts on social networks to communicate with the Islamists. On the fake profiles th

Police discovered the fraud after they arrested three young women from the Russian autonomous republic of Chechnya who were found to have used social media to contact Islamic State militants.

Father was surprised to discover the 'weed' growing out of his compost was a 2ft cannabis plant 

Keen gardener Darren Turner, 46, from Thrapston in Northamptonshire, had allowed the striking-looking plant to grow in his flower bed because he thought it looked like a legitimate pot plant.

New audio tape shows Hulk Hogan making MORE racially-charged remarks (this time, to son Nick via jailhouse phone)

Hulk Hogan making MORE racially-charged remarks to son Nick via jailhouse phone

A recording surfaced on Wednesday showing wrestling legend Hulk Hogan making racially-charged remarks to his then-imprisoned son, Nick Bollea, over a Florida jailhouse phone (right: Hogan is pictured alongside his wife or daughter) in 2008. In the latest tape, Hogan apparently tells his then-17-year-old son: 'You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here n***a'. Hogan (pictured, left, with his son in 2009) then notes that his use of the slur means that Bollea is his 'best friend'. 'N***a, n***a, that means, that means you (are) my best friend,' he appears to say. The recording was released in 2008 by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and reemerged online this week. It comes just days after Hogan was fired by WWE over racist comments he made in a 2007 audio tape.

Colombian model who has her own TV show faces death penalty in China for carrying drugs 'inside her laptop' 

Juliana Lopez, 22, also runs a boutique and is a well-known pro footballer. She flew into Guangzhou on a visit to purchase items for her shop, but was detained for allegedly smuggling an unspecified substance.

The 10 ways your hectic lifestyle is making you FAT: Stress could be the reason you never lose weight, expert warns

Charlotte Watts, nutritionist and author of the The De-Stress Effect, says stress causes high levels of hormones which can lead to fat around the middle, a loss of muscle tone and a and slowed metabolic rate.

What are the 'blood trails' on Saturn's moon? Experts are stumped by mysterious arch-shaped red lines on Tethys' icy surface

Cassini scientists are baffled by the presence of the red lines, with some suggesting they may be exposed ice with chemical impurities, or the result of outgassing from inside Tethys.

'The flash came, I saw the bone on my fingers, just like looking at an X-ray': Hiroshima survivors' devastating memories 70 years after the atomic bomb

Hiroshima survivors' memories 70 years after the atomic bomb

Elderly Japanese men and women who were just schoolchildren when the Enola Gay annihilated their city by dropping the nuclear device, recall the events of that horrifying day on August 6, 1945. Shigeko Sasamori, now 83, (left) described her appearance as 'monstrous' after she was caught in the blast. Takashi Tanemori (right) was a seven-year-old playing hide and seek when he found himself buried in the burning wreck of his school building after a sound that almost 'split his skull'.

'Those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts': Four-month-old puppy that looks like a teddy bear already has 100,000 followers on Instagram 

Tonkey, pictured, lives in Alberta, Canada, and despite being just four months old and being on Instagram for only eight weeks, the bearcoat Shar Pei probably has more followers than you.

Incredible images show a 300 foot high WALL OF SAND sweep through a festival causing 20,000 revellers to be evacuated

The sky darkened as the 300-feet high wall of sand swept through the Sonid Right Banner, Inner Mongolia, yesterday afternoon. More than 20,000 people had to be evacuated from the area.

'Too drunk to f***': T-shirts emblazoned with swear words being worn by children as young as EIGHT in Asia... because their parents can't read English 

Phrases such as 'Who the f*** is Jesus', 'Too drunk to f***' and '$ex for money', are emblazoned across T-shirts worn by children as young as eight in Asia - because they can't read English.

'He is everything I didn't know I needed': Newlywed reveals how she went from swiping right to a stranger on Tinder to saying 'I do' in just FIVE MONTHS

Woman reveals how she went from Tinder to saying 'I do' in 5 MONTHS

Zoë Wescott, 30, and her husband Taylor, from LA, were matched on the dating app shortly after Zoë got out of a relationship. The couple knew almost immediately that they'd eventually get hitched. Taylor proposed after three months. But though Zoë was 'confident as hell' about her decision to tie the knot with him - even after such a quick courtship - she still feared the judgement of others.

The chemistry of TATTOOS: Video reveals why the 3,000 puncture wounds endured per minute result in a permanent inking

Rachel Feltman from the Washington Post explains exactly what is happening on the cellular level as she gets inked, including why tattoos are permanent, what the ink is made of and why they fade.

Fruit and veg are getting SWEETER - but are now 'less nutritious and have fewer health benefits', scientists claim 

For example, coloured grapefruit are now twice as popular as white varieties, according Dutch researchers. But white grapefruit contain 50 per cent more compounds, linked to heart health.

'I have saved 5,000 marriages': Brothel madam who spent decades as a sex worker says she's PROUD of her career... as she reveals all about prostitution in the UK

Vivien Walden, 66, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, started in the sex industry aged 17, first as a stripper, then a prostitute and then a brothel owner. She tells FEMAIL about selling sex in the UK.

Holidaymaker gets the shock of his life when the window of the Ryanair flight he is on falls into his lap 

Laurence Gibson was flying back to London Stansted from Gdansk in Poland with his partner Matt when the window reveal fell out of the frame as the aircraft came into land.

Pictured: The agonising moment Australian rower Alex Lloyd broke his collarbone in a cycling crash in Italy, ruling him out of the World Rowing Championships

Australian rower Alex Lloyd broke his collarbone in a cycling crash in Italy

An Australian rower has been ruled out of this year's World Rowing Championship after a cycling crash in Italy caused him severe grazing and a busted collarbone. Alex Lloyd (right) suffered severe injuries (left) while training with fellow teammates around the northern Italian town of Varese on Tuesday. National selectors are still due to make a decision on who will replace Lloyd.

Video shows scaffolder booby-trapping his workmate's cigarette with an exploding fuse in a bid to get him to quit 

This hilarious video shows scaffolder Gavin Smith after he decided to 'help' his workmate Spencer Lewis, 38, from Swansea, South Wales, give up the bad habit for good.

Emoji for FOOD ALLERGIES: Icons showing peanuts, buckwheat and celery may make life easier for people sensitive to foods

A Google engineer in Japan has submitted a proposal to add icons for peanuts, kiwis and milk, among others, to the list of official emoji

The moment a man played the banjo for a SWAT team in two hour stand-off before he was shot with a rubber bullet and taken down

Andrew Helmsworth shut himself inside a home, and later emerged with the banjo during the Sunday afternoon incident. He is currently in the Clark County Jail.

UFC champion Ronda Rousey admits she now feels 'most beautiful' when she is 15lbs heavier than her fighting weight - after overcoming a lengthy battle with bulimia

UFC champion Ronda Rousey feels 'most beautiful' when heavier than fighting weight

The 28-year-old mixed martial arts fighter revealed that she purposely packed on the pounds before posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015 Issue earlier this year because she wanted to flaunt her natural curves. The professional athlete, who recently revealed that she once struggled with bulimia, explained that 'took a lot of time' for her to to develop a 'healthier relationship' with food and her weight.

The real life Tarzan and Jane: Couple who met in an animal park spend their lives traveling the world together and swimming with wild crocodiles and alligators

Chris Gillette, 27, and Ashley Lawrence, 28, pictured, from Florida, admit that there are risks but being a couple means they have someone to share their unique experiences with.

This is how a lion should be shot...with a long lens camera! Photographer captures incredible images of lions fighting over their food in South Africa 

Hungry lionesses and cubs stood proud of the dinner they had hunted at Singita Game Reserve but soon the pride's dominant male moved in to take his share and teach the cubs a lesson.

'Come on then, me and you - Now!' Watch two brave police officers face down terrifying thug as he launches attack with 8-inch knife 

Alex Prentice and Debbie Wishart had been called out to a property in Corby, Nottinghamshire, when they were confronted by knifeman Lee Vickers, who was brandishing a large kitchen knife.

Stretched to their limits: Tiny young children are drilled at gymnastics boot camp so they can be future stars in China 

Tiny young children in China drilled at gymnastics boot camp to be future stars

Youngsters are taught how to push their tiny bodies through the pain barrier at the summer school in Bozhou, Ahui Province. These amazing images show them hanging from horizontal bar (bottom left), holding stretch positions (main image) and balancing on their hands (bottom right). Children with special physical capabilities are selected specially for the camp during the summer holiday. China is known for picking out youngsters with promise in any sport and sending them to training camps like these.


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Lord of the WEDDING rings: Hobbit-mad couple transform garden into Middle Earth to say 'I do' as Galadriel and Frodo in front of Gandalf and 170 guests in fancy dress

Hobbit-mad couple transform garden into Middle Earth to get married

A groom ditched his shoes and tie as he transformed into the hobbit, Frodo Baggins, for his Lord of the Rings wedding day. Will Grant, 28, who's a big fan of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novel, convinced his wife-to-be, Amy Gander, 33, to turn their garden in Woolacombe, North Devon into Middle Earth for their big day. They rowed to a pond (top right) where a man dressed as Gandalf took their vows (pictured left) and a well-trained eagle delivered the wedding rings. It took Will and Amy six months to plan their magical nuptials, which took place on July 4. They even created a website to give guests (bottom right) some costume inspiration. It advised attendees to bring weapons but to 'keep safety in mind'. 'If you have a bow and arrow, please leave the arrows at home to avoid the temptation of ring them,' the description read. While Will, a plumber, went as Frodo Baggins, Amy dressed as the ethereal blonde character, Galadriel. Their fantastical setting was decked with hobbit holes, an enchanted forest and a wooden entrance with the carved inscription 'speak friend and enter' based on the Gates of Moria.

China is building the world's biggest radio telescope that's the equivalent of 30 football pitches so it can 'listen to the UNIVERSE'

Construction started March 2011 and should finish 2016, costing cost approximately 1.2 billion Yuan (£120 million). It will be able to collect radio signals beyond our solar system.

That's one way to save water! New shower curtain has SPIKES that inflate to eject you after just four minutes... but what happens if you need to wash your hair?

Elisabeth Buecher, a London-based artist, has created the unique product that forces people to change their water-wasting habits, by physically ejecting them from their shower.



Meet the 'human flag': Daredevil scales world's tallest buildings to perform the most terrifying fitness craze of the year

Abudi Alsagoff does 'human flag' on world's tallest residential building in Dubai

As if dangling from the top of a 400-metre building was not enough, one fearless thrill-seeker has taken the human flag trend to new heights. Brave Abudi Alsagoff, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, climbed 200 flights of stairs to the top of the 101 Marina in Dubai, to perform what is fast becoming the bizarre fitness craze of the year.

Disgruntled mothers up in arms after hotel sign declares benches are 'for bums NOT babies'

A stampede of angry mothers were left 'disgusted' by a sign at a Coventry hotel, that they feel has labelled babies as 'a nuisance'.

Did heartburn evolve to protect us from food poisoning? High acid levels in human stomachs may be a hangover of our scavenger past

Biologists at North Carolina State University found humans have similar stomach acidity to scavengers. A thermograph of heartburn in the stomach is shown.

Let me in! Inquisitive baby hippo squeezes his way between the giant adults wallowing in the mud 

Baby hippo squeezes his way between the giant adults wallowing in the mud 

The baby hippo is seen standing on its hind legs before it clambers on to the back of a bull and propels itself into the herd of adults wallowing in the mud (pictured main). Gavin Udal, who photographed the determined hippo at Lake St Lucia in Zululand, South Africa, said the calf (pictured inset) was seeking shelter from the chilly weather - and protection from nearby predators.