September Goals

September 3, 2014 | 1 comment

Well, I’m back from the dead. Literally, this site died for two days because evidently I forgot to switch over my e-mail address to my new one, and never saw the e-mail notifications saying the domain was about to expire. It took me a full day to realize it was gone/figure out why it was gone… but as you can see, we’re back up and running now!

Clearly, I haven’t been the best blogger recently. I take full responsibility and offer no excuse other than the classic ‘work comes first’. I’m a month into my new job as a full-time Graphic Designer and I am loving the work I do. I am starting to talk more/get along better with most of my co-workers, and overall everything has just kept getting better and better since I started. When I get home from work, I pretty much just want to relax and not think about doing anything at all. I still do my Project Life once a week (though the day varies) and sometimes go out with a friend at night.. but mostly I sit on my butt and binge watch The Mindy Project or immerse myself in the excellence of Reality TV (Is anyone else watching Big Brother this summer? I haven’t watched it in YEARS but you will now find my glued to my TV three nights a week to watch the drama unfold). I can’t even bring myself to be ashamed of how much I got into Bachelor in Paradise. I love me some drama.

Anywho, moving on to my September goals! I did… pretty terrible on my August goals. Let me explain..

1. Create (and stick to) a budget for the month of August, with room for adjustments and improvements as the month goes on.
Nope. Didn’t happen. I created the budget, yes, and in a few categories I stuck to it. Actually, in every category but one I stuck to it: Shopping. I aimed to spend $100 all month on anything hobby related, aka Project Life, crafts, etc. Then the Silhouette Cameo came on sale (with free shipping!) and $269 not only blew me way past my budget, but the taxes + brokerage fees I paid once it got over the border took me over again. Then Project Life came on sale, and new product was at Michaels, and I bought early Birthday/Christmas presents for my sisters… let’s just say the amount I spent shopping this month was about equal to the amount I had set for my entire budget of everything. Thankfully, I didn’t go over in any of the other categories and was actually below for a few…

This is why my budgeting for the month of August failed. So worth it.

2. Get into a routine with my new job and do my absolute best at work, hopefully involving a planner or bullet-journal of some kind.
This one I will give myself 80% completion. I have been rocking it at work (if I do say so myself) and have been creating some work that I really really love. As for the routine part, I definitely need to get into a better sleeping routine where I sleep/wake up at the same time and ideally get more sleep than I currently do. I wake up way too tired every morning. I have been using a bullet-esque journal at work to keep track of my to-do list so… baby steps.

3. Pay back at least $1000 of my student loans.
Completed! I had to go back and check but yes, my payments totalled $1030 for August and I am well over half way done paying back my loans.

And my goals for September….

1. #NoSpendSeptember
After the amount I spent in August, I NEED to cut back. I think this is mainly going to be for Project Life/crafting supplies, and I will not let myself go shopping at Michaels multiple times a week on my lunch break. I am most likely going to a Jay’s game this month, and will obviously need food, gas, etc. but I am going to refrain from buying anything I don’t NEED- like more scrapbook paper or three new dresses.

2. Pay back $1000 of my student loans.
Keeping the same goal so that I can do my best to have my loans paid off before October 31st, when the *real* interest starts getting charged.

3. Spend time each week working on/developing my personal design brand, and working on personal projects.

Do you have any goals for the month of September?

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Is It Friday Yet?

August 19, 2014 | 1 comment

Well, I’m two and a half weeks into my new job and I’m finally starting to settle into my role as full time Graphic Designer. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the Monday to Friday 9-5, and I have to say this experience is completely different than my time in Owen Sound. Instead of a 5 minute commute, it’s a 25-40 minute commute (depending on traffic). There are so many differences, and a few similarities, and I hope that soon I will be feeling just as excited every day as I was to be working in Owen Sound. So far though, I am really loving the work I am doing and it is already an amazing experience where I get to work on so many different projects for 4 separate brands at once- It’s busy, but great.

One pretty great moment was last weekend, during an amazing time at my great-aunt’s cottage. My mom’s cousin’s boyfriend’s daughter (say that three times fast) was asking what I do and when I was telling her about my new job and the business I work for (a management company that owns 4 relatively well known restaurant chains in Canada), she asked “How did you get a job like that?! Not to say you aren’t talented, but it sounds like such an amazing opportunity”. Out of all the people who applied, all of the talented recent grads or the seasoned pros, how did I get this opportunity. I couldn’t tell you, but I am so glad that I did!

Other than that, it’s been pretty low-key lately. I’ve been spending way too much money lately, including buying a Silhouette Cameo, 2 new project life core kits, 3 new scrapbook albums & a ton of other PL supplies… I am going to try to do #NoSpendSeptember. It’s not so much due to lack of funds coming in now, as much as it’s I need to pay back student loans, save my money, and buy LESS scrapbooking supplies so that I can use them instead of hoarding them! I am so, so proud of myself that I have kept up with Project Life for THIRTY THREE weeks so far this year, and have no plans of slowing down any time soon. I feel less guilty about buying so many supplies knowing that I DO use them (eventually), but I’ve started to run out of room & desperately need to organize & destash a bit. Wish me luck!

And with an hour of distraction and 7am coming bright and early, I am off for the night! Hope you have been enjoying the last little bit of summer :)

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August Goals

August 3, 2014 | 0 comments

Is it just me, or did July DRAG on? Don’t get me wrong, in general this year has flown by- but to me, July took forever to finish. Not that I mind a slow down, but it’s just a little odd to me. For the first time in months, I did not put ‘find a job’ on my list of monthly goals. So of course, I accomplished that ‘goal’ in the off month. I start my new job tomorrow & I am so excited for my first day! I’m still going to keep up with having monthly goals, and one of my goals for August

1. Start researching/developing a personal brand for my design portfolio including new logo, resume, business cards, etc.
Done, done and done! I have started a new web design for my portfolio, designed new business cards, resume, logo, etc.. and then I found a job without using any of them! This is still something I am going to continue working on for my etsy shop, Designs By Meredith.

2. Spend no more than $30 (the amount I used to pay per month for my Studio Calico subscription before cancelling) on scrapbooking/crafting supplies.
This, unsurprisingly, was an epic fail. Michaels put a bunch of Project Life supplies on clearance, so I had to buy them! With my new job, I am going to work on a new budget & try harder to make sure I don’t spend more than my limit.

3. Spend more time reading books, commenting on blogs & using my craft supplies instead of only buying them.
Check, fail, check. I read more books on the bus & while at Zachary’s, though not as much as I did the past few months. As for commenting on blogs, I was not a great blogger at all this month and my lack of posting went right alongside my lack of commenting other blogs. Maybe next month. I did use up some of my crafting supplies this month, and even sold some on facebook as well which was great for getting rid of a few things I knew I’d never fully use.

And my goals for this month are:

1. Create (and stick to) a budget for the month of August, with room for adjustments and improvements as the month goes on.

2. Get into a routine with my new job and do my absolute best at work, hopefully involving a planner or bullet-journal of some kind.

3. Pay back at least $1000 of my student loans.

Do you have any goals for the month of August? This is the first time I won’t be heading ‘back to school’ so the season isn’t quite the same for me. I’m still loving all the deals on pens and notebooks though!

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