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    Minority Independent Producer Summit, Inc. (MIPS), is a non-profit organization, established to serve as an advocate for increased participation by independent producers and content creators from underrepresented communities such as those of color, LGBT, women and those with disabilities in the film, tv and digital media industries.


    In its inaugural year, MIPS2014 was the first summit dedicated to the recognition, celebration and promotion of underrepresented independent producers and content creators with the sole purpose of focusing on the "business behind the business." Through MIPS Chats, panel discussions, workshops, peer-to-peer networking and direct liaison with industry professionals and experts, participants were abled to gain considerable education, knowledge and contacts for advancing their projects and careers.


    The venues for MIPS include Tribeca Cinemas and MIST Harlem, both prominent culture centers for an emerging diverse community:

       Flexible screening studios
       Entertainment and hospitality space
       Close to public transportation
       Nearby shopping and restaurants

      Registration is closed

"I don't understand why people don't understand that the world of TV
should look like the world outside of TV."

- Shonda Rhimes -


Here's what we're up to:


    To empower minority independent film and TV producers to achieve greater access and sustainability. Primary focus will be on the following:

       Access and Sustainability
       Business Partnership and Collaboration
       Breaking the Distribution Blockade


    The independent producer is the backbone behind every independent motion picture and television series. They are the ones that package the project, obtain financing, and complete the multitude of tasks that enable the project to move forward into production. More important, they are the ones who get films made to sell in the marketplace, and bring to audiences worldwide.

    From concept to post-production to sales/distribution, the independent film producer oversees script development, hiring of key personnel, legal and financial contracts, budgets, scheduling, public relations, sales and distribution. In the true independent world of filmmaking they typically spend the most time on a television and/or film project, often years, and often the least appreciated and paid. They are the underpaid CEO's and unsung heroes of numerous media projects.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffett -

Meet our team

Greetings from the MIPS Founding Members.

  • Anre Garrett

    Founding Partner / Executive Director
  • Milana Walter

    Founding Partner
  • Sheila Quann

    Founding Partner
  • Timothy Choi

    Program Coordinator
  • Margarita Sophia Cortes

    Director Public Relations

Advisory Board

Supporting the creation of the MINORITY INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS SUMMIT is the following select group of individuals selected from the entertainment industry to serve as members of the inaugural advisory board.

  • Rachel Watanabe-Batton

    Producer, Vice Chair At Producers Guild Of America, East
  • Damian Benders

    SVP Programming & Marketing At Snagfilms
  • Margarita Sophia Cortes

    Founder MSophia PR, Entertainment Publicity
  • Ira Deutchman

    Producer, Managing Partner At Emerging Pictures And Professor/Chair Of Columbia University Producing Program
  • John Hadity

    EVP At Entertainment Partners Financial Solutions
  • Darcy Heusel

    Director of Digtial Strategy, Picture Motion
  • Jamal Joseph

    Writer/Director for Black Starz, HBO, Fox TV, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., and A&E.; Acting Chair at Columbia University's School of the Arts Film division
  • Elizabeth Gardner Potter

    Producer, Former Co-Owner/Co-Executive Director Of New York International Latino Film Festival
  • Richard Pena

    Former Program Director Of Film Society Of Lincoln Center And Director Of New York Film Festival. Professor At Columbia University School Of The Arts Film Division
  • Thomas Giovanni

    Executive Asst. Corporation Counsel for Government Policy, NYC
  • Paul Thompson

    Associate Professor, NYU Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
  • Dana Weissman

    Director Of Programs, Writers Guild Of America, East
  • Andre Robinson

    Creative Executive And Producer For Belafonte Enterprises, Executive Producer At Carbon-Fibre Media
  • Molly Smith

    Executive Producer / Producer- Black Label Media; P.S. I Love You, The Blind Side, Beautiful Creatures, Something Borrowed
  • María Agui Carter

    Writer/Director/Producer/REBEL, Iguana Films, Trustee, National Association of Latino Independent Producers
  • S. Casper Wong

    Producer/Director, The Lulu Sessions
  • Paul Mason

    Former President And CEO, Link TV
  • Tamir Muhammad

    Director Of Feature Programming At The Tribeca Film Institute
  • Loren Hammond

    Director, Sales & Operations At Tribeca Cinemas
  • Adam Moore

    National Director of EEO & Diversity for SAG-AFTRA
  • Amy Dotson

    Deputy Director & Head of Programming, IFP and Senior Program Advisor, Made in New York Media
  • John Quinones

    Producer, Actor, Writer, Host Of ABC's Primetime And Good Morning America

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King -

Program Schedule

A focus on the "Business" of creation and distribution of multimedia content in a new multicultural world


    • Diversity in media has not been extended to the board rooms and those institutions deciding what or what not gets green lit.  WHY and HOW DO WE CHANGE IT?!!
    • The Collective: Building a Team to Break Barriers: Producers with Emerging Writers and Directors!! 
    • Time for A Different Conversation: Producing for multi media platforms in a new multicultural world!
    • CrowdFunding Workshop: New solutions, new platforms, new methods for success
    • Small Group Workshop Sessions
    • PGA Workshop
    • WGA Workshop
    • Case Studies for breaking through barriers
    • Get the track on ways to finance your production
    • Crowdfunding To Build An Audience
    • Script to Screen
    • Working with SAG-AFTRA
    • Evolution of Distribution
    • Tapping into new models of distribution
    • Anatomy of a Successful Web Series

    The MIPS Guest Speakers & Workshop Facilitators:

    • Damian Benders, SVP SnagFilms
    • John Hadity, EVP Entertainment Partners Financial Solutions
    • Jamie Wilkinson, CEO VHXTV
    • John Quinones, Producer, Actor, Writer, Host of ABC's Primetime and Good Morning America
    • Richard Guay, Producer, Founder Passion First Funding Portal
    • Jorge Rivera, Creative Executive Director of Digital Video Strategy @Garnish
    • María Agui Carter, Writer/Director/Producer/REBEL, Iguana Films, Trustee, National Association of Latino Independent Producers
    • Lateef Sarnor, CEO KollideTV
    • Raymond Lambert, Producer/Writer, Phunny Business: A Black Comedy
    • S. Casper Wong, Producer/Director, The Lulu Sessions
    • Rashaad Ernesto Green, Producer/Director/Writer/Actor, Gun Hill Road
    • Reinaldo Marcus Green, Producer/Director/Actor
    • Seed&Spark;
    • Cynthia Lopez, New NYC Commissioner of Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment
    • Chad Sanders, Screenwriter and co-founder of It Pictures
    • Mellini Kantayya, actor, writer, Author of Actor. Writer. Whatever (essays on my rise to the top of the bottom of the entertainment industry)
    • Terence Nance, Actor, Director "An Oversimplication of Her Beauty"
    • Kerry Fulton, Executive Producer, Producer "Justin and the Knights of Valour

    Panels, workshops and network opportunities with industry insiders and experts. More events to be added weekly.

    Participants are highly recommended to bring their projects to the summit.

    More special guests and workshops to be added weekly.


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