PANIC As You See FIT 72 dots per inch
Panic As You See Fit is a group exhibition that confronts the fear and
and anxiety that accompanies any unanticipated tragedy in life. Regardless
of title, position or age, all who experience sudden lifechanges are unwillingly
thrown into chaos. This exhibition addresses the snap from a daily pattern
to total pandemonium and asks the viewer to consider the extent of control
one can possess over their environment.





Detail, Birth and Death by: Robert Dampier


“Robert Dampier is an assemblage artist whose work captured my imagination over ten years ago. His works speak of what it is to, “Be” in my opinion and I see the story of us all within, in between and contained among the layers of his unique narrative style. His work holds the attention of viewers, allowing time necessary for reflection and understanding by simply connecting the dots and subjectively projecting meaning onto the composition.”

-Max B. Harrison
Gallery M Squared

Birth and Death

Artist Statement:


“I was born in Houston Texas and now reside on Galveston Island off the Gulf Coast. As long as I can remember I have loved the old and discarded parts of the world. There is no end to material things thrown away and I find them where ever I go, in thrift shops, in local allies or on the streets. As long as there are objects to be found, I’ll continue to build my creations of lost and neglected objects. The idea of taking what has been cast out as refuse or considered outdated by others compels me to repurpose and transform these items into works of emotional nostalgia for viewers and can only be described as my lifelong obsession.
I apply this method to almost everything I do creatively, as I am autodidactic and love to explore many processes. With that the idea of using what is already available in your environment and applying those materials in a meaningful way to Sculpture, Painting, Assemblage, Design and just about everything else. I see no logical reason in letting perfectly good material resources go to waste.
Being an autodidactic artist, my work has evolved continually over the years. The work produced is more about the process of creation and the telling of parables. My desire is to evoke an emotional response, and a connection with the viewer. I prefer hearing the interpretations of others and what they see, rather than dictate what that should be.
To create meaning from objects that have none, this is my greatest Joy!”
-Robert Dampier





Jaz Croped


Artist:  Jaz Henry

There are many entrances to any experience and they inevitably split into a winding of passages. These passages, or portals, manifest physically around us in many different forms such as doorways and mirrors but also manifest in our senses where they can connect us to realms beyond our own. The mind is a gateway resting on a threshold and is begging to be crossed.


June 4th  ~  June 28th, 2015


Thursday, June 4th

7pm  ~  9pm