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Atopic Dermatitis  

Atopic dermatitis (ay-TOP-ick dur-ma-TIE-tiss) is the most common allergic skin disease in dogs. Like human allergies, it’s brought on by seasonal pollen and other airborne allergens and is incurable.

Common signs of atopic dermatitis. Roll over to enlarge.

Skin lesions: caused by scratching Skin Lesions  Skin Lesions

Hair loss
Hair Loss  Hair Loss
Skin infections
Skin Infections  Skin Infections
Scaly skin Scaly Skin  Scaly Skin
Red, inflamed skin
Red, inflamed skin  Red, inflamed skin
Red-brown staining due to saliva and yeast infection
Red-brown staining  Red-brown staining

During a flare-up, your dog’s skin can become extremely itchy, red, scaly and irritated. If you can imagine a chronic case of severe poison ivy, you’ll begin to understand why atopic dogs experience hair loss from scratching, rubbing and licking.

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