If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been accepted into the Honors program at Northeastern University. If that’s the case, a big congratulations is in order! It’s also possible that you’ve heard of International Village, the beautiful dorm building that houses first year Honors students.

International Village, or IV (or INV) for short, is currently Northeastern’s second newest residence hall, constructed in 2009. It is unlike any other freshman dorm I’ve ever seen, featuring its own dining hall, workout area, classrooms, semi-private double and single rooms, and stunning views of the city.

It’s unusual, however, how little information the University provides on such a high-profile building that serves to entice admitted Honors students. I am currently an Honors freshman, and last year after I was accepted, I kept hearing about IV and how great it was, but almost no information was out there. I had no idea what the rooms looked like or what to expect.

My goal for this website is to provide as much information as possible about IV to help future admits out. Note that my work is not endorsed or sponsored by the University itself; I took it upon myself to provide this service. Do not hesitate to email me questions (or corrections), as I will work them into the website’s content where appropriate.

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